Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 4

Charlie Don't Surf

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2006 on UPN

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  • This eposides is about Logan discoverying that he has a half brother from his father.And this is the first time that Logan, Veronica,and Keith(VDad)have dinner together.Logan soon discovers that it was a reporter who is acting to be Logan's halfbrother.

    This is a really good eposide because i think it's good that Logan has a half-brother. And i think that the show should go into that more. It also in a way goes into veronica and Logan relationship in another way that i liked to see. Actully I can't wait to see this up coming eposide. But I think Logan was happier just to have some guy around that wasn't beating him and not some girlie girl like Trina. But i thought it was more sad that he later found out that it wasn't really him. I think that logan took it really well. I think he got all the anger out with the one punch he did. But again i hope they go more into that. And i also hope that Logan and his real brother get to met.
  • A nice chance to see another side of Logan. Keith makes a new friend, and Veronica loses some.

    I really liked this episode. I enjoyed seeing Logan ask Veronica for help and her dad pitching in too. It was interesting to see Logan opening up to Charlie and sharing some painful episodes about his family, trying to make Charlie realize he was probably lucky he wasn't raised in Aaron's home. And I felt genuinely upset to find out that surfer Charlie was a reporter trying to trick Logan into giving him juicy information for a story. For once, Logan tries to open up and this is what happens. I hope he and his real half-brother end up getting to know each other.

    I loved Harmony. She has such a fun personality, and such great chemistry with Keith. It's too bad her husband was not cheating on her! The potential of their relationship is too strong for it to have just finished by Keith finding out her husband was loyal. I hope we see her again, though I'm not sure how she'll fit into the story.

    As Veronica takes the case for the Pi Sigs, she upsets a lot of women on campus, since it looks like she is on the fraternity's side. Unfortunately, no one understands that she is objective and she was using this as an opportunity to snoop inside the fraternity house. Hopefully she'll get to the bottom of the rapes before there is another victim. I still cannot believe how clueless Dick is. I guess money does buy success, at least at Hearst College.
  • Not one of the best but still pretty good.

    I really liked parts of this episode which were well written. For instance, the beginning with Logan coming to eat dinner with Veronica and her dad was very cute, and it was nice to see the bond between Veronica and her dad which Logan references later in the episode. I did not think that Parker/Nish/all the other women needed to be so mad at Veronica just for trying to uncover the truth. They were trying to blame someone without proof, but it was clear that Veronica was not on the frat guys' side. The deal with Logan's half brother was interesting, but I was disappointed that Veronica displayed her untrusting nature again when she didn't believe that Logan had really met his half brother. I was glad that Charlie Stone didn't really exploit Logan for a story.
  • Logan gets a big surprise when he hires Veronica to find the source of his missing inheritance, which escalates from weird to worse. Dick's fraternity asks Veronica to prove their innocence in the campus rapes.

    Logan gets a big surprise when he hires Veronica to find the source of his missing inheritance, which escalates from weird to worse.
    Meanwhile, Dick's fraternity asks Veronica to prove their innocence in the campus rapes, and Keith helps an old acquaintance prove her husband is cheating. another cute episode...
  • Surf Charlie, Surf!

    Not the best or one of the best episodes of the season so far, but it sure was entertaining! The case of the week was fairly interesting with Dick hiring Veronica to prove the innocence of his frat house, which Parker wasn't very happy with!

    Logan's part of the episode was probably the most interesting, I mean I never really liked him that much but he was great in this episode, mainly because he found out he had a half-brother, not to mention the fact that a reporter from Vanity Fair was pretending to be his half brother, but Veronica found him out in the end and his real half-brother was getting stalked by that paparazi.

    Lastly, I loved Keith's subplot, but that was probably only because his "Just Shoot Me!" co-star Laura San Giacomo was in this episode with him!
  • Great and perfect

    So this episode was way awesome... I really loved it... Veronica, her dad and Logan have a meal together... it's kind of awkward... but with V's dad it's always awkward. The Frat boy fraternity gts Veroncia to try to get them innocent for not starting teh rapes... the girls get mad at Veronica for helping them... but gladly Veroncia gave Parker the talk like "DO you wanna nail someone to the wall for the sake of nailing someone to the wall? Or do you want to find out who really did it and make him pay" anyway... Logan ahs a brotehr... and some writter from Vanity Fair shows up and acts iek Logan's brother... V was smart enough to research and corner the bafoon.
  • Veronica is hired by Dick a help clear the Frat house of the rape charges which pits her aggainst the feminists and rape victims. Logan finds out he has a half brother, when veronica does some snooping.

    I actually missed the first couple minutes of the episode. I wish I hadn't. It started out with Logan eating dinner with Veronica and her dad.

    We get a scence where Veronica goes to see mac, but parker is the only one there and is rude and basicly slams the door in her face. Veronica knocks again an barges in to talk to parker. Veronica tells her she knows what shes going through and she's going to find out who did it. Logan thinks that someone is stealing money from his trust and has Veronica look into it. She finds out that money is going to an surprising place. Logan has a half brother. So Logan decides to meet his school teacher brother, and they really bond and decided to go surfing. Logan really lets his guard down with his brother and tells him some personal stories about his fathers abuse. Then Veronica finds out that the guy that she met is not Logans half brother but a reporter. When Logan finds out he punches the guy in the face. I was like go for it Logan! Yeah!

    Meanwhile Veronica has also been personally asked by Dick to help him clear the frat house of the rape involvement. She gets paid big $1500 to help out. Veronica sees this as a chance to have free access to the Frat house and find out who's really behind it. Parker finds out shes working for the Frat house and is really pist off at Veronica. Eventually Veronica gets evidence that Claire was out with someone else after the frat house party was long over, so it clears the frat house. PArker confronts her after and say see you really were working for the frat house. Veronica tells her, that she's interested in finding out the truth and not just hanging anyone for the crime.

    I liked this episode, I liked that it had more veronica and Logan in it. I missed wallace and mac though. They have so many great characters on the show and not enough time for all of them. I missed weevil and sheriff lamb also. I can't wait till the next episode. Some of these mysteries haven't been as compelling because they don't personally involve Veronica, not like the first season, when it was all about, who raped veronica, who killed her best friend. The previews for the next episode look good though. Veronica mad and ready for some personal revenge. I can't wait!
  • Just Shoot Me...

    I really wish Veronica Mars was not in dire need of ratings, because I keep having to overlook really lame things they are doing on this show which I (assume, or should I say pray) have to do with keeping ratings up.

    Generic Blond Hearthrob #3 or whoever from Gilmore Girls is not a good actor, let's be honest. I don't see why he needs to take up time on this show, other than a ratings boost. I hope it helped. Also...the focus of the show...should be on Veronica. But all we really ever get these days is Logan. Once again, he was an Ok character, but he was CLEARLY supposed to be Dick. The arrogant, malevolent, spoiled rich boy that gets into trouble. I believe Veronica's exact words were "psychotic jackass". But now because he's soooo popular (have you seen the new credits?) we have to watch him "reform" over.and over.and over. again. And apparently that's what everyobdy wants to see. What selfish, unfair thing will Logan do to Veronica next, that she'll turn around and forgive him for because he's 'so darn cute'? Stay tuned!

    Why has Wallace all but been written off the show? Does anyone else miss this MAJOR character?

    How bout Mac, I was all excited to have her be a regular this season but as of yet, she's scenery.

    I hope the overall arc of this mystery either gets more involved with our core cast of players, or that the next one is more diverse and interesting.

    I'm tired of seeing Dick and Logan every week when I could be seeing Wallace, Mac and Weevil.


    P.S. I loved the Just Shoot Me reunion. more, please.
  • Veronica takes on a case for the fraternity that is being accused of all the rapes at Hearst. Logan finds out he has a brother after he has Veronica find out why his trust fund is dwindling away. His name is Charlie.

    I love this show. Veronica loves Logan so much. I loved the fact that she did more snooping after logan had found his brother. She wanted to make sure that everything was on the up-and-up. I really like this rape mystery, I think veronica has a great point of view for this story.
  • Girl eats dinner with father and boy, girl proves frat boys innocence, boy is duped, boy punches boy, boy is alone again.

    The episode starts with an incredibly awkward dinner scene with V surrounded by her two favorite men. Of course both of these men have a history with each other so V has to play peacemaker/keeper of the peace for both of them. One of the most fascinating aspects of this show is it\'s ability to change. When I began watching the DVDs 4 short months ago, I NEVER expected V to be dating Logan and have Duncan be cut from the cast (although we all know he will be back!). The Hi, Infidelity episode title has me afraid they will cut this relationship short without showing much meat to it but at least we got 6 or so episodes before they have to throw in a romance tremor and send V back into spite mode. Still though, one of the best things about the episode is that it spends more time focusing on Logan. He is an interesting character since he is both the popular/jerk character but still has a kind side that wants to do right. Dynamic characters will always be more interesting than the static Duncan characters. We\'ve seen a lot of V already, now let\'s get into more of the other characters\' problems.

    One final thought: Bring back the criminology class. Watching V whip up in college is great. Especially if you can flesh out her rivalry with the TA of that class. V has solved so many major cases by now that I think she needs a worthy rival. All great slueths have had them from Poriot to Sherlock. V needs hers and wouldn\'t her Criminology prof just fill that position nicely?
  • It's still Veronica, but.........

    The episode "Charlie Don't Surf" was just.......dare I say it....ok. I don't know, but Veronica just doesn't have the same spark it did before. Of course, it had some stellar moments, and most of them include Logan and his newly found brother, Charlie, but like the beginning scene when Veronica, Logan, and Keith had dinner. So hilarious. But I really did feel for him when he found out that Charlie was lying about his identity, and even more so, after a fist to the face, that he was telling the truth. Logan is messed up at this point, due to a messed up family, his mother and father is dead, and his sister is AWOL, maybe Charlie's the only thing he can actually call family. Meanwhile, the Harmony trying to find out if her husband's cheating on her case is ok I guess, but was it me, or did anyone else think that Keith might be kinda.....I dunno....attracted to her? Sorry, that's just how I was feeling. :) Anywho, it's still VM, so that means it's still a good ep, just not the one I was looking for.