Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 21

Happy Go Lucky

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 02, 2006 on UPN

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  • The Trial Storyline is Completely Ridiculous...

    The logic of the trial storyline in this episode really reeked of stupidity. I have been watching this show to build up to watching the movie and this is one episode that I just completely HATED. Aaron Echolls being pronounced innocent of all counts is RIDICULOUS! I understand that in some way he would be deemed innocent of the murder of Lily Kane, but the attempted murder charges? NO WAY! There was forensic evidence like the FIRE to corroborate Veronica and Keith's story to pronounce him GUILTY! I really hope that the season finale will bring some logic to this storyline like a bribed jury because this makes absolutely NO SENSE!
  • Wow.

    After an entire season full of people playing around with the evidence, Aaron walks free of all charges that would have put him in prison forever. Now he is out and about and I wonder if he will do anything in the main storyline again. Will he eventually get to jail? I think it would be funny at this point if he was somehow involved in the bus crash and went to jail anyway. I don't even know how he could be involved though. Maybe he was in it the entire time with the mayor? Or maybe he needed Meg to die because he slept with her to? I'm stretching but at the same time I would be surprised if this man, who we know murdered Lily Kane, walked free on this show from now until the show ended. The bus crash case has been absent for two episodes, but the show is going a lot of character building and ending. Jackie changes her mind about France until her Dad basically sends her away. She writes Wallace a note instead of saying goodbye to him the right way. Veronica skips out on her final exam, which will now put her at Hearts I think instead of Stanford.

    I cannot wait for the conclusion to this arch. I still am a big believer that season one finished a lot stronger then season 2, but with a 9.71 rating the finale has got to be the best of the season! Right? Right!?
  • Awesome

    Wow this must bhe one of the best episodes ever. I was on the edge of my seat from the first second. Woody's secret shocked me the most. I was shocked to see Aaron echolls found not guilty. I hope that something will change there. He can't go unpunished. I can't wait for the season finale.It has the capebility to be even better then last seasons finale. It would be shocking if itb was woody, but I think it had something to do with Veronica and Aaron.But how is it connected to the Fitz Patrick's. We will have to wait and see....
  • Everything falls apart....

    Maybe not everything, but all of season 1 basically gets destroyed this episode.

    Perhaps the most nerve wracking episode of the show so far, witgh so much going on at the same time. Love the fact that the Aaron Echolls trial came to a conclusion now . Surely, at the start of the season nobody would've thought that he can come clean. But he did.

    After a season full of our beloved characters toying with the evidences, it shouldn't come as a suprise. But it does. Logan stealing and destroying the original tapes was the stupidest thing he could've done. But of course, Kendall stealing Duncan's hair was a big one too. Or... Veronica not being truthful enough to her father. The trial scenes were amazing and were really dramatic. Seeing Veronica getting humiliated and Keith flipping out was amazing. The bus crash investigation is very close to the end and Woody Goodman's case isn't looking good. It's revealed that he molested several children - along with Lucky it appears.

    Oh, Lucky. What a great opening - felt sorry for him, actually.

    Jackie breaks up with Wallace because Terrance is although free, he's forced to work with the man who he owes money to. Hmm, with one more episode to go, I surely am hoping a conclusion to the Jackie arc. Wallace has to meet talk to her once again.

    Now before getting into the finale, a little season recap.

    The first 13 episodes were absolutely amazing, ranging from 9 to 10 out of 10. Episodes 14 - 17 were a bit slower and instead of going in a straight line, the writers side tracked the plot a bit to explore the characters, but still in the 7-8 range. But since episode 18, the show has picked up and is probably even better than the first part of the season.

    What does this mean? Well, for me, this is, as of now, the strongest Television season based on the ratings. Not too bad! And the finale is yet to come. But seriously, can it be anything lower than a 9? I don't think so. Well, let's see...
  • The Verdict is in for Lily kanes murderer.

    I thought that this episode was really good but i can not believe that Aaron got away with killing Lily. I was shocked that the jury believed his lies about what happened between him and Lily and also what happened the night that Veronica found out about him killing Lily. Too bad Duncan was not around for the Trail because he could have testified against Aaron. I also can not believe that Veronica found out that the mayor was abusing boy on his little league team. I want to know why the boys fingered Weevil for Felix's murder why are they framing him?
  • Veronica takes the stand in Aaron Echolls's murder trial, and is distracted during final exams while waiting for the verdict. Meanwhile, Keith takes new evidence about the mayor to Lamb, and Weevil asks Mac and Cassidy for help to pass algebra.

    Veronica takes the stand in Aaron Echolls's murder trial, and is distracted during final exams while waiting for the verdict.
    Meanwhile, Keith takes new evidence about the mayor to Lamb, and Weevil asks Mac and Cassidy for help to pass algebra. Gia: Oh my God!
    Veronica: [The practice test] doesn't look that bad.
    Gia: No, I'm on MySpace, and I used to have, like, a thousand friends and now I only have nine hundred something.
  • Aaron Echolls trial... Wallace getting shot... Woody's little secrets...


    So it was so horrible to wait for the verdict to come in. I just wanted(like V) to see Aaron's face when he would get covicted. But it never came. He was found not-guilty on all accounts!!! How can that be? Wallace was great, risking his life for his girl,Jackie. He got shot in the process and even Veronica got scared. But thankfully it was blanks.
    Woody's got a few secret skeletons in his closet. Not that people didn't already speculate. The big question is: How many times did it happen?
    All in all a great episode. The scene with Logan and Veronica was good, not one of the best, but considering the context I understand. Can't wait till next week!
  • aaron's trial was so shocking!

    I couldn't believe that aaron got off scot free! Claymidia? The whole STD thing came completely left field for me. I LOVED the whole Beaver/Mac interaction when they were trying to teach Weevil how to do his stuff. Jackies gone?! I'm so upset that Jackie left! It's about time that the plot went away from Terrence Cook being behind the bus crash. What was with Lucky? Im sort of happy that he's gone now.. but go Wallace jumping at Lucky when he had the gun pointed at Jackie! what does Jackie do to repay you? Leave you! Who's voices were on the tape? why is woody so creepy? so many questions!
  • What Happened?!? This is one of the worst Veronica Mars episodes!

    This episode was extremely weak. Last season gave us an action packed final two episodes. Compared to even episodes in season 2, this episode was quiet.

    Granted, it may be building up for the be all, end all of season finales, but i seriously doubt it now. I am beginning to wonder if once this season is over, if it will be a big let down.

    Maybe I just have too high of standards after watching season one of what i thought was the best show ever. I should lower my standards but you'd think that once they knew they had a hit show, they would improve it, not drag.
  • Looking forward to the finale

    I hate when people tell me to watch a show. I can choose for myself. So it's a hard to sell this show that I love so much. I would rebel if some told me 'it's the best show on TV'. But it is. I just hope people get past the 'WATCH THIS' hype and give it chance. It is worth it.

    This episode was no different. Stading alone it was great to see Veronica and her father work their family magic. They are there for each other no matter what. Like families should be. I will never tire of these two together.

    As part of the whole season mystery it was great to see progress without giving to much away. The dialog, the acting, the storylines, no other show can match it. We can only hope the CW knows a good thing ... even when few people see it.
  • Good episode. Well its Ok.

    Aaron Echolls is sent to trial and Veronica, Keith, Logan and Aaron take the stand. According to Aaron, he did NOT have sex with Lily Kane since there is no evidence (Logan erased it)and since he knows what Logan saw on those tapes, Aaron told Logan not to say anything about it or to tell a lie. When Logan is on the stand, he says that he (goes against Aarons will) says exactly what he saw. When Veronica is on the stand, she says the same thing, that they did it on the tape, and says her side of the story- that Aaron attacked her, that he killed the man in the house, and that he killed Lily. The jury reach a verdict and decide to release Aaron of all charges.

    Neptune high is gunned down by Lucky sice he was fired. When the police come, they shoot Lucky and discover that his gun was filled with blanks.

    Weevil needs help to pass his Algebra test so he asks Veronica but she needs to study so she says to go to Cassidy instead. In exchange Weevil will fix his car. Beaver has a hard time teaching Weevil so Mac tries to help and Beaver and Mac get along well. In the end Weevil gets a B.

    Meanwhile, Veronica studies with Gia so she can use her computer and find out about Mr. Goodman. Veronica logs into his e-mail and finds something shocking there.

    Two kids identify Weevil for killing a PCH gang leader.

  • Well Done Rob!

    This empisode had me on the edge of my seat from the opening scene! THe whole way throught it was like BANG...BANG...BANG! (literally) Rob Thmoas didn\'t want us coming up for air. And it\'s good how in the last few episodes there have been a lot of clues dropped around.

    I couldn\'t believe the outcome of the Aaron Echolls case and did you all see that look he gave Veronica at the end of the episode. I think he\'ll be causing poor lil\' Veronica a bit of troubled next season. But it\'s good how the whole Lily Kane murder case wasn\'t solved because that was the core idea of Veroncia Mars and now it will be backin the next season...hopefully. Another thing I miss are the flashbacks that I thought were going to be a permanent thing. We haven\'t really seen them in the second season.
    ***END OF SPOILERS, i think***
    Well all I can say is it was one of the finer episodes this season and a great lead up to, what I have heard, a spectacular season finale!!! All Hail, Rob Thomas...
  • A wonderful episode that would have been much better minus Jackie!

    This episode was great! A great set up for the finale. Kirsten Bell\\\'s performance on this episode was very very good. With her subtlety, you can actually tell her emotions through her eyes. Keep it up Kirsten Bell!!

    Throughout this season, everything was kinda all over the place. Terrence Cook, sheriff Lamb, Lucky, Woody Goodman, the bus crash, the Fitzgeralds, The PCH-ers... everything was all over the place. However, as the nearing of the season is just less than one week away, everything falls into place. This makes for good viewing... with continuity every week, and a big bang for the season finale. Exactly why this series is one of the best now. :)

    My only problem with this season is the arrival of Jackie. How is she being in the series anymore significant than say... Ms. Dumas? Even Ms. Dumas had something significant. She was Terrence Cook's "motive" to bomb the bus. And some might say Jackie was here to be Wallace's love interest. Wallace's love interest should have been someone with more charisma and better acting skills and maybe a less annoying dialog! Every scene with Wallace and Jackie is a pain to watch. And does anybody else noticed that whenever Jackie is introduced in a scene with Wallace, we'll definitely hear her giggling first? Please please let Jackie go to Paris and NEVER EVER come back. This Jackie story has got to end. She is in the opening credits but she's not even as interesting as Mac, Hannah or even Gia! Let her go and migrate there, Mr Rob Thomas!!

    Besides that glitch in this season, everything else was geat! Let's all wait for the season finale and see the fireworks!! GO veronica!!
  • Had me on the edge of my seat. Now everything is becoming clear. Maybe a spoiler

    So it was so horrible to wait for the verdict to come in. I just wanted(like Veronica) to see Aaron's face when he would get covisted. But it never came. He was found not-guilty on all accounts!!! How can that be? But in a way I think that it was a way to keep Lilly still in the show.
    Wallace was great, risking his life for his girl,Jackie. He got shot in the process and even Veronica got scared. But thankfully it was blanks. But I cant believe that she is now gone. I wonder what is going to happen to them.
    Woody's got a few secret skeletons in his closet. Not that people didn't already speculate. The big question is: How many kids did he actually abuse? and was he the won that blew up the bus?
    Can't wait till next week I also liked the Beaver-Mac story to comeback They are perfect for each other.
    All in all a great episode. The scene with Logan and Veronica was good, not one of the best, but considering the context I understand. Overall great episode cant wait to the next

  • Not a review but read what I have to say. It's IMPORTANT!

    Okay, as we all know Veronica Mars is one of the best dramas on TV. Kristen Bell won the Saturn Award for best actress, was nominated in teen's choice for best actress, Kristen Bell and best breakout show, and in a recent article for Entertainment Weekly for it's cover "TV is King", the show was voted in the top 10 best dramas. It was also voted the Top 10 best show of 2005 in People Magazine. Not to mention has won critical acclaim by newspapers and magazines all giving the show great reviews: People gives it 4 out of 4 stars and Entertainment Weekly gives it an 'A'. Last year, on E! Online for "Save One Show" Veronica Mars was voted a whopping 56%. Which brings me to what I have to say and ask of everyone who loves this show.

    Veronica Mars is in the "Save One Show" poll now at If you don't want to see this series go vote for it to be saved. I've done it and now you can too. Go to, roll the arrow to the 'TV', click watch with Kristin, and click on the Save One Show feature and vote for Veronica Mars to be saved. Or email her at and title the subject Save One Show.

    Save Veronica before it's too late.
  • FINALLY, things start falling into place.

    The last few episodes have been so muddled that I admit to having my doubts as to whether R.T. was going to pull off another amazing ending. I should have known to have faith - I spent the entire episode on the edge of my seat.

    I was a bit disappointed that Veronica\'s testimony was so short. I thought they could have done alot with that, but oh, well. Nice to remind us of the whole clap incident, though. Poor Keith. I really do like that he\'s usually so collected, and lectures Veronica about keeping her cool, when in the end he\'s the one that loses control of himself. Keith and Veronica have such a wonderful dynamic that I\'m really going to miss with her off at college.

    However, it looks as if they\'re indeed setting it up for her to go to Hearst after all - what with missing her final and all, she may not get the Kane scholarship. I\'ll feel bad for her if she doesn\'t make it to Stanford. But I have my own selfish reaons - Veronica closer to Neptune means MORE WEEVIL!!

    SERIOUSLY - Weevil MADE this episode. You ALWAYS need some humor to offset all that drama, and there\'s nothing funnier than Weevil struggling to pass math class. I laughed so hard, and my poor roomate got severely irritated with me. I was disappointed that Veronica wasn\'t the one to help him, as I\'m a DIEHARD Weevil/Veronica \'shipper, but they weaved the plot so seamlessly as to end up with Mac and Beaver being adorable again. And then just as Weevil gets his victory, it looks as if it\'s about to be taken away from him. WOOBIE!

    Speaking of - Logan. Meh. Feel sorry for the guy, sure, but don\'t expect any warm fuzzies from me - I was never a supporter of Logan/Veronica, and at the end of the day he\'s still a jackass.

    Beaver is the third voice on the tape. I just know it. I wish it wasn\'t, but it just makes all kinds of sense.

    I was a Jackie-hater, once upon a time. Banish those thoughts, Jackie is AWESOME!! Oh, she\'ll be back. No doubt. I really want to know what\'s going on with Terrence, though - why does the casino owner have such a hold over him? What was he really doing when the bus crashed?

    Gearing up for the finale like you wouldnt believe!!
  • This episode was great and the ending had me so nervous. Spoilers ahead**

    This episode had to be grate after all is the one before the season finale. I can not believe Aronn is free, well i do believe it, and i really tought that was going to happen cause even that I wanted him to go to jail, it woulded leave the Lilly Kane storyline over, now there would be no rest for Veronica or Lillys ghost until he actually gets in jail. I also liked the Beaver-Mac story to comeback They are perfect for each other. And I am really worried about what is going to happen to Jackie and Wallace.
  • Nothing On It But One Word....Amazing((Possible Spoilers))

    The episode starts with a bang when Lucky starts shooting. While he's shooting Miss Jackie takes out her phone, not the smartest thing she has ever done. Lucky points the gun at her, shes scared out of her mind. All of a sudden, look its a bird, its a plane, nope its Wallace who saves her life, finds out Lucky's gun didn't have real bullets, but Lucky gets shot by security. AMAZING. Mr. Cook is back. He was released because the owner of the casino lied and said Terrence was with him at the time of the job. Terrence has a new job as this mans Biat*h. Aaron Ecchols walked. I was mad, but strangely happy, this gives the people new things to think about. What will Logan's life be like now? Will Aaron go after Veronica? Will he go after Logan for testifying against him? And yes, the strangest and funniest thing ever, Mr. Goodman is one crazy guy. Apparently he molested 3 kids, Lucky and two victims from the bus crash. Mr. Mars tries to get him arrested, but Woody's gone.I think he didn't cause the crash, but you can never be too sure, he could return next week. By the way, what do you think will happen to Weevi now? For those of you who didn't see the episode, those children in the van in Episode 2x17-Plan B, that saw Mr. Navarro assault Thumper, came forward and showed police Weevil's picture. This is sad because Weevil had just found out he was graduating. Lots of good things on this episode. Can't wait 'til next week, unfortunately for us, the week has seven days.
  • Got me on the edge of my seat

    This episode concentrated on the Aaron Echolls trial and what had Woody done to Lucky and the other boys. Now it seems to be clear (?) that he molested them. Maybe it explains why the house is so weird and the Gias little brother and mother such freaks. The weird thing is that Gia is not, maybe 'cos shes a girl and Woody likes boys?
    Veronica and Keith finally put 1+3 together and get the sheriff to try to arrest Woody. He has of course fled the country with his jet by then. Or so we are led to believe.
    Well the trial is horrible. They keep bringing up these things about Veronica. She has dated both Duncan and Logan (and Leo). The last two were in on the destroying of the sex tapes and the first is the scapegoat for Aaron. Also the defence attorney tells Keith a bunch of things about Veronica that we knew, but Keith, nor the jury where so happy about. As a conclusion Aaron is declared not guity. WHAT??? On all accounts. Even him attacking Veronica is somehow twisted into a sexcapade between the two, eeewww.
    We got to see Beaver, ehem, Cassidy and Mac get closer again. This plot included Weevil trying to get through his math finals.
    Wallace and Jackie were so cute. And then she had left for Paris, I hope she comes back. This story of his father (maybe the bus crash killer?) and her has not ended yet. And Wallace and Veronica saying how they will miss eachother. Cute cute. Especially since Veronica has not many friends.
    Also it looks like she decided to skip one of her finals, which would mean she must go to Hearst. The decision in my opinion was 'cos she wanted to go to the trial, but also 'cos she (she watched at Wallace clean his locker two secs before she made the decision to leave the test) wanted to stay with the people she loved. I hope I am not jumping the gun here.
    Great great episode. Can't wait for next week. And then the whole summer?? have to just watch reruns and dvd's :D
  • It is almost too much for me to handle...

    How? How am i suppose to wait a week to see the finale....

    Anyway, this was a great episode, and very important to getting the plot forward. With the Echolls trial and Jackie and everything, it was almost too much.

    I am not going to give you a recap of the episode, since, this is of course a REVIEW, not a summary of the episode, but the entire time i was watching it, my mind of racing, i tried to soak in every scene and every word, because as VM goes, everything is a clue, and everything is important...

    can\'t. wait. a. week...
  • Veronica and the rest of Neptune is awaiting the verdict of Erron Echolls trial. Lucky started shooting in the school patio. The mayor is one weird guy. Everyone is giving their testimony, and praying that the verdict says life.

    Wow, I was expecting this kind of outcome. Sometimes the justice system is so unfair in the most liberal of terms. And that mayor is one creepy guy. Well another episode that has to have a nail biting cliif hanger. I man what could happen next. Who the hell blew that bus up. I wish it was next Tuesday already. I was flying at the seat of my pants on this one. I was also surprised that Eli would even think about getting a tutor for Algebra. Kind of makes you think. Great show though. Hurry up with the next one.
  • UPN Screwed us East Coasters, AGAIN!!!

    Just a note to say the UPN is really screwing with my head, for the past few weeks we have had the stupid NBA on instead of Veronica, and no repeats on Wed as they had ATM. I missed this episode and who knows if I will get a chance to see it. They are unfair to those of us on the East coast!!
  • Well something might have happened but apparently if you live in the NEw York area you\'re not allowed to know untill Sunday. Unless Wallace Has joined the NBA?

    Why can\'t the basketball fans wait untill Sunday. If they do this with the Finalle and its spoiled. antway I might as well just buy the DVD this summer. I\'ll give it a 9 something anyway even the worst episode of this show is a nine at least.
  • Wow

    Did they really let Aaron Eckles off for murder. What a world we live in. Well, it was not without Veronica and Logan testifying against. Also some nice work from Mr. Mars on the stand and up against the shady defense lawyer. I am not surprised and it sets up a great ending episode. I am not sure what they will pull and who will go down for the count. Veronica rules as usual, and the cast did a heads up job again, I will miss this show when summer comes. Please CW put Veronica Mars on the list for next year.
  • I think my head may explode with all the wonderings bouncing around in it.

    When is this season going to end? When will the mystery stop? Oh next week in the final episode of the second season. But what did this week do? Wrapped up a couple of plot lines and prepared to break for the summer. But I can already see it building. The next season of Veronica Mars. The mystery.

    Goodman is missing. The bus is still in the air. Aaron Echols finds out his fate. Wallace and Jackie have a new situation, while Jackie's dad finds out what his end will be.

    It all leads to the season finale while will for sure complete the explosion of my brain when it all comes to a head.
  • The Aaron Echolls murder trial comes to a header in this pivotal episode, with Veronica, Keith and Logan each giving testimony against him. Veronica discovers some surprising information about the Mayor of Neptune when she goes snooping for her dad.

    This episode wasn’t one of my all time favorites. It just didn’t end things the way I wanted it to, but that’s also one of the reasons why this show is so good. It doesn't hesitate to give the bad. It’s still a knock-out episode with all sorts of revealing fun-facts. Plus, we have next week to wrap up things. Where to begin…..

    Let’s start with the Aaron Echolls murder trial. Veronica, Keith and Logan each testified against Aaron and I’ll admit, I was a bit worried that Logan wouldn’t follow through, especially after his Dad asked him not to. They all did fine, although the defense attorney did manage to rattle Papa Mars a bit. The ending result wasn’t quite what I expected.

    Mayor Woody Goodman and Lucky were also a main feature in this episode. The good Mayor is truly slimy and worthy of being crushed. As Veronica is snooping through his emails(for her dad), she comes across something totally vile, that seems to point to the fact that Woody once may have been a lot closer to his boys that he coached than he should have been. Apparently, Lucky and two boys that were killed on the bus crash were some of his victims.

    My favorite part of the episode was unexpected but a much welcome addition to the story. Beaver (sorry - Cassidy) and Mac tutored Weevil in algebra in exchange for Weevil fixing Cassidy’s car. This was a meeting I never expected to see and so fun to watch. The mild bickering between Cassidy and Mac gives me hope that we haven’t seen the end of those two.

    This episode ends on a stunner, and not the kind I was hoping for. Still, it's sure to lead to a slam-bang season finale. I can't wait until next week.
  • Whoa! Now, I'm finally on the edge of my proverbial seat. I was getting kind of bored there for a while.

    I loved it!
    Most of the episode I was getting so angry at the case: on an emotional level, I thought the writing was great.
    I just kept thinking over and over how Logan had shot himself in the foot by destroying that tape. However, It's a bit obvious that you have to let a guilty man out before you can reap some 'street' justice on him. Rob Thomas is just letting Aaron out to make some major carnage happen. I don't blame him for it, and as far as I was concerned Aaron's lawyer did an amazing job; In the Veronica Mars universe there was a good reason he got off. I don't know if I would have been able to convict him.
    Also, how is Weevil going to get out of this one? Technically all he did was knock a man out and "rearrange" that man's money. But the way it looks is that Weevil was responsible for making him disappear. Can’t wait to see how Veronica saves him again.
    Will Mac and Beav’ get back together? Will Beaver overcome his impotency, and maybe (in the same act) overcome his older brother? Who is SALLY?
    ……..Probably not. I don’t think Thomas will want to wrap up too much this season.
    Last, but not least, Woody is a perve. I thought some shady things were going on with him feeling up Logan.

    End of story: I cant wait for next week!!!
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