Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 6

Hi, Infidelity

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2006 on UPN

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  • Characters cheat, are accused of cheating, think about cheating, and deal with the repurcussions of cheating.

    Thanks to sneaky misleading trailers for this episode, it looked like Veronica would find out Logan was cheating on her. Logan may be keeping a few secrets (who on this show isn't?), but a girl on the side doesn't seem yet to be one of them. Instead, we saw about a half-dozen other forms of cheating: Veronica's professor cheating with the Dean's wife, the T.A. setting Veronica up so she'd follow a trail and find out about it, Wallace dealing with the consequences of cheating in the last episode, and--oh, yeah--Keith getting a little too cozy with his married friend Harmony Chase.

    Watching Keith struggle with the decision about Harmony was interesting. He's been cuckolded himself, and doesn't want to be the kind of guy who engages in an affair with a married woman. But he cares about Harmony, and hasn't been happy since his relationship with Alicia Fennel (by the way, what ever happened to her?).

    Then there's the Dean's wife, who I now dislike intensely. Cheating on her husband, a goofy but likeable guy who has unofficially adopted her son as his own and was willing to go to jail to keep the boy alive (see previous episode). And shouldn't she be too busy taking care of her recovering son to engage in deception? Seriously.

    Anyway, this was another example of classic Veronica Mars, with Veronica engaged in a case that got a lot more confusing before it started to make a lick of sense.