Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 4

Green-Eyed Monster

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2005 on UPN

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  • Back on track.

    Finally!!! The first episode of season 2 that I have actually considered as good as the average season 1 episode - I'm so releived that things look to be progressing for Veronica Mars.

    Although the episode detecting plot was meaningless and predictable, I found it enjoyable this episode as the actress playing Mrs. Rich was alright and it just seemed generally watcheable. I also enjoyed the general descriptions and raisings of the various 'packages' on offer.

    However, every episode that passes leaves me hating the Veronica/Duncan relationship more and more. That boy cannot act, either that or he has a reallt bad agent/director. We were always led to believe the two were soul-mates, a curious match of love and possible sibling closeness. I understand why he's visiting the ex, but why is he so totally uncomunicative with the girl he pined after for years? Veronica doesn't even seem that bothered about it either.

    The story-line with Alicia's mystery man looks interesting, though the fact that he was Wallace's father was kind of predictable - is it true, though? And what more is there to know? Plus, surely by now Alicia would know to tell Keith the whole truth - everyone knows that nothing can remain a secret from that man!

    I'm not quite understanding the Weevil's earring plot, but the whole phone-call at a party idea is interesting in that it could go as far as the Sheriff in who the anonymous tipster was.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this episode and am looking forward to the next installment very much so.

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