Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 18

I Know What You'll Do Next Summer

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 15, 2007 on UPN

Episode Recap

A new student, Apollo, comes to Hearst. He is famous for having written a book about his life as a conscripted child soldier in Uganda. A man contacts Veronica because he thinks Apollo is his son. After various twists and turns, including including Veronica being played by Apollo into thinking the book is fraudulent, the man is shown to be Apollo's real long-lost father.

Keith is investigating a series of robberies that have been occurring in Neptune homes and picks up a Fitzpatrick flunky. After Keith discovers that all the burglarized homes were "protected" by the same security company for which Vinnie consults, he concludes that the Fitzpatricks and Vinnie are working together to lower Keith's chances of being reelected as sheriff.

Parker and Logan hit a roadbump when Logan tells Parker of his plans to spend the summer surfing with Dick in South America. Parker is dismayed that they might not spend much time together, but is reassured when Logan later invites her along. However, when the surf trip falls trough, the two seem to be destined to spend the summer apart after all, since Parker will likely return to her parent's place in Denver.

Dick Casablancas, Sr., shows up, and explains to Dick, Jr., that he has turned himself in and has most of the summer to spend with his son until he starts serving time. Dick, Jr., expresses his thoughts that maybe their treatment of Cassidy led to the younger son's murderous actions and eventual suicide. Nonetheless, Dick, Jr., reluctantly agrees to spend the summer with his dad and calls off his surf trip.

After hearing about the violence in Africa from Apollo and others, Wallace decides to spend his summer there.

Mac and Max are getting serious, but things change when Max tells Mac that he is likely to be expelled from school soon. He isn't upset and plans to continue his "study guide" business out of an off campus apartment for several semesters to come. Mac isn't sure about this revelation, and wants to slow down their relationship as she decides her feelings

Piz and Veronica have settled into a comfortable if passionless relationship. Still, while Piz is prepared to turn down a prestigious internship to stay near Veronica, she has no second thoughts about leaving him behind to take the F.B.I. internship that she learns has been offered to her.