Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 18

I Know What You'll Do Next Summer

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 15, 2007 on UPN

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  • Good character development, and at the same time not.

    When I sat down to watch Veronica Mars last night as I do every Tuesday I was filled with apprehension, this is after all a show close to being cancelled, near extinction if you will. However I was not as disappointed as some in last night’s effort in the single episode mystery idea, I was however disappointed in some characters.

    I did not mind the Pizonica moments as much as some, because as I have mentioned before on these boards and many others, I know it will not last, and therefore Veronica can have her little fling with the cute boy next door, because in the end I think a girl like her needs something like the rest of her life. Something Epic perhaps? I think so. Not to mention that Piz is quite a bit like Wallace, only with more cuddling.

    I am quite disappointed in what they have done to Mac, she was always pretty cynical even before the whole Cassidy went splat thing, to paraphrase Dick. And now we have seen her with Bronson, who I found to fall a little to flat for her, at least Beaver was a good contrast to her character, and now we have her with Max, who reminds me a tiny bit of Beaver, yet she’s only been with him a little while I’m assuming and already she’s having sex with him? That just seemed a little out of character for me.

    Also, they could have done so much more with Parker after the rape, I previously volunteered at a Youth Crisis Center and dealt with many young women who had been raped, and it takes a very long time to get over that kind of traumatic event, they could have developed her character and shown her becoming stronger. Instead we get whiny pouty Parker because Logan just doesn’t want to spend time with her; oh and the look on his face when she hugged him after he asked her to go with him? Classic brooding Logan.

    And the award for most improved character goes to *drum roll* Dick Casablancas, thank god we finally addressed the issue of Cassidy as far as it went for the Casablancas family, I wanted to jump into my television scream hold him and tell him it was not his fault. Yes, he could have been nicer to his younger brother, but that’s no different than any sibling rivalries, especially that close in age. Mine was actually much worse once upon a time, at least we never saw Dick throw a twenty pound text book at his head…and hit it...

    The mystery for tonight was not quite what I thought it would be I thought it would be a tad more dangerous, or at least that it what the preview left me feeling it would be. I was actually pleased when it all turned out to be okay, and hey Veronica Mars, someone might be smarter then you so I’d watch out. Vinnie Van Lowe needs to lose but at the same time I don’t know if I like Keith being the sheriff even though I’ve always rooted for him as he is the underdog, appreciated the return of the Fitzpatrick’s, as they kind of fizzled out after Weevil was arrested. Best moment of the night: Pizneyland, and also Dick and Big Dick.

    Where is Weevil?
    Is Kendall really dead?
    Isn’t Logan the one paying for their hotel room? Were any of the Fitzpatrick’s arrested for their part in Hector’s death? Or even for the drugs? Am I the only one who clearly missed Kendall being involved with the Fitzpatrick’s?