Veronica Mars

Season 1 Episode 2

Credit Where Credit's Due

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2004 on UPN

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  • Love it

    I love this show!
  • Veronica attempts to help out Weevil with credit card fraud issues.

    The second episode of "Veronica Mars" does a great job of taking everything the show did right in the pilot and elaborating on it, filling in the details of some of the supporting characters and widening the scope of the show a bit more. It doesn't feel as jumbled as the pilot did, but it still has that same sense of cleverness and wit that the pilot had. Plus, Kristen Bell is definitely a great lead actress for the show.

    The second episode focuses on Veronica attempting to figure out a way to get Weevil out of juvie after his grandmother and then him get pinned for credit card fraud, sparked by Logan Eckells, who has a major grudge against Weevil. I remember thinking that, in the pilot, Weevil was that typical macho guy who would pop up now and then to annoy the main characters, but I love the way we get a glimpse early on at how different Weevil is than typical macho characters in other TV shows. He's part of this tough biker gang, but he's not afraid to let a young girl detective do the dirty work for him sometimes.

    A lot of the fun in the episode comes from watching Veronica do her thing, interacting with Wallace, the new kid Troy (a character that seemed lame at first but quickly grew on me by the end) and watching the way the show avoids becoming the same type of show that One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl is… Veronica Mars is more gritty, more exciting and well-written. Rob Thomas was also responsible for "Party Down," one of the more impressive comedies on television as of late and cancelled much too early, so it's fun to see how Rob Thomas began his writing career.

    The only dud in the episode is Paris Hilton. Was there any need for her besides stunt-casting? Take her out of the episode and you end up with a very well-done episode. Besides that, I thought the episode was good. I particularly enjoyed watching the way the new police crew is being made out to be these horrible individuals that are incompetent compared to the Mars family. All in all, a good follow-up episode.
  • Review

    It was a good episode, but didn't follow up much on the power of season one. I view this story arch as something that Dexter does with its seasons. It seems that the murder of Lilly Kane is going to be the main story arch to follow this season and a show like Veronica Mars that is going to strecth it into 22 episodes instead of 13 has to do it little by little and not jump too far to the end of the story which would leave for a bad conclusion. This episode focused on Veronica trying to clear Weevils name and trying to get a little more knowledge on the Lilly case. It seems like right now the main complication is Veronica getting involved at all. Right now the entire case is right there for us, but Veronica still has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to the case and all the information her dad has been looking into all these years. I was a little dissapointed that the hotel room "6" wasnt brought up again, still don't know why the episode didn't pick up there. perhaps I missed something and the room was empty at the end of the pilot. Either way, decenet episode but nothing amazing I didnt think.
  • Not the best Veronica but still entertaining.

    Weevil grandmother goes to jail after being framed for credit card fraud so Veronica investigates. Credit Where Credit's Due is a pretty bland episode, the whole story is not the most intriguing while it is pretty obvious Paris has something to do with it. Paris Hilton makes for a very pointless and crappy guest star. She shows no acting talent at all, gladly she is only seen a few times briefly with minimal dialog. Though it contains some cute veronica moments the scene in the diner with her father is good and she looks soo adorable in that hat. The father Daughter hotel act is hilarious too. Troy is introduced well with you actually falling for his charm along with Veronica (damm him). So while the plot for Credit Where Credit's Due is stretch a little thin the episode comes with enough Veronica Mars charm and Character development to make it an enjoyable.
  • After watching this episode, I know I'll love this show. It was funny and the mystery is a great touch!

    The pilot was good but I liked this episode more. It's great how the teen high school story is mixed in with the mystery. It's good because each episode could bring a new case, mystery bit we still have the main one to follow. Which really does interest me, Lily Kane, who killed her?

    Veronica and Wallace's friendship is already enjoyable and it's only just started. I liked how they act around each other, they joke and tease each other. It is even more interesting because Veronica used to be a member of the 'cool' gang in school before her dads involvement in Lily's murder case. Her and Duncan, I can sense them getting back together at some point.

    I liked Veronica's snappy and amusing comments, to the students and her father. I loved when she went into the hotel with her dad Keith and pretended to be pregnant, very funny. And a good twist when Veronica gets a picture of Lily two hours after her alleged time of death, meaning all of her family who had alibi, don't any more.

    Weevil was good here, his grandma was involved in the case of the episode. I liked him when he's nicer. Paris Hilton was okay as her character, typical spoiled teenage girl. I'm not sure about this Troy guy .... anyway, I really do look forward to more!
  • in this episode Veronica has to help Weevil find who is behind the credit card fraud.

    This episode was alright not that exciting but shows some flashbacks to the pass. it is good because we see that Veronica even if she does not think so is still an o9ner. even if she says different. she whats other to see her different but she does not give other people a chance to show they are not what they seem. she was uderstand people say allot of things they don't make them true. this episode was something else i thought it would be better but it was not it was a disappointment to see it but i don't mind.
  • It was a typical Veronica Mars episode.Seems like I am going to rate Veronica Mars's episodes only above 9!

    The episode was compelling and true.It as so real and like a fairy-tale.Veronica Mars flashbacks to her old days with the late Lily and thinks about her decision to be on her father's side.It is sad but so good to stand on her father's side and see her life falling to pieces.Weevil questions Veronica if she wants to be 'one of them' again and that feeling gets stronger for Veronica as she meets a boy from the school's popular students and he talks to her and acts good around her.
    Weevil's grandmother is arrested for credit cards'fraud.Veronica invstigates and finds that Weevil's cousin Chado has used the credit cards to be actually 'one of them' and to go out with Kaitlin(Paris Hilton)and spend money on her.When everyone finds out,Weevil doesn't belive Chado anymore and tells him he is out and Kaitlin(Paris Hilton)is no longer accepted to sit on the popular's table just like Veronica.
    Everything's so connected to the theme of Veronica's past being around the popular-the situation with Chado wanting to be around the high elite and stealing money to make Kaitlin go out with him,Veronica questioning her decision to support her father and loosing her life and friends.
    It was a tyical episode of the genius show.It included flashbacks of Lily and veronica's past,investigations,teen issues.
  • Wow. Paris Hilton really is a terrible actor.

    Average-ish episode...but since i just watched it today i'll review it. Caitlyn, Logan's high maintenance 09er girlfriend is secretly seeing a PCHer. Unbelievable actually but a good plot line. I can't really see how Caitlyn would get involved with him..the only reason would probably be the whole 'bad boy' image. But it all worked out realistically in the end. Rich girl drops the poor biker and loses her status. Deja Vu? It seems pretty easy for the 09ers to outcast someone when they turn on their upper class nature. First Veronica, now Caitlyn. Even though they are two completely different situations. It just goes to show. Weevil is the innocent one, which proves to be a shocker. His Grandma was innocent also, which isn't very shocking. When Weevil finds out that his cousin was behind the fraud he gives him what he deserves. Turning on your family...especially for a girl like Caitlyn is pretty low. Even though this episode is 'average', I still found it really funny and very characteristic of the series.
  • I guess Weevil's not the bad guy he looks like...

    Weevil's grandmother is arrested by the scheriff and is accussed for credit card fraud. The grandma's lawyer goes to Mars Investigation Office and asks Veronica Mars to find out evidence that Weevil done it. The credit card was charged with video games, motorbike accessories and hotel suits bookings. Veronica watches over Weevil to make him confece. When she figures out that it's impossible that Weevil is guilty, cause the bookings took place when they had the 4th period lesson, she finds out that Weevil surrenderred himself to the police to get his grandma out. Later on, Veronica finds a way to distract info about the people that booked the suit and the reciept is signed by Logan's girlfriend, Caitlin. When she figures everything out she finds out that Weevil's cousin, Chardo, was the one that committed the credit card fraud and blamed Weevil to get away. Logan and his 'gang' also find out that Chardo slept with Caitlin and try to beat him up. Weevil, out of jail now, saves him from Logan but lets his gang beat him up instead.
    Veronica has to do a school assinement with Duncan Kane while a new guy, Troy, flirts with her.
  • poor weevil's grandma.

    Weevils grandmother is arrested for credit cars fraud. i mean serously, an old lady, ok. well, veronica is with me on that one, well her and wallace dont buy that story, so they do their own investigation. Logan gets a new girlfriend who just happens to be paris hilton. ughhh. no, that just sux. so ha!! she was cheating on logan anyway. but he wouldnt have known if it werent for veronica. she checked her cell and found out she was with weevils brother. and he was using his new credit card fraud to pay for her. i felt bad for weevil. eeryone thought he did it, but with a little help from veronica. this episode wasn't too bad, except for paris hilton, and a kinda boring story.
  • When Weevil's grandma is arrested for credit card fraud, Veronica and Wallace reluctantly help the investigation to clear her name.

    When Weevil's grandma is arrested for credit card fraud, Veronica and Wallace reluctantly help the investigation to clear her name.

    Meanwhile, Logan's new girlfriend, Caitlin Ford, joins the 09ers in making Veronica's life difficult, while a new arrival in town, Troy Vandegraff, tries to get to know her better. even if the episdoe wasn't really that bad i gave it a great 6 for the fact paris hilton was in it! yuck..need i say more..i despise that girl.. and the only part she can actually TRY to play is a rich spoiled one big 6 veronica mars to teach to get great actors!
  • Not my favorite, but hey, you have got to love Paris Hilton playing a stupid, selfish, rich girl...herself.

    Love the show, but this episode was kind of predictable. I did think that it developed Weevil as a character more than anyone else, because that is what the first episodes are supposed to do right? The first one introduces you to all the characters and then you just explore them. I'm rambling. I love the introduction of the journalism teacher. My favorite scene is when Veronica is in Duncan's car with the flashback. Paris Hilton doesn't bring very much to this episode. As a "special" guest star, I think she should have. Overall, I don't think this was an awful episode...but not the best I've seen. Oh, and one more piece in the Lilly Cane puzzle: the parking ticket. (First episode review, I'll get it down. I promise.)
  • A decent episode.

    I love the dynamic between Weevil and Veronica. I was very glad to find out that Weevil wasn\'t the one who stole the credit card. I love how Veronica just ignores the fact that the case is closed so she can follow her gut. Duncan seems to not be as bad as his friends, but I\'m not really sure why he dumped her. His parents both seem like total jerks, though. I really like Troy. He seems really sweet. It seems like it will be a while before Veronica lets her guard down, though. She wouldn\'t even let him kiss her goodnight!
  • Qoute of all quotes

    I just LOVE that quote :
    Troy: Flat?
    VM: Just like God made me.
    Absolutely awesome!! The way it was so succinctly deivered, made it so damned good.

    It really does give us an inside view to Veronica's chilled out I don't give a damn what you think attitude. This small section of dialouge was extremely insightful to the sassy Veronica Mars that we will all grow to enjoy.
  • Paris Hilton? where they crazy?

    Well just as I feared, not even close to the pilot. Exactly '2.0' rank lower.

    so what happened in this episode? Absolutely nothing. A grandma goes to jail, Logan continues being annoying, Duncan continues being characterless and Paris Shit-on was in the episode, just as she is in real life- a cheap slut who doesn’t have anything interesting about and can she act even worse?

    The episode sure had it's moments, but it made me roll my eyes like twenty times. I'm still liking Veronica at least, I liked that new friend...was it Toth? forgot his name. And Wallace continues being my favorite.

    I'm still not having a reason why to care about Lily's death. sure, sad for Veronica but they haven't really made that storyline interesting, it could be anyone. Maybe Veronica killed Lily and forgot (the same of losing her virginity)

    And that Sheriff guy is getting on my nerves, I hope he will suffer in the upcoming episodes.

    Do I have something else to add? nah, Nothing happened in it anyway. It was completely flat and exactly what I expected this show to be at first.

    This review may sound very negative, which it is. But don’t get me wrong, the episode was ok and I kinda enjoyed watching it. I just could have lived without it.
  • Die, Paris

    It actually wasn't that bad as I thought it would be with Paris Hilton. Overall the episode was pretty good. I guess this was the redemption episode for Weevil. I still like that he's a badass but the hug with Veronica seemed to make his character more of the stereotyped bad guy now good guy character.

    When Paris came riding in on her new pink motorcycle, it was obvious she was involved but the Chardo thing was a surprise.

    I knew at the end when Weevil rescued his cousin from a beating from the preppies it was only so his gang could do it.

    Poor Paris. Now she's ostracized just like Veronica but if it's for different reasons, does the end result make a difference. But Paris Hilton should die

    The motorcycle gang and the rich kids are from different worlds, but they know how to handle the "bad guys".
  • Another investigation for Veronica Mars!

    an enjoyable episode
    I think this Kane case is really interesting to follow and I like Veronica's style of investigating, it's very sneaky and I like that... I really think that this show has something unique and that's why I like it

    And i loved that small banter in the computer room with Logan... I like those two together!! :D
  • Weevil confesses to something he hasn't done to get his grandma out of jail, and Veronica starts investigating the case.

    Once again there's a conflict between the bikers and the 09'ers. I guess that's inevitable, when there are guys like Logan who really enjoys provoking bikers like Weevil. This time the story is about a credit card fraud, which Weevil's grandma is at first framed for. Weevil then confesses for the fraud even though he hasn't done it, but who has done it? The obvious person was Logan, especially when we found out about the honeymoon suite his girlfriend had stayed in. I really liked that scene in the hotel lobby, by the way. Way to freak out the receptionist... Ironically it's Logan who solves the case for us viewers, even though Veronica solves it at the same time too. Not fun to find out that your girlfriend is cheating on you, so what do you do? Beat the crap out of the guy, of course. Chardo proved himself really naive thinking that Caitlin would run away with him. I almost felt sorry for him when the 09'ers came, but he had let Weevil go in jail for him, without saying anything. So my feelings kind of changed. He really just got what he deserved when the bikers literally kicked him out. Caitlin's was out too, just like Veronica, but I don't really see the two of them hanging out together.

    Veronica joined the newspaper and of course got stuck with Duncan on her first article. When the two them are pulled over by the police it leads to some new information about Lilly's murder: A parking ticket that Lilly got two hours after she was declared dead. Something isn't adding up. No wonder her dad hasn't stopped investigating the case. In the flashbacks we also learned that Duncan's mum didn't like Veronica when she was dating Duncan, and when Keith accused her husband for murder, I guess her love for Veronica didn't exactly grow.

    So how about this Troy? He's no Brad Pitt, but he seems nice and normal, and he's clearly interested in Veronica. So, is she ready for an 09'er guy again? It didn't go too well the last time, so we'll just have to wait and see.

    Loved the scene in the newspaper class when Veronica talked to Logan and Caitlin. She really got the-not-so-bright blonde to appear even dumber. At least Logan knows when to shut up. I know that Logan and Veronica hate each other, but there's some kind of chemistry there. Maybe not a healthy one, but still.

    - Wallace is now an office-ed(?) I'm pretty sure that will be useful for Veronica.

    - Inga has a really funny accent

    - Can't really say that Paris Hilton impressed me with her acting skills, but I think she did an ok job.


    Deputy: "Gonna go after them?"
    Sheriff Lamb: "No, let's head out for the kegs."

    Duncan: "I'll drive."
    Ms Dent: " Great, then maybe Veronica can..."
    Veronica: "I'll drive too."
    Ms Dent: "Ok, oil crisis be damned."

    Troy: "Flat?"
    Veronica: "Just as God made me."

    Letty Navarro: (about Caitlin) "She doesn't like her ice cubes made with tap water.

  • She Was BORN to Play Trashy McBitch

    A solid episode which features much of the same quirkiness and intrigue as the pilot, Credit Where Credit's Due features Veronica investigating fun little cases whilst discovering more about Lilly Kane's murder.

    The episode has Veronica investigating when Weevil's mother is thrown in prison for credit card fraud and Veronica believes that neither Weevil or his mother are the ones responsible. Meanwhile, Veronica joins a newspaper class and has a run-in with popular Caitlin Ford, who's Duncan's new girlfriend.

    This episode is most memorable for a guest spot from Paris Hilton as Caitlin, or "Trashy McBitch". Paris is, as expected, as wooden as a plank of wood, and, despite being only 24, doesn't convince at all as a teenager.

    The rest of the episode is enjoyable, with an entertaining case in which Weevil is put into center stage. Kristen Bell is, again, excellent but new character Mallory Dent isn't given much to do, which would explain why the producers eventually dropped her from the show mid-way through the season.

    This is an excellent episode of an original and intriguing series.
  • Weevil goes to Jail for something he didn't do. As a result Veronica is not convinced that Weevil did the crime and follows it up with her own investigation. In the end, we find out that someone back stabs Weevil...

    Continuing on from the last episode, things between Weevil and Logan heat up yet again. Nothing happended (awwww) but the next day Weevil's grandmother is arrested for credit card forgery. Weevil is suprised, and everyone in the community thinks that he did it. Veronica is bothered by this and continues her own investigation. While she is doing that, Logan has a new girlfriend and hangs around her. But he becomes suspicious and checks her cell. It turned out he was being cheated by Weevil's brother, Eliah. However, it wasn't the only thing Eliah was doing.
  • Plank of Wood

    After a very promising start to the series we get this, we get the Plank of Wood, commonly called Paris Hilton. Guys, what is it about her ?..she has a weird looking face, a body thats nothing special and her acting equals the before mentioned Plank of Wood. I'll watch episode 3 to see if it improves. If Miss Plank appears again then I'm off......
  • Troy: Flat? Veronica: Just as God made me.

    Not much to say about this episode, but that it needed to be done to set the stage for the understanding of Veronica's relationships with Weevil, Duncan and Logan. Although, I am pretty sure that it could have been done without adding the "ewwww" that is Paris Hilton. Nuff said. Good episode.