Veronica Mars

Season 1 Episode 19

Hot Dogs

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 19, 2005 on UPN
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    The Veronica Mars Season 1 Dossier: Episodes 17-22

    Veronica Mars' stellar first season draws to a close in a slightly troubling yet ultimately satisfying way.

  • Episode Summary

    When awkward classmate Mandy asks Veronica to help her find her missing dog, a much larger scheme is exposed as they follow the trail. Meanwhile, Logan's sister Trina begs her father to play a role in her new boyfriend's movie, while Logan suspects that something is wrong.moreless

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    Alyson Hannigan

    Alyson Hannigan

    Trina Echolls

    Guest Star

    Matthew Carey

    Matthew Carey


    Guest Star

    Jeffrey Vincent Parise

    Jeffrey Vincent Parise

    Dylan Goran

    Guest Star

    Lisa Thornhill

    Lisa Thornhill

    Celeste Kane

    Recurring Role

    Harry Hamlin

    Harry Hamlin

    Aaron Echolls

    Recurring Role

    Amanda Seyfried

    Amanda Seyfried

    Lilly Kane

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (8)

      • When angry Veronica is shaking hands with one of the guys naming him "the biggest cockroach" he took his hand off of Veronica's hand, but in the next shot we can see that they are still shaking hands.

      • Two of the kidnapped dogs, Shakes and Lola, are Kristen Bell's real-life dogs.

      • In the scene where Mandy's dog goes missing, you can clearly see her reading, Forever by Judy Blume.

      • In the first scene with Aaron, Trina and Logan, you can see that Aaron is reading, "Siddhartha" by Hermann Hesse.

      • The dot you see on Veronica's computer saying where the "dog stealer" is, is the same one you see in the "Kane and Abel's" episode when she says that Caz's car is still by the garage.

      • In the 5th episode, "You Think You Know Somebody", Veronica knows enough Spanish to follow the conversation between Weevil and his uncle (that he gave the stolen car a paint job, won't say the name of the client, and that Mario has the piñata), but in this episode she doesn't understand enough to know they are telling her that the dog-napper has a bronco on his white van and girlie mud flaps.

      • Logan says now he doesn't have to feel guilty for moving on but he was dating somebody in the second episode of the season.

        Edit:The idea here is that Logan has real feelings for Veronica and he meant moving on in the emotional sense, whereas when he was dating Caitlin, he was technically 'moving on' but he didn't really care about her and still loved Lilly.

      • In the scene where Aaron is beating up Dylan, Logan has clearly walked outside, but when they cut to the shot of Logan, he is only just coming through the door.

    • QUOTES (17)

      • (after Veronica and Logan just kissed)
        Veronica: What are we doing?
        Logan: No idea.
        (they kiss again before breaking it)
        Veronica: We need to talk about this.
        Logan: I know. I kn--
        Veronica: Maybe we should just keep it to ourselves for a while and see what happens.
        Logan: Meet in mop closets? Pass each other secret notes in the hallway?

      • Weevil: How many get-out-of-jail-free cards do you have up your sleeve, anyway?
        Veronica: Pretty sure that was my last, so you might keep your felonies to a bare minimum.
        Weevil: I am what I am, V. Leopard's spots, you know what they say.

      • Trina: You've made it clear that you have no interest in my problems, Logan. Don't be wishy-washy. It's so unattractive in a guy.

      • Logan: Dad, hey, I need Trina. It's important.
        Aaron: Oh, hey son. She's in the shower. Her boyfriend's coming over later to pitch me a part in his movie.
        Logan: Aren't you retired? I thought you were reconnecting with your family.
        Aaron: Trina is family, I'm helping her out. It's what dads do.

      • Veronica: I'll be at home with the only sane member of the Mars family.
        Keith: The one who eats from the garbage and keeps bringing me dead birds?
        Veronica: That's the one.

      • Veronica: (voiceover) All righty, Logan. We'll just skip over the two minutes in heaven we had. You wanna pretend it never happened? No argument here. My lips, for all intents and purposes, are sealed.

      • Trina: Good morning bro. Poptart?
        Logan: Hmm, a tart from a tart.
        Trina: Ye of the sickle wit. Can I ask you something?
        Logan: Would you look at that, there was a string attached to my Poptart.

      • Keith: Honey, do I need to recap my Concerned Dad lectures? No running with scissors, no candy from strangers, no smartening up the local criminal element.

      • Logan: So, what do you think?
        Veronica: Like, in general? Or is there a specific arena on which you'd like my opinion?

      • Veronica: Trust me, you don't want to date me. I'm a train wreck. Seriously. The-the first guy I ever loved just dropped off the face of the earth, probably because of something I said, and the last guy I dated turned out to be a drug dealer, and I just made out with my dead best friend's boyfriend, who, incidentally, I hate. So. Train wreck.

      • Logan: Hey Trin, if you take your top off before you you get on the mechanical bull, you won't fall off.

      • Veronica: Can I ask you kind of a weird question?
        Leo: Do you ask any other kind of questions?

      • Wallace: Breaking news. Record this day in history: the first time Wallace Fennel got the 411 before the little birdie got it to you.
        Veronica: Do I have to tip you over or are you going to spill it on your own?

      • Veronica: I'm actually here to see Weevil. Do you think I could get a minute with him?
        Leo: What is it about bad boys?
        Veronica: Umm... tattoos, leather, parole violations, total good girl bait.
        Leo: I'm doomed!

      • Lilly: It's a spy pen.
        Veronica: What's a spy pen? (sees pen) How covert ops of you.
        Lilly: I'm going to use it to pass secret messages to all of my lovers.
        Veronica: This is going to be a very busy little pen.

      • Trina: I can't get him off my back.
        Logan: Did you try standing up?

      • Logan: I need your help.
        Veronica: Would it be weird for me to start my own drinking game? Like, I have to do a shot every time someone asks for my help?

    • NOTES (2)

    • ALLUSIONS (7)

      • Weevil: I am what I am, Vee. Leopard, spots, you know what they say.
        Jeremiah 13:23: "Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? Then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil"? Whilst nobody in this day and age would allege that Ethiopians are evil, nevertheless the adage holds true for leopards and, according to Weevil, to PCH bikers — their innate nature is unchangeable.

      • Logan: Meet in mop closets? Pass each other secret notes in the hallway?

        The characters played by Adrian Grenier and Ali Larter meet in a mop closet in high school in the 1999 film flop Drive Me Crazy. A film that just happened to be penned by a screenwriter called Rob Thomas.

      • Weevil: Yeah. How many get-out-of-jail-free cards do you have up your sleeve, anyway?
        Monopoly has a long and storied history as the most popular board game of all time, involving progressing around a board, buying property, and building upon it, but all you really need to know is this — as you make your way around the board, you may occasionally land in jail during which time you languish, unable to make money. It can be something of an effort to get out, thus it is very useful to have a get-out-of-jail-free card.

      • Logan: Important your family is. Hmm, hmm.
        Logan can't help but imitate the high-voiced, wizened puppet Jedi master of the Star Wars films as he sarcastically belittles his father's effort to impart wisdom to his children.

      • Logan: Father knows best.

        Refers to the classic late 50's sitcom Father Knows Best in which Robert Young and Jane Wyatt head the ideal American family.

      • Trina: This is a career defining moment you're passing up ... Hello. Travolta. Pulp Fiction.

        Refers to John Travolta's career-reviving appearance in Quentin Tarantino's neo-noir film.

      • Hans: Actually, I rounded up a 101 of them. Some crazy lady is making a coat.
        Refers to Cruella De Vil, villainess of Walt Disney's animation classic One Hundred and One Dalmatians.