Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 18

I Am God

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2006 on UPN

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  • Nightmare on Mars Street...

    Ok, here's something I don't get, and no one who reviewed it mentioned this...
    Veronica is having bad dreams about her classmates who died in the bus. The first one is about Meg.
    Well, Meg didn't die, as we all know. Isn't that sorta inconsistent? Veronica led the getaway for Duncan and Meg and the baby, so why would she be having a nightmare about dead Meg???! Huh? Yeah so, this bothered me the whole episode. It was hard to focus because that took me out of the story. Can anyone reading this speak to that? I doubt they forgot this plot point.
  • End of Season Not All I Thought It Up To Be

    Veronica begins having dreams involving the dead students from the bus crash, who drop clues along the way. Meanwhile, Logan and Wallace become unlikely lab partners in Mr. Wu's class, and Keith helps Clemmons expose a doctor's scam.

    Wallace and Logan had the best part to this episode, I thought. Logan is trying to help out Veronica but obviously won't let her know that. Wallace seems to became "friends" with Logan during the time that they are lab partners for this experiment. The stuff with Keith Mars was boring as he continues the investigation of the bus crash victims. Veronica also tries to help with the bus crash case - but does it in a way that I disagree with. I don't like the dream thing when it comes to a season long case. You shouldn't be getting your main clues from dreams you continue to have. I want to see the evidence we missed all along or Veronica solve the case in the real world. Getting help from a dream is like a coup-out.
  • Veronica connects with the bus crash victims

    This episode is really hard to review as it was "something else"

    One thing season 1 has as an advantage over season 2 is that the season mystery was much more personal for Veronica. But in this episode we see how she connects with all the dead kids on the bus on a sub conscious level which makes the whole case a little more personal.

    This was a great episode to show how dedicated Veronica was. Now I really loved the dream sequences, even though we didn't really learn anything new, rather we got a recap of most of the clues we learnt during the season which was nice.

    Loved the cinematograpy and style of the dream sequences, they were done incredibly well.

    Wallace and Logan working together - sop weird. Wallace mentions that the last time they talked was when Logan smashed Veronica's headlights. Man, that was in the pilot... two main cast members yet still the only time they had actual interaction was like, never. Interesting, haha. But that's exactly why their storyline was really fun to watch , even though it never got past basic dialouge. While very rewatchable and valuable episode, it had some issues. Keith: wasn't too invested in his storyline this time around, though, oh man. He found Veronica in the locker! That was like one of the funniest scenes ever. Loved it.

    That smartass girl who got accepted to stanford also. Hmm, not a fan. Though it was like 3-4 mins of screentime overal at the very most.

    This episode makes alot of sense after seeing the season's conclusion, but even without any knowledge it's a fantastic episode that forces the viewer to speculate along with Veronica.

    Sidenote: Gotta love the music in this one. Sia - Breathe me! HA! Six Feet Under finale anyone?
  • Veronica begins having dreams involving the dead students from the bus crash, who drop clues along the way. Meanwhile, Logan and Wallace become unlikely lab partners in Mr. Wu's class, and Keith helps Clemmons expose a doctor's scam.

    Veronica begins having dreams involving the dead students from the bus crash, who drop clues along the way.
    Meanwhile, Logan and Wallace become unlikely lab partners in Mr. Wu's class, and Keith helps Clemmons expose a doctor's scam. Veronica: I'm a little punchy; I haven't been sleeping.
    Logan: Thoughts of me? Hey, I get it. Um, sometimes I'm up all night just thinking about myself.
  • Veronica dreams of the bus crash as she goes through new theories of what might\'ve happened.

    Maybe I am just a sucker for slightly weird dream sequences that mess with someone\'s mind, but there was just something about this episode. Maybe it\'s the fact that it shows more closely just how much Veronica was affected by the accident, and her continuous dedication to try and make sense of all the random information she has. Seeing Logan and Wallace\'s interaction was also amusing, even though it never went very further than basic conversation. They seemed to have a sort of understanding after the time spent together. All in all, I enjoyed this episode, though I had hoped to actually get something useful out of all the strange dreaming. But hey, what can you expect from a subconscious?
  • Veronica is plagued with dreams of the bus crash vitums.

    A lot of people have created it for being supernatural and they don't think clues should just drop on Veronicas lap. but I don't think this was supposed to be supernatural I think It is just that Veronica is trying so hard to find out what happened and its like she is reviewing everything she knows. she wasn't told anything she didn't know she just reviewed everything she knew and through that she realized things that she had been over looking. Also glad it's summer school for a dick like dick. I am glad that consular returned I like her. Also Keiths speed dating was cute and funny.
  • Although some may disagree, I think this is one of the best Veronica Mars episodes produced so far (pre-season 3). This episode reveals how troubled Veronica is by the bus crash and the personal investment she has in the case.

    Although some may disagree, I think this is one of the best Veronica Mars episodes produced so far (pre-season 3). This episode reveals how troubled Veronica is by the bus crash and the personal investment she has in the case. Her nightmares, featuring the killed students in the crash, are incredibly revealing psychologically - an idea represented in the dreamy cinematography and lushly filtered colours.

    It also allows some of the other people on the bus who were killed to step forward and provide details of their story. Although the revelation behind 'I am God' doesn't really add up to anything productive in solving the mystery, it provides a lot of character development for Kristen Bell's Veronica and features some of the best cinematography so far in the series. Plus it features the return of the lovely Paula Marshall, who despite her 'show killing' reputation, is always a welcome addition.
  • I liked this episode not for the actual dream sequences, but for the Logan/Wallace time, and the awesome memorable moments.

    This episode has my favorite VM scene ever, even though it isn't my favorite episode. I loved the scene with Logan and Dick, it was played out well, perfect timing after brokeback mountain was released, giving enough time to make sure alot of people have seen it, but not waiting till too long and the whole brokeback craze was overplayed. i loved logan and wallace working together to help out veronica after they know they passed the test. Logan tried to downplay the whole "helping veronica" thing but he really cared about her. Veronica's low blow at logan was totally uncalled for..

    This could turn out to be my favourite episode of this amazing show.

    I'm still trying to absorv every bit of information that is given in it, they want us to suspect everyone for the bus crash... and I know I'll be wanting to see this episode again when I finally know who did it.

    This show just keeps getting better and better, it's surreal. In this episode Veronica starts having dreams about the students who died in the bus crash. But these are not only dreams because the students are giving her information and cluse about the crash.

    As she tries to understand all this information, she also has to deal that another student got ahead of her for the Lilly scholarship, the week she found out she got into Stanford.

    Too much for little Veronica... but SHE IS GOD.
  • Disappointing, to say the very least.

    I guess I just can't seem to find the good points in this episode. For a series that's so proudly grounded in reality, it's so sad to see it rely on dream sequences to convey plot points. The main point of the series is that Veronica is a P.I.-in-training. P.I. - Private Investigator. As in she INVESTIGATES things. Having the answers fall into her lap while she's sleeping is cheating. I'm also disappointed with Lucky. He popped up out of nowhere, and is now a major part of the plot. This seems sloppy, as we've never even heard of him before.

    Least favorite part of the entire episode: having to watch Logan and Veronica making out in the Xterra. However, the song playing in the background is a remix of one of my current favorite songs, and I happen to love that the section they chose for that scene consists of the words "Lost/Myself again today/Lost/Myself and I don't know where to be found." Take THAT, LoVe fans!
  • Veronica Mars being haunted by the kids that died in bus crash in her dreams...

    So everyone who dies in the bus crash are haunting veronica in her dreams and there's a drawing and a saying that says "I AM GOD" that she found on the bus that she tries to figure out who drew it because she thinks it has something to do with the crash and who did it!

    Wallace and Logan team up on a project that could help Veronica get the Kane scholarship money for Stanford since she got excepted

    On the bus Meg tries to tell Veronica about Lucky, Peter says there's an "outing of all outings" that day, Cervando ends up being the one who drew the pic but has nothing to do with the Crash

    Woody Goodman paid Rhondas family for a finger the found in a Ribwich at his store they got 2 Million.

    Keith starts doing a dating service he also helps Principal at Neptune with the students who claim to have General Anxiety Disorder...
  • In a season filled with average episodes for such a great show, this episode, along with several others, pulls the show back to its original glory.

    I was worried about this episode. This is not a supernatural show. Our characters aren't supposed to find clues in their dreams. They're supposed to solve crimes with information based on fact. Veronica having dreams about the students in the bus crash had me biting my nails with worry. How was Rob Thomas going to pull this off? I still can't figure out how he did it, but he did.

    This episode was sort of a recap episode for Veronica. Her dreams were a way of getting all the clues that she's gathered since September set up and organized. With the season nearing its end, this was a great way to bring up new points. The dream sequences were done well. I enjoyed how, as Veronica learned more about the kids on the bus, her view of them would change. When she learned that Peter had seen Mr. Wu at the club, I liked how her view of the bus changed to a club, and when she was talking to Cervando, the bus was much darker than it had been for the others.

    I loved seeing Logan and Wallace working together. I love Percy Daggs III and Jason Dohring, so it was great to see them in a scene together. Logan clearly still has feelings for Veronica (Seriously, Hannah who?), and Wallace just wanted to help out his BFF.

    Overall, it was a great episode. I hope to see even better ones these last few episodes of the season.
  • In what I think is the best episode of Veronica Mars yet, Veronica begins to be \"haunted\" by those killed in the bus crash. And through a series of dream sequences and strange clues, Veronica discovers that some of the suspects might not be living. A cr

    This episode was truly intriguing and very out-of-the-ordinary for the show! With a feel of Buffy and Ghost Whisperer combined, the episode brought a supernatural feeling to Veronica Mars for the first time. Many secrets were cleverly uncovered and exposed, while some (like Peter and Mr. Wu\'s relationship) were hinted but left unresolved. In essence, this episode sets the stage for the season\'s pivotal final episodes that resolve the mystery of the bus crash.

    My favorite episode of Veronica this season!
  • veronica is putting together all the information she collected about the bus crash. Meanwhile she goes sleepless because she is having nigthmares of the crash in which the victims give her other clues to help her find out who did it and why...

    I have a theory on who did it and why: First of all, about the outing of all outings, my guess is peter was talking about the Mayor! It would explain why Peter told veronica: "why would I go to a baseball stadium?" I think it was to let the mayor know about his outing plan.
    Moreover, we saw in the previous episode that the mayor had an ambiguous attitude toward Logan during the gym session. Then if you want more proof that the mayor has something in his closet, remember how unconfortable he was when he asked keith to give him back the DVD (showing someone had been videotaping him in his own house) he had received. He pretended it was his "gardener" who had sent it. Obviously, he just wanted to get the evidences back because he had something to hide.
    Then, my guess is the mayor set up the bus crash not to be outed...
  • Veronica has nightmares about the kids that died in the bus crash. Wallace and Logan are teamed up to do a science project. And there's a mysterious new disorder going around the school that Keith is investigating.

    This was another great episode of Veronica Mars. More clues were revealed as to who is behind the mystery of the year: the bus crash.

    Through her dreams Veronica sorts through the information and clues that she already has to figure out who made the bus crash and why. Though most of the information leads to dead ends; some of it raises more questions that need answers.

    Veronica also gets accpeted to Stanford along with her rival for the Kane Scholarship: Angie. Since she told a college course during the summer Angie now has the edge or Veronica for the scholarship. This leads to Logan and Wallace teaming up for a science project to help Veronica out.

    Keith is at the school investigating Generalized Anxiety Disorder. When Veronica sees him leaving in his date suit she mistakening thinks he is dating Ms James again. It's revealed that he's really part of a dating service where he meets an office assitant that blows the lid on the disorder scam.

    I was glad to see more background on the kids that died in the crash. Even though it lead to more questions with no answers. Only 4 more episodes until we find out whodunit.
  • Veronica has trouble staying awake at school. Her dreams are haunted by visions of her dead classmates.

    Veronica Mars has dreams about her dead classmates in this episode. Usually this character is chipper, alert, and witty.

    She is as witty as ever. The little stunt she pulls on Logan in the hall is a funny example of this.

    But alert? No. She keeps drifting off to sleep in her classes.

    This story also drifts away from the usual formula plot: student comes to Veronica with a problem, Veronica investigates, Veronica solves the problem.

    This time they do not have a problem, she has a problem. That is kind of refreshing.

    She actually has two problems. She gets some really good news for a change. That practically never happens.

    Then she gets a big let-down. Not atypical at all. She does her usual detective mojo, usually reserved for helping others, and ends up helping herself with this one too.

    A nice change to see that Veronica can help not just Logan and the other students, but Veronica too.
  • Cute, but not quite

    Well, I have to say that it was an enjoyable episode to watch. It had all that gritty turmoil and introspective kind of thing that makes nior in general great.
    However, I'm a guy that has seen every Northern Exposure ever and you just can't give me weak-*ss dream sequences like that. I mean I'm not as anti-Freud as most people, but don't bludgen me over the head with symbolism.
    Also, if Thomas is planning on giving us a decent wrap-up this time, unlike season 1, then he better start WRAPPING IT UP. He only has for episodes left and I feel like he just keeps looking over the facts without any forward motion.

    MOVE ON ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Veronica is having nightmares about the victims of the bus crash, each victim giving her clues to "Who did it". All the clues stem from "evidence" that Veronica has gathered about each of the them. Meanwhile Logan and Wallace do an assignment together a

    Overall the episode was good but creepy and revealing. Rob Thomas knows how to just give you enough to keep you guessing but still scratching your head. If you pay close attention I'm sure it can be figured out who the culprit is but the fun is in guessing so we will have to wait and see.

    Loved the whole bonding thing with Wallace and Logan. I think this episode proved to the viewers how much each of those boys care for our girl.

    What I also loved is that it shows us that things happen off camera. I think a lot of people make mistakes in thinking that things don't happen unless we see them and it's simply not true. Veronica has been to see the bus, took pictures and gathered evidence. She has also been searching for other evidence on the other victims.

    Poor Veronica is probably not going to her dream school but that means goodness for us (hopefully:)
  • I was kinda worried

    I was afraid that this episode would be crappy, kinda like "Ooh, now she's the Ghost Whisperer, lets add something new to boost the ratings!!" Imagine my surprise when the actually jokes about Ms. Hewitt & as usual, had a brilliantly funny, tongue in cheek, self awaredness to the whole episode. As usual for this under-rated show, it was quite brilliant, when it could have turned out to be cheesy. Possibly the best episode of the season. So who was going to be outed???? Is this a red herring or the actual cause for the crash. Hmmm.......
  • Guess who's gay.

    The outing of all outing. I'm betting that we find out that one of the Casablancas boys are guy and I don't think it's Cassady. And I think he too has yellow fever. I could be wrong but I don't think I am.

    I so hope that Weevil didn't cause the bus crash. that would be so disappointing. He's a great character.

    Logan and Wallace teaming up together was great. Very much "The enemy of the enemy is my friend.

    It was neat that they had Keith in the school for once and that it wasn't about Veronica. But it was sorta

    I'm so glad they moved this to tuesdays, now if they could just move it to 8:00 so i wouldn't miss house
  • I thrilling episode, with well done dream sequences. I really enjoyed this episode!

    A very special episode this time, I really liked this one. I was angry that it ended so soon.
    This might contain spoilers!

    Veronica finally processes the bus crash also on a personal level. It’s interesting to see that. The dream sequences are very well done; even I thought that they were morbid some times.
    See is the reincarnation of an investigator! I mean she even processes the case in her dreams. Not only that the dead hunts her, she tries to communicate with them to find out more about them and a motive. Scary in some way.
    Then she tells everything to the school counsellor. Interesting, because I don’t believe she really can trust her. But that might just be me.

    The school project where Logan and Wallace have to work together – that’s a nice idea, but I can’t see where this leads. And where Veronica’s competition did suddenly came from? I mean sure we knew of her, but this time she stood in the centre of half the episode. I didn’t like that, even though I’ not against this storyline! I just don’t like to see her so much.

    The funniest scene was really when Keith found his daughter in the principal’s closet. Every other parent would have freaked out, but not Keith! How did she get out of there again? Well it doesn’t matter.

    After this episode I can’t wait to find out more about the bus crash, but we will have to wait maybe almost four long episodes till we find it out! I can’t wait.
    But one thing is clear, this time the “big season crime” is as good as the last one!
    I so enjoyed this episode. When it ended, I thought, no, that can’t be! Already finished? It was so thrilling.
  • So Veronica gets haunted, Dick gets summer school and Wallace stands up for Logan (?)

    Well that had to be the worst episode of all! Most people hated Donut Run (2.10) that my friends was my Donut Run. First of we had to watch Logan and Veronica make-out *gag* and then the weird dreams please! I'd rather have flashbacks with LoVe then that! The only really funny thing was "I know who you did last summer" which was funny. Really funny!

    Veronica was OoC, like explaining her jokes, acctually speaking with the counsler, being bitchy to Logan about how Hannah hasn't called him, slipping up with her story (for the second time)! Rob said that the clues would start pouring in. I watched it twice and wrote down everything that happened trying desperatly to find something I missed but nothing.

    And the explination for the "I am God" on the bus seat? What is this show a billboard?
  • i have never laughed........

    Well what can i say, this show is so superior to anything else on tv. It has the most clever dialog, best acted cast on tv today. I have never laughed so loud and long when dick told logan he couldn't quit him. And where can i get the dick cassevetes t-shirt? i heart rob thomas for creating the best show!!!!!