Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 11

Donut Run

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 2006 on UPN

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  • Read the summary people

    They're the new Bonny&Clyde! Seriously, I thought Logan and Veronica were great but Duncan and Veronica rock! Man I loved it how they met and kissed. I was like 'Aw! That's so cute and criminal!" I already saw the episode, but I totally forgot that Veronica and Duncan cooperated, it surprised me again! Unbelievable. You know, I L-O-V-E VM! Crazy me :) Hm I still hate Logan though (can anyone punch that guy please?) You gotta love the FBI. Well honestly they sucked because they couldn't find Duncan but they mocked Lamb and that was just aah magnifico (I'm kissing the fingertips right now) Anyhow,I have over 100 words so I'm happy.All I wanted to say really is that okay Duncan's still a wuss ('FYI, if the hugging was the best part, he didn't do it right') but I liked him better and it was good he got away with the baby. Viva justice is what I say! Great episode, really and if you missed it.. well I'm sorry but then you're just stupdid! Just kidding... but you should've recorded it :)
  • Epic.

    This episode was simply fantastic. Probably not as good as S1E21/22/S2E1, but pretty darn close.

    One problem I had with the previous season was that the two conclusion episodes were following eachother and were placed at very end of the season. Now season 2 seems more cleverly constructed, and Donut Run can most definitely looked at as a mid way finale.

    This is the directorial debut of Rob Thomas and it was awesome. Awesome directing job he has done, not just the unusual camera angles were awesome , but the whole episode's pacing felt really different than usual. Veronica playing emo-music in the beginning for a day straight and Keith just not saying a word knowing whats up was pure gold, very nicely done.

    He also did the script himself, and oh boy, what a masterpiece. SO MANY... so many... so many hidden jokes and clever dialouges. I mean, that elevator scene in the beginning - Hey hoe - hilarious. Also Rob made sure we wouldn't be able to guess weather Veronica's helping Duncan or not - their brak up did sound very real but in the end, she was playing all along. Keith finding out about Veronica was excellent too, Loved Enrico Colentoni's acting there. As far as comical reliefs go, there weer so many. I already mentioned some, but.... the FBI agents(Lucy Lawless guest starring) and Lamb... haha... Lamb going all the way into the heart of Mexico chasing a false lead just to show what he's made of what just... LOL-worthy.

    Vinnie returns too for a small part, liked to see him turn out to be the savior(well, for $30k..) and his pen-scene was hilarious aswell.

    Though, there's this thing. The realization what just happened. Duncan's out of the picture with the baby which makes Veronica a single. Also, now that Meg's storyline is wrapped up, the bus crash can get more attention. Veronica nad Duncan saying goodbyes was really emotional and very well done , as it wasn't long or anything, it was kept to a minimum for the realism and dramatic effect. Loved it. And I also loved the fortune cookie message at the end, and, obviously the VM Crew loves Lost! No wonder!

    All in all, this episode was an epic wrap up to a storyline and a character - not rushed at all, happened just the right time, yet you couldn't see it coming AT ALL. VM S2 - I'm lovin' it.
  • Hidden message?

    In the last scene where Duncan and the baby is in the truck driving in mexico, there is a sign at the back windshield that says:
    "True love stories never have endings."
    but the strange part is after this, it says:
    "4 8 15 16 23 42"!!!

    They are the same "mysterious" numbers that is in Lost!
  • Duncan Leaves

    When Duncan disappears with Meg's baby, Lamb must work with two FBI agents to extract as much information as possible from an uncooperative Veronica. Meanwhile, Wallace reveals the real reason he returned to Neptune, and Weevil and Logan make a breakthrough in their hunt for the rogue gang member.

    I did think that this entire episode was just kind of silly. Veronica gets in trouble with the police, again, but at the end of the episode she gets out of it - again. Duncan runs off with the baby that Veronica helped him kidnap. If this is truly the end for Duncan and Veronica - a fake break-up in front of everyone so that she could help Duncan run away - I personally think that's a dumb and a waste of a good character in Duncan. The rest of the episode was pretty chill. Seems that Wallace was in the middle of a good season over at his school in Chicago, but returned for another reason. Weevil and Logan conducting their own investigation is a dumb plot, but Weevil gets the low-down on who is working for the Fitz in this episode. Hoping the bus crash plot picks up again here sometime soon.
  • After Duncan and Veronica break up, Duncan kidnaps his baby and runs. The FBI and the Sheriff's Department becomes involved and Veronica is in trouble when they think she had something to do with it.

    Donut Run is such a good episode. It had me fooled, with the Veronica and Duncan fight. I really thought that they broke up and I was mad at Veronica for being so insensitive but thankfully that wasn't the case. This episode is also amazing for the appearance of Xena herself, Lucy Lawless. I saw her name in the opening credits and freaked out, I enjoyed her FBI agent character. I really liked that Lamb can speak "Mexican". As soon as he drove over the border I knew what was going to happen, and I was very impressed, it was a very clever plan.
  • This episode never gets old, and I am always shocked by the ending even though I have seen it more than once now. The acting, as well as the writing is fenomenal.

    It is great that this was the acting debut of creator Rob Thomas, I must say he did a wonderful job at it. The whole storyline from start to end works so well at continuing the season arc as well as add new aspects. The whole Duncan kidnapping the baby is great, and you think it is one thing and ends up being something else. Everyone is involved in pulling it off and I mean EVERYONE. Lamb is even involved, but he didn't know it at the time. Even though I say that every episode is my favorite, I have to admit that this is in my top 5. I would recommend this episode to someone who has not seen many of the other episodes, but knows the characters. One of the top episodes for the season and definitely the show itself!
  • Veronica helps Duncan leave town with his Daughter.

    I thought that this was such an amazing episode of Veronica Mars. I really liked how Veronica and Duncan pretended to break up at school in order for her to say she has no idea what is going on with Duncan. I thought that Veronica and Duncan made the right choice when they took the baby from Meg's parents cusduty after what we learned about them a few episodes ago. I was extremely happy that Keith helped Veronica out by puting something over the hole Veronica made to the other apartment. I was disappointed that Wallace did not stay in Chicago because a friend killed someone while he was with him.
  • This is great.

    This episode of Veronica Mars is one of my absolute favorites. Duncan disappears with Meg and his baby( with the help of V of course) and Lamb brings in V for questioning. The FBI is involved, Vinnie, and it is just amazing. I personally like the part in Mexico with Lamb and Duncan, so clever! This episode has great music and a fantastic plot. If you do ot watch this episode you'll be sorry. The episode is sad in a way, tho. This is one of the last times you will get to see Duncan. Despite the sadness I felt, I can easily say this was one of my favorites.
    Go Watch It!
  • Duncan disappears with Meg's baby, Lamb works with two FBI agents to extract information from an uncooperative Veronica. Wallace reveals the reason he returned to Neptune, and Weevil and Logan make a breakthrough in their hunt for the rogue gang member.

    When Duncan disappears with Meg's baby, Lamb must work with two FBI agents to extract as much information as possible from an uncooperative Veronica.

    Meanwhile, Wallace reveals the real reason he returned to Neptune, and Weevil and Logan make a breakthrough in their hunt for the rogue gang member. wow..didn't se that coming
  • A Pirate Dead? NO WAY. This episode was fantastic!

    This episode was a really important one as far as Duncan and his future is concerned, but apart from that, this episode was a perfect example of why i love Veronica Mars. The cleverness of the escape plan was beyond imagination...left me wondering how the hell they thought of it. Imagine how intelligent the world would be if everyone was as cunning as Veronica Mars. I really enjoyed the quick quips spat out by Veronica to...basically to everyone in this episode. The banter between Wallace and Veronica was also priceless, keeping the comedy stable throughout the whole episode. Overall...great example of why i watch this series and clued me into some great ways to annoy sherrifs and general people of authority. Great work Rob:)
  • A truly amazing episode!

    This was definatley the most exciting episode of Veronica Mars since Leave it to Beaver. Rob Thomas did an excellent job at confusing us! My head was spinning trying to keep up with who was in and who was out!! Kristen did an amazing job at having a teary 'break up' with Duncan! It was great that they brought Vinnie Van Loe back into it! Hes a great character! Also something else great about this episode was Duncan naming his daughter fater his sister Lilly! A nice touch! Unfortunatley for me it looks like this is he end of VD!
  • Run Duncan RUN!

    after meg has her baby, duncan takes it onto himself and decides to steal the baby and run away with it. Veronica and Duncan set up a breakup at school and everyone falls for it, and she helps him escape across the border. the FBI come in and investigate the kidnapping and interview Veronica on all she knows. Logan and Weevil are working together to figure out who killed felix. It comes out why Wallace left Chicago, he was involved in a hit-and-run and he came back to Neptune to escape it. Duncan names the baby Lilly and Vinne Van Lowe helps Duncan escape.
  • After Veronica goes visit Duncan and finds out that Kendall was there (taking a shower!) she confronts Duncan who clearly states they are done as a couple. Then, Veronica is told Duncan has run away with Meg\'s baby and Veronica herself is considered a su

    Pretty good episode but there have been better... I really liked how it turns out Veronica and Duncan has planned it all so meticolously.. However- what\'s gonna happen with Logan? I mean he was only staying as a guest in the Penthouse and when Duncan elopes I don\'t think the Kanes are gonna keep paying all expenses. Also, I really like what Veronica places in her room at the end- the fortune cookie paper.. so cute... oh, and if you look really closely at the fortune cookie.... It has the LOST sequence numbers at the bottom... coincidence? I think not... Rob Thomas is probably a Lost fan
  • Wow

    I almost died while this episode was airing. Veronica helping Duncan to kidnap his daughter was the bottom of his life. He is already screwed up, his mother wants to kill him, while Keith wants [also] to kill him, like more... And Wallace, well, his life is upside down now...
  • Best.Ep.Ever!

    In my opinion, this has got to be the best episode ever on Veronica Mars. has to be tied with Leave it to Beaver. But this! Veronica and Duncan broke up...but did they. This entire ep showed us just how smart and clever Veronica really is. That's why we love her. The scene when Veronica and Duncan kiss in the hideout is absolutely shocking. Good shocking! But I was really sad that Duncan left. Who knows if he'll come back. But the ending was epsecially shocking. Duncan is the little clever one also. (Of course with the help of Ronnie!) But Donut Run in my opinion is the best episode of Veronica Mars ever!!!
  • A true classic episode.

    This episode was the best episode of the season by far. I was shocked when I found out that Veronica was helping Duncan kidnap his daughter. I couldn't believe that she would do such a thing. Now there are a few things I want to touch on.

    The episode starts with Veronica and Duncan breaking up. I guess the whole breakup was fake. It was just a ploy to throw everybody off. I'm guessing Duncan invited Kendall over to his room to help lead into the breakup.

    Veronica was approached by Dick at school who told her that she shouln't be mad at Duncan for sleeping with Kendall. That just shows you that Dick is just that, a Dick. Dick and Logan would be perfect together because Dick's a dick, and Logan's an ass.

    The sherriff shows up at the Mars' residence and arrests Veronica. In real life she would not have been placed under arrest at that point because all the sherriff had was speculation. There was no evidence that Veronica participated in the kidnapping. In real life she would have just been asked to come to the station for questioning.

    It was funny how when Sacks told Sherriff Lamb that the FBI was there, Lamb took all of the games off of his desk and pretended to look busy. Like he was trying to impress the FBI.

    Duncan escaped to Mexico with the baby, and now the question is where was he going?
  • Melodrama plot twist in which Duncan breaks up w/Veronica, kidnaps Meg's baby, VM is under suspicion for abetting it and is investigated by Xena (Lucy Lawless) as an FBI agent.

    A very fun, action-filled plot. I have to say, I'm glad Duncan may no longer be a character in the show -- he was kind of boring (the actor was fine -- I just don't think the writers could make the character more interesting.) I was elated when Duncan broke up with VM, then sad that they had faked it (and had done a good job of it), and then elated again when Duncan ran away to Mexico (he's always doing that.) Sheriff Lamb was hilarious and I love that Duncan slipped into his trunk w/baby (although I can't believe the baby didn't wail loudly enough for Lamb to hear her.) And it moved Weevil's plot along well.

    But what about Keith and Wallace's mom?
  • Wow. Simply wow.

    Wow. Simply wow.
    This episode was amazing! And defiantly the best yet.

    At the beginning of the episode Duncan brakes up with Veronica, takes his baby and runs away, but is it so?

    When the episode ended I sat there staring open mouthed at the screen amazed by what I had just seen, everything suddenly clicking into place.
    As much as I hate to admit, I was completely fooled, yes the braking up in public did seem weird at first, but I just fell right back into it, sucking it all in.

    I loved the way it all fell into place brilliantly at the end, just like a Dan Brown book.
    I was left thinking "I should have known that", when really I didn’t know a thing.

    To sum up this was amazing, brilliantly written episode, and I hope to see many more like this one.

  • Plot twists and turns that will keep you guessing even after the credits roll.

    There are lots of points to argue here, but knowing that Duncan truly had the baby's interest at heart, as well as Meg's wishes for the baby, it's easy to find sympathy for Duncan. Handling the situation legally probably would have been the best idea; there is no doubt that it would have worked out in Duncan and the baby's favor. Unfortunately, his desperation forced him to go in a different direction.

    Veronica's involvement was never much of a consideration; she fooled everyone. But it seems that where she seems to have made enemies along the way, she's made twice as many friends.

    There was never any question about Duncan's intentions, though. He was not being spiteful toward the Mannings; he simply wanted to honor Meg's wishes and raise their baby as she would have.

    Any nagging doubts about Duncan and the baby's future were put to rest at the end when he was holding his beautiful baby daughter, telling her that everything was going to be alright. That's when he said it.

    He called her Lilly.
  • It's always hard to say goodbye.

    First, the good news: it looks like the combined powers of theWB and UPN (CW) will include Veronica Mars. This surely can only help her ratings but giving her a slightly larger audience.

    Now, for the oh so sad news of this episode. I would like to comment that the writers took me for a whirlwind and I would never of guessed Veronica and Duncan's fight was fake! That in fact they made plans to get Duncan to Mexico and send him on his way, and that Veronica was in on the kidnapping. Leave it to V to not only fool those normies, but also CIA (or whoever they were) and her father!

    Yes I was sad to see that Veronica and Duncan will no longer be, but it's not the end of the world. This show always finds ways to get me to tune in.
  • Veronica helps Duncan save Lily (the baby with Meg) from those idiot Mannings.

    I loved the episode and hope this doesn\'t mean the end of Teddy Dunn. I\'m glad that Duncan got away with the baby. Those freaks don\'t deserve to be able to procreate, let alone raise Duncan\'s baby. My only problem is why was it considered kidnapping when the baby is Duncan\'s daughter? I know there\'s legal issues here but it was never mentioned. I\'m glad Veronica outsmarted the FBI and of course Lamb. I\'m looking forward to more episodes.
  • Duncan "breaks up" with Veronica and runs away with Faith Manning his daughter who he renames Lilly. The FBI hates Lamb! Contains spoilers.

    "The numbers are bad! Stop! What are you doing?! Why did you do that?! The numbers are bad! The numbers are bad!"

    As Hurley on Lost so clearly put it the numbers are bad. It also pretty much discribes my reaction to Veronica still being with Duncan.

    numbers from fortune cookie Duncan gave to Veronica = 4 8 15 16 23 42 = bad numbers = DUNCAN IS A BAD GUY!!!

    Well I feel better now. Atleast the two of them won't have contact any more! And what's up with Logan and Weevil? Are they like acctually friends because I missed Logan's racist snark. Although *giggle* "Hi, ho!" best line ever must use on people at school!
  • Veronica stumbled with this one... but still did pretty well.

    The best example I can think of to describe this episode is talking about math tests. You remember? Show your work. That way, if you make a mistake early in the problem, as long as the rest of the work is correct, you might still get partial credit. This episode feels like partial credit...

    One of the basic premises of this show is that money gets what money wants. But we are expected to just accept that the billionare father of a young child who's mother is dead cannot get custody of his little girl from the grandparents who self-admitadly want to adopt the baby out? Not buying it.

    After that? More typical brilliance. The plan was well thought out but still had flaws that could have been disastrous. Lots of great (although small) development of other plot lines.
  • Beware, my comments content spoilers. But I got a huge, moral problems with Donut Run. Meg’s baby kidnapping storyline steps on dangerous grounds.

    Beware, my comments content spoilers. This season, although having some good episodes, is not as exciting as last year. But I got a huge, moral problems with Donut Run. Meg’s baby kidnapping storyline steps on dangerous grounds. Veronica’s character is supposed to be a resourceful, clever girl that finds out solutions to difficult cases. So why here take the easy root of kidnapping? Kidnapping of baby/child is a serious social problem right now. Taking the justice on your hand is not the answers. If we do so, it will quickly become unlivable because we all have our sets of values. I think, with this story, Veronica lost her edge. Maybe it is the idea to make her a criminal. I do not know. But in my mind, Veronica has always stands for what is right. Committing a kidnapping cannot not be justified for whatever the reasons. They are lines who can not cross. I am sad that Veronica Mars has lost its edge.
  • nother good'n ... Logan still rules! (possible spoilers)

    Nother good episode, though not the greatest show on tv, much entertainment from The mars's's show. Xena as an FBI agent, it is estraganized show ya know, was kinda neet to see. Duncan should stay gone I think, he never was one of my favorites, don't kill him, but his role is boring now, spice him up or let him stay hidden.
  • Well, Veronica Mars never fails to entertain, capture or portray a level of quality that makes it so great to watch.

    One of the great things about the series of Veronica Mars, is that you're safe to assume that the episode is going to surprise, touch and astound you. More cleverly written plots than most shows, this episode proves again that teenage drama can be as good as you want it to be.

    Veronica is back with a bang after a long Christmas break, and darn it, I dare say quality has remained a consistent high, and will remain so.

    Unlike other shows, Veronica Mars is capable of holding multiple story lines without overloading or boring the viewer. And because of this, the flow of stories in the episodes is as smooth as silk, and as intricate as clockwork.
  • This was a really great episode with lots of twists. It was good to finally see the fortune from the fortune cookie revealed - notice the numbers?

    This was a really great episode with lots of twists. It was good to finally see the fortune from the fortune cookie revealed. Will Duncan ever return? What chances has she got with getting together with Logan now?

    Love the numbers at the bottom of the fortune. 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 & 42 - The ones from LOST. Very witty.
  • TV's best show breaks its own rules and gets away with it.

    Two thirds of the way through "Donut Run", I had a sinking feeling. You know the moment I'm talking about. It's the "Duncan's in the Room Next Door!" moment. Right then, I thought, "Well, that's one episode down the toilet."

    So, what was my problem? Well -- and this is a pet peeve of mine --, in almost every episode of "Veronica Mars", the viewer knows everything Veronica knows. Her information is our information. Not this time. It's a cheap trick that shows occasionally pull out of the hat if they're having a difficult time generating suspense or drama with the regular plotline. It might work in a movie -- the Keyzer Soze revelation of "The Usual Suspects" being a classic example of how it does -- but in television, to paraphrase a line from a different show, there are rules and sidelines and an endzone. And this trick was way out of bounds. Not only does Veronica play Lamb and Celeste and her old man for saps, the show plays the audience for saps.

    Luckily, the show rescued itself in its last fifteen minutes or so. Lamb's desperate ploy in going to Mexico was amusing, and though I'm a little unclear on how Duncan managed to plant someone in the restaraunt to send Lamb further south, I was all right with it. And Duncan's sendoff, with the (admittedly bought-and-paid-for) help of the lovably skeezy Vinny, was touching in a way I didn't expect -- I've never much cared for Duncan, and was expecting to be happy to see him go. The song, "Adeliade", playing during his departure, may have had something to do with that, but TV's a words-and-pictures-and-music genre, so that's fair play.

    The auxiliary plots -- Wallace's shrouded-in-mystery return, and Weevil & Logan's persual of a drug dealer -- were perfunctory and amusing, respectively. Judging from the title of next week's episode (and his as-yet reduced role in this season) there's a lot of Wallace to come, so his plotline just sort of served to remind us he was there. On the other hand, Weevil and Logan make for a sort of sociopathic odd couple, compulsively violent, rude, irritated by one another, but sympatico just the same. Jason Dohring remains the most compelling performer on the show, and his chemistry with Francis Capra makes their scenes worth the price of admission by themselves.

    On the whole, other than feeling a little cheated by the deceptive plot, I came away feeling this was an excellent episode.
  • Awesome story, major heartache, huge twists, Lucy Lawless AND a Lost refrence? Why is this show not more popular?

    The show is back from holiday break with a vengence as we kick off with a briliant storyline as Veronica plays everyone to keep Meg's baby safe. The twists it took were brilliant as just as you thought it was going one way, it went another and you realized everything was all part of Veronica's plan.

    Everything? Not quite. She didn't expect Keith to find out and thus their relationship takes a hit that will probably effect their investigation of the bus crash. However, it was good to see how Ronnie worked in the other PI and tricking Lamb into helping Duncan across the border.

    Lucy Lawless was great with her sardonic manner and putting Lamb in his place right off the bat. Plus, it was good how she did figure out what Veronica had done but basically let her go, figuring that it would be best for Lily to be away from her abusive grandparents. It was wonderful to see Lamb so smug and shot down constantly and realizing at the end how well he was used.

    Still so intriguing to see Logan and Weevil working together and making progress with their investigation. Can't wait for Veronica to put in her two cents eventually. Also intriguing to have Wallace back under such circumstances which seem to play out big time in next week's episode. I was a bit disapointed by Kendall's brief appearance but hope she'll be back soon to needle people.

    So an incredibly dramatic episode with Bell doing awesome work as Veronica having to let go of her long-time love so he could be happy with his child. While I doubt we've seen the last of Duncan completely, he got a good send-off and leaves him room to return to Veronica eventually. After all, who can resist this girl?
  • Duncan breaks up with Veronica, then kidnaps his baby and runs off...except not really. The breakup was false, and Veronica was the mastermind of the whole thing, helping Duncan escape with the baby so she could be raised right. Veronica ends up punking

    I thought the episode was great. Even though I\'m not a Duncan fan, I was sad to see him go. The acting, particularly Kristen Bell and Enrico Colantoli was phenomenal. I totally fell for all the twists and turns in the episode, and I didn\'t think any of the characters\' actions were out-of-character.
    Fantastic episode, and I can\'t wait for next week\'s.
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