Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 4

Green-Eyed Monster

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2005 on UPN

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  • Fantastic episode, severely underrated in my opinion.

    This episode really had everything an episode of Veronica Mars should have I thought.

    Loved the case of the episode with the link to Veronica's current relationship with Duncan.

    And hands down the funniest scene of the episode: Veronica trying to seduce that guy. Hilarious... especially Wallace making up an excuse to sell his half eaten candy bar. Many twists and turns with the case this time around and it really kept me interested and at the end I was extremely satisfied with the conclusion which was really clever.

    Now that people don't hate Veronica anymore the school enviorment / storyline is in the background, but that's not a problem, we get more emphasis on the actual relationships.

    Lets start with Veronica and Duncan: Wow, I didn't see the hospital twist coming. Duncan trying to visit Meg every day is definitely a deal breaker for Veronica, understandably. Meg's sister visiting in the middle of the night also surprising. This was a great set up for later episode actually, upon rewatches I love how everything makes much more sense.

    The scene where Veronica wants to look at Meg's secret files but then decides not to was a nice call back to the episodic case as I mentioned above. Wallace and Veronica - while it went down as usual, Jackie seems to be convinced that Veronica is bad influence for Wallace, which marks the moment half of the audience started hating her character. Haha. Still, I liked it.

    By the way - turns out that mystery man is Wallace's father. Shouldn't have waited until the end of the episode to reveal it as it was a bit predictable, but, of course, still interesting. Logan and Veronica - Apart from predicting the father twist, the lack of Logan this episode was probably the other issue. But the very little screentime he got was impressive. Lots of times, like in this episode, Jason Dohring's delivery is simply on par with Kristen Bell's which is impressive!

    Overall a rather overwhelming episode. The season arc is of course still the bus crash but now that it's not as personal as the previous season's, theres more time for the relationships, which actually, at this point, interests me more. A+ episode, a better ending and a few minutes more Logan would've made this a 10/10 easily.
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