Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 3

Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2005 on UPN

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    Not the best episode, but still had some entertaing parts to it. Veronica being on the case of Beaver was kind of - random? Am I really supposed to care about his father and step mother being found out and now in a lot of trouble? Maybe I am. Maybe this is the way they are going to make him a main character. But Beaver isn't the character i ever really want to see on the screen. I thinkt he biggest problem with this episode was that it came too soon. This epsiode needed more time to devolop this family and there relationship with Logan. Veronica finds out about Logan and Logan goes back to being the Logan at the beginning of the last season. He is your "villian" I guess you could say. After the end of the last epsiode I expected more to come out of the big overall mystery of the season - the bus crash, but it resorted back to the 5 minutes of the main story and 30 minutes of the other minimal story. Keiths relationship took an interesting turn as someone is trying to look up Wallaces mother. I have a bad feeling about that one. Overall, average episode at best.
  • Very clever episode.

    This episode was written very well. The show generally has outstanding writing, but I think this one was above the standards. Clever twists, personal drama everywhere... My favourite part has to be Cassidy showing his dad the pictures of Logan and Kendall. That scene was plain cool, the music was great, and the getaway was just hilarious. Also the realization of what was going on was a nice payoff.

    I think this episode also did a fine job progressing the mystery of the season. Although the connection isn't too obvious yet, it has been linked with the events of season 1 by involving Aaron Echolls. Things like this make Veronica Mars a serialised show rather than an episodic.

    I also liked Jackie's storyline in this episode - her immediately going out with someone else after her "date" with Wallace was very unexpected...

    Veronica Mars was cute as ever, and just as sarcastic, so... yes. There was nothing wrong with the episode.
    Heck, I can understand why Duncan and Logan would fight over her...

    The only thing this episode "lacked" was... more Keith / Veronica interaction. But aside from that the writers did therir best given the material. A nice continuation to the season.
  • Beaver hires Veronica to follow around his stepmother.

    I thought that this episode of Veronica Mars was really funny. It was great that Beaver found an empty condom wrapper then he goes to Veronica to get proff that Kendall was cheating on his father. I liked that Veronica joined the future billoinares of America with Duncan and Logan. It was good to see Logan and Duncan fight and tell each other how they feel about Logan's dad. I felt bad for Veronica that she gets info on Beaver's father's company doing illegal activites and she also got pictures of Logan with Kendall. Wonder how she felt about that seeing those pictures.
  • So who's your new mom?

    When Cassidy/ Beaver hires Veronica to investigate Kendall his new step mom. But what Veronica discovers leads to many problems for Cassidy's father as well as his new step mom. She discovers that the Company which Cassidy or Beaver's father owns is a fraud. She discovers that the supposed amazing hotel is actually a really sad and pathetic one. There are no guests and the hotel is only 3 stories instead of the 10 stories. It also has a very dirty and simply put pathetic. Veronica tells Beaver/ Cassidy about it but he doesn't hear the part where his father is a fraud all he see are the pictures of Kendall and Logan together... So he goes to his dad and tell him about her cheating and his dad is very mad at him... about hireing a private investigator. Because Veronica is now going to report him!
  • Beaver hires Veronica to investigate his stepmother, Kendall, who he believes is cheating on his dad and planning to clean him out, but both are shocked by what they discover. Wallace begins dating Jackie, against Veronica's advice.

    Beaver hires Veronica to investigate his stepmother, Kendall, who he believes is cheating on his dad and planning to clean him out, but both are shocked by what they discover. Meanwhile, Wallace begins dating Jackie, against Veronica's advice. jackie..i didn't like that girl really much..but hey it's wallace's job
  • There's no such thing as a sophomore slump when it comes to this show.

    Wow, this episode was cool. But still... one more week before we know what the dead guy and Veronica really have in common. I sort of forgot about that whole mystery, being so caught up in Cassidy and Logan and Kendall and Jackie and everything else. How do they pack so much in a show?

    I'm sorry, I hardly paid attention in that scene where Logan was topless. For obvious reasons.

    Poor Cassidy! He should just give up on his dad. I wonder where Mr. Casablancas went. Looked like he was about to shoot straight to the moon on his own adrenaline. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't come back until the season finale. But I love Beaver and it breaks my heart that he was trying to do such a good thing for his dad, only to get it shoved back in his face.

    And also, it would suck to be Mr. Pope right now. I'm hoping we see more of Mr. Pope though, he was quite amusing and a pretty cool guy.

    Heh, Dick amuses me because everytime I hear him speak I think, Dick is a dick. Why is he a series regular again?

    I liked the music in the show, especially the ending scene, but why they focused so hard on that guy singing the song at Veronica's job... I don't know. I didn't really need it. One verse of the song tells us enough.

    I don't like Jackie. There'd better be a good reason for her being in the opening credits besides the whole business of stringing Wallace's heartstrings! I love Veronica's sisterly love and concern for him. I don't think it's anything more than that, like some other people seem to think. And Jackie honey, you are not all that. Veronica is so much prettier than you.

    And I knew that something was going to happen in Chicago! But what? What kind of trouble are you in Ms. Fennel? And how will your relationship with Keith be effected as a result?

    Only one more week 'till next week's episode! Actually, only 4 more days. That's even better.
  • Pretty good episode. Not the best.

    Well it seems the layout of all the season two episodes so far is medium moving and then a shocking end. Thats what this episode seems to prove. But that being said it was a pretty good episode but not a standout one. The ending kinda shows us why the Cassablancas guys have ebcome regulars! Well is seems the poor guys will be left with their uncaring stepmother!!! But that was a pretty good move with the ipod!! And the way veronica discovered the poster was great! It was shocking and well timed! Overall a kinda above average episode....with a killer ending!
  • It never ceases to amaze me what Veronica Mars is able to get past the FCC.

    POPE: Yeah, nice, huh? From 1971. I, ah, I would have retired earlier, but actually the, uh, the restoration's been tricky. We had to reseal the hull twice.
    LOGAN: Didn't plug her right the first time, huh?

    DUNCAN: Careful, Logan. You're exposing your soft underbelly.
    LOGAN: My underbelly is rock-hard. It can go all night.

    KENDALL: Should we invite her over? I got a boy-toy, a girl-toy might spice things up a little.
    LOGAN: I can handle the spice department, thank you, very much.

    And wow, what a shock, they all seem to involve Logan. LOL

    Maybe it’s because it was so under the radar on UPN or maybe because it attracts such a universally intelligent audience that doesn’t feel the need to go rushing off to file complaints. Whatever the case, I often find myself marveling at the brazen dialogue that makes it to air.

    The past two episodes were decent. I enjoyed them. Veronica Mars, even at its average, is still better than most television at its best. CCBB, however, is an example of what makes this show worthy of all its critical praise.

    This episode had it all. The Mystery of the Week was particularly compelling because it involved characters already established on the canvas, so I already had a vested interest in them. The writing in this one is as close to flawless as they come with the Future Business Leaders of America class being so much more than just a way for Veronica to pad her college resume, for Logan and Duncan to come to blows and for Mr. Casablancas’ obvious favoritism toward Dick to come to light.

    And what’s going on with Alicia? Scandal, scandal, scandal. I don’t take anything at face value when I watch this show, so I’m not ready to believe that Alicia has a deep dark skeleton in her closet, but it’s sure looking that way. Why can’t Keith find a nice woman who isn’t prone to skirting the law?

    Speaking of the law…Sheriff Lamb once again hauls Veronica into the police department. He’s got cause this time, and it shocks Veronica as much as the rest of the audience. I thought it was interesting that we really didn’t meet Curly until after he died. Those more observant than me probably recognized him from the cliff memorial, but I only caught up when Veronica took us back via her memory.

    The dialogue was at its snappy best in this episode. Veronica’s quips about the prom, Logan’s sexually charged innuendo, Kendall’s concern over her ass-ets, Keith’s desires to remain blissfully ignorant of the kids actions provided they don’t involve jail time… Excellently written.

    I do have to say, though, this whole ‘normal’ thing Veronica so desperately wants to embrace is really making her slip as a PI. Beaver noticed the gym bag switch but not Veronica? Sure, she was focused on getting the money shot and proving Kendall’s infidelity, but come on. Beaver barely glanced at the photos and caught it. Veronica, I think your current boyfriend’s ‘aw shucks’ approach to life is dulling your edges.

    Which brings me to her ex-boyfriend. Is there anything more interesting than Logan in self destruct mode? Jason Dohring is always on, but he stole the show in this episode. Well, as much as it can be stolen from Kristen Bell, who never really lets it slip out of her grasp. I love Logan tortured, I love him snarky, I love him ambivalent…I just love him and not in the squeeing fangirl way. Logan lives in the grey world of morality I find totally fascinating. And I think Veronica is wrong. Logan doesn’t enjoy his recklessness. But when you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose. At this point in his life, Logan can follow whatever self destructive impulse he has without worrying about the consequences. As far as he’s concerned, it can’t get worse than it did over the summer.

    In short-or long since I really wasn’t brief-Cheatty Cheatty, Bang Bang allowed every character to shine in a way that really highlights who they are at their core. Add to that the great dialogue and steady progress in revealing more clues as to who crashed the bus and why.
  • Why The Series Is The Best.

    This episode is one of the best in the series, and is the reason that I and others [sadly a small amount] love this show so so so much!

    Damn near a perfect episode, plain and simple.

    The best writing on TV. From the Logan/Kendall Storyline, to the Veronica/Jackie confrontation, it was all classic Veronica Mars. And it is nice to see Beaver again. Wallace and Jackies don't make sense, but it makes for good TV.

    I don't want to get into detail about what happens because i think people should watch it and see the greatest for themselves.

    Perfect, plain and simple.
  • Veronica Mars investigates once again...

    a nice episode, nothing spectaculair IMO but still good..

    Veronica realises that the people on the bus died because of her which is sad... but revealing at the same time.
    I love Veronica's humor in this ep with the investigation and the officer picking Veronica up from school but I also enjoy Logan's humor.. I so like those two together

    And Veronica not liking Wallace's lady friend, I can understand that, not a big fan of her myself either

    But overall good episode, I liked the whole investigation of Kendrall and such.. very interesting
  • Proof once more to be careful what you want investigated...

    Ah, Beaver, Beaver, Beaver. All he wanted was to get the goods on the woman he knew was no good and save his dad. Instead, he ends up exposing his father as a crook and driving him away. The look on his face in the scene at the office was amazing. At first confused but seeing his dad frantically ordering all the files shredded, you could tell Beaver knew what was happening and like any son, was crushed to realize the kind of person his dad was.

    This promises to play out big time over the season with Beaver and Dick. I would imagine they can kiss thier rich lifestyle goodbye as the SEC will no doubt be seizing all assets and with their dad gone, they can't get into their bank accounts. This will no doubt mean some major affects on them at school. There's also the question of how Dick will feel when he finds out Beaver inadvertely set this off.

    It seems the last we'll see of Kendall which is a shame since Charisma Carpenter was wonderful to watch, bitchy without being a carbon copy of Cordelia. It might be interesting if she ends up with more of the money than anyone expected although like the boys, her rich lifestyle will be cut down on.

    The idea of Logan shacking up with Kendall because he wanted her husband to kill him is rather intriguing and explains a lot of his behavior thus far this season. He's on a dark road and one that could get messy. Despite thier own father's corruption, I don't see Dick or Beaver letting Logan slide on the 'boffing the stepmom' thing.

    As for Veronica, a full episode for her. Surprised a bit at her jealousy for Wallace's gal but that does lead to an interesting situation when she sees Jackie and the other guy. I do wonder if Jackie is really cheating becuase why would she be so cool with Veronica the next day? Unless she's so arrogant she assumes Veronica or Wallace won't care she's with other guys. Still, it puts Veronica in the unenviable position of breaking some bad news to Wallace.

    And then the twist at the end, the idea that Veronica was the target of the bus crash. I was wondering how they'd keep the bus story going and this answers it. I can totally see Veronica overwhelmed with guilt that all those people died because of her and so intensifies her search for the truth.
    And speaking of truth, we get some interesting twists with Alicia that may spell more than a few problems with Keith, not just on the relationship front but also with his upcoming election campaign. Once again, this episode shows why Veronica not only holds her own against "Lost" but in some ways, even outdoes it.
  • So much happening in this episode, where do I beging?

    This was a good episode. Not the best, but still good.

    I like the way Veronica played hardball with Cassidy. He offered her $500 to prove his stepmom is cheating on his dad. She quickly upped the ante to $1000, and he agreed to pay her.

    I thing that made me thinks was when Veronica told her teacher to sell his stock in Casablanca's company. If he did sell it, wouldn't that be considered insider trading. Veronica may not work for Casablanca's but she knew information about them that the general public didn't. When someone sees that he sold his stock in the company shortly before the stock tanked, that would send the SEC after him in addition to Casablanca.

    I noticed near the beginning of the episode, when Veronica and Cassidy were talking there was a banner at the school that read "Welcome Class of 2006." Now the Class of '06 has been there a while. The new guys were the class of '09.

    Why are the cops after Wallace's mom. Obviously she knows. I wonder if that's why she seemed a little uninterested when Keith mentioned going to Chicago. Like maybe she knew that there were people there looking for her. And maybe that's why she seemed to be trying to convince Keith not to run for sherriff

    There are a couple of thing's I've been noticing this season. One is that Keith hasn't gone on any real investigations this season. No one has hired him for anything. He's just been going around promoting his book. The other thing I've noticed is that we really haven't seen much of Veronica and Wallace together this season. It's like their growing apart, like maybe she doesn't need him now that he doesn't work in the school office. He's been spending time with Jackie and she's been spending more time with Duncan.

    What is the connection between Veronica and the newly dead guy, whose name I can't remember even after watching this episode twice. Why does Veronica think that he was out to get her? And that she's the reason the bus crashed?
  • Actually a little below average, but it's better then it was.

    Better, better....yes it was better than "Normal is the watchword" and "Driver Ed". Veronica mars has been a dissapointment for me this season. I don't like the story so far, but the biggest problem is that the characters don't interest me. I don't care about Veronica, Duncan, Logan or any other. This epi made me love Beaver though, he's so cute :D The epi was funny too, Veronica made me laugh out loud a few times and made me think she can get better than Duncan. Dunscan is booorrriiinggg. He's so slow, and the fact that veronica is with him now make's me wish that she was back with Logan. About the episode: Clever, I suppose. But it still couldn't really interest me. Jackie ( or however you write it ) annoys me, and so do Alicia and Keith together. I loved the speech from Veronica to Logan though ---. She's so right!. All in all this epi makes me like VM a little bit more, but I'm still not convinced that this show will be as good as the first season. Maybe it's beter if it get's canceled. Then I'll always love the first season, instead of regreting that there was a second :)
  • typically good show

    A descent plot and the characters were fun-ish. Though at the beginning there, I think, may have been a clue to the seasons plot, if I'm wrong I'm overestimating the writers, if I'm right then the writers are better than I thought. Well, Logan’s the man, not just because of who he’s sleeping with, because he’s always been the man (of this show anyway).
  • The first ten or so minutes were incredibly funny. For all the drama and intrigue that are being hyped, we tend to forget that the show is so effortless in comedy. Plus, it has a way of making secondary characters more revealing and interesting.

    Not as good as the first two, but very far from disappointing. I gotta admit that “Veronica Mars” is really ambitious this year. I was happy with last year’s format, but the evolution of its complexity is really beyond what I’ve imagined. The show just keeps on expanding, yet the episodes have become tighter and thus, improved.

    The episode’s first ten or so minutes were incredibly funny. For all the drama and intrigue that are being hyped, we tend to forget that the show is so effortless in comedy. Veronica’s banter with the sheriff and her confession to liking unicorns – come on, those were a hoot! So glad Veronica has lightened up since the accident.

    The big mystery of the week involves Beaver’s suspicion of his stepmom’s cheating. Not exactly a mystery to us, since we already know she’s cheating with Logan. But the episode sidetracks us to reveal an even grander scheme at work. The Casablancas are in the business of cheating. My quibble is that I didn’t really understand the whole real estate thing so I didn’t have my “aahhhh” moment. Also, I wanted the sexy Charisma Carpenter to stand out more in the episode. She only had one substantial scene, where she attempted to get away from Veronica’s small talk at the gym.

    On other news, I would like to get a hold of Logan’s cell number, just to hear his “inspirational message” of the day. The guy is the essence of suave sarcasm. And isn’t about time we see a dogfight (as opposed to catfight) between him and Duncan? They used to be best friends; they should know how to push each other’s button. So far, only Logan seems to be doing the pushing. Come on, Duncan, let your personality come out.

    And this brings me to the episode’s major achievement. It has a way of making secondary characters more revealing and interesting. Before this episode, I can only describe Wallace’s mom as generally nice, which doesn’t say much. Now, that they threw us a bone; I can’t wait to find out the skeleton in her closet. Nothing surprising about Jackie this week, but Veronica’s reaction to her was revealing. I might be spinning this the wrong way, but I think our Nancy Drew is jealous. She wants him to date someone more like him. Uh huh – you referring to yourself, Veronica? And finally, our good man Beaver, who seems to be the wallflower of the cast, considerably stood out in this episode. He means well, but his actions led to the demise of his father’s business. What a crushing blow! Guilt must be eating him alive. I can assume this nice boy will turn bad in some way. And who he is going to possibly blame? That’s right, Veronica Mars. I’m watching your every move, Beaver – I mean Cassidy. Congratulations -- you’re suddenly interesting to watch.
  • Veronica was meant to die in the bus crash! Logan gets exposure, Wallace gets a 'girlfriend' and Duncan's still as boring as ever.

    Not the greatest episode - but it was certainly great.
    Logan/Veronica Scenes have to admit are very entertaining because of the underlying chemistry.
    Is it me or did the whole "the crash was meant for me" thing feel like it was coming. I thought it was fairly obvious - but nice idea to have some kind of connection to Aaron Echolls.

    I really don't remember her name - but Wallace's girlfriend definitely not cool - and there's also definitely something secret going on there - as well as with Wallace's mom - which looks to me to be quite interesting.

    It's strange because there's not really much to say :s

    The first episode that i actually yawned in - im hoping it was cos i was tired.

  • This show gets better every week!

    This episode was so reveling and it was like watching a episode of unsloved mystries i love the why Rob Thomas lets Veronica use those slign words and when she cought duncun in bed with the rich stepmother!

    Things to watch next week what did the man that was washed up at the beach have with Veronica?

    Who that mysteris man was with Veronicas dad and Wallaces mom?

    Why did the bus crash happen because of Veronica?
  • Just for the scene with Big Dick Casablancas in the office is worth at least a score of 9.8! The rest is just icing on the cake (and mighty fine icing I might add).

    Whatever doubts I had about this season going into it have now been completely blown away. I'll admit I'm still trying very hard to tolerate Jackie (much like Veronica throughout the episode) and not sure about why that karaoke scene was there (I kept hoping people would start chanting Veronica's name, but it never happened), but everything else in this episode makes up for that small drawback many, many, many times over.

    This episode was not only able to add a few new mysteries like Wallace's mom's past in Chicago, the possible hitman's death, and Jackie's seemingly busy social life, but still finds time to push us further along with the mystery of the bus wreck and having an amazingly fun to watch mystery of the week. And there's even enough time for some character moments. I can't wait for next week to see how Cassidy deals with his life now crumbled to pieces.
  • This asks more questions then it answers.

    Well, I now know who the guy was that washed up on shore. But there are now like a hundred more questions that stem off of the new information. Was the guy hired to kill Veronica? Who killed him? Did he kill himself out of guilt? Then we have the guy chasing after Alicia. I am going to go out on a limb and say that Alicia is not who she says she is. I loved all the Logan and Veronica scenes they always have this underlying attraction, that just makes the scene. I hope they have more together. Jacki needs to realize what a great guy Walice is. She was hanging out with him at school and after and he is falling for her and she is playing the feild, which is fine as long as she clues in Walice. Can not wait till next weeks episode. Hopefully some of our questions will be answered.
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