Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 17

Debasement Tapes

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 08, 2007 on UPN
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Episode Summary

Piz is thrilled when he is chosen to interview rock star Desmond Fellows, but turns to Veronica for help when the singer's backing tapes go missing.

Meanwhile Keith prepares to run unopposed in the upcoming sheriff election and meets with Leo who brings him information on a possible robbery.

Mac helps Logan set up a website and business plan for a school project.moreless

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  • This episode was awful!

    I never write reviews but this episode was so bad I felt the need to do so. This was the worst episode of the whole series, I hated piz, I hated veronica, I hated Keith, I loved mac and Wallace and I loved logan. The episode was rubbish from start to finish there was literally nothing good about it at all, aside from what I mentioned above. Paul rudd was the only thing stopping me from not watching the rest of it. but I admit that I regret having wasted 45 minutes of my life with that crud. I liked the mac and logan stuff as well but the rest was just utterly awful. The mystery was boring and stupid. I loved last week so much so this was really dissappointing.moreless
  • VM still rocks

    I loved this episode! It was not exactly the Veronica Mars we are used to, but that's not necessarily bad! It was a bit dumb that in the end there was no big mystery, but the idiot had just switched bags. Still, that was fun! And Paul Rudd was just amazing in this eppy! I absolutely loved his performance and how he always cilled Piz different wrong names until the end. Also: good singing! Nice!

    I'm so happy we finally get to see all the characters again. They were really neglected while LoVe had all its drama. Don't get me wrong, I still want them to get back together. But it's okay for now! Pizronica was alright, I kinda liked that scene were she said he was a good guy and than held his hand. Totally untypical, but sweet!

    Logan on the other hand is such an idiot. How can he seriously think that Veronica cheated on him? Why would she be moping and crying over him and be so damn unhappy about the whole Maddison thing if she had cheated herself? N E V E R - and I'm kinda disappointed that he would even think that.

    Parker was nowhere to be seen: good sign for the truth which is that she doesn't ever matter! She's practically the rebound girl for Logan and it's just a matter of time until he admits to himself that he doesn't even want her for real.

    Leo is back, nice!!! But Vinnie is campaigning against Keith in the run for Sheriff. I'm wondering if Keith is gonna be defeated by a jerk once again. I hope not! Still, episodes with Vinnie are always fun!

    So was the whole episode. It was just so hilarious and I loved the Mac scenes, especially her and Max ^^

    Just a great episode and if that's how they're gonna do the non-arc mysteries, it's fine by me!moreless
  • Wasn't the best..

    I was waiting all week for this episode and not just because I love the show but because of the Veronica and Piz possible relationship. To my extreme disliking, the relationship wasn't really at all part of the episode. I liked how Piz was the main character of the episode. Finally we were able to understand him a little more. He actually is as great of a guy as he seems. That never seems to happen in Veronica Mars. Rob Thomas, the creator, can sing!! Who would have thought. The only problem with Veronica and Piz's relationship is that the season is ending soon and Chris has been casted in a pilot for another show. Where will the relationship go? Most likely nowhere..moreless
  • I miss the season long mysteries.

    I miss the big mysteries. The Lily Kane murder, who crashed the school bus. Those were out of this world! Even the Hearst rapist and the Dean's murder were great mysteries. They had to be solved a little conviniantly because of the shorter amount of time given to them, but still, scary and interesting. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying these episodes. The snark is there, the fun is there, the relationships, the Veronica-ness, nothing that makes the show great is missing. I just really enjoy a good mystery. And I'm sorry, but "he grabbed the wrong bag at the airport because he was drunk" just doesn't funny cut it for me. Let's hope next week is more redeemable. And that with the season almost over, Wallace gets to be a part of things.moreless
  • This is what happens when this show becomes too fixated on relationships.

    There was no mystery of week, well there was it just wasn't a mystery. I hate it when this show goes for the comedy instead of the dark and seedy noir it should be, it just doesn't work.

    I'm finding Piz more more unobjectionable which is a good thing, I even didn't mind the hand holding. It was actually sweet and rather subtle. I can cope with subtle cuteness. I just don't want them to present Piz and Veronica as a hot hot hot passionate couple because they really aren't.

    Logan needs to start being himself now, writers? Yeah no more moping please its really annoying. I miss Logan so much and I really hate Dick... I hope the actor decides to do other things, seriously. It was a mistake to put him on the cast credits. I was happy to see Wallace but once again he is banished to the realms of 'relationship talk'. Can they never just hangout anymore? The college years will be the death of this show, it just categorically doesn't work, especially in the standalone format. I doubt I could watch this show without an overarching mystery, something just feels missing from these episodes and I suspect its the sense of urgency a mystery brings. This isn't my show anymore, it's a rubbish version of Dawson's Creek!

    But on a positive note; I liked seeing all the familiar faces this episode, Max, lots of Mac (I love the girl!), Leo, Vinnie, Wallace, Ratner and Piz's boss from an earlier episode. I'm so glad Vinnie is running for sheriff! I really prefer him as a PI, and let's hope he uses those Harmony affair photos of Keith (from way back at the start of the season), it's going to be a dirty race. This makes me happy. With any luck we can have the Fitzpatrick's thrown into the mix... only thrown in well.

    I also loved Veronica this episode she definitely isn't who she was back in season one, and I'll admit to missing her persona of the early days. But she wasn't nasty so I'm glad the writers are rebuilding my faith in the lead character. Paul Rudd was great and he made me laugh more in one episode than Dick had in the whole season. I loved that he kept getting Piz's name wrong, but man what a fluffy ending. Yikes what's happened to this show.moreless
Michael Mitchell

Michael Mitchell

Bronson Pope

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Lindsey McKeon

Lindsey McKeon

Trish Vaughn

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Suzanne Cryer

Suzanne Cryer

Professor Grace Schaffer

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Brandon Hillock

Brandon Hillock

Deputy Jerry Sacks

Recurring Role

Max Greenfield

Max Greenfield

Deputy Leo D'Amato

Recurring Role

Ken Marino

Ken Marino

Vincent "Vinnie" Van Lowe

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Keith and Leo are staking out the sports store and Keith calls Sacks to report a robbery in progress. The store is not being robbed, but burgled. Burglary is when a building is entered with the purpose of stealing; robbery is when force is used to take something from a person.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • (after having wrongly accused Ratner of stealing the tapes)
      Veronica: Okay. I'm apologizing. I'm sorry for thinking you were guilty.
      Ratner: I don't accept your apology.
      Veronica: I'll live.

    • (riding the elevator at the Neptune Grand)
      Logan: The weekend that you almost got your head shaved, your dad said you were staying at Wallace's. Well, it was just you and Piz, huh?
      Veronica: Yes, but, no. (realizing what Logan wants to know) No. I mean, I slept in Wallace's bed, and it was just a place to stay. Nothing was...
      (elevator door opens with Piz outside)

    • Logan: So what's up with Veronica and Piz? She... She, like, dating him or what?
      Mac: She's trying to let him down easy.
      Logan: But... I don't know. When we were — when we were dating, did they know?
      Mac: No more talk of Veronica's love life. Ever. But I will say, if you think she was unfaithful, you're an idiot.

    • Vinnie Van Lowe: (reading from a newspaper article) 'Vinnie Van Lowe, he's an asset to this community. Sheriff Mars.' That's gonna look great on my posters.

    • Piz: You're on the air with Desmond Fellows of My Pretty Pony, playing a benefit tomorrow night at Liberty Lunch. Brought to you by Wrigley's Extra gum. Okay, caller are you there?
      Desmond: Their leftover gum?
      Piz: The brand. Extra gum. Sugarless.

    • Mac: Grade my ass.
      Logan: Dot net, yes. I need to present a viable business plan for a class. I need a lowest-common-denominator website with a simple, interactive element that I can build a business plan around. You can put this together in your sleep. I'll pay.
      Mac: And the catch?
      Logan: It's due Monday morning.
      Mac: I'll need Red Bull and licorice.
      Logan: Deal.

    • Desmond Fellows: Anyone ever tell you, you look like a feisty young Barbara Eden?
      (awkward silence)
      Veronica: How did she know you'd be here?
      Desmond Fellows: (suggestively) How old are you, Monica?
      Veronica: I'm eleven. You arranged this how?
      Desmond Fellows: Instant messaging, but I didn't save it. (Veronica grabs the laptop, types a few keys, and the messages pop up) Wow, all business. Deadly. (Piz smirks))

    • Mac: That sound you hear is my idealism quietly shattering.
      Max: That other sound you hear is my cynicism laughing at your idealism shattering.
      Mac: Well, it won't be laughing when I crash your greedy little evil website.

    • Desmond Fellows: The bad boys get the chicks. I mean, look at you. You're single, and you're very nice, Pez. There's a correlation.

    • Mac: And his role in this enterprise?
      Dick: Consultant. I'm an ass expert.
      Logan: Yes, except for the expert part.
      Dick: I'm an ass? Who would you ask for advice about lions, a lion or a gerbil? Gerbil, you say? No, you would ask a lion, because by virtue of being a lion, a lion is an expert on lions. So... Okay. I don't see how you hope to launch a website about hot asses without me, but fine. It's Friday night. If I walk long enough in a straight line, I'll hit a party.

    • Wallace: You want me to have this talk? Am I a twelve year old girl?
      Veronica: No...but you're drinking Fresca and watching Joan Crawford movies.

    • Wallace: So, are you surviving?
      Veronica: Surviving what?
      Wallace Helping Piz. You know, his puppy dog eyes on you all the time.
      Veronica: It's weird. Like you said, normal Piz. Like nothing ever happened.
      Wallace: (amused) Which bothers you, because making out with you is supposed to be some life-changing experience.
      Veronica I don't know. I just...Why are we talking about this?
      Wallace: I thought you loved these kind of conversations.
      Veronica: No.
      Wallace: I was hoping we could follow it up with a cuteness countdown of the Baldwin brothers.
      Veronica: I hope we're still friends after I taser you.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Visual: "Working Class Hero" shirt

      In the jail cell-scene, Desmond is wearing a shirt that says "Working Class Hero" as he and Keith argue about The Beatles. John Lennon, a member of The Beatles, has a song entitled "Working Class Hero". Keith should probably have picked up on this, long before Desmond stops teasing him by pretending he doesn't like them.

    • Desmond: Cracks the code on the Rosetta Stone.
      The Rosetta Stone is stone on which the same decree is written in two Egyptian language scripts and classical Greek. By cracking the classic Greek and using comparative translation, experts deciphered the Egyptian scripts.

    • Veronica: Come on Dad. Let it be.

      This is a reference to The Beatles' song 'Let it Be'. Sheriff Mars had just been arguing with Desmond Fellows about The Beatles.

    • Desmond: You know what Fez, I'm pretty beat.

      Fez is one of the main characters in That 70's Show.

    • Episode Title: Debasement Tapes

      It's a reference to The Basement Tapes, a studio album by Bob Dylan and The Band, released in 1975 by Columbia Records.