Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 4

Green-Eyed Monster

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2005 on UPN

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    After back to back blockbuster episodes to open the second season, Veronica Mars has taken a big step backwards. The beginning of the season set up the seasonal story arch very well, but has progressed very little since then. I remember the first season doing this as well. The big overall mystery is what everyone wants to see. Veronica Mars helps a rich woman see if her husband is cheating on her. Another case ends poorly as the woman makes a false accusation and breaks up with the man before she knew all of the facts. I always wonder why all of these individual episode cases always seem to end so poorly for someone involved. Maybe Veronica is learning a lesson in them, I don't know. Wallace and Jackie are an average pair, she looks to be playing the new villian this season. Nothing is mentioned of Logan and the woman hes having an affair with. We don't even see Beaver / his family in this epsiode after all the crap it looks like they got in at the end of the last episode. Wallace has a new father in town, don't really see the big point of that twist at all. Decent, some cool parts, but simply on the average line for me (which is a 9.0)
  • Fantastic episode, severely underrated in my opinion.

    This episode really had everything an episode of Veronica Mars should have I thought.

    Loved the case of the episode with the link to Veronica's current relationship with Duncan.

    And hands down the funniest scene of the episode: Veronica trying to seduce that guy. Hilarious... especially Wallace making up an excuse to sell his half eaten candy bar. Many twists and turns with the case this time around and it really kept me interested and at the end I was extremely satisfied with the conclusion which was really clever.

    Now that people don't hate Veronica anymore the school enviorment / storyline is in the background, but that's not a problem, we get more emphasis on the actual relationships.

    Lets start with Veronica and Duncan: Wow, I didn't see the hospital twist coming. Duncan trying to visit Meg every day is definitely a deal breaker for Veronica, understandably. Meg's sister visiting in the middle of the night also surprising. This was a great set up for later episode actually, upon rewatches I love how everything makes much more sense.

    The scene where Veronica wants to look at Meg's secret files but then decides not to was a nice call back to the episodic case as I mentioned above. Wallace and Veronica - while it went down as usual, Jackie seems to be convinced that Veronica is bad influence for Wallace, which marks the moment half of the audience started hating her character. Haha. Still, I liked it.

    By the way - turns out that mystery man is Wallace's father. Shouldn't have waited until the end of the episode to reveal it as it was a bit predictable, but, of course, still interesting. Logan and Veronica - Apart from predicting the father twist, the lack of Logan this episode was probably the other issue. But the very little screentime he got was impressive. Lots of times, like in this episode, Jason Dohring's delivery is simply on par with Kristen Bell's which is impressive!

    Overall a rather overwhelming episode. The season arc is of course still the bus crash but now that it's not as personal as the previous season's, theres more time for the relationships, which actually, at this point, interests me more. A+ episode, a better ending and a few minutes more Logan would've made this a 10/10 easily.
  • Veronica helps a women find out what her boyfriend is up to.

    Once again another great episode from the creators of Veronica Mars. Once again I really liked the story lines for this episode. I tought that it was funny that the women was hiding the fact that she was wealthy from her boyfriend and got mad at the fact he found out on his own. It was evan funnier that her boyfriend turned out to be richer then her family. I found it strange that Duncan would go to the hospital to visit Meg on a daliy bases without telling Veronica. I found it funny that Meg was hiding something from her family.
  • Veronica tries to get her mind off the bus crash by going undercover to help a wealthy woman who is determined to prove that her husband is cheating on her.

    Veronica tries to get her mind off the bus crash by going undercover to help a wealthy woman who is determined to prove that her husband is cheating on her.
    Meanwhile, Keith asks Alicia about the mysterious man who recognized her at the restaurant, and Weevil gives Veronica new information about the accident. well another cute episode
  • Back on track.

    Finally!!! The first episode of season 2 that I have actually considered as good as the average season 1 episode - I'm so releived that things look to be progressing for Veronica Mars.

    Although the episode detecting plot was meaningless and predictable, I found it enjoyable this episode as the actress playing Mrs. Rich was alright and it just seemed generally watcheable. I also enjoyed the general descriptions and raisings of the various 'packages' on offer.

    However, every episode that passes leaves me hating the Veronica/Duncan relationship more and more. That boy cannot act, either that or he has a reallt bad agent/director. We were always led to believe the two were soul-mates, a curious match of love and possible sibling closeness. I understand why he's visiting the ex, but why is he so totally uncomunicative with the girl he pined after for years? Veronica doesn't even seem that bothered about it either.

    The story-line with Alicia's mystery man looks interesting, though the fact that he was Wallace's father was kind of predictable - is it true, though? And what more is there to know? Plus, surely by now Alicia would know to tell Keith the whole truth - everyone knows that nothing can remain a secret from that man!

    I'm not quite understanding the Weevil's earring plot, but the whole phone-call at a party idea is interesting in that it could go as far as the Sheriff in who the anonymous tipster was.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this episode and am looking forward to the next installment very much so.

  • Nice Episode.

    Not the greatest in the series, but still phenomenal. Pivotal for the Wallace storyline. Watch the episode and you will understand, I don't want to give anything away...

    Veronica's story is a good and a nice change of pace for the show, a little more comedy and less drama-drama-drama, so that is nice to see, and change the pace a little bit.

    Wallace is just amazing in this, and the next episode, so watch and see.

    The Keith scenes are pivotal for the future episodes, it sets up a change of events that will rock Veronica's world and shake the foundation of her friendship.
  • Watched it, liked it, watching VM again :)

    I haven't watched this show in quite a while, so this episode was kinda all new for me. I remember I hated Jackie, and guess what: I still do!!! That stupid ******. Duncan is also kinda broing still, it seems that he still cares a lot about that other girl though, so that might break him and Veronica up!!! She is still funny as hell, and still is cool. She should be with Logan. On the daddy-part: I don't really trust his new girlfriend. She has something weird. Offcourse Wallaca is cool, and she is family so she should have something good.....
  • Veronica mars has a new case.... tracking a man..

    an interesting episode... Veronica goes through many things to see what a certain fiancee-to-be is doing in his spare time as she finds out that Duncan has something to do with a girl named Meg?

    well i never liked Duncan and veronica's relationship... Not that interesting to me.. So I didn't even like their relationship
    I do however like Wallace's and Veronica's friendship... It's so sweet.. :D
    And I keep forgetting her name but Wallace's girlfriend, weird girl... I don't trust her one bit

    But overall a good episode.. Not one of the best, but enjoyable
  • Oh, it just keeps getting better...

    --ARRRR...Thar be SPOILERS below!!!---

    Ok, the main plot line was good, but was really not the main point of this episode. We were given a major carrot here in the form of Meg's hard drive contents. I admit, it's a bit convenient that Meg's sister decides that Duncan is the only place she can hide the contents of Meg's hard drive. Even more so that she shows up at Duncan's on the night that Veronica is sleeping over and conveniently hears the exchange, but heck, I'm willing to suspend disbelief in the name of a good cause. Veronica apparantly passed up the chance to copy the hard drive. Gotta admit here...she picked a lousy time to go all noble and stuff. Meg is in a coma, students are dead, and the driver of the bus had her name written on his hand? She needs all the info she can get. Sooner or later, this is going to become apparant to her and she's gonna have to figure out a way to get that hard drive data back!

    Wallace's mother has a past. Didn't see it coming. Well, I knew something was amiss as soon as we discovered the man trailing her was a cop, but still...nice twist.

    Wallace...I am your father.

    NOOOOoooooo!!!! It's not possible!!!

    Sorry...couldn't resist a Star Wars reference here.

    I figured Wallace's mom was just being tailed for past misdeeds or by a psycho ex or something....but Wallace's dad? Nifty!

    Keep em a sea of potentially great but ultimately disappointing programs, this show is awesome!
  • The best show about high school on tv is starting to give a run for the best serial drama on television. If this is a drama, then why do I keep laughing all the time?

    Ok. Aside from a few unexplained events this was a really good episode. How did Papa know to preach about Veronica staying over a Duncan's? Why doesn't Wallace look further into his new "girlfriend's" activities? Why didn't Mr. Mars look further into the "phantom assailant's background or at least ask him what he was looking for?

    All this set aside, it was a really entertaining ep. The whole nutjob girlfriend was funny and sad at the same time. Veronica getting busted at Duncan's was a real treat, too. However, my favorite moment was the interchange with Logan. How can you dislike and like the guy at the same time?
  • This was a pretty good episode.

    Here are some of my thoughts on this episode:

    Of course a big part of this episode was Veronica helping out a new client named Julie. Julie was certain that her potential finace was cheating on her. She paid Veronica thousands of dollars to prove it. And I have to agree with Veronica that it seemed as if this lady wanted her boyfirend to cheat. She even had Veronica hit on him. In the end he was faithful.

    We find out that Duncan has been to visit Meg in the hospital every day. Her parents are not happy with that. Appearantly Meg has a big secret she's keeping from her parents. The big question is what is the secret. Meg's sister said that if her parents found out, they would pull the plug on Meg. I sure hope she was exaderating about that. Surely the secret can't be so big that her parents would let her die. That's just not right.

    To erase that secret from Meg's laptop Veronica calls in her old pal Mac to help. When I first saw Tina Majorino's name in the opening credits I was excited to see her. Mac is one of my favorite recurring characters on the show. Of course I was a bit disapointed to see that she was only in the episode for about two minutes.

    We found out that the man whose stalking Alicia is her ex boyfriend, and Wallace's father. So if this is true, does that mean that his appearance has nothing to do with the fact that he's a cop? Is Alicia not in any legal trouble?

    We saw Keith basically break into Alicia's house to find out more about the man. Keith appearantly must have had a key. When he entered the house he announced himself and asked if anyone was home. I think he was making sure no one was home. He took some sort of file from her house. The question now becomes what does Keith know?

    Jackie & Wallace seem to be going hot and heavy, despite what we saw last week. But why is she such a bitch to Veronica? Is she jealous? Does she want Wallace all to herself all of the time? We saw that when it comes to Jakcie vs $200 Wallace chooses the latter leaving from an intimate moment with her to help Veronica.

    A lot of people say they want to see Veronica & Logan dating again. I'm not one of them. I like Veronica & Duncan together. More importantly I like the fact that Logan is somewhat of a bad guy. He makes a better bad guy than Duncan. Duncan's just a nice guy.
  • This is an interesting look at love relationships from many different perspectives.

    Afer much thought and debate, I\'ve decided I like this episode. Maybe not necessarily for the captivating drama or side-splitting humor, but because it was actually incredibly complex in its portrayal of relationships and trust.

    This episode creates an interesting debate between trusting the one you care about or questioning your relationship with that person. There are many, many pairings of relationships in this episode, and almost all of them got burned because of either mistrust in their partner or too much trust in their relationship.

    Although this episode isn\'t quite as dramatic as it could have been, things will not be the same after this. For a series that has been built on the relationships between characters, many of those relationships will change, for better or for worse, after this. And change is one of the things that makes this show great. You never know what\'s coming next.
  • Veronica takes on a case that her father told her to turn down.

    We learn that Duncan has been visiting Meg in the hospital since the crash, and when Veronica asks him why, he turns cold and changes the subject. There seems to be a little trouble in the Fennell household, when it turns out that Alicia's stalker is a decorated police officer from Chicago, and is Wallace's father. He may, or may not be her ex husband. All in all, it's a good episode, not as good as some of the others, but still good.
  • Character Development and secrets revealed

    The episode starts out with Veronica calling in to check on an injured girl. Then she gets a visitor hoping to have her do surveilance on her fiance. She accepts the case for her father. Her dad tells her that with him running for sherrif it's not looking good and to call her back. Veronica fakes this and goes against dad's wishes and does her own investigation. We also find out that the man who had called out to Wallace's mom while in the elevator is in town. We also get to see the lengths that Veronica will go through to keep her client happy with Wallace's help which really ticks off Jackie, something tells me that this could cause trouble for either Veronica or Wallace in the near future. The end of the episode is very reavealling as well. It's possible that Logan may be behind the death of the stunt man that worked on one of his dad's movies. Also Wallace gets a visit from the guy who's in town looking for his mom. The man shows him a picture and then tells Wallace that he is his father. Talk about a great episode. I can't wait to see what this revelation brings to the rest of the season and what's really going on with Logan as well.
  • Veronica is finally back to investigations, Duncan and her acts as a nicer couple and small steps come out in solving the big story.

    I like this episode because it goes back to the root of the show. Without going to details, Veronica’s investigation of the boyfriend of a silly woman is fun to watch. Duncan and her look a lot better together. The guy starts to grow on me.

    Veronica is back to working for her father; we know she will do more that what he wants her to do. Tips start to emerge on the big story. It looks promising for the rest of the season.
  • This show cannot go wrong!

    There was so much information given this episode. What is on Meg's computer that her parents could not see? What happened at Logan's party? When is Wallice going to get rid of Jackie? Wallice was making money helping Veronica. I was very glad that we got to see Logan even thought it was only a few minutes at the end. Duncan and Veronica were kind of cute this episode. I can not wait until next week, it looks like we are going to find out some answers.

    wow what a shocking episode from Veronicas funny words and sligns to the shocking end

    1st wallaces mom ex bf or at least we thought was creepy and i wasn't to sure of him played by Cress Williams [Nash Bridges, Providence] more on that later!

    Wallaces Gf i really don't care for her she now wants to go against veronica good luck

    then there was Vernoica trying to seduce her clients bf which didn't work shes so funny when she talks in her slign

    then when she was trying to get weevil to see if she could touch his head and he got pissey love that

    Finally i would like to comment on what i said before WARNING SPOILERS if you did not watch the episode when Wallace is tuning up his car and a man approaches him and its cress Wallace says do i know you and the strange man said you should then he says I'M YOUR FATHER!

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