Veronica Mars

Season 1 Episode 12

Clash of the Tritons

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 2005 on UPN
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  • Episode Summary

    Veronica finds herself the target of a set-up when a secret underground society within Neptune High begins planting evidence to get her in trouble. Meanwhile, Veronica learns new information about Lilly's murder by eavesdropping on private conversations, and Aaron Echolls becomes concerned about his wife.

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    • Veronica finds herself the target of a set-up when a secret underground society within Neptune High begins planting evidence to get her in trouble.Veronica learns new information about Lilly's murder.

      Veronica finds herself the target of a set-up when a secret underground society within Neptune High begins planting evidence to get her in trouble.

      Meanwhile, Veronica learns new information about Lilly's murder by eavesdropping on private conversations, and Aaron Echolls becomes concerned about his wife. Veronica: (taking picture) Hi everyone! Say "repressed homosexuality"! Sheriff Lamb: "Veronica Mars is smarter than me."
    • Series Classic.

      Veronica is framed for making fake IDs and starts tracking down The Tritons, a secret underground society at Neptune High. Clash of the Tritons is classic Veronica Mars, relying on all the best quality's of the show. The humour in this episode is first rate. With Wallace and Veronica always making a thrilling tag team. All the characters are used well in the scenes with the schools guidance counselor. Logan's speech is particularly moving. Veronica on Karaoke is a great set up, how could they have picked a more appropriate song? The Freak out about who did actually frame her was something that surprised me and I the loved all the Veronica and Lamb moments. It has to be one of my favourite endings ever. I can't really pick out anything wrong with Clash of the Tritons I simply loved it from start to finish.moreless
    • Review

      I really liked this epsiode a lot. Some of the reasons why I find the show to drag a bit at times is because sometimes I simply cannot feel for a character who Veronica is working on a case for. Its really hard for me to get into a case when she does it for someone random - because I almost don't care what the outcome is. Some of my favorite episodes are when she works on cases for herself, Wallace, Weevil, Echolls family etc etc. Those cases are the ones packed with excitment for me because you know whatever happens that someone in the main cast is going to be affected and I love that about the show. This episode focused on Veronica trying to get herself out of trouble by finding out who really was making the fake id's and I loved the beginning, middle, and resolution to that storyline. You always knew that she would clear her name, but she did it in such a fine style. The second part to the story is the aftermath of the Echolls family and the mother making it seem like she killed herself. I dont think she is dead - I believe she is faking this, but who really does know with the way the writers have been with this show. I liked this episode a lot and hope to see a whole lot more like it in the future.moreless
    • Bit over the top but... (Oh and what an ending)

      But it was awesome. After several episodes we have a pretty good idea what Neptune is like. It's a really unusual place, with no middle class and alot of rich people who are really really bored. So the existance of a secret society isn't much of a surprise.

      However it was still laughable sometimes and I thought Veronica would be a little more light hearted about it. I mean... come on, the characters were way too serious about it!

      But really apart from this it was really nice and I didn't see the twist coming at all. Veronica's framed for making fake id's to the student who ended up in coma after drinking just a bit too much to prove he's strong enough to join this secret communuty. The Neptune Tritons. Only the best are enrolled. The best part for me of this storyline was the con the Tritons played on Veronica. They forced her to do karaokee, and wow Kristen Bell does have talent. Even she said it wasn't particularly the strong she'd have chosen but in my opinion she did a superb performance.

      The episode features TWO side plots and both are awesome. One with the school conseilor(sp?) who's initating private conversations with everyone who's affected by Lilly Kane's murder. It was awesome. Of course Veronica bugged the room so she could listen to everyone's convos, and wow, there were some surprises.

      There's further evidence of Weevil and Lilly's love relations. There's also a very interesting Duncan reveal: he can't remember anything. And, we get to understand Logan a bit more. He's just full of emotions and is really in a bad situation.

      The second plot involves the Echolls family which is pretty obvious because we still didn't see the aftermath of the stabbing. Of course Aaron lives. But that doesn't mean there's a happy ending to the story.

      I like how finally the conflict between the family members came to the surface. All sorts of information regarding Aaron and his love life is surfacing rapidly so he hires Keith to find out who's doing the leaking. We're led to believe it's Logan, but it's actually Lynn. Which leads to the episode's biggest scene drama wise in my opinion.

      Basically Aaron threatens Lynn that if she leaves then she gets nothing of the Echolls fortune which makes Logan more upset than ever and says "I'll kill you if you say anything more to my mom". It was really well done because this line contained all sorts of emotions that Logan tried to hide. The writers done a spectacular job developing his character in the backround. He was a really absurd and hatable character in the early episodes and now he's suddenly this deep mysterious not so cold and actually caring character. And this is the real start of the conflict between Aaron and Logan and it's a damn good start.

      After this scene Lynn runs off and decides to take some pills and drive away. Only a few minutes later her car is revealed to be on a bridge with the door open. Did she kill herself? A very nice cliffhanger by the writers and definitely sets up the stage for more Logan character development and Echolls conflict. Overall this episode was very very well packed and opposed to the early episodes of the season, the focus is not only on Veronica anymore which is a welcome change.moreless
    • Finally, a very good episode! I mean, full of predictable moments and flaws, but still a joy to watch! Let me explain my pros and cons.

      I think I will start with cons, since they are easier to reach. First, the episode was a bit predictable. I figured out that it is Rick after Veronica’s karaoke stunt. The only thing I didn’t expect was Lyn Echolls selling pictures – I though it was Logan trying to humiliate his father. So fifty/fifty here.

      Some stuff was too easy, as always. I mean come on, she had to free herself from the rope in her trunk and call help! She can open locks and set cameras so no one notices. Too easy that she is always the one that can manage. And, by the way, how does it happen that especially for Veronica or secret society – the school is always open, there is no janitor or surveillance camera... I find it hard to believe that Neptune High is just open to visitors like 7/11.

      I can’t believe that counselor session they all had. I can’t believe they will open up, especially Logan who started as himself – being snotty, but soon change his role to suffering kid in need of help. I mean, why couldn’t they show their grief on the corridors, by being sad or something. No, they were not open with Lilly’s death but as soon as they stepped into counselor’s office – boom! Logan can talk, Duncan can talk and, OMG, Weevil talks too! Unbelievable to see them at ease with this.

      And it looks like she forgot about her recent puking session of Duncan and can freely talk to him now! I mean what happened to chilling what-ifs? They are long gone but too soon.

      But at the same time, I really liked the episode! Firstly, they got back to Lilly’s murder, what is a main spine of the whole show one could assume. A great move! Also, the session (although I doubt it) was a good way to see the inside of some people, especially Weevil, Logan and Duncan. Of course a bit strange to see Weevil open up in front of strange lady behind the desk, but finally he showed some feelings! I do not believe he had an affair with Lilly, I cannot believe that, I refuse to believe that – only because I think Lilly was a piece of junk and Weevil is the sweetest guy! Logan’s accusation of Veronica seems a bit not in place here I must say, somehow I cannot accept that it was her who rattled her out to Lilly. Plus, Lilly was known to sidetrack too, why would she be mad at Logan for just kissing the girl while he was drunk? It doesn’t add up.

      The idea of secret society – always interesting! I’d kill to be in one, unfortunately – Poland here. I was hoping for some more dreadful tasks, but Duncan’s karaoke seems awfully fine. Great lines in the episode and a lot of memorable moments! For instance, now I know what people mean by Kirsten Bell singing in this episode, although I do agree with what she said at Comic Con 2006 – it wasn’t the best song for her. It was a great song for the episode, yes, but not her style. Although excellent addition to the show I must admit! Also, her handcuffs walk of shame was great! Something excellent to show, a great scene adding to her list of painful pictures of her life. Also, Wallace is back in the picture for more than three lines! I love Wallace so every scene with him is a treat. And Wallace sleeping against Veronica's wall and her talking to herself like the voiceover and Wallace noticing it? Hillarious!!And, at the end, we once again see Veronica getting a hard truth about what she/her father does is not always so pleasant for other people. I mean I feel sorry for her at some point, because not only was she abandoned after Lilly’s death, but also she has to live with this abandonment now and in addition learn that her father destroyed other lives too. I guess it goes both ways.

      At the end some cool lines: "Chillin' like a villan"! Or her "Veronica Mars is smarter than me"! Thumbs up!!

      Just to sum it up – I love the way she dresses!!moreless
    Lisa Rinna

    Lisa Rinna

    Lynn Echolls

    Guest Star

    J.D. Pardo

    J.D. Pardo


    Guest Star

    Paula Marshall

    Paula Marshall

    Rebecca James

    Guest Star

    Michael Muhney

    Michael Muhney

    Sheriff Don Lamb

    Recurring Role

    Daran Norris

    Daran Norris

    Cliff McCormack

    Recurring Role

    Harry Hamlin

    Harry Hamlin

    Aaron Echolls

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • When Veronica is locked in the trunk of her car it looks like she had a lot of space and her head was on the left side of the trunk. When Wallace opened the trunk her head was on the right side and we can clearly see that she had only a little bit of space inside.

      • When Veronica finished singing she said "Thank you" and it sounded like she was saying this to the microphone, but the microphone was way too far from her face.

      • When Veronica is switching through radio frequencies (in her car) to eavesdrop on the counselor's conversation with Weevil, the beginning of the track "Hip-Hop" by Dead Prez is played instead of the typical switching-noises.

      • When Veronica is holding the stapler, the opening of the stapler was facing up, in the next shot, it is facing down.

      • The locker number in which the money is inserted for the fake IDs was #110, the same number as the Mars' apartment.

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Veronica: (talking on the phone while locked in her car trunk) Hey, Wallace. Whatcha doin'? Uh huh. No, I haven't seen that one. Yes, Dave Chappelle is great. Listen, the real reason I'm calling... Funny story...

      • Veronica: I don't want to talk away my grief. I want to turn it into something else. Fuel. I know how I'm gonna feel better and it's not by talking about how sad I am.

      • Wallace: This mission better involve me seducing the head cheerleader.
        Veronica: I need you to poke around and see if you can get me a fake ID. If you must seduce the head cheerleader in order to accomplish your mission, so be it.
        Wallace: No sweat! How do I do that?
        Veronica: Play on her insecurity.
        Wallace: I meant the fake ID.

      • Veronica: Hello?
        Jeff: The Great Triton is listening.
        Veronica: I want to know why you planted all those fake IDs in my locker.
        Jeff: The Great Triton did that to you because he's great.
        Veronica: Yeah, you're a real pal unless you need a ride to the hospital.
        Jeff: The Great Triton...doesn't really know what you're talking about.

      • Veronica: Nice performance, Duncan. I was wondering if you could introduce me a few of your Triton buddies.
        Duncan: Brawny gods just flocked up to quiz and vex him.
        Veronica: If you could just tell me who's in charge, then I could personally thank him for putting fake IDs in my locker and getting me hauled off to the Sheriff's Department.
        Duncan: Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.
        Veronica: That's very illuminating.

      • Veronica: The stakes are high, Wallace Fennel. Think, now. How would you do it?
        Wallace: Hey, Veronica?
        Veronica: Yeah?
        Wallace: I need you to get me a fake ID so I can get some fake action from a fake cheerleader.
        Veronica: Wallace? Please find out who else at school is making them.

      • Veronica: Who framed me?
        Rick: They're called the Tritons. It's a secret society at school.
        Veronica: Why haven't I heard of them? (pauses) Stupid question.

      • Veronica: Read what's written over Grant's head.
        Sheriff Lamb: (reads from the $50 bill) 'Veronica Mars is smarter than me.'
        Veronica: Oh, you stop it.

      • Veronica: (holding a fake ID she is accused of making) So this is a $250 piece of crap. Now I'm not just falsely accused, I'm genuinely offended!

      • Veronica: (holding up her camera) Hi everybody! Say 'repressed homosexuality'! (takes pictures of Tritons) Gotta boogie. (runs away)

      • Veronica: Hi dad. Their case is fuzzy and circumstantial.
        Keith: (to Cliff) You know the odd thing, those were also her very first words.

    • NOTES (2)

    • ALLUSIONS (5)

      • Wallace: Yo, fella, check it out. You're on Candid Camera.

        The catchphrase "Smile! You're on Candid Camera!" is from TV's first hidden-camera show. First aired in 1948 and created and produced by Allen Funt, this TV show filmed unsuspecting everyday people as they got caught up in the web of trickery designed by its producers.

      • Wallace: Leaned on him, like I was Shaft or somethin'.
        Veronica: Shut yo' mouth.

        John Shaft, best known for his 1971 film incarnation, was an African-American detective based in Harlem. Shaft would always get his man…or his lady, as Shaft was quite the ladies' man. In an era of "blaxploitation" films with negatively stereotyped characters, Shaft stood out in that he was not a pimp or a drug dealer, but rather a confident, sexy, hardworking detective. In the year 2000, the film was deemed "culturally significant" by the U.S. Library of Congress.
        Veronica's replying line alludes to the 1971 movie Shaft's "Best Music, Original Song" 1972 Oscar winning Theme From Shaft, where singer Isaac Hayes is censor-interupted by the back-up vocalist Telma Hopkins singing that quote when he sings "Shaft is a bad mother..".

      • Rick: The twelve labours.
        Heracles (Latin:Hercules), the strongest of the Greek heroes, was tasked to complete 12 labours by the Oracle at Delphi as penance for killing his wife and children. These labours were set forth by King Eurystheus, Hercules' mortal enemy, and included slaying the Lernean Hydra and capturing the Cretan Bull and Cerberus.

      • Wallace: La Femme Veronica.

        Wallace is alluding to the 1990 film (La Femme) Nikita by Luc Besson. This movie was later turned into a series. Nikita was wrongly arrested, convicted, and forced to become a spy and assassin.

      • Episode Title: Clash of the Tritons

        The title of this episode is a play on the title of the 1981 movie Clash of the Titans, which incidentally starred Harry Hamlin, the actor playing Logan Echolls' father.