Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 4

Green-Eyed Monster

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2005 on UPN

Episode Recap

Mars Investigations – Veronica is on the telephone to the hospital, checking if Meg is out of intensive care and on visiting hours. Julie Bloch arrives, asking that her boyfriend, who is about to propose, be investigated as she is suspicious about what he does with his free time. Julie goes for the full package. Keith arrives as she leaves and tells Veronica he can't handle anymore work and to call Julie and tell her. Veronica only pretends to do so, deciding to take the case herself. Java the Hut – Veronica meets Julie to get the details. Julie is wealthy but has let Collin think she is not. He has been making excuses to get out of the house and Julie wants to know why. She also wants to know the identity of the woman in a picture on his bar. Fennel residence - Wallace tells Alicia he's giving the hottest girl in school a hand with Trig that afternoon. Alicia reminds him he needs help with Trig and Darrell, his seven-year old brother asks if Wallace is "hitting it," much to his mother's amused horror. They leave the house and Wallace drives off. Alicia sees the man from Chicago drive slowly by. Running track – Veronica takes pictures of Collin. Julie rings and tells her that he's had a lot of calls from the same number which she has sent Veronica. Mars Investigations – Keith is delighted that Alicia turns up with a ham and cheese sandwich but not so delighted when she asks if he has a spare gun she can borrow. Alicia confesses that the man from Chicago is a crazy old boyfriend who is now in Neptune. He won't give her a gun but will sleep at the house. Fennel residence - Alicia, flustered, serves up breakfast. Keith arrives at the door with donuts. Neptune High School, hallway - Veronica and Wallace meet at their lockers. Jackie arrives and is very possessive with Wallace, much to Veronica's disapproval. Fennel residence - The man from Chicago is testing the windows. Keith starts photographing him. The man steps towards Keith threateningly until Keith shows his gun. The man knows who Keith is. Keith says he knows the man is Carl Morgan, ex-con and that he should get out of town or else. Morgan says Alicia took something from him and he's not leaving until he gets it back. Hospital – Veronica finds Meg's room and is surprised to find Duncan waiting outside. Before they can say much, Meg's parents exit the room. Mr. Manning is furious with Duncan who is there every day despite being told to stay away. Mrs. Manning turns on Veronica for being there as her presence is upsetting to them. Lizzie and a little girl exit Meg's room. Lizzie tries to intervene, but Mr. Manning is adamant that if Duncan had really cared about Meg, she wouldn't have been on the bus. Duncan and Veronica leave. Duncan snaps at Veronica when he thinks she's asking why he was there. Neptune Street – Veronica follows Collin to his "tennis match," which turns out to be a house where he is welcomed by a woman. Veronica takes pictures of them hugging, and then calls Julie to tell her, emailing the pictures. Julie freaks but Veronica tells her to sit tight. Veronica gets closer to the house and discovers that Collin is taking Hebrew lessons from a rabbi. Just then, Julie arrives in a temper and makes to march up to the house. Veronica tackles her to the ground to stop her. Mars residence – It's past 2am and Veronica is lying awake wondering about Duncan visiting Meg every day. The phone rings and a voice asks if he still loves her. Veronica, taken by surprise, answers for herself, before asking who it is on the phone. It's Julie. Veronica corrects that to "gold," a package costing $3000 that will include a honey trap. Julie jumps at it. Veronica tells her that there's a fine line between looking for a problem and creating one. She hangs up and ponders her own advice. Sheriff's department – Keith walks into Lamb's office. Keith gives Lamb a picture of Carl Morgan, telling Lamb that Morgan is wanted for armed robbery. Lamb is skeptical as to Keith's motives. Neptune High School, hallway – Weevil and five of his gang members approach Veronica at her locker. Weevil's heard she was pulled into the sheriff's department. Veronica notices his hoop earrings. Veronica flashes back to her interrogation when Lamb showed her the earring. She asks what his earring was doing at the Road Hog, the last place Curly Moran was seen alive. Weevil prevaricates until Veronica threatens to tell Lamb that the earring is his. Weevil tells her he got a call a few days before Moran was found, saying Moran was hired to cause the crash by the Fighting Fitzpatricks. They were after Cervando Perez over some money he hustled from one of them. Weevil says he didn't believe it (their being a baseball bat in an alley) and did nothing. Veronica gets the number of the anonymous caller. Cook residence - Jackie and Wallace are making out. Veronica calls, wanting his help. Wallace says that as she's not in immediate life-threatening danger, he's too busy and Jackie punctuates the point by climbing on top of him and continuing to kiss him. Veronica offers him $200, which does the trick. Jackie is not pleased. Neptune Street – Wallace and Veronica meet outside Collin's house. Veronica is dressed provocatively. Veronica tells Wallace about Jackie and the man she was with at Java the Hut, but Wallace dismisses it as being weeks ago and things with Jackie have progressed. Veronica puts a bug down her cleavage so Wallace can listen. Collin's house - Veronica knocks on the door and flirts with Collin, asking him to help with the tire. Neptune Street – Veronica continues to flirt outrageously as Collin looks at the tire. Veronica manages to get dirt on her forehead. Collin offers her his handkerchief and she makes a big show of bending down to the wing mirror, sticking her ass in the air. Wallace, behind a car, is videotaping the whole thing. Collin tells her to keep the handkerchief and says he'll call a tow truck for her. Veronica claims she has a mid-term paper she has to send to college and asks to use his computer. He agrees. Collin's house - The house is gorgeous. Veronica continues to try to seduce Collin, to no effect. Outside, Wallace is trying to listen but the reception is poor and he gets increasingly anxious. Inside, Veronica gets on Collin's computer and starts to download the contents. She notes the posters of Nic Cage on the walls and asks if he's a movie buff. He says he's just sitting for a friend - Nic Cage. Outside, Wallace decides to act and rings the bell. When Collin answers, he sees Veronica gesturing for Wallace to stall him. He comes up with a half-baked tale of selling candy and pens to help the starving children of the world. He comes unstuck when Collin says he'll buy a couple of boxes of candy for all Wallace can find in his backpack is an opened box. His embarrassment is cut short by Veronica who has collected the disc from the computer and hurries them both away. Neptune Grand Hotel – Duncan is watching television when Veronica calls. He claims to be studying and says he hasn't had dinner because he's tired of room service. As they talk, he answers a knock at the door. It's Veronica. They eat a little until Duncan suggests the "then some" first. Veronica is willing but wants to ask a question first. She asks him why he hadn't told her that he goes to visit Meg every day. Duncan's mood changes completely as he closes down and returns to the food. It's later and they are in the same bed, but Duncan is asleep and Veronica is working on the laptop, checking the browser history of the other man she failed to seduce, Collin. She discovers he has researched Julie at and concludes that Collin knows about Julie's wealth. Cut to later again when both are asleep and awoken by a banging on the door. Veronica assumes it's Keith but it's Lizzie. Duncan indicates to an unhappy Veronica that she shouldn't be seen. Lizzie wants Duncan's help to remove personal stuff from Meg's computer that the Mannings are going to collect the next day, otherwise they'll "pull the plug on Meg." She asks to use the bathroom and before Duncan can stop her, opens the doors to the bedroom and sees Veronica. Veronica confirms she overheard and that she knows someone who can help. Cut to a little later, and Mac takes Meg's emails off the computer and puts them on a flash drive which she hands to Duncan. In the morning, while Duncan is dressing, Veronica plugs the flash drive into her computer with the intention of copying Meg's files but she is interrupted by a call from Julie, who admits to being a jealous freak. This makes Veronica think again and she doesn't copy the files. Fennel residence - Keith comes out of the house. There are wheel clamps on all four of the wheels of his car. He calls Lamb who tells him that it is in retaliation for trying to get him to arrest Morgan, who is in fact Nathan Woods, a highly-decorated Chicago cop. Keith is devastated. Mars Investigations – Veronica tells Julie that Collin seems to be great but that the house isn't his, that the picture is of Lisa-Marie Presley and that he is aware of her family's wealth. Julie is hysterical that Collin went digging for information on her. Keith arrives and asks to speak to Veronica in private. Julie leaves. Keith is angry that Veronica took the case. He tells her that she can't handle everything at eighteen and she can't get away with it all, including staying out all night at Duncan's hotel room. Veronica is horrified he knows as he shuts himself in his office. Veronica glances at her computer screen and notices that Collin's search on Julie was after he bought the engagement ring. She calls Julie to tell her but Julie has already broken up with him by leaving him a message. Julie isn't convinced as he implied the house was his and probably doesn't have a trust fund. Fennel residence - Keith enters the empty house and searches through Alicia's paperwork. Mars residence – While folding laundry, Veronica comes across Collin's handkerchief and recognizes the crest as one she's seen on one of her mother's bottle. She sends a letter to Julie, with proof, to tell her that Collin is rich, but doesn't like to flaunt his wealth or celebrity friends. Mars Investigations – Keith gets in a muddle trying to deal with a client over the phone. Mars residence – Keith tells Veronica he could do with her help a few days a week. Veronica crows. Left alone, she checks into the number of the anonymous caller. The number is at the Echolls house. Neptune High School – Veronica waits for Logan to come out of school. He does a pretend turn on his heel before speaking. Veronica challenges him to explain the call made from his house on September 24th. Logan twirls his imaginary mustache. He denies any knowledge of Curly Moran and says that the 24th was the day of his Life's Short party. Many were there as Weevils and the bikers crashed it and Lamb and his deputies came to break it up. Mars Investigations – Keith has papers showing Alicia was born Cherie Saunders and at some point was Cherie Woods. He learns more over the phone which is unpalatable. Fennel residence - Nathan Woods approaches Wallace who is working on his car. He shows Wallace a picture of himself with Alicia and tells Wallace that he is Wallace's father.