Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 6

Hi, Infidelity

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2006 on UPN
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    The Veronica Mars Season 3 Dossier: Episodes 5-8

    In the next four episodes of Season 3, Veronica continues adjusting to college life... and the main plot takes a turn for the downright troubling.

  • Episode Summary

    When Veronica's term paper appears on the internet, she is accused of cheating by the TA and must prove her innocence.

    Meanwhile, Wallace has problems of his own when long basketball practices distract him from his studies, and Keith begins seeing Harmony Chase.

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    • Veronica has her hands full with investigating false accusations made against her, while all around, problems unravel.

      I really liked this episode. Like we've come to expect, the list of people who are out to get Veronica seems to be increasing steadily, as her discoveries are not always met with kind eyes. Wallace is facing his own troubles, having been caught cheating and now must decide what's more important to his future. He made the right call IMO (no real spoilers). As for Keith, his life is about to get more complicated when he starts "going out" with the not-being-cheated-on-unhappily-married Harmony (hm, contradiction in terms). Meanwhile, Veronica is running around trying to find out who's trying to get her kicked out of the only class we've really seen her in ;) The runaround brings on quite a few revelations, and makes you think maybe not everything is what it seems. On the rapist front, Parker thinks she recognizes something about the guy who raped her, and everything seems well, until an alibi pops up from an unlikely source.moreless
    • When Veronica's term paper appears on the internet, she is accused of cheating by the TA and must prove her innocence. Wallace has problems of his own when long basketball practices distract him from his studies, and Keith begins seeing Harmony Chase.moreless

      When Veronica's term paper appears on the internet, she is accused of cheating by the TA and must prove her innocence.

      Meanwhile, Wallace has problems of his own when long basketball practices distract him from his studies, and Keith begins seeing Harmony Chase. ok veronica mars we all know you did cheat on the test!
    • Veronica is accused of plagarizing a major paper for her criminology class, Wallace deals with academic difficulties, Keith spends some more time with Harmony Chase, and new evidence is uncovered regarding the Hearst College rapes.moreless

      I loved this episode. It's a bit on the darker side, with some of the supposed "good guys" making not-so-good choices. It's all about cheating this week.

      The episode opens with Claire, the most recent rape victim, being expelled for faking her rape when it's found out the guy she was with that night is her boyfriend. The Dean also asks the newspaper editor to step down...seems Veronica's only making more enemies. It's unclear what Claire's defense or motive is. I'd like to find out in later episodes.

      Veronica is the only one in her class to earn an A on her criminology paper. The teacher of the class, Professor Landry, even offers to be her faculty advisor. Of course, she hits a snag - Veronica is accused of plagarism when her paper is nearly identical to one posted online a year ago. This story was really well done, and it reflects the overall theme of the episode pretty well.

      After Wallace gets caught cheating in his Mechanical Engineering class, he decides to take a 0 for that test but keep with the course, even when given the option to drop it. He made a huge mistake, but he's accepting responsibility and working to make up for it. Wallace's story this episode is the kind of "but wait! there's hope!" aspect. I love Wallace. I loved his story this episode.

      Meanwhile, Harmony (played by Laura San Giacomo, who, if you don't know, costarred with Enrico Colantoni on Just Shoot Me!) gives Keith a call and asks him to a movie, since her (not unfaithful after all) husband and daughter are out of town. Seems Keith might have to deal with a different kind of cheating. The two of them are fantastic together and I'm psyched to see Harmony in later episodes.

      On a lighter note, Piz asks Veronica to go bowling with him "and Wallace and the gang". Wallace bails to study like a good little Mechanical Engineering student, so it ends up with Piz, Veronica, and Logan and Parker, who she invited. Poor Piz ends up looking like he asked Veronica on a date...Piz is completely adorable, but he's got no chance, at least while Logan's around.

      Although Parker is initially upset with Veronica, thinking she's tried to set her up with Piz so soon after she was raped, she quickly warms up to him and asks Veronica to try and see if he likes her. She seemed a bit quick to jump back into the boy game after what happened, but hey, it is Parker.

      Parker and Veronica run into Mercer (the guy running the illegal casino out of his dorm, remember him?). Parker says she remembers his cologne from the night she was raped. Of course, Veronica looks into that. She finds some interesting evidence, and a major development occurs in the Hearst College rapist case. Also, tension may be building in the Logan-Veronica relationship.

      This episode was a bit different in that most of the stories had a strong common theme, cheating. Clearly, this leaves it with a bit of a darker feeling than usual, but it's very well-executed and draws the viewer in. The stories present cheating honestly, without excuses, preaching or pretending. It's definitely one of my favourite episodes of Veronica Mars so far, probably the best of what we've seen of season 3. The writing delves a bit deeper here, and it works.

      This episode would get a 10/10 from me if it weren't for one thing: where is Mac? She's been absent for various reasons these last few episodes, and I'm starting to miss her; I liked her character from the beginning, and was looking forward to watching her character develop further after the events of last season. The episode doesn't really suffer from her absence, but I'd like to see more of her anyways.moreless
    • This show just gets better and better.

      I was absolutely gutted to hear (earlier this year) that VM was on the road to possible cancellation. I am so abolustely enthralled by this show, and this season is really good. VM made the transition from high school to varsity with complete ease and grace.

      I liked this episode, as Veronica isn't always given a chance to investigate her very own pressing and personal matters. Not too sure how I feel about her getting used, but nevertheless.

      In my not so humble opinion, they need to get on with developing Parker and Piz's personalities. Piz is so scarce, that I always need to remind myself who he is again.moreless
    • Relisation dawns.

      This was my favourite episode for series three. It was old Veronica Mars again. I have really missed the way they were written in series one and two and it is starting to get back there. It was also really nice to see some great Veronica and Logan dialogue. I have felt a little cheated there recently. This show is one of the few things that I really truly look forward to during the week and I hope that the show can keep up its high standards so I keep getting drawn in to watch it. Please don not be a repeat of so many shows that can not make it through their first year at college.moreless
    Laura San Giacomo

    Laura San Giacomo

    Harmony Chase

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    Michael B. Silver

    Professor David Winkler

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    Patrick Fabian

    Professor Hank Landry

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    James Jordan

    Timothy Foyle

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • The internet based plagiarism detection service used to detect plagiarism at Hearst College is similar to, a plagiarism site universities and colleges around the world use to detect cheating on papers and reports. The site Max uses to search for Veronica's paper,, is fictitious and the domain is owned by and redirects to Warner Bros.

      • When Mercer introduces himself to Parker, she doesn't reply with her name, and yet as she leaves, he says, "Nice meeting you, Parker."

      • When Piz throws the bowling ball the first time, you can see it's headed straight for the left gutter. It doesn't have a spin (nor does he seem the type who could put a spin on it), yet somehow it ends up in the middle of the lane to knock eight pins down.

    • QUOTES (16)

      • Logan: Uh, darling, what size are those dainty feet that I love so much?
        Veronica: Six.

      • Wallace: So, you figure out what was up with that plagiarism thing?
        Veronica: As a matter of fact, a paper just like mine was posted online by A Hearst email, but there's never been a student by that name. The address was set up three days ago from an IP address at... get this... the Neptune Grand.
        Wallace: After you turned in your paper.
        Veronica: Um-hm.
        Wallace: So, you're off the hook. It's over.
        Veronica: Ah, my innocent and naive Wallace. When I find out who did this, and I make them sing like the proverbial fat lady, that's when it's over.

      • Veronica: Just, Mac's had this project all week and Parker's all alone. I think we should invite her along.
        Logan: Um, how very Emma of you.
        Veronica: Did you just make a Jane Austen reference? It's official, the end of days are upon us.

      • Veronica: Parker thought you were cool. And also cute.
        Piz: Oh, huh. Well... oh.
        Veronica: Oh, what?
        Piz: I mean, no, she's really nice, it's... but she's not really my type.
        Veronica: Oh. You have a type.
        Piz: Yeah, kinda. And it's not her.

      • Parker: Ya-hoo! That's two-thirds of a turkey, bitches! Ah, you're in a deep hole, Piznarski. We're going to totally humiliate you, but, you know, no pressure.
        Logan: Refreshments?
        Piz: Ten martinis.

      • Parker: I can't believe you invite me out for the first time since I was...raped on some cheesy, double date set-up with that Piz guy.
        Veronica: It's not a set-up, I swear.
        Parker: Size seven, but this is not fun.

      • Keith: He sounds like a hell of a guy.
        Veronica: Not only is he smart, but he's the biggest gun in the department, so him offering to be my advisor, it's just...
        Keith: Yeah, I'm not surprised. But I wish you would consult with me before you start phasing me out of your life.
        Veronica: Dad.
        Keith: He's smart, huh? Is he smarter than your old man?
        Veronica: You know, actually, you two have a lot in common. You'd like him.
        Keith: Can I take him in a fight? Be honest.

      • Professor Hank Landry: The whole of human knowledge, right there online, and these papers are thin. Am I crazy to expect better? And if you're confused as to what better is, let me direct you to the front where I've posted our only example of A-caliber work. Nice job, Miss Mars.
        Veronica: (voiceover) Well, this should make me popular.

      • Jeff: I've worked here two years. You've seen me a hundred times, but you don't notice the little people, 'cause you're too busy lounging with Captain Moneybags, here.
        Logan: That's Admiral Moneybags.
        Jeff: I trust the steak's to your liking.
        Logan: Always.
        Jeff: Goodnight, then.
        Logan: Well, that's my girl, spreading sunshine wherever she goes.
        Veronica: That boy doesn't know it yet, but he's the living dead.

      • Veronica: No more fun. Too exhausting.
        Logan: Yeah. Next time we'll get in some weight training before we bowl.
        Veronica: Just the soap opera. Parker wants me to find out if Piz likes her. What do I do? Pass a note? Scribble it on his Trapper Keeper?

      • Veronica: Hey, do you want to go bowling tomorrow night?
        Logan: Sure. Unless it's some critical analysis of bowling seminar, then I...

      • Winkler: Mr. Fennel. I was under the impression you dropped the class.
        Wallace: I said I'd think about it.
        Winkler: You sure this is a smart choice?
        Wallace: Probably not. But you've seen my standardized test scores. I'm not a particularly smart guy, right?

      • (Knock knock knock…)
        Veronica: Wallace?
        Wallace: Not here.
        Veronica: And you would be?
        Wallace: Evil Wallace. And I know Veronica Mars doesn't hang with the evil and morally bankrupt.

      • Tim: You think it's me? You think I'm trying to get you out of Landry's class because I don't like you?
        Veronica: Wait, you don't like me?

      • Veronica: You're going on a date with a married woman.
        Keith: It's not a date. We saw a movie, had a drink, and talked.
        Veronica: Which is a date.

      • Keith: When did crappy old shirts with stupid stuff on them become cool?
        Veronica: I don't know why I ask you these things.
        Keith: I don't either frankly.

    • NOTES (2)

    • ALLUSIONS (5)

      • Veronica: Okay. You're Rocky. Mechanical engineering is Mr. T. "Eye of the Tiger" is playing.

        Veronica uses the plot keys of the 1982 movie Rocky III to motivate Wallace on taking on his mechanical engineering studies. Mr. T was the title character's boxing opponent in this movie and Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" accompanies 'Rocky' while training for their rematch after losing their first fight. Wallace doing a mechanical engineering comeback after his cheating, being a easy comparison to Sylvester Stallone's character in the third installment of the Rocky series.

      • Max: This must be a real Kafkaesque experience for you.

        Reference to writer Franz Kafka (1883-07-03 – 1924-06-03). More specifically to the novel (and later movies) The Trial, in which the main character awakens one morning and, for reasons never revealed, is arrested and subjected to the judicial process for an unspecified crime.

      • Keith: It's great talking to someone for whom 'bogart' isn't a verb.

        Humphrey Bogart is the actor playing private eye Sam Spade in the movie The Maltese Falcon (1941) that Keith and Harmony just saw.
        The verb to bogart means to bully someone into doing something against their will, or to refuse sharing something.

      • When at the bowling alley, the banner above the lanes says "The Big Lebowlski," referring to the (often quoted) movie The Big Lebowski.

      • Episode Title: Hi, Infidelity

        A play on REO Speedwagon's 1980 album Hi Infidelity (1980). It contained the hits "Take it on the Run" and "Keep on Loving You."

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