Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 18

I Am God

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2006 on UPN
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  • Episode Summary

    Veronica begins having dreams involving the dead students from the bus crash, who drop clues along the way. Meanwhile, Logan and Wallace become unlikely lab partners in Mr. Wu's class, and Keith helps Clemmons expose a doctor's scam.

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    • Nightmare on Mars Street...

      Ok, here's something I don't get, and no one who reviewed it mentioned this...

      Veronica is having bad dreams about her classmates who died in the bus. The first one is about Meg.

      Well, Meg didn't die, as we all know. Isn't that sorta inconsistent? Veronica led the getaway for Duncan and Meg and the baby, so why would she be having a nightmare about dead Meg???! Huh? Yeah so, this bothered me the whole episode. It was hard to focus because that took me out of the story. Can anyone reading this speak to that? I doubt they forgot this plot point.moreless
    • End of Season Not All I Thought It Up To Be

      Veronica begins having dreams involving the dead students from the bus crash, who drop clues along the way. Meanwhile, Logan and Wallace become unlikely lab partners in Mr. Wu's class, and Keith helps Clemmons expose a doctor's scam.

      Wallace and Logan had the best part to this episode, I thought. Logan is trying to help out Veronica but obviously won't let her know that. Wallace seems to became "friends" with Logan during the time that they are lab partners for this experiment. The stuff with Keith Mars was boring as he continues the investigation of the bus crash victims. Veronica also tries to help with the bus crash case - but does it in a way that I disagree with. I don't like the dream thing when it comes to a season long case. You shouldn't be getting your main clues from dreams you continue to have. I want to see the evidence we missed all along or Veronica solve the case in the real world. Getting help from a dream is like a coup-out.moreless
    • Veronica connects with the bus crash victims

      This episode is really hard to review as it was "something else"

      One thing season 1 has as an advantage over season 2 is that the season mystery was much more personal for Veronica. But in this episode we see how she connects with all the dead kids on the bus on a sub conscious level which makes the whole case a little more personal.

      This was a great episode to show how dedicated Veronica was. Now I really loved the dream sequences, even though we didn't really learn anything new, rather we got a recap of most of the clues we learnt during the season which was nice.

      Loved the cinematograpy and style of the dream sequences, they were done incredibly well.

      Wallace and Logan working together - sop weird. Wallace mentions that the last time they talked was when Logan smashed Veronica's headlights. Man, that was in the pilot... two main cast members yet still the only time they had actual interaction was like, never. Interesting, haha. But that's exactly why their storyline was really fun to watch , even though it never got past basic dialouge. While very rewatchable and valuable episode, it had some issues. Keith: wasn't too invested in his storyline this time around, though, oh man. He found Veronica in the locker! That was like one of the funniest scenes ever. Loved it.

      That smartass girl who got accepted to stanford also. Hmm, not a fan. Though it was like 3-4 mins of screentime overal at the very most.

      This episode makes alot of sense after seeing the season's conclusion, but even without any knowledge it's a fantastic episode that forces the viewer to speculate along with Veronica.

      Sidenote: Gotta love the music in this one. Sia - Breathe me! HA! Six Feet Under finale anyone?moreless
    • Veronica begins having dreams involving the dead students from the bus crash, who drop clues along the way. Meanwhile, Logan and Wallace become unlikely lab partners in Mr. Wu's class, and Keith helps Clemmons expose a doctor's scam.moreless

      Veronica begins having dreams involving the dead students from the bus crash, who drop clues along the way.

      Meanwhile, Logan and Wallace become unlikely lab partners in Mr. Wu's class, and Keith helps Clemmons expose a doctor's scam. Veronica: I'm a little punchy; I haven't been sleeping.

      Logan: Thoughts of me? Hey, I get it. Um, sometimes I'm up all night just thinking about myself.
    • Veronica dreams of the bus crash as she goes through new theories of what might\'ve happened.

      Maybe I am just a sucker for slightly weird dream sequences that mess with someone\'s mind, but there was just something about this episode. Maybe it\'s the fact that it shows more closely just how much Veronica was affected by the accident, and her continuous dedication to try and make sense of all the random information she has. Seeing Logan and Wallace\'s interaction was also amusing, even though it never went very further than basic conversation. They seemed to have a sort of understanding after the time spent together. All in all, I enjoyed this episode, though I had hoped to actually get something useful out of all the strange dreaming. But hey, what can you expect from a subconscious?moreless
    Enrico Colantoni

    Enrico Colantoni

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    Jason Dohring

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    Kyle Gallner

    Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas

    Percy Daggs III

    Percy Daggs III

    Wallace Fennel

    Ryan Hansen

    Ryan Hansen

    Dick Casablancas

    Samantha Klein

    Samantha Klein


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    Jeremy Valdez

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    Kayla Ewell

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    Recurring Role

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    Martin Yu

    Mr. Wu

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Cervando's surname is given as both Esparza (printed under his photograph on the booth) and Luna (by Veronica in a voiceover) in this episode. In 2.2 Driver Ed in a newspaper article about Cervando his surname is given as Perez.

      • In the dream sequence where Veronica is talking to Meg, it is indicated that Veronica read all of Meg's e-mails. However, when Veronica had the opportunity to copy Meg's e-mails in Season 2, episode 4, "Green-Eyed Monster", she doesn't. The only e-mails that we know Veronica saw were the ones Duncan showed her about the abused child in Season 2, episode 7 "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner".

      • Logan and Wallace test dropping their egg from a height of four feet. To do this Logan holds up a measuring tape and Wallace drops the egg contraption from shoulder height. The actor that plays Wallace is 5' 6.5" which means that for this to be right the length of his head and neck must be 1' 6.5" (nearly 30% of his total height). Either Wallace has a giant head or they screwed up the four foot height measurement.

    • QUOTES (21)

      • Logan: You don't like me very much. Do you?
        Wallace: The last time we actually talked, you were bashing Veronica's headlights with a crowbar.
        Logan: Hm. Foreplay.

      • Miss James: Veronica, I know Angie Dahl. And I don't think she's the witch you're painting her as.
        Veronica: She's a demon spawn!

      • Mr. Wu: Veronica, I think that when you get out in the world a little more, you'll discover that not all well-dressed, articulate, detail-oriented men are gay. Many of them are just Asian.

      • Dick: Veronica Minx, what are you up to?
        Veronica: Oh, you know, this, that, the other.

      • Veronica: You can take the girl out of the trash, but you can't take the trash out of the girl.

      • Dick: I heard in dorms, all the girls shower together... maybe you and Ronnie can soap each other's backs.

      • Angie: Veronica Mars got into Stanford?
        Wallace: Yeah. Veronica Mars. Stanford.
        Angie: Well I guess somebody has to do the football team.

      • Wallace: Anything to reinforce the P.W.T. stereotype.
        Veronica: There's a pretty young thing stereotype? Do I fit it?
        Wallace: P.W.T. Poor White Trash.
        Veronica: Oh them.

      • Logan: Ahh. My buffalo burger has arrived. Thank you.
        Wallace: Must be nice.
        Logan: No, not for the buffalo.

      • Keith: You've got mail. From Stanford University.
        Veronica: It's a little anorexic for an acceptance letter.

      • Logan: Gonna get all super-achiever on me, are you?
        Wallace: I'm just trying to avoid flunking. Hearst would yank my scholarship.
        Logan: Excellent. The bar is so low, we can step over it.

      • Keith: My coat?
        Clemmons: Right. It's in the closet.
        (Sees Veronica hiding in the closet)
        Keith: Yep, that's mine all right.

      • Keith: Why aren't you learning something?
        Veronica: And a good day to you, too, sir. I was thinking about some great advice you gave me.
        Keith: 'Look both ways?' 'Don't stick that in your nose?'
        Veronica: 'Follow the money.'

      • Lucky: Okay, Lover-Boy, that's enough face-sucking for now. We have things to do.
        Logan: You're on a tight schedule of smoking pot and playing Halo. I can't wait to graduate.
        Lucky: Come on, man. We're done screwing around. The ball's in our court. Someone's gotta pay.
        Dick: But, after we make someone pay, we're gonna get high and play Halo, right?

      • Mr. Wu: Okay, people, that does it. I'm assigning your partners alphabetically. Dick, I think it's a bad idea for you and Mr. Echolls to be working together.
        Dick: So bad, it's good?
        Mr. Wu: No.
        Dick: (to Logan) God, I don't know how I'm gonna quit you. Shh! It's not me, it's Wu.

      • Veronica: Did I see you at school today?
        Keith: I don't know, were you hallucinating?

      • Maureen: Dick Casablancas is the bastard child of Satan.
        Veronica: Well, that would explain a lot.

      • Wallace: When I die, I want you to raise money for my spread in Vibe.
        Veronica: Oh, didn't I e-mail you? You're not allowed to die.

      • Veronica: Story of my life. I get five minutes of thinking my dreams may come true, and then some rich kid slaps reality back into me.

      • Veronica: Remind me, why did we break up?
        Logan: You thought the other guy had greener grass. Or was it something about me being too much man? No wait! It was you. You were too much man.

      • Meg: Have you been reading my emails? My sister gave my computer files to Duncan, not you. Those were my personal, intimate...But wait, I forgot. I'm dead. In Veronica-Land, no pulse, no privacy.

    • NOTES (3)

    • ALLUSIONS (7)

      • Woman: You know you remind me of? That guy on Seinfeld, George.

        Paunchy, bald, George Costanza, played by Jason Alexander was one of Jerry's best friends. Interestingly, Paula Marshall (Rebecca James) played one of Jerry Seinfeld's girlfriends on the hit TV show.

      • Dick: I don't know how I'm gonna quit you.
        This is a famous and widely parodied quote from the 2005 movie Brokeback Mountain about two gay cowboys.

      • Veronica: (typed on laptop) I know who you did last summer
        Veronica inherent threat towards Dick typed on her laptop screen when she shows it to him, is a paraphrase of the 1997 hit horror movie's title, I Know What You Did Last Summer.

      • Wallace: When I die, I want you to raise money for my spread in Vibe.
        Vibe is an entertainment magazine with a focus on African American entertainers and artists.

      • Keith: Did you watch House of Wax again? You know that Hilton girl gives you nightmares.

        Paris Hilton, a member of the prestigious Hilton family, has been in a few movies, including House of Wax and has been in the entertainment news with a few scandals. She also had a guest spot on Veronica Mars in "Credit Where Credit is Due".

      • Veronica: This is a problem for Jennifer Love Hewitt. The Ghost Whisperer.

        Veronica makes reference to the television show Ghost Whisperer where Jennifer Love Hewitt plays a woman who can talk to spirits.

      • Veronica: And Rosebud was just a sled
        This is an allusion to the movie Citizen Kane. Kane's last words are "Rosebud" and it takes the entire movie to realize that Rosebud was the name of his childhood sled.