Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 21

Happy Go Lucky

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 02, 2006 on UPN
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    We've made it through the end of Season 2, and the finale was nothing short of impressive.

  • Episode Summary

    Veronica takes the stand in Aaron Echolls's murder trial, and is distracted during final exams while waiting for the verdict. Meanwhile, Keith takes new evidence about the mayor to Lamb, and Weevil asks Mac and Cassidy for help to pass algebra.

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    • The Trial Storyline is Completely Ridiculous...

      The logic of the trial storyline in this episode really reeked of stupidity. I have been watching this show to build up to watching the movie and this is one episode that I just completely HATED. Aaron Echolls being pronounced innocent of all counts is RIDICULOUS! I understand that in some way he would be deemed innocent of the murder of Lily Kane, but the attempted murder charges? NO WAY! There was forensic evidence like the FIRE to corroborate Veronica and Keith's story to pronounce him GUILTY! I really hope that the season finale will bring some logic to this storyline like a bribed jury because this makes absolutely NO SENSE!moreless
    • Wow.

      After an entire season full of people playing around with the evidence, Aaron walks free of all charges that would have put him in prison forever. Now he is out and about and I wonder if he will do anything in the main storyline again. Will he eventually get to jail? I think it would be funny at this point if he was somehow involved in the bus crash and went to jail anyway. I don't even know how he could be involved though. Maybe he was in it the entire time with the mayor? Or maybe he needed Meg to die because he slept with her to? I'm stretching but at the same time I would be surprised if this man, who we know murdered Lily Kane, walked free on this show from now until the show ended. The bus crash case has been absent for two episodes, but the show is going a lot of character building and ending. Jackie changes her mind about France until her Dad basically sends her away. She writes Wallace a note instead of saying goodbye to him the right way. Veronica skips out on her final exam, which will now put her at Hearts I think instead of Stanford.

      I cannot wait for the conclusion to this arch. I still am a big believer that season one finished a lot stronger then season 2, but with a 9.71 rating the finale has got to be the best of the season! Right? Right!?moreless
    • Awesome

      Wow this must bhe one of the best episodes ever. I was on the edge of my seat from the first second. Woody's secret shocked me the most. I was shocked to see Aaron echolls found not guilty. I hope that something will change there. He can't go unpunished. I can't wait for the season finale.It has the capebility to be even better then last seasons finale. It would be shocking if itb was woody, but I think it had something to do with Veronica and Aaron.But how is it connected to the Fitz Patrick's. We will have to wait and see....moreless
    • Everything falls apart....

      Maybe not everything, but all of season 1 basically gets destroyed this episode.

      Perhaps the most nerve wracking episode of the show so far, witgh so much going on at the same time. Love the fact that the Aaron Echolls trial came to a conclusion now . Surely, at the start of the season nobody would've thought that he can come clean. But he did.

      After a season full of our beloved characters toying with the evidences, it shouldn't come as a suprise. But it does. Logan stealing and destroying the original tapes was the stupidest thing he could've done. But of course, Kendall stealing Duncan's hair was a big one too. Or... Veronica not being truthful enough to her father. The trial scenes were amazing and were really dramatic. Seeing Veronica getting humiliated and Keith flipping out was amazing. The bus crash investigation is very close to the end and Woody Goodman's case isn't looking good. It's revealed that he molested several children - along with Lucky it appears.

      Oh, Lucky. What a great opening - felt sorry for him, actually.

      Jackie breaks up with Wallace because Terrance is although free, he's forced to work with the man who he owes money to. Hmm, with one more episode to go, I surely am hoping a conclusion to the Jackie arc. Wallace has to meet talk to her once again.

      Now before getting into the finale, a little season recap.

      The first 13 episodes were absolutely amazing, ranging from 9 to 10 out of 10. Episodes 14 - 17 were a bit slower and instead of going in a straight line, the writers side tracked the plot a bit to explore the characters, but still in the 7-8 range. But since episode 18, the show has picked up and is probably even better than the first part of the season.

      What does this mean? Well, for me, this is, as of now, the strongest Television season based on the ratings. Not too bad! And the finale is yet to come. But seriously, can it be anything lower than a 9? I don't think so. Well, let's see...moreless
    • The Verdict is in for Lily kanes murderer.

      I thought that this episode was really good but i can not believe that Aaron got away with killing Lily. I was shocked that the jury believed his lies about what happened between him and Lily and also what happened the night that Veronica found out about him killing Lily. Too bad Duncan was not around for the Trail because he could have testified against Aaron. I also can not believe that Veronica found out that the mayor was abusing boy on his little league team. I want to know why the boys fingered Weevil for Felix's murder why are they framing him?moreless
    Enrico Colantoni

    Enrico Colantoni

    Keith Mars

    Francis Capra

    Francis Capra

    Eli "Weevil" Navarro

    Jason Dohring

    Jason Dohring

    Logan Echolls

    Kristen Bell

    Kristen Bell

    Veronica Mars

    Kyle Gallner

    Kyle Gallner

    Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas

    Percy Daggs III

    Percy Daggs III

    Wallace Fennel

    James Jordan

    James Jordan

    Tommy "Lucky" Dohanic

    Guest Star

    John Prosky

    John Prosky

    Ethan Lavoie

    Guest Star

    Gil Birmingham

    Gil Birmingham

    Leonard Lobo

    Guest Star

    Harry Hamlin

    Harry Hamlin

    Aaron Echolls

    Recurring Role

    Jeffrey D. Sams

    Jeffrey D. Sams

    Terrence Cook

    Recurring Role

    Michael Muhney

    Michael Muhney

    Sheriff Don Lamb

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • When Veronica is talking to Beaver about his car that has been keyed, Hart is standing next to him. He informs Veronica that "he didn't say anything". He's referring to the time he showed her and Weevil a video that made it clear that Logan's mother had committed suicide. (Season 1, Episode 14: "Mars vs. Mars") Weevil threatened him in case he unveiled the video to anyone.

      • If Veronica has been listening to Ahoy, Mateys! non-stop, why didn't she recognize Marcos's voice when she first heard Lucky's clip?

      • When getting the text message from her dad, Veronica had her cell showing "Jan 4, 9:37 am". Because the Alterna-Prom took place on May 13th (per previous episode), it had to be at least one week after that. January 4 was probably the date the episode was filmed.

      • At the end, when Veronica gets her dad's text message saying "the verdict is in", she puts her phone away after she reads it. The camera cuts to a close-up shot, but you can still see that her left arm doesn't move. In the next shot, Veronica is putting her phone away again.

    • QUOTES (17)

      • (Beaver teaching algebra to Weevil)
        Beaver: Okay, okay, okay! (pause) So let's say that you and your buddy, you want to buy a twelve pack of a certain item. Say, like, um, like spark plugs, for x dollars, and you want to find out how many of another item, like, um, I dunno, like oil, right, like oil that you can get for the same amount, except oil is y times as much as--
        Weevil: If this is your idea of terms I'll understand, I'm going to kill you. Or myself. It's a toss-up. Screw it, man, I'll just cheat.
        Beaver: No, but... what about my car?
        Weevil: You know power buffers, right? Well, let's say your door panel is a summer home, right, and you need to clear out the south lawn to make a tennis court so what you got--
        Mac: F-O-I-L.
        (they turn around and see Mac at the next table)
        Mac: That's all it is. First, outside, inside, last. All algebra, it's just the formula.

      • Veronica: (voiceover) After a week of forced smiles and the occasional 'hey, it's time for business as usual.' Ain't epic love grand? (she approaches Logan) Been to any good murder trials lately?
        Logan: Uh, I have. You give an excellent testimony, by the way.

      • Veronica: 'Easygoing Veronica Mars'. That's what the kids at school call me.

      • Veronica: I want to ask you about something.
        Logan: How unlike you. You never come to me out of the blue with some random question.

      • Logan: (to Aaron) You know, if you'd would've given Lilly the performance you gave today, she might've given you the Oscar.

      • Veronica: Do you know how long I've wanted to go to Stanford?
        Wallace: Since middle school?
        Veronica: Elementary, my dear Wallace. Any idea how long I've waited to say that?

      • Keith: Can you fly to New York, stop by NYU real quick, find Rick Pickett and see if he was one of the bat boys Woody molested?
        Veronica: You know I don't fly coach.

      • Weevil: 'Kay, you put another 'x' on that paper and we're gonna have a problem.
        Mac: I'd put little smiley faces, but I don't know if that's gonna sell 'wrong.'

      • Woody: Most adults don't have their children doing espionage work for them.
        Keith: Most adults keep their hands off of other people's children.

      • Gia: Oh my God!
        Veronica: It [practice test] doesn't look that bad.
        Gia: No, I'm on MySpace, and I used to have, like, a thousand friends and suddenly, for some reason, now I only have nine hundred something.

      • Veronica: The password. Give it.
        Keith: You'll remember it. It's 'Mr. Goodwood.'
        Veronica: I'm so not touching his keyboard.

      • Weevil: I need your help with, you know, algebra.
        Veronica: Like, the math?

      • Veronica: You know what I want? More than anything in the world? I want to be there, in court, watching Aaron, at the moment the jury reads the verdict. I want to see that smirk wiped from his face. I want to see his expression at the exact moment he'll never be a free man again.
        Keith: Easygoing Veronica Mars, huh?

      • Wallace: I just wanted to say it was worth getting taped to a pole. I'm gonna miss you.
        Veronica: And my stupid-ass face?

      • Beaver: Are you saying you're smarter than me?
        Mac: No, I wasn't. Here's what that would have sounded like: 'I am smarter than you.'

      • Weevil: (to Mac and Cassidy) Hey, I got an idea. How about you two geniuses go work out your aggression in some cloakroom and then come back here and teach me algebra.

      • Veronica: Nobody likes a blond in a hamster ball.

    • NOTES (2)

    • ALLUSIONS (4)

      • Veronica: Look at that. His eyes are turning brown.

        A reference to the novel Bambi, A Life in the Woods, originally published in 1923 in Austria. It's however more known for the 1942 Disney animated movie adaption of this story about the fawn only titled Bambi, after this brown-eyed young deer who's become a symbol of innocence.

      • Aaron: In 1987, I was voted People's Sexiest Man Alive.

        Harry Hamlin, who plays Aaron, was voted People's Sexiest Man Alive in 1987.

      • Veronica: Elementary, my dear Wallace.
        This is a reference to the line "Elementary, my dear Watson," which is a famous line from the Sherlock Holmes movies. It is never said in the books.

      • When Lucky is searching for Gia amidst her cowering classmates, his pleading "G-G-G-Gia" is vaguely reminiscent of classic commercials for Chia Pets, in which the earworm, "Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia" is heard repeatedly.