Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 6

Hi, Infidelity

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2006 on UPN

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  • Veronica has her hands full with investigating false accusations made against her, while all around, problems unravel.

    I really liked this episode. Like we've come to expect, the list of people who are out to get Veronica seems to be increasing steadily, as her discoveries are not always met with kind eyes. Wallace is facing his own troubles, having been caught cheating and now must decide what's more important to his future. He made the right call IMO (no real spoilers). As for Keith, his life is about to get more complicated when he starts "going out" with the not-being-cheated-on-unhappily-married Harmony (hm, contradiction in terms). Meanwhile, Veronica is running around trying to find out who's trying to get her kicked out of the only class we've really seen her in ;) The runaround brings on quite a few revelations, and makes you think maybe not everything is what it seems. On the rapist front, Parker thinks she recognizes something about the guy who raped her, and everything seems well, until an alibi pops up from an unlikely source.
  • When Veronica's term paper appears on the internet, she is accused of cheating by the TA and must prove her innocence. Wallace has problems of his own when long basketball practices distract him from his studies, and Keith begins seeing Harmony Chase.

    When Veronica's term paper appears on the internet, she is accused of cheating by the TA and must prove her innocence.

    Meanwhile, Wallace has problems of his own when long basketball practices distract him from his studies, and Keith begins seeing Harmony Chase. ok veronica mars we all know you did cheat on the test!
  • Veronica is accused of plagarizing a major paper for her criminology class, Wallace deals with academic difficulties, Keith spends some more time with Harmony Chase, and new evidence is uncovered regarding the Hearst College rapes.

    I loved this episode. It's a bit on the darker side, with some of the supposed "good guys" making not-so-good choices. It's all about cheating this week.
    The episode opens with Claire, the most recent rape victim, being expelled for faking her rape when it's found out the guy she was with that night is her boyfriend. The Dean also asks the newspaper editor to step down...seems Veronica's only making more enemies. It's unclear what Claire's defense or motive is. I'd like to find out in later episodes.
    Veronica is the only one in her class to earn an A on her criminology paper. The teacher of the class, Professor Landry, even offers to be her faculty advisor. Of course, she hits a snag - Veronica is accused of plagarism when her paper is nearly identical to one posted online a year ago. This story was really well done, and it reflects the overall theme of the episode pretty well.
    After Wallace gets caught cheating in his Mechanical Engineering class, he decides to take a 0 for that test but keep with the course, even when given the option to drop it. He made a huge mistake, but he's accepting responsibility and working to make up for it. Wallace's story this episode is the kind of "but wait! there's hope!" aspect. I love Wallace. I loved his story this episode.
    Meanwhile, Harmony (played by Laura San Giacomo, who, if you don't know, costarred with Enrico Colantoni on Just Shoot Me!) gives Keith a call and asks him to a movie, since her (not unfaithful after all) husband and daughter are out of town. Seems Keith might have to deal with a different kind of cheating. The two of them are fantastic together and I'm psyched to see Harmony in later episodes.
    On a lighter note, Piz asks Veronica to go bowling with him "and Wallace and the gang". Wallace bails to study like a good little Mechanical Engineering student, so it ends up with Piz, Veronica, and Logan and Parker, who she invited. Poor Piz ends up looking like he asked Veronica on a date...Piz is completely adorable, but he's got no chance, at least while Logan's around.
    Although Parker is initially upset with Veronica, thinking she's tried to set her up with Piz so soon after she was raped, she quickly warms up to him and asks Veronica to try and see if he likes her. She seemed a bit quick to jump back into the boy game after what happened, but hey, it is Parker.
    Parker and Veronica run into Mercer (the guy running the illegal casino out of his dorm, remember him?). Parker says she remembers his cologne from the night she was raped. Of course, Veronica looks into that. She finds some interesting evidence, and a major development occurs in the Hearst College rapist case. Also, tension may be building in the Logan-Veronica relationship.
    This episode was a bit different in that most of the stories had a strong common theme, cheating. Clearly, this leaves it with a bit of a darker feeling than usual, but it's very well-executed and draws the viewer in. The stories present cheating honestly, without excuses, preaching or pretending. It's definitely one of my favourite episodes of Veronica Mars so far, probably the best of what we've seen of season 3. The writing delves a bit deeper here, and it works.
    This episode would get a 10/10 from me if it weren't for one thing: where is Mac? She's been absent for various reasons these last few episodes, and I'm starting to miss her; I liked her character from the beginning, and was looking forward to watching her character develop further after the events of last season. The episode doesn't really suffer from her absence, but I'd like to see more of her anyways.
  • This show just gets better and better.

    I was absolutely gutted to hear (earlier this year) that VM was on the road to possible cancellation. I am so abolustely enthralled by this show, and this season is really good. VM made the transition from high school to varsity with complete ease and grace.

    I liked this episode, as Veronica isn't always given a chance to investigate her very own pressing and personal matters. Not too sure how I feel about her getting used, but nevertheless.

    In my not so humble opinion, they need to get on with developing Parker and Piz's personalities. Piz is so scarce, that I always need to remind myself who he is again.
  • Relisation dawns.

    This was my favourite episode for series three. It was old Veronica Mars again. I have really missed the way they were written in series one and two and it is starting to get back there. It was also really nice to see some great Veronica and Logan dialogue. I have felt a little cheated there recently. This show is one of the few things that I really truly look forward to during the week and I hope that the show can keep up its high standards so I keep getting drawn in to watch it. Please don not be a repeat of so many shows that can not make it through their first year at college.
  • That's the Veronica I love to see...

    I was kinda disappointed in the first few episodes of this season, but "Hi, Infidelity" really showed that good old sassy Veronica is still there. A good episode is, at least for me, when I finish watching and end up somehow confused about some stuff and need to figure some stuff out. I had to reflect this episode like that and after taking a good look at some of the forum threads, I think I got most of it.
    Love it! I mean, the promo really indicated something completely different and I was afraid it was going to be a Logan-Veronica-breakup. But instead, she showed she's still the not so beloved detective girl from Neptune middle class that is messed with, but fights back strong and eager. She was great and the way she cracked that Rory Finch-thing was just the reason I love this show so much. It's smart and it's confusing and it's always surprising to a point where you say "Oh my god, what the heck!?". I'm hoping for lots more moments like this in the upcoming episodes.
    Go, V!
  • Characters cheat, are accused of cheating, think about cheating, and deal with the repurcussions of cheating.

    Thanks to sneaky misleading trailers for this episode, it looked like Veronica would find out Logan was cheating on her. Logan may be keeping a few secrets (who on this show isn't?), but a girl on the side doesn't seem yet to be one of them. Instead, we saw about a half-dozen other forms of cheating: Veronica's professor cheating with the Dean's wife, the T.A. setting Veronica up so she'd follow a trail and find out about it, Wallace dealing with the consequences of cheating in the last episode, and--oh, yeah--Keith getting a little too cozy with his married friend Harmony Chase.

    Watching Keith struggle with the decision about Harmony was interesting. He's been cuckolded himself, and doesn't want to be the kind of guy who engages in an affair with a married woman. But he cares about Harmony, and hasn't been happy since his relationship with Alicia Fennel (by the way, what ever happened to her?).

    Then there's the Dean's wife, who I now dislike intensely. Cheating on her husband, a goofy but likeable guy who has unofficially adopted her son as his own and was willing to go to jail to keep the boy alive (see previous episode). And shouldn't she be too busy taking care of her recovering son to engage in deception? Seriously.

    Anyway, this was another example of classic Veronica Mars, with Veronica engaged in a case that got a lot more confusing before it started to make a lick of sense.
  • I knew it! LOL

    What did I tell you guys? I knew that Keith had some interest in Harmony the moment he was doing that case for her. My spider sense was tingling. LOL That was, I think, the highlight of the episode, among other great things. Harmony calls Keith and they have one of several dates that are "just innocent". And at the end of their last date, Harmony and Keith were talking about how they didn't want to spend the rest of their lives counting regrets. As soon as Keith declines her offer to go get a room, his thoughts overwhelm him as he gets himself into a rather shocking car crash. The whole time I was like, Woooaaah....and then with Keith rushing to Harmony's apartment and then the was just woah! LOL One of the greatest moments in Veronica Mars ever! ......anywho, to the real mystery Veronica, as always, gets somebody to hate her for being the "teacher's pet" by lying to the teacher saying that she copied her research paper. As she tries to figure out who did it, we find out that the new teacher, A.K.A "Rory Finch" is having an affair with the dean's wife, and the guy that ratted on Veronica, who happens to work at the Neptune Grand, gets arrested for the rapes at Hearst. We all know he didn't do it, but it'll be interesting how it all goes down in the next episode! And the trailer was AWESOME! This was one of the best episodes of VM this season, and I can't wait to see what happens next!
  • Interesting

    Well this episode was highly interesting. Veronica mars gets a A- in her paper and she is highets in class... everyone obviously hate sher for that though... Claire and her lawyer get expelled from the school. V's boss in the newspaper place gets fired because she didn't post the information about Claire on the news paper. Veronica has been caught prejoulising a paper online... she finds proof that the paper wa sposted after she submitted her paper and she finds out that her professor's assistant is the one that did it. V, Logan, Pizz and Parker go bowling... Parker develops an interest in Pizz, but Pizz says Parker isn't her type. Wallace quits basketball, but continues to stay in his major... he is getting better though. Keith makes out and has a love interest with his former client.
  • MOOSE-tastic!

    Wow what a great new episode of Veronica Mars. All I can say is: Do not mess with Veronica. This week sees the star accused of plagiarising a major paper. Of course Veronica did not do it and she is determined to set the record straight. As the mystery thickens we find that Dean O’Dell’s wife is having an affair with Veronica’s teacher (Mr Landry). Further, Mercer (the Casino guy) is arrested and accused of the rapes which occurred at Hearst College. However, Veronica’s reliable as ever boyfriend Logan claims that Mercer had nothing to do with the rapes as Logan was with him at the time of the last rape. When quizzed as to what he was doing with Mercer, Logan whispers “I can’t tell you but you have to trust me.” Somehow Logan I don’t trust you. What is Logan mixed up in?

    But what else happened in the non-mystery arc storyline you ask? Well I was just getting to that! Wallace, after cheating and getting caught last week in his mechanical engineering course, decides to actually start studying and gives up his starting position in the College basketball team. Piz asks Veronica to go bowling with him and the ‘gang’ which never materialise. We all can tell that he obviously likes Veronica. Maybe the producers are setting up a love triangle here but I believed that both Logan and Veronica both seemed clueless as to Piz’s intentions.

    Keith also goes on several “non-dates” with Harmony (Laura San Giacomo). After walking away from an offer by Harmony to spend the night together, Keith gets into an eye-opening car crash and comes rushing back to the hotel and makes love with the married women. It seems that affairs are prominent in this episode. I personally am so glad that the producers have cast Laura San Giacomo as Harmony. I LOVED her and Enrico Colantoni in Just Shoot Me! They have fantastic screen presence together and believable chemistry. It is honestly a joy watching them reunited on screen again.

    Overall, this was another excellent example of a brilliant show. Veronica, in her monologue, states “[a]pparently if you look hard enough everyone looks like they’re hiding dark secrets.” We know that at least one dark secret will be revealed in 3 episodes time. Until then I will continue to be on the edge of my seat. Hey, I know that it may hurt but that is the price you pay for TV as good as this.
  • This was probably my favorite episode of this season so far. Everyone was cheating in this episode. We get some further development on the rape case. I am actually starting to like Parker and Piz, but I totally missed Mac.

    Veronica goes to class and is applauded by her criminology professor for the paper she wrote, he tells the whole class that her paper was the best and he will post it for everyone to see. Then he asks Veronica if she wants to go eat lunch with him and he tells her he is really impressed with her and wants to be her advisor. Then we cut to a scence where Veronica is talking about how great her professor is to her Dad and he seems to be getting jealous of him, Veronica tells him that he would like him and they are a lot alike. I thought this quote was funny, when later on in the episode we see how similar the professor and Veronica's dad are. Veronica is soon accused of plagerizing her paper. To find out who accused her, she goes in front of the class and asks who did it. Finally this guys confesses and calls her a teacher pet and she deserves what she gets for plagerizing the paper. I loved this scene because I could feel how uncomfortable it was. VEronica was in front of everyone and that guy was on her and everyone was just staring at her in disgust. It felt personal again, her mysteries. Veronica eventually proves that she didn't plagerize her paper but unfortunately she blamed the wrong guy for posting the paper. When it was the TA guy, he lead her on a wild goose chase so she would find out some bad news about her professor. While she is trying to find out who posted the paper she catchs her professor having an affair with the Deans wife. When Veronica confronts the TA he tells her he was doing her a favor, and that the professor is not that great of a guy.

    At the same time all of these plots are going on Veronicas dad has been seeing harmony the lady who had hired him to investigate if her husband was cheating on her. She invites him to go see a show and he agrees, then they go out for cocktails. She tells him she bought a hotel room just in case they want to use to because she doesn't want to have any regrets. But when she says that he says he can't do it, even though he wants to and he leaves. On the way home he is gets into a car accident. Then he heads back to the hotel room and spends the night with Harmony.

    We also get to see more Piz and parker in this episode. They all go bowling together and parker gets a crush on piz and asks Veronica to find out if piz likes her. but he says shes not his type. When Parker trys to go see Piz at the radio station with Veronica she gets this really bad vibe when she smells the cologne from one of Logan gambling friends. She tells veronica she thinks he might be the one who raped her. Veronica goes to his room and searches it, she finds some clippers. She goes to sherriff lamb with this information and he actually shares some info with her.

    They arrest logans friend and then logan tells veronica that he couldn't have committed the crime because they were together, but he can't tell veronica where they were. Then the episode ends. So much going on in this episode and all of it was interesting. It was nice to see wallace again, I missed him, I really miss Mac. I loved this episode. This is why I watch veronica mars. I can't wait till next week, next week looks scary!

    Veronica goes and sees Wallace, he tells her she should stay away from evil wallace, but Veronica says Wallace isn't evil, he admitted what he did. He tells VEronica that the only thing he wants to do is electrical engineering. VEronica says he'll figure it out, then she asks him he gave him the copies of the test. The Veronica goes and visits him for help. She gets the email of the person who posted her paper online and goes
  • A little bummed to be honest!

    I just felt that this episode could have given so much more. Some fun stuff, the gang well half of them went bowling and Keith is definitely in a car crash that makes him reconsider the decisions - Veonica is less than thrilled. The rape thing is still going round in circles, altho it's not really dealt with in this episode, altho a guy is suspected who we later discover can't have done it because him and Logan were away doing something very honourable - i'm sure! Veronica focuses on trying to fighure out who set her up to have plagiurised a paper, which is nothing very big - no big reveal, no big investigation. Kinda dissappointing. The episode does reveal alot about the professors and inner workings at faculty level at Hearst which would be a good thing except we dont really care about them. Piz kinda asks Veronica out - "incase anyone didn't get the memo he fancies Veronica" and Wallace makes a very smart decision which has parents around the world applauding but actually Wallace even us kids are proud of you - basketball isn't the greatest thing - go for the mechanical engineering!