Veronica Mars

Season 1 Episode 2

Credit Where Credit's Due

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2004 on UPN

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  • Veronica attempts to help out Weevil with credit card fraud issues.

    The second episode of "Veronica Mars" does a great job of taking everything the show did right in the pilot and elaborating on it, filling in the details of some of the supporting characters and widening the scope of the show a bit more. It doesn't feel as jumbled as the pilot did, but it still has that same sense of cleverness and wit that the pilot had. Plus, Kristen Bell is definitely a great lead actress for the show.

    The second episode focuses on Veronica attempting to figure out a way to get Weevil out of juvie after his grandmother and then him get pinned for credit card fraud, sparked by Logan Eckells, who has a major grudge against Weevil. I remember thinking that, in the pilot, Weevil was that typical macho guy who would pop up now and then to annoy the main characters, but I love the way we get a glimpse early on at how different Weevil is than typical macho characters in other TV shows. He's part of this tough biker gang, but he's not afraid to let a young girl detective do the dirty work for him sometimes.

    A lot of the fun in the episode comes from watching Veronica do her thing, interacting with Wallace, the new kid Troy (a character that seemed lame at first but quickly grew on me by the end) and watching the way the show avoids becoming the same type of show that One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl is… Veronica Mars is more gritty, more exciting and well-written. Rob Thomas was also responsible for "Party Down," one of the more impressive comedies on television as of late and cancelled much too early, so it's fun to see how Rob Thomas began his writing career.

    The only dud in the episode is Paris Hilton. Was there any need for her besides stunt-casting? Take her out of the episode and you end up with a very well-done episode. Besides that, I thought the episode was good. I particularly enjoyed watching the way the new police crew is being made out to be these horrible individuals that are incompetent compared to the Mars family. All in all, a good follow-up episode.