Veronica Mars

Season 1 Episode 2

Credit Where Credit's Due

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2004 on UPN



  • Quotes

    • Ms. Dent: This is a 35mm camera. Now, my suggestion, as you're starting out, is to
      set it on auto...
      Veronica: I'd really be more comfortable if I could just use my own camera. Uhm, the swivel LCD really comes in handy when you're doing overhead shooting or ground-level macro shooting.
      Ms. Dent: Right.
      Veronica: The optical zoom actually goes up to 71.2 millimeters and it's good to have the raw-file option to mess with the images post-exposure without nearly the loss of image quality you'd get with a JPEG file.
      Ms. Dent: And when it's dark outside, you should use a flash.