Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 3

Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2005 on UPN
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    Season 2 started strong by wrapping up some unfinished business and then stirring up a whole mess of new business.

  • Episode Summary

    Beaver hires Veronica to investigate his stepmother, Kendall, who he believes is cheating on his dad and planning to clean him out, but both are shocked by what they discover. Meanwhile, Wallace begins dating Jackie, against Veronica's advice.

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    • Review

      Not the best episode, but still had some entertaing parts to it. Veronica being on the case of Beaver was kind of - random? Am I really supposed to care about his father and step mother being found out and now in a lot of trouble? Maybe I am. Maybe this is the way they are going to make him a main character. But Beaver isn't the character i ever really want to see on the screen. I thinkt he biggest problem with this episode was that it came too soon. This epsiode needed more time to devolop this family and there relationship with Logan. Veronica finds out about Logan and Logan goes back to being the Logan at the beginning of the last season. He is your "villian" I guess you could say. After the end of the last epsiode I expected more to come out of the big overall mystery of the season - the bus crash, but it resorted back to the 5 minutes of the main story and 30 minutes of the other minimal story. Keiths relationship took an interesting turn as someone is trying to look up Wallaces mother. I have a bad feeling about that one. Overall, average episode at best.moreless
    • Very clever episode.

      This episode was written very well. The show generally has outstanding writing, but I think this one was above the standards. Clever twists, personal drama everywhere... My favourite part has to be Cassidy showing his dad the pictures of Logan and Kendall. That scene was plain cool, the music was great, and the getaway was just hilarious. Also the realization of what was going on was a nice payoff.

      I think this episode also did a fine job progressing the mystery of the season. Although the connection isn't too obvious yet, it has been linked with the events of season 1 by involving Aaron Echolls. Things like this make Veronica Mars a serialised show rather than an episodic.

      I also liked Jackie's storyline in this episode - her immediately going out with someone else after her "date" with Wallace was very unexpected...

      Veronica Mars was cute as ever, and just as sarcastic, so... yes. There was nothing wrong with the episode.

      Heck, I can understand why Duncan and Logan would fight over her...

      The only thing this episode "lacked" was... more Keith / Veronica interaction. But aside from that the writers did therir best given the material. A nice continuation to the season.moreless
    • Beaver hires Veronica to follow around his stepmother.

      I thought that this episode of Veronica Mars was really funny. It was great that Beaver found an empty condom wrapper then he goes to Veronica to get proff that Kendall was cheating on his father. I liked that Veronica joined the future billoinares of America with Duncan and Logan. It was good to see Logan and Duncan fight and tell each other how they feel about Logan's dad. I felt bad for Veronica that she gets info on Beaver's father's company doing illegal activites and she also got pictures of Logan with Kendall. Wonder how she felt about that seeing those pictures.moreless
    • So who's your new mom?

      When Cassidy/ Beaver hires Veronica to investigate Kendall his new step mom. But what Veronica discovers leads to many problems for Cassidy's father as well as his new step mom. She discovers that the Company which Cassidy or Beaver's father owns is a fraud. She discovers that the supposed amazing hotel is actually a really sad and pathetic one. There are no guests and the hotel is only 3 stories instead of the 10 stories. It also has a very dirty and simply put pathetic. Veronica tells Beaver/ Cassidy about it but he doesn't hear the part where his father is a fraud all he see are the pictures of Kendall and Logan together... So he goes to his dad and tell him about her cheating and his dad is very mad at him... about hireing a private investigator. Because Veronica is now going to report him!moreless
    • Beaver hires Veronica to investigate his stepmother, Kendall, who he believes is cheating on his dad and planning to clean him out, but both are shocked by what they discover. Wallace begins dating Jackie, against Veronica's advice.moreless

      Beaver hires Veronica to investigate his stepmother, Kendall, who he believes is cheating on his dad and planning to clean him out, but both are shocked by what they discover. Meanwhile, Wallace begins dating Jackie, against Veronica's advice. jackie..i didn't like that girl really much..but hey it's wallace's job
    Enrico Colantoni

    Enrico Colantoni

    Keith Mars

    Jason Dohring

    Jason Dohring

    Logan Echolls

    Kristen Bell

    Kristen Bell

    Veronica Mars

    Kyle Gallner

    Kyle Gallner

    Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas

    Percy Daggs III

    Percy Daggs III

    Wallace Fennel

    Ryan Hansen

    Ryan Hansen

    Dick Casablancas

    David Starzyk

    David Starzyk

    Richard "Big Dick" Casablancas

    Guest Star

    Michael Kostroff

    Michael Kostroff

    Samuel Nelson Pope

    Guest Star

    Adam Bitterman

    Adam Bitterman

    Curly/Man in Loud Hawaiian Shirt

    Guest Star

    Brandon Hillock

    Brandon Hillock

    Deputy Jerry Sacks

    Recurring Role

    Michael Muhney

    Michael Muhney

    Sheriff Don Lamb

    Recurring Role

    Charisma Carpenter

    Charisma Carpenter

    Kendall Casablancas

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

    • QUOTES (18)

      • Veronica: God, what a cliche! Poor little rich boy with a death-wish. And I used to think that it was bad luck that landed you in danger... The knife fight on the bridge and the drive-by in your car. But no, now I see you actually enjoy it, don't you, Logan?
        Logan: Then I guess I should feel grateful for having such a devoted ex-girlfriend looking after me. My very own guardian angel.
        Veronica: Don't flatter yourself.

      • Veronica: (mockingly) Wallace and his pudding cup!
        Wallace: Yeah...Mom seems to forget I'm not five anymore.

      • Duncan: Veronica, it's no big deal. It's just what guys do sometimes.
        Veronica: I don't think Colin Firth gets into these pointless fisticuffs. A pistol duel, maybe, but--.

      • (looking at a photo of Kendall and a man going into a motel room)
        Beaver: This isn't enough. They could be doing anything behind that door.
        Veronica: Oh, you sweet, simple boy.

      • Sheriff Lamb: What can you tell me about your relationship with this man?
        Veronica: Ahh yes, I remember that summer. He was a roadie for Whitesnake. I was singing backup for Boyz II Men. They said it would never work but--

      • Veronica: Is your girlfriend still here?
        Logan: Girlfriend? Girlfriend, uh, you have to be a little more specific.
        Veronica: Let me clarify -- the one whose husband is gonna break you in half when he finds out that his son's old Cub Scout camperee buddy is secretly plowing his wife.

      • Veronica: The bus crash. It was meant for me. They all died because of me.

      • Veronica: You gotta admire a girl who sticks to her schedule. Lunch...bag switch...followed by illicit sex at one of her husband's numerous hotels.

      • Logan: Oh, remember, there was this little situation? I was accused of murder? I am the eye of a storm and I never heard from you. It is a war out there and you're on the sidelines? Do you remember when you used to have my back?
        Duncan: Yeah, wait, I do remember this summer.
        Logan: Yeah.
        Duncan: I was dealing with this thing, what was it? Oh, yeah, I remember now.
        Your dad murdered my sister.
        Logan: I hate him too, you know.

      • Jackie: (describing 'Pride and Prejudice' in an English accent) Six-hundred pages of pasty white chicks cat-fighting over some stick-up-his-butt dude's prospects.

      • Wallace: You met Jackie, right?
        Veronica: I didn't realize you were lunch buddies.
        Wallace: I'm going for lunch buddies with privileges.

      • Alicia: So what do you think the kids are doing right now?
        Keith: As long as they're not in jail or setting anything on fire, I kinda don't care.

      • Veronica: (Voiceover) Somewhere, those million chimps with their million typewriters must have finally written King Lear, because Sheriff Lamb is actually right about something.

      • Keith: I'd love to have underlings and deputies other than my daughter. I mean, she's really no good at wrestling the hopped-up meth-heads into the back of the car.

      • Sheriff Lamb: You're 18 now, kiddo. You're an adult.
        Veronica: Well that makes one of us! (short pause) So, are you gonna tell me why I'm here or should I just sit back and enjoy your impression of a mildly constipated David Caruso?

      • Mr. Pope: Congratulations, FBLAers. You are now worth exactly one million dollars.
        Logan: What? You mean I've lost money? Heads will roll.

      • Deputy: The Sheriff wants to ask you some questions.
        Veronica: My answer was final, I will not go to prom with him!

      • Veronica: Unfortunately there are no laws against exploiting rich and horny middleaged men.

    • NOTES (3)

      • Francis Capra (Weevil) doesn't appear in this episode despite being in the opening credits.

      • Music:

        "I Turn My Camera On" by Spoon
        "Smoke It" by The Dandy Warhols
        "Love Hurts" karaoke sung by Courtney Taylor-Taylor, originally by Nazareth
        "Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair" karaoke sung by Mike King

      • In this episode, Jackie takes a random boy on a date at Veronica's workplace after going on a date with Wallace earlier in the week. The writers meant for this to be a morally grey situation, since on one hand Jackie didn't tell Wallace what she was doing, but on the other hand Jackie and Wallace had only gone on one date. Audience reaction came down hard against Jackie for this action, causing the show creator to comment, "When I think we're landing in that grey area, the fanbase is a little more black and white on things."

    • ALLUSIONS (8)

      • Logan: Actually, I disagree with Nurse Ratched. I think Veronica would have been quite impressed.

        Logan's paying tribute to the classic 1975 Milos Forman movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, starring Jack Nicholson. It swept five Oscars, including 'Best Actress in a Leading Role' to Louise Fletcher as 'Nurse Ratched', a woman more dictator than a nurse.

      • Keith: Chicago. You, me, and chi-town, the windy city, the city with broad shoulders where the fog comes on little cat feet.

        Keith quotes the 1913 poem 'Fog' by Carl Sandburg(1878-1967), a Pulitzer-prize winning poet who wrote a number of poems about Chicago. This one said: "The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on."

      • Logan: I suppose I woulda had some 'splainin' to do.

        A reference to the 1950's sitcom I Love Lucy, and Ricky Ricardo's famous catchphrase.

      • Veronica: I'm super, thanks for asking!

        This line was the catchphrase for South Park's Big Gay Al. In an earlier episode Keith states the South Park movie is one of Veronica's favorite movies.

      • Veronica: ...mildly constipated David Caruso.

        This is a reference to actor David Caruso, who is best known for his lead role as Det. Horatio Caine in CSI: Miami.

      • Veronica: Excellent.

        Veronica tapping her fingers together and saying "excellent" in an evil sounding voice comes from Mr. Burns on The Simpsons.

      • Company name: Java the Hut
        A play on the character 'Jabba the Hut', in a nod to the Star Wars series. In The Simpsons episode The Last Temptation of Krust (Season 9, Episode 15), 'Krusty' meets several comedians in a café named 'Java the Hut'.

      • Episode Title: Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang

        This is an allusion to the 1964 Ian Fleming book Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, made into a movie in 1968.