Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 2

Driver Ed

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2005 on UPN

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  • the bus case continues....

    Everybody in the bus except form Meg died. They start blaming the bus driver and his daughter asks Veronica to help them prove that it wasn't suicide. During the investigation the deputies found a 'suicide' note in the drivers computer but is later revealed that he wasn't going to suicide but leave his wife for another woman. And although all that they still blame him form the death of the passengers. Logan keeps having sex with Dick and Beavers step mom and they got almost caught and later Casssidy finds a condom that makes him suspect. In the meantime, Wallace helps the new girl find who broke her car's light and gets a kiss as reward. Duncan and Veronica have sex and Keith decides to try to regain his Sheriff work.
  • Review

    This is another (for the moment) top five episode of the show for me and think it deserves a little bit of a higher rating then what it got at the time. Everything about the epsiode was pretty much perfect. I mean, sure you expected the bus driver to be the first step, but the storyline involved was just so...real. The actress that played the daughter of the bus drivers daughter played the part really well, made me feel like there had actually been something that had just gone horribly wrong in her life. You can break this episode down into its smaller parts. Veronica Mars investigation of the bus driver crash was just amazingly well done on her part. Finding out that he made a phone call was awesome, I didn't even see that coming but she put it all together. Wallace has a new interest, though I think shes a little "I'll get what I want kind of like Lila in Dexter" kind of way. We'll see where that goes. And then obviously Logan with the affair that he is having with the woman in her house. Interesting storytelling is the key to the beginning of this season that has me drawn in - is what Im trying to say I guess.
  • The most obvious first step: The Bus driver

    The first season the amazing pilot was followed with a so-so episode. It was a stepback quality and plot wise - it didn't feel nearly as intriguing as the pilot and the plot didn't move anywhere. However, the writers learnt from their mistakes. "Driver Ed" doesn't try to distract you from the overall plot, and despite some smaller bumps the episode hit, it lives up to the premiere.


    It appears the writers didn't run of new storylines for the season. They introduce a new character called Jackie who may be a serious love interest for Wallace it seems. Her character worked well as a star of the sideplot of the episode. Her car's backlight gets crashed, and Wallace offers her his help. He solves the case alone using what he learnt from Veronica. Nothing outstanding, but Wallace having screentime is never a bad thing.

    Then. I've to say Veronica's case was good, though, there are much better ones this season(this season is really strong with the episodic cases). It was closely connected to the season's main arc. Everyone believes the driver of the bus commited suicide, she proves everyone wrong. Unfortunately, some of the scenes where she's investigating were too long and killed the suspense. But it was cleverly done nonetheless. And Kevin Smith had a cameo! Then, everything with the Casablancas family. It's just so awkward to watch... knowing what Logan and Kendall is up to. What really stands out for me is the Duncan/Veronica duo in this episode. I thought it was really well done. Yes, Logan is better with Veronica, but Duncan works well too. I loved all of their scenes together. And, obviously the very ending. Creepy, surprising. The kind of cliffhanger season 2 is loaded with. And finally. Meg is alive. She's obviously seriously injured, but she lives. Why? Obviously for a reason which we'll have yet to see. Overall, an episode that puts us back to the usual concept and still doesn't lose the plot and the momentum - in fact, it manages to build it even further.
  • Jackie's (new kid)car gets stolen. Veronica feels quilty and investigates the bus crash

    Let me say first of all: I hate Logan. what's his deal?he used to be funny and now he's just resentful and vicious. How mature of you Logan; well we already know he's not the best adult. Man I hate him, he's only fun when he's with Veronica. This sucks. I expected him to screw Kendall one day or another. Especially this day. I was just waiting, anticipating and boom there it was. The cases... well they were interesting, especially Jessie's. I kinda like her :) She would be a good friend for Mac (and for Veronica duh!) Jackie's a total biatch as she probably knows. Man I already hate her. So I guess this episode brought up a lot of non-fuzzy feelings, but it was good. Very Good. Emotional, but nice. And if Logan continues to f*ck Kendall, let it be, I'll just despise him.
  • Veronica helps a classmate prove her father was not the reason the bus crashed.

    I thought that this was another great episode from the creators of Veronica Mars. I really liked how Veronica proved that her classmates father did not purposely crash the school bus into the ocean. I did not like seeing the student using the students death for thier own way of getting public attention. How wrong is that. I liked how Veronica's classmate found out that her father was trying to leave her mother to help give her and her brother a better life away from their mother instead of him leaving that note as a sucide note. I really do not like the new girl Jackie.
  • Veronica finds her life once again swirling out of control as she struggles to deal with the aftermath of the bus crash by helping the daughter of the bus driver rule out suicide.

    Its a hard life. Being the supposed daughter of a murderer who killed the kids on the bus. And as Lamb the sheriff puts a way to commit suicide. Now why would that be hard? When Veronica becomes cornered by the daughter of the bus driver, she doesnt now how to react. that is untill she finds out why she is cornered. The daughter wanted to make sure that her father hadnt commited suicide and that he had not killed those kids that it was something else. So Veronica decides to test out the theory of not suicide/ murder of the kids on the bus. And as it turns out it wasnt. So this brings on a whole new perspective on the whole crash.
  • Veronica finds her life once again swirling out of control as she struggles to deal with the aftermath of the bus crash by helping the daughter of the bus driver . Jackie gets the attention of Wallace, who does a little detective work of his own.

    Veronica finds her life once again swirling out of control as she struggles to deal with the aftermath of the bus crash by helping the daughter of the bus driver rule out suicide.Meanwhile, new student Jackie gets the attention of Wallace, who does a little detective work of his own. thank god somebody is still alive
  • In it, we see the start of the investigation into the bus crash and the initial blame being placed on the bus driver, who it turns out was just some poor shulb who wanted to leave his wife and who was not trying to commit suicide.

    I must admit that I enjoyed this episode.

    In true VM form, Veronica gets drawn into the investigation by the daughter of the bus driver who is seeking to prove her father did not commit suicide.

    Veronica is still dealing with survivor\'s guilt in this episode and at one point decides she does not want any regrets and hops into bed with Duncan. Good lord. Duncan!!!

    While they are in bed, Duncan and Veronica hear a very loud sexual encounter in the room next to them. Who should happen to exit from that room just as Veronica is trying to make a quick getaway.... Logan.

    Naturally, Veronica looks completely horrified. Then with what I think one of the best liners I have heard in a long TIME was Logan to Veronica:

    \"FYI- if the cuddling is the best part, he is not doing it right\". With the classic smirk-- I love this character.

    Can you say Ouch!!! Not that she didn\'t deserve that.

    Veronica then calls the Neptune Grand to find out who was in the room with Logan. Jealous much? It sounded like Mrs. Casablancas (although the timeline is a little sketchy since she is supposed to be going to a dinner party or event with her husband but given Logan\'s interaction with her earlier, she is the likely candidate).

    I love Veronica and Logan when they are together. Nothing like having sparks fly.

    There was also a side plot with Wallace and the new girl at school, Jackie, who banged up her daddy\'s porsche. Yawn.

  • I thought they could have done better and the illusions for sex making Veronica look different and her reasons for having it seems ill-considered. There's also a cheesy music video during the credits that made me fairly nauseous!

    We start out in the coffee shop Veronica works at and Veronica is doing a morbid math problem in her head. Duncan comes in and Veronica asks how Meg is. (She’s the only one who survived? Well isn’t that convenient!) She tells her co-worker she’s going on a break and she and Duncan go behind the counter to argue. The new girl who’s in the credits (but could just be gotten rid of for my tastes) is at the counter and demands that Veronica make her a drink and snarkiness abounds… but with Veronica not having the same kind of punch she normally does.

    At the Sheriff’s office, they’re having a press conference that Woody (Steve Guttenberg) is attending for some reason… and looking super greasy. The driver (Ed Doyle) was supposedly prescribed anti-depressants and had tried to commit suicide at one point. There are no skid marks at the scene, so it could be really bad.

    At school, there are reporters everywhere to talk to any student who wants to see their name in print. In the bathroom, Jessie, Ed’s daughter, has been waiting for Veronica to ask her for proof that Ed didn’t kill himself… for insurance purposes, of course. Some ‘09er girls come in and one starts to harass Jessie… enough to punch her in the schnoze when she turns to Veronica to ask if she and Duncan are going to Logan’s party. (I would like to say at this moment that this is absolutely the only time Logan’s party is mentioned…) Veronica agrees to help Jessie if she can just chill.

    Veronica goes to the crash site to look around with Jessie, who’s distressed that no one is mourning her dad and they get dirty looks so Veronica gets them out of there.

    At a Little League field, Woody is talking to Keith about his campaign. Woody’s team is playing too long (they look like little ‘09ers) and the other team scheduled (poor side… of course) is getting pissed. Woody wants Keith to run for sheriff and totally ignores the increasing hostility. The teams begin to tussle and Woody breaks it up and takes the opportunity to give a sportsmanship pep talk.

    At the apartment, Veronica’s making dinner and Keith’s told her about Woody’s offer. Veronica wants Keith to run, but Keith doesn’t want to dredge up ugliness and cause her pain. (Which of course would be pretty easy to do with Lianne and the other weird stuff in their lives) The TV shows an interview with the convenience store clerk. Keith says he’d be lost if she’d gotten back on the bus and Veronica tries to talk about the case. Keith says she can’t try to make sense of this and she just responds that she knows Jessie.

    At school, an ‘09er b***h talks disparagingly of Meg. Veronica’s upset and when Duncan tries to cheer her up, she snipes at him.

    At the baseball player’s from Episode 1 (from this point called BP), the jerk from the coffee house is still in bed and BP is telling her to get her lazy butt up or he’ll send her back to NYC with her mom. (Why that’s so bad is not yet explained.) Jackie the jerk says she doesn’t want to go, but after arguing about all the reasons he’d send her back to NYC she seems to cave. He says he’ll be gone for two days and gives her some keys… which aren’t for the Porsche, so it’s not OK… and we see her drive up to school in said Porches.

    In Wallace’s class, he’s listening to some ‘09er girls talk about some smart PCHer that died in the crash. Jackie walks in and Wallace is totally in lust. He volunteers to take her to the office and flirts the entire time. She disses him and he’s apparently too nice of a guy to be interesting enough for her eminence. (Whatevah!)

    A couple of quickly switching scenes for your pleasure. Logan and Charisma (Kendall) are having sex. Duncan and Veronica make-up and she explains her conflicting emotions. Back to Logan and Kendall who have to scramble because the Casablancas males come home. Kendall talks through the awkward moment… that was probably only awkward for her. She makes a snarky comment about Logan coming uninvited to wait for the boys, who then meet up with Logan who makes a comment about her being a b***h. Big Dick (from here on out BD and I’ll just call the son Dick) invites Logan to go shooting with him and Dick and Cassidy/Beaver (but I like Beaver better so that’s what it’s going to be) is upset about being excluded. (Why is he Cinderella in this family???)

    Wallace is leaving school for the day when he sees Jackie next to the Porches which has a “huge” dent in it. Wallace offers to help and calls Veronica (and does a credible impression of her). Veronica’s at the convenience store where she’s looking at crash merchandizing and picks up the call. She’s really upset so Wallace decides he’s just going to take care of it himself. (After all, he’s watched Veronica solving mysteries all year so of course he can do it too.) Veronica talks to the clerk and pretends to be a Goth kinda’ person. She asks for Ed’s last meal and notices twice a sign that says they don’t make change. She buys a St. Christopher medallion (that only costs a quarter) like Ed did and realizes that Ed needed change to make a call.

    She heads straight for the Sheriff’s office and convinces one of the deputies that she wants to fill out an application and actually finagles being able to use the interrogation room to fill it out. She immediately uses the phone to get the phone records of the pay phone.

    At school, Wallace questions a group of hacky-sack playing stoners who are always in the same spot and probably witnessed the dent incident. Guy saw some blonde with a nice butt in a green car do it… which makes it difficult ‘cause California doesn’t have many blondes… (Please hear the sarcasm.)

    At the Sheriff’s, the deputy tells the Sheriff that Veronica’s in the interrogation room filling out an application and freaks out. He barges in and asks what she’s up to. She snarks back that she wants to work there ‘cause she has some sort of weird crush on him.

    Wallace tells Jackie that he’s narrowed the suspects down and she whines because her dad’s coming home and, while the car will be fixed by then, if she doesn’t have the money before her credit card bill comes, she’ll have to ask him for the money. (Here’s my question. I really don’t believe that an ‘09er, which she is, would actually have a credit card she had to pay the bills on.) Wallace says it’s down to one and when he checks out her car he finds out she’s on
    crushes… and has a huge hard-on for him.

    Veronica goes to Jessie’s house and says the number from the pay phone went to a neighbor's, but Jessie said her dad didn’t hang out with the neighbors. The sheriff shows up with a warrant to search the premises. He doesn’t seem too surprised to see her, but Veronica’s statement that Jessie’s a friend (and every time I think of that, I want to burst into song) sounds like a subtle threat.

    At the shooting range, BD seems to be a good shot, while Dick kinda’ is all over. Logan hits everywhere but the green target. BD gives him some advise. When he walks away, Dick says they should have a party at his house since his parents will be at some fundraiser at a hotel. When he walks away, Logan finishes with a heart shot. (Is that to indicate that he’s jealous of BD? Or that he’s mentally unstable?)

    At Wallace’s job, Veronica comes up to Wallace who’s reading the paper. Apparently there’s an article on the smart PCH guy. Wallace says the new girl in his class couldn’t wait to talk to the reporters.

    Veronica heads over to Jessie’s neighbors, the Cotters. Jeff Cotter says he’s heard of Ed on the news, but didn’t know him personally. He calls his wife, Carla, over. She says she did get the call but it was a wrong number. Jessie calls Veronica and says to stop searching ‘cause the
    Sheriff found a suicide note on her dad’s computer. Jessie’s mom is totally freaking and yelling at her son for crying about his dad’s death. Jessie tries to comfort him, but he wants to go play. Jessie reads the not to Veronica and then gets called away be her b***h mother. The note makes Veronica think… and we know it’s not suicide ‘cause this is looking like it’ll be one of the two big mysteries of the year.

    A reporter tries to talk to Wallace at his job and Wallace realizes that the special reporter’s notebook is pretty unique to that profession and it’s the same type of paper that was left on Jackie’s car.

    Veronica talks to Carla again and says it couldn’t have been just a wrong number ‘cause they talked for over four minutes. Veronica gives the theory that they were going to run away together and brings Jessie to meet the other woman at the coffee shop. (AWKWARD!) Carla convinces Jessie that Ed was going to leave with her but didn’t want to leave her and her brother with their mother. She makes a comment about never being with the man she loved which makes Veronica think and then…

    Veronica goes to Duncan’s hotel room and they have sex… on purpose this time. But as they get on the bed, there’s this weird close-up on a Mona Lisa pillow at the end of the bed. (I have a thing to say here… and it doesn’t ruin the episode for anyone… Everyone keeps talking about how Veronica looks different, like she’s just lost her virginity… But she hasn’t. We know for a fact that she lost it last year when she was drugged at the party. Duh!) Afterwards, there’s sex noises from the next room. Duncan turns on the TV to mask the noise. Duncan’s sleeping and Veronica’s getting ready to leave. She sees Logan in the hall and Logan makes lots of quips about her looking different. He leaves and Veronica calls the room and hears Kendall’s voice (but does she know it’s Kendall’s voice?). Duncan comes out and Veronica makes snarky comments about Keith tracking her down if she’s not home soon.

    At the Casablancas estate, Beaver is sleeping in front of the TV with a huge bowl of popcorn on his laugh when his parents come in. (Ohhhh… You can totally feel this one coming!) BD scares him awake, knocking the popcorn all around. Kendall tells him to clean it up so they don’t get
    bugs and Beaver finds a condom wrapper (with Live Large on it) while cleaning up and gets a thoughtful look on his face.

    At the Sheriff’s office, Keith meets up with Woody and turns down the offer of running for sheriff. Woody seems to take it fairly well, but then Keith sees Jessie telling the Sheriff that Ed didn’t kill himself and gets totally blown off. You can tell that Keith is disturbed about that.

    Wallace and Jackie sit in the parking lot for the reporter who hit the car. Jackie wants to go over and kick her butt when she realizes that’s the person. But Wallace has stolen her spark plugs and she has to come over and gives them the insurance information. She goes back to the car with the plugs, but soon gets hustled off by security because she was posing as a student. He tells Jackie he likes his gratitude in small doses and gets a kiss for his efforts. Veronica shows up and you just know she hates Jackie and it’s going to be a source of conflict between her and Wallace… else why would she be the one to harass her and Duncan at the coffee shop?

    Back at the Mars apartment, Keith tells Veronica he’s running for office… and we get another “you look different” moment. Veronica fears that he knows about the sex.

    Then we switch to the beach where a body has washed up to shore (that could possibly be the convenience store clerk… but doesn’t seem like it) and it has Veronica’s name on its hand.
  • I've been particularly fond of this episode since I first saw it. Now, 11 episodes later, I can safely say it's one of my favorite episodes of the season.

    For some reason, this episode was not well-received by a lot of fans. Many disliked Veronica having sex with Duncan, especially after last season's plotline of unintentional rape between Duncan and Veronica. However, when you look past a couple of controversial decisions, this episode is full of brilliant scenes and plot developments. The Kevin Smith scene is wonderful, as is the A-plot with Veronica solving the mystery of whether Jessie's father killed himself. This mystery is well-paced and well laid out, and Jessie's character is interesting and compelling, especially in her relationship to her younger brother. The interaction between Duncan and Veronica is interesting, if displeasing for a lot of fans, and the interaction between Logan and Veronica, while brief, is very intense and satisfying. The surprise at the end, with Veronica's name on a dead man's hand, is fantastic and chilling. Wallace's mystery in the B-plot, about who hit Jackie's car, is fun. In short, despite a few clear missteps (Veronica's clunky voiceover about whether her father can tell she's had sex, and some poor line deliveries by the show's new regular), this episode has a ton of the stuff I love about Veronica Mars, and I think it was a clear success.
  • Kevin Smith Sighting

    First I must say I was surprised when I heard the Smith would be making an appearance. Then I thought with a show as well written as Veronica Mars is why would'nt he. Plus I figure most of the people who watch the Clerks Trilogy are people that would like this type of show. While I do not think this is true I would really like to see Smith write an episode or two. It would be great to see his dialouge driven writting in this show.
  • Driver Ed...

    a very interesting ep...
    I love all the scenes though I don't like the couple Duncan/Veronica that much :(
    I do like the whole bus storyline thing and the way Wallace tries to find out who smashed the Porsche.

    I also found it funny how Veronica got her information by using that application... Sneaky, Veronica Mars-style... I like it :)

    And seeing Logan shooting?! HOT! :D

    so overall a good episode which I enjoyed!
  • Veronica begins investigating the endless mysteries involving the bus crash.

    This episode rocks. It was rough having to follow the first episode bringing us back into the daily life of Neptune, but man o man did they do awesome.

    The clever writing never ceases to amaze me. I love how in depth the entire story is getting, through plot twists and continous introductions of new characters.

    For explample, did anyone else notice how hot the blonde under cover reporter was? Now that's a character that needs to come back and say "hi" I wonder who she was working for and where the security guards took her. Will we ever get to know? I hope so.

    Bravo VM writers, bravo.
  • Further proof this show ain't gonna let you down...

    Frankly after last week's incredible ending, nobody could have stopped this episode being slightly dissapointing, but the Mars producers almost manage it.
    The comedy, if anything is even better than last week, with Veronica's "you're a macchiatto" as a standout. It's great to see Wallace get a love interest, and we get two specific mysteries to keep us awake all night in anitcipation of the next ep- namely what did Beaver see, and who was the guy on the beach.
    Kevin Smith's appearance, whilst obviously stunt casting, much in the same way as 'America's next top model Naima' last week, provides a great satirical aside on those who capitalise on tragedy.
    So what's the problem? Well, there's nothing major, but a couple of minor complaints: firstly the absence of Francis Capra as Weevil results in a lack of edginess that he is usually onhand to provide; secondly, for some reason Meg has survived the accident. I'm sure there is some plan behind this- probably that she is needed to unlock a part of the mystery- but here it seems out of place, and a weak afterthought on last week's great plunge. That said, she is in a coma, and so it's not as if she miraculously survives because she's a guest star who's appeared a few times before.
    So all in all, another excellent episode, which, whilst not quite as good as last week's, is still very close to perfection, and better than anything else on tv this week- yes even Lost! honestly!
  • Fine episode!

    I like this series! It's just so clever and well written. Kristen as Veronica is wonderful and in this episode she was amazing. I like how she deals with mystery, and she's so funny when she "fights" with the not-so-smart police officers. The final scene of this episode was I wonder what it's all about.
  • Great writting

    The episode came totally smooth with great dialogues and perfect timming. And what about that ending it just pulled me back in. I'm having an idea that one of the twins is asking ,in a few more episodes help from miss VM that right now knows the truth about mr. LE (logan) and that will be very fun to watch and see what will vm do
  • Episodes getting more better!

    These Episodes are getting more better with every cliffhanger first of all i really thank that it was funny that the supermodel and Duncan were sleeping together just a cliffhinger according to epguides after the last airing in October it will take a hiatis until January lets hope that doesn't happen its not like upn has a lot of things upn can put on!
  • Overall a good episode, but chould have used better acting to execute it. Kevin Smith is funny as always though.

    Another fast paced episode with a lot going on. The mystery of the week was very short, almost a footnote, but it gave Wallace a moment to shine. And he certainly could use more of those moments.

    And Veronica and Don Lamb are always great on screen together, even if it's just for a few seconds. And then of course there's Kevin Smith who is just really, really good at playing himself on film.

    And how much more can we know about the bus wreck? With all the information Veronica was able to gather in just one episode, it's kind of hard to believe the writers can keep this up for the entire season. But I'll leave that as a testiment to the writing and their careful plotting of this season.

    But the main drawback to the episode was Jackie. As good as everything and everyone else around her was, she dragged things down a notch or two. Hopefully she gets better, but I'm not looking forward to seeing her again next week.
  • Final Thoughts, what the hell. Who is the corpse in on the beach with Veronica Mar's name on his hand.

    Final Thoughts, what the hell. Whois the corpse in on the beach with Veronica Mar's name on his hand. Is it the husband of the woman who was going to runaway with the bus driver. Who was Logan in the hotel room with if Mr. and Mrs Cassablancas were off to a party. Whats that about. Guess we'll find out the answers to some of the questions next week. Course then we'll get about fifteen more questions. I loved that Kevin Smith was capitolizing on a grusom event. Like the message board guy in Hush. some people just have no class. Two things that bothered me last week and I forgot to mention. One: What were The mayor wanna be and the black baseball player arguing about. Is it just that he made him come and visit the kids? or is it something more sinister? And Two: Dick Casablancas said something smelled funny on the bus. A clue to what really happened maybe? Finally How the heck did Whatserface survive the crash and end up in a coma. Does that mean Veronica is going to work her but off for the entire season and then the other girl is going to wake up and be like. Oh you guy's wanna know what really happened. I can tell you. See you all next week.
  • Did he or didn't he?

    I can easily say, without hesitation or doubt, that this episode was even better than the much ballyhooed premiere. The season premiere was good, but this one was so much better. This episode has more of the classic VM feel to it, with personal stories intertwining with a super cool mystery. Only the second episode in, and things are heating up to an incredible degree. Things were set up better here than in the premiere, and it was funnier, and a lot more interesting. The writers continue to handle the human aspect of the show and it's characters with the big drama and mystery very well. The look of the show seems much brighter and clearer. It's more focused, and that is a plus. A lot of the time the episodes from season one seemed too cloudy and it gave me a hard time(some of the time)into their world. The show looks better than ever so far, and the writing and intrigue has only gotten better. I am not sold on the new character, Jackie Cook, just yet. She has been pretty unlikeable so far. Then again, so was Logan when the show first started. At least to me. I guess we will have to wait and see how it goes. But the storyline of this episode made me receall my own high school bus driver. He wasn't scary so much as his personality or was just mean, but scary because he didn't seem fit to drive. My high school bus driver was an older man(well into his 60's, possibly 70), with big bushy eyebrows. The scary part?. He did nothing but flinch. I could always see his upper face in the rear view mirror. He had like these facial spasms and he would always wink and close his eyes and all that. It was especially scary in the winter time as we traveled up and down some steep hills. Anyways, this made me think of that. But I guess I'm babbling, aren't it?. What happened this week in Neptune?...

    People are still reeling from the bus crash at the end of last week's premiere. Veronica can't get over the feeling that she escaped death and other people died. Except Meg. I guess maybe they still have something in store with Meg?. It is now being said the bus driver was suicidal and that he crashed the bus on purpose. The man's daughter approaches Veronica to help her prove that her father did not kill himself and take the other innocent passengers with him. Veronica says no, but after seeing the kind of treatment that this young girl is getting by her peers(school bus daddy kills himself and other students and all the taunting that comes with it), she decides to help this girl and save her and her family name from any more torment. Kevin Smith cameos in the episode as the convenient store clerk that waited on the bus driver(named Ed)before he took off on the bus. Veronica is disgusted to see that the store(and Smith)is capitalizing on the tragedy. He is selling T-shirts and hats on the accident. How low can you get?. It isn't long before Veronica picks up on something, and a phone call the man made leads her to a married couple. Why did Ed call them?. What did he have to say?. Why did the lady of the house deny a call from him?. The resolution of that mystery is pretty good, but not earth shattering. And even tho a suicide note is found and the case is closed, we know that things are not what they seem. This man was having an affair with this woman he called, and he was planning on leaving his wife for her, but didn't want to leave his kids with his wife. If he didn't want to leave them with her, then why kill himself?. Suicide?. Yeah, right. To make matters worse, his body washes ashore with Veronica's name written on his hand. Oh boy. This is getting good.

    The rest of the episode is filled with side storylines. Some big, some small.

    Logan is having an affair with Kendall Casablancas(Charisma Carpenter). Wouldn't you?. It was obvious the second Logan first laid eyes on her in the premiere. And quite frankly, whose eyes wouldn't of been on her?. We find the two in having sex, but are interrupted when her husband and Dickie and Beaver come home. Kendall covers it up and plays it cool. So does Logan. But does the husband know?. He takes Logan along with him and the boys to the shooting range. Is he putting the scare into Logan that he knows how to handle guns very well?. There is a feeling that he might know, but then again, maybe not. It wouldn't be surprising if he knew, or found out at a later date, but it would be somewhat disappointing because it seems so expected and predictable. I hope the writers will pull a fast one and do something different with the storyline. But it heats up when Veronica catches Logan coming out of the hotel room(after she comes out of hers after a night with Duncan). She calls the room number and Kendall answers, but Veronica wouldn't know her. I absolutely love Charisma, and I hope she becomes more than just a sex pot for Logan to fool around with.

    The new girl in school is Jackie Moore, and throughout the entire episode, she's pretty much a snobby bi...witch. Not too friendly, spoiled, and unappealing. Although cute. Wallace comes to her rescue when she finds that somebody has banged into the back of her car. Her father is out of town, and this is the kind of thing he expects his daughter to do. When it appears that Veronica is far too busy with her own stuff, Wallace takes it upon himself to find out who hit her car, and to hopefully fall into the girl's good graces. He nabs the culprit, and Jackie seems thankful, and impressed. She gives him a nice kiss after all!. So far, I am not too impressed or interested in the character of Jackie. But who knows what will happen with her. I do like the fact that Wallace was given something to do, and was able to do it without the help of Veronica. Or he helping her. It's nice that he gets a potential love interest as well.

    Steve Guttenberg returns as Woody Goodman, and he asks Keith to run for sheriff. He is honest when he says he signed the petition that originally got Keith removed from the position a while earlier. But he knows Keith is the man and that things have changed. Keith isn't too sure about this at first. And who could blame him?. After everything that went down when he was the sheriff, why risk something bad happening again?. Keith withstood it the first time, but could he if there was a, god forbid, second time?. Keith tells Woody that he is not going to run. But when he is leaving the police station, he sees driver ed's daughter begging with Sheriff McMoron that her father did not commit suicide and just kill all those innocent people. To Sheriff Meathead, the case is closed. Keith sees the devastation in this young woman, and has a change of mind. He tells Veronica that he is running. It was a moment that put a smile on your face and made you cheer. Keith saw how Sheriff McNasty treated this young woman, and he knows that he would be better to this woman, and to the community. But what about Steve Guttenberg?. So far, he has been this really nice, pleasant guy. But is there something going on?. He and Charisma just can't be there to move other plots along and not have one of their own can they?. I hope not.

    In the end, "Driver Ed" was an insanely satisyfying hour of Veronica Mars. Very interesting, funny, and with exciting new plot developments. And the ending?. Veronica has had sex. Can Keith tell?. What's with her name being written on driver Ed's hand?. Very, very interesting indeed. Kevin Smith was pretty good in his role, but I am most interested in seeing Joss Whedon as a used car salesman in episode six(at least I think it's episode six). How cool would it be if we could get Charisma in that scene?. "Driver Ed" is a top notch episode.
  • Storylines are developing faster then I can comprehend.

    This week's episode was full of information and clues. Though I think that I am going to have to watch it again, the main question is why in the world is Veronica Mars writtenon on the dead man's hand.

    Oh and it looks like Veronica is going to have to deal with Logan invlolvement with Kendell. sooner rather then later. That is going to be very interesting.
  • Veronica is on the trail of the mystery, with Wallace finally getting active and dealing with a case and a new love interest on his own. Tons of leads, and new characters are fleshed out in this perfectly plotted script.

    Finally, Wallace gets some action. This likable character had been relegated to buddy and backup status last season, but finally, Wallace gets to step it up and deal with a case on his own. His whole banter with the new girl was masterful and appealing. The blackmail with the sparkplugs was ingenious. He's learned a trick or two from Veronica, and looks like he's matching her in terms of banter and detective skills.

    Veronica's storyline was good too, we got a lot of juicy leads as Veronica gets pulled into the crime by the truck driver's daughter, and the circumstances gradually reveal themselves. I have to admit last week, that I was totally discombobulated by the school bus incident, and had no idea who could have done it. This week, I'm still discombobulated, but the way Veronica is trying to piece it together is intriguing and jibes with the audience's own attempt to make sense of things.

    So Veronica sleeps with Duncan. Not some overly dramatized, should I or shouldn't I moment, but a situation in real life makes her realize to seize the moment. I loved how they managed to sneak Logan's affair into this personal sub-plot, while contrasting both of her exes' sexual abilities. This is great plotting and writing. Ditto with how Keith Mars decides to run for sheriff again, colliding with Veronica's case.

    Some new adult characters are fleshed out, giving us more possibilities as to "who dunnit." I don't have any idea as to why they would sabotage the school bus, or what that all has to do with the corpse at the beach, but I can't wait to find out how Veronica (or maybe even Wallace) will put the pieces together and figure it all out.