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Like many of you this past March, I spent hours glued to my computer, refreshing a Kickstarter page for a proposed Veronica Mars movie. It wasn't until about six hours after it launched that someone told me it refreshed automatically. Whatever. Today all that refreshing paid off. The first footage from the Veronica Mars movie premiered at Comic Con to a super-packed Hall H. And even though I woke up at 6am and waited in line for four-plus hours and still didn't even get close to the door, everything's all right because this movie is real and that's all that matters. It also didn't hurt that Rob Thomas had previously sent an e-mail to the film's backers announcing that the footage from the panel would be available for the whole world to see shortly after Comic-Con.

This isn't the panel (though we'll post that as soon as it's available), but here's your first look at a film that's been six years in the making:

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