Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 18

I Know What You'll Do Next Summer

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 15, 2007 on UPN

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  • wish it was still on

    I love this show
  • Good character development, and at the same time not.

    When I sat down to watch Veronica Mars last night as I do every Tuesday I was filled with apprehension, this is after all a show close to being cancelled, near extinction if you will. However I was not as disappointed as some in last night’s effort in the single episode mystery idea, I was however disappointed in some characters.

    I did not mind the Pizonica moments as much as some, because as I have mentioned before on these boards and many others, I know it will not last, and therefore Veronica can have her little fling with the cute boy next door, because in the end I think a girl like her needs something like the rest of her life. Something Epic perhaps? I think so. Not to mention that Piz is quite a bit like Wallace, only with more cuddling.

    I am quite disappointed in what they have done to Mac, she was always pretty cynical even before the whole Cassidy went splat thing, to paraphrase Dick. And now we have seen her with Bronson, who I found to fall a little to flat for her, at least Beaver was a good contrast to her character, and now we have her with Max, who reminds me a tiny bit of Beaver, yet she’s only been with him a little while I’m assuming and already she’s having sex with him? That just seemed a little out of character for me.

    Also, they could have done so much more with Parker after the rape, I previously volunteered at a Youth Crisis Center and dealt with many young women who had been raped, and it takes a very long time to get over that kind of traumatic event, they could have developed her character and shown her becoming stronger. Instead we get whiny pouty Parker because Logan just doesn’t want to spend time with her; oh and the look on his face when she hugged him after he asked her to go with him? Classic brooding Logan.

    And the award for most improved character goes to *drum roll* Dick Casablancas, thank god we finally addressed the issue of Cassidy as far as it went for the Casablancas family, I wanted to jump into my television scream hold him and tell him it was not his fault. Yes, he could have been nicer to his younger brother, but that’s no different than any sibling rivalries, especially that close in age. Mine was actually much worse once upon a time, at least we never saw Dick throw a twenty pound text book at his head…and hit it...

    The mystery for tonight was not quite what I thought it would be I thought it would be a tad more dangerous, or at least that it what the preview left me feeling it would be. I was actually pleased when it all turned out to be okay, and hey Veronica Mars, someone might be smarter then you so I’d watch out. Vinnie Van Lowe needs to lose but at the same time I don’t know if I like Keith being the sheriff even though I’ve always rooted for him as he is the underdog, appreciated the return of the Fitzpatrick’s, as they kind of fizzled out after Weevil was arrested. Best moment of the night: Pizneyland, and also Dick and Big Dick.

    Where is Weevil?
    Is Kendall really dead?
    Isn’t Logan the one paying for their hotel room? Were any of the Fitzpatrick’s arrested for their part in Hector’s death? Or even for the drugs? Am I the only one who clearly missed Kendall being involved with the Fitzpatrick’s?
  • That's just the way Logan is.

    That's just the way Logan is... that's what Veronica tells Parker when asked if Logan simply doesn't think about other people. And it's true. But the ironic part is what Veronica doesn't see... that's just the way Veronica is too.

    And that was made evident at the end of this episode when Veronica is so happy about being accepted at the FBI for a summer internship. And why shouldn't she be happy? It's a great opportunity for her, but Piz doesn't see it that way, particularly after he considered taking an internship at a top 40 station, just so he could be near Veronica.

    Is this the beginning of the end of Veronica and Piz? I think it is, and I just hope that it's the beginning of the end for Logan and Parker too. Which, of course, will leave Veronica and Logan free to get back together!
  • Veronica takes her P.I. exam, Big Dick Casablancas returns, Parker gets a glimpse of Logan's not so nice side.

    This was a pretty good episode with lots of character development. I liked the Logan/Parker situation. I always found them a bit of a strange couple but not a bad one. Logan just had it doomed from the start. Im not a Logan fan. At all - he always seems to treat his girls like crap and Parker was no exception. She finally realised that its just the way he is, that its just his nature and no matter how hard she tries, she cant change that fact.
    My favourite part of the whole episode was the interaction between Dick and his father. I was never really much of a fan of Dick Jr - sure he was funny but hes a total idiot and he just bugged me. This episode showed a side of his character that we've never seen before - Guilt and remorse about the way he treated his younger brother. It was a bit of awesome acting from Ryan Hansen too. The outburst and the tears and the whole feeling responsible for Cassidy's murders/suicide made me change my opinion about Dick. Also woo hoo - Piz and Veronica
  • Makes me want the next epp!

    Veronica passed her PI exam, which is good, except Piz didn't seem to happy with her leaving for Virgina. Poor Piz. Dick Casablancas Sr. is back and this is one of the very few times that I sympathize with Dick (Jr.) There wasn't much mystery, whitch is surprising for me because the season finale is coming up so soon, so you'd think they might want to get some bigger stuff going on, but, yeah, all in all, I really enjoyed the eppisode!
  • Big Dick Casablancas is back!

    This was a very good episode. I wasn't too keen on the MoTW, I'm not sure this show is that great at tackling very topical issues like this, but I thought it was good nonetheless.

    What made the episode for me was all the call backs to past events on the show. Continuity is a beautiful thing... most importantly we finally saw Dick emote about Cassidys death and he actually called him Cassidy which is a great set up. I always thought it was in character for Dick to burry his feelings of guilt about Beav since that is the type of person he is. He drank, fooled around with girls etc. all season to shut out the pain. I loved Ryan Hansens acting in that scene, he really nailed it and seeing Big Dick again was so awesome. I loved that line about seeing the spot where Beaver hit the ground everyday... I went all teary-eyed. I never in a million years thought I would cry over Dick, I do love this show.

    I admit I found Piz and Veronica cute but I think their relationship is overly cutsey and sibilingesque. The sitting on Piz's lap infront of her father was way over the top in my opinion. But meh, I'm glad this episode was overall rather Piz light and we got to see more of Veronica focused on a case rather than her relationship drama-rama. The paralells between Logan and Veronica over their decisions to spend their summers apart from thier other halfs was cool, and it furthered the neon signs indicating that Piz and Parker are just temporary. Parker asking Veronica for advice about Logan was an oblivious move for Parker. She's evidently one of those people who are slightly naive so I can forgive her for that. I was a little confused as to Veronicas comment re. Logan when she said 'that's just the way he is'. Having thought about it I believe it to mean that Veronica was remembering early on in the LoVe season 3 relationship when Logan told her he would go to art shows and the like with her, but actually decided to go do some gambling etc instead. It was nice that after hearing that from Veronica Logan decided to go and invite Parker because he wanted to be a better person, one that Veronica wouldn't say that about rather than because he wanted to spend the summer with Parker.

    I hated the comment Keith made about Logan at the start of the episode, but it was in character so I won't moan about it. I read somewhere a comment that Keith probably prefered the cute buddy-buddy Piz/Veronica relationship to the sexually charged and intense LoVe relationship, which would make sense really and would lend credence to the fact that Keith was approving of Piz but no other b/f of Ronnies ever. I guess it was a case of Piz is better than Logan any day... it doesn't endear me to Keith but I like that explanation. In other news, I loved the Keith/Veronica interaction!! I loved that Keith beat her score in the PI exam also. I loved hearing about Kendall, I loved seeing the corrupt Fitzpatricks and CLIFF!! I just loved it.
  • I almost forgot there are so many characters on that show ;-)

    Let's for once forget that I'm desperate to see Logan and Veronica together again and focus on the things that mad this episode kinda special!

    Wallace might be going to Africa which is a tough decision and has me wondering now: will he not be in season 4?

    Mac hooks up with Max and we saw it coming... but it's not the perfect match I would have expected because Max is actually not too serious about his future and Mac can't seem to deal with that.

    Again no Weevil, but instead a whole lot of Dick. We finally got to see a whole other side of him. While so many claim that his character has no use, I love him! It's a great character with a lot of undisovered storyline! It was especially important that they brought up Beaver's death and what he did again. It hit me when his dad suddenly returned and Dick got all emotional. I hope we get to see more of that, I was really angry that they just dropped the whole Cassidy storyline altogether. I heard Dick and Mac might become friends and talk it over and I'm excited to see more of Dick now!

    Parker was there again... not that exciting. I can't believe she would go on talking to Veronica about Logan. Doesn't she realize that this sucks? Bad enough she hooked up with him at all, but now she's permanently asking her for advise...

    Pretty similar to Parker, Piz is investing more feelings into the new found relationship than Logan and Veronica do. I kinda like that Veronica is for once not caught up in big drama, but seems to be enjoying time with someone who's not that much different than her. But Piz seems to lose his focus and put all his energy in their relationship while Veronica wouldn't stop to pursue her dream for a second... Good for her, bad for him...

    I liked the Appollo storyline, too, but it was really not as important to me as seeing all the characters again. I said it once before, but I'll repeat myself if necessary: If this is what the show looks like without its mystery arcs, then I don't hate that idea that much!
  • Veronica passes her P.I. exam and becomes an offical detective. However her first official case is trying to reunite a former child soldier with the father he has been separated from for 21 years.

    A student at Hearst who is a former child soldier back in Uganda releases a book detailing what happened to him. Piz interviews the man Apollo alongside his mentor and professor at Hearst. Soon after a man contacts Veronica claiming he is Apollo's father and has a letter from his mother that will prove this to be true. Veronica goes undercover claiming she is doing a story on Apollo to get close and find out if the letter is authentic. Also Veronica passes her exam to officially become a detective. There is some funny scenes with Keith prepping her for it and later her playing around with him how she beat his score only to find out he did better after all. Also in this episode Keith and The Sheriff's Department deal with a crime wave that may be connected to the Fitzpatricks and Vinnie Van Low's Campaign for Sheriff. However Vinnie dares Keith to prove it to be true. A familar face also returns to Neptune as Dick is shocked to find Dick Casablancas Sr. in his room confessing to him that he was tired of running and is going to jail in 2 months for a year. We see the rare deep emotional side of Dick here as he is clearly upset with his father for suddenly showing back up in his life after missing Cassidy's funeral. He also confesses how he wonders if they are to blame for what Cassidy did and how he has to walk by where he died everyday. That mixed with Keith's confrontation with Liam Fitzpatrick about Kendall brought back and gave a Season 2 sort of feel to this episode that I really liked. Meanwhile Veronica is found out Apollo and tells him the real reason why she interviewed him. So then Apollo sets it up to look like he is a fraud and didn't Soldier of Misfortune in order to test if his father is after him or money. It would seem he is after money after he fails to show for a blood test but turns out he is in a jail cell. Veronica takes Apollo to him for a very heartwarming reunion. Also Veronica finds out she got the summer internship at the FBI much to the dismay of Piz who turned down his dream internship to be closer to Veronica. Can't wait for the (let's hope Season) finale next week as it looks pretty damn awesome.
  • Veronica takes her PI licensing exam

    Nothing special, but another solid installment. This was a pretty run of the mill Veronica Mars episode. Veronica takes a case - and the episode follows her solving it. Like many I was a big supporter of Logan & Veronica. I'm a big fan of Logan - not a huge fan of Veronica when she's with Logan. I do like Veronica when she's with Piz - and frankly Chris Lowell has grown on me. I wasn't Piz' biggest fan at the beginning of the season; but he's just so... good. And well, hot. I miss Wallace. He got to make a few appearances in this one - but I feel like he hasn't really been getting the screen time like he used to. Something needs to be done about that... Why are we wasting time on Parker? She's a random addition to the series and frankly I just don't care about her, or her and Logan really... It's not that I'm against the character, I would just rather see the time spent elsewhere.

    Love that Veronica took her PI exam. Sitting tight hoping the series is renewed, but trying to enjoy the end of the season since things aren't looking good...