Veronica Mars

Season 1 Episode 17

Kanes and Abel's

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2005 on UPN
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    The Veronica Mars Season 1 Dossier: Episodes 17-22

    Veronica Mars' stellar first season draws to a close in a slightly troubling yet ultimately satisfying way.

  • Episode Summary

    Veronica investigates who at school is doing everything possible to distract Sabrina from studying and wreck her grades in an obvious attempt to sabotage her chances at becoming valedictorian. Meanwhile, an unsavory, rival private investigator makes Keith a business offer. Later, Veronica pursues a risky lead that could discredit Abel Koontz's confession, as Logan stumbles onto her detailed files on everyone connected to Lilly's murder.moreless

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    • A rival private investigator makes Keith a business offer. Veronica pursues a risky lead that could discredit Abel Koontz's confession, as Logan stumbles onto her detailed files on everyone connected to Lilly's murder.moreless

      Veronica investigates who at school is doing everything possible to distract Sabrina from studying and wreck her grades in an obvious attempt to sabotage her chances at becoming valedictorian. Meanwhile, an unsavory, rival private investigator makes Keith a business offer. Later, Veronica pursues a risky lead that could discredit Abel Koontz's confession, as Logan stumbles onto her detailed files on everyone connected to Lilly's murder. really cute the meeting between ceronica and vinnie vanlowemoreless
    • Review

      Again - same structure, but the Lily Kane murder mystery is starting to become the center of the epsiode whereas in episodes past it has been the mini part of the devoloping storyline. With only five episodes to go, this season is coming to a close and I assume that the end of the season will reveal who was behind Lily Kanes murder, if there was more then one. The case in this one (with the two smart kids) was really good, but I thought this mainly because of the ending. Veronica ends up turning the tables on the boy whose father was paying Vinnie to do distract the girl (horrible with Guest Star names) and then feels for him when the girls family threathens to sue. Veronica couldn't understand why there could not be a mutal settlement, but thats just the way it was. The meat of the episode was obviosuly a build up on the Lily Kane murder. In fact - I dont think another episode has built on it more then this one. Loved seeing the three "fake" death scenes where each member of Lilys family is shown killing her on the night that she died. Veronica and Keith seem to be on the same page now and Keith goes over some of the reasons why he was so quick over a year and a half ago to point the finger at the family. Overall, I would so to this point that this is the lowest rated episode that deserves to be rated so much higher.moreless
    • In this episode a spoiled 09er needs help from Veronica to be valedictorian

      This episode isn't very important to the overall story but helps set up the rich versus poor story line that takes center stage in the second season. My heart really goes out to the asian guy who looses his scholarship because of his father and his accepting attitude makes it even harder because he is faced with the reality that life is unfair and that he will have to make do with what he has. Vinnie Vanlowe is also an amzing character and adds a lot of humor to any episode that he is in and him showing up here is hilarious.moreless
    • Veronica challenges the Kanes

      I really don't understand why this episode is only rated 9.1 - it was by far one of the revealant episodes of season 1 in my opinion. Not the best, but definitely superb!

      While the episode is constructed like every other Veronica Mars(well, at least like most); mystery of the week plus overall mystery. However, in this case the overall mystery gets more attention and development. Since the pilot I think this is the episode that helped to develop the overall mystery the most.

      I was a bit dissappointed that Veronica Mars dropped the flashbacks and the odd visions after the first few episodes, or at least used less of them, however the visions are definitely back this episode and oh my god are they good. Yes they are, they are AWESOME.

      The mystery of the week was mostly just means to an end(Veronica needed money to pay the hotel she was hiding Abel Koontz's daughter), but it was pretty interesting, and I just loved the scenes with Vinnie Van Lowe. He's so goofy and funny. And I really didn't see that ending coming.

      However, the "meat" of the episode was the whole Kane family storyline. Veronica trying to figure out which of the Kanes might be behind the murder.

      I'm sure most of us, fans have had imagined in our heads. The death of Lilly Kane. What if Celeste did it? What if Jake? What if Duncan? But actually SEEING the "what if's" very brutal and "in your face". Clarence Wiedman is once again back in the game, and oh he's awesome. The actor they chose to play the part is awesome, really badass, obviously the kind of guy who's willing to do what needs to be done.

      I can see why were some people frustrated by the ending: Amelia gets paid off and goes away for good therefore Veronica's plan fails. Normally I would say they spent too much time building up to this, but I've to say it WAS nerve wracking and it just gives further motivation to Keith and Veronica. The scene with the Kanes in the middle was really good. The suspense between the Kanes and Veronica is awful, i love the awkwardness. The episode's closing scene is bloody brilliant. Yet another clue(why were the Kanes washing Duncan's football uniform at the time of Lilly's death?). Duncan was the killer? Everything fits - and if the last scene(Duncan killing Lilly in V's vision) didn't bring chills down your spine you're watching the wrong show. This show rarely uses smash cuts but that one was amazing and the ending's alone worth a 9/10.

      Also this episode was really dark for the most, really noir - all it was missing is Keith lighting on a pipe. The visions as usual are really vivid and on purpose there are a couple of frames skipping. Sets the mood well.

      Great revealing episode with alot of noir and mystery.moreless
    • One of the best of the season.

      This episode was great! The little mystery (like in several of previous episodes) was pretty boring. Like we really care that the rich girl is having a hard time studying. Why didn't she just study at a friend's house or a library or unplug the phone in her room and keep the other phones in the house plugged in?! But that aside, the developments in the bigger mysteries were great. I loved watching what Veronica pictured when she thought of each Kane "killing" Lilly. And the fact that Amelia is gone was a nice obstacle. It was also great to see Logan again, but it wasn't for long enough! When are he and Veronica going to get together?!moreless
    Erin Chambers

    Erin Chambers

    Amelia DeLongpre

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    Megan Henning

    Megan Henning

    Sabrina Fuller

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    Zachery Bryan

    Zachery Bryan

    Caz Truman

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    Amanda Seyfried

    Amanda Seyfried

    Lilly Kane

    Recurring Role

    Lisa Thornhill

    Lisa Thornhill

    Celeste Kane

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    Christopher B. Duncan

    Christopher B. Duncan

    Clarence Wiedman, Jr.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • The movie playing while Amelia's in the motel room is Clash of the Titans (1981) starring Harry Hamlin, who portrays Aaron Echolls on the show. Episode 12's title is also based on it.

      • Logan states that he and Duncan have been friends since kindergarten. In episode #4, we learn that Logan didn't move to Neptune until he was 12. It's not necessarily a plot hole, but it's somewhat odd.

      • In the flashbacks around the time of Lilly's murder Celeste Kane is shown having about shoulder length hair. In the "flashback theory" Veronica has, Celeste has her hair short.

        Edit: Her hair does look short, but when she turns and slaps Lily, her hair is in a twist in the back of her head.

      • In the scene where Veronica visits Sabrina at her home, Sabrina and her mom speak Italian with each other. After her mother leaves and Veronica is sitting in her place, you can clearly see the Italian lines written on the computer screen in front of Sabrina.

      • When Vince Vanlowe mentions the band (Daryl) Hall & (John) Oates, he says John Hall and Daryl Oates instead.

    • QUOTES (10)

      • Logan: Hey, what do you think Lilly would make of you investigating all the people who loved her?
        Veronica: I loved Lilly. Maybe if I didn't, I'd be able to drop this.
        Logan: Okay, I just came to give you this. (he gives her a folded cheque) Hey, thanks, for, uh, you looking for my mother.
        (she takes the cheque)
        Veronica: Your mom was always nice to me. (she delicately tears up the cheque)

      • Jake Kane: You're having sex with my daughter?
        Weevil: Not right now.

      • Keith: Guess who stopped by today?
        Veronica: If you say Josh Hartnett, I'm gonna be so bummed.

      • Veronica: Caz, you were lurking. The innocent rarely lurk.

      • Caz: You know if you asked, I would jump off the roof?
        Sabrina: Can I get you to stop that?
        Veronica: Ask him to jump.

      • Veronica: Caz, I'm kind of busy so let's play this at fast forward. I ask you to stop harassing Sabrina Fuller. You deny it. I eventually catch you. You're suspended, dropped from basketball and made the subject of a news blurb that everyone chuckles at in the papers. So stop harassing Sabrina, okay?
        Caz: Look, I'm not harassing Sabrina.
        Veronica: Caz, did you listen?

      • Veronica: (just before pulling off Vinnie Vanlowe's fake mustache) You have a little something on your face.

      • Clarence Wiedman: I'm looking for Amelia DeLongpre.
        Amelia's roommate: I'm sorry. She left about five minutes ago with some friend of hers.
        Clarence Wiedman: Could you describe this friend?
        Amelia's roommate: Tiny. Blonde. Cute as a bug.

      • Keith: Look, I don't know if you were just looking for pimp in the phone book and stopped at 'PI.'

      • Veronica: Miss Sabrina commands you to put your pants back on and get a job.

    • NOTES (2)

    • ALLUSIONS (6)

      • Character Name: Vinnie Vanlowe

        This is a reference to the Dutch post-impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh whose works include "The Starry Night" and series of Self-Portraits and Irises. Vinnie is low on intelligence, scruples and ethics.

      • Veronica: Hello Trueman.

        This is a play on the line said regularly in Seinfeld. Jerry would say "Hello Newman" whenever Wayne Knight's character Newman would appear.

      • Lilly: Chill out mommy dearest.

        A reference to movie star Joan Crawford in her adopted daughter Christina's autobiography Mommy Dearest, which was later made into a film with Faye Dunaway playing the abusive mother.

      • Veronica: So, Sabrina--
        Harrison Cho: Ah, the teenage witch.
        Cho disrupts Veronica's questioning to make a fashionable comparison between the girl in question and the TV show title character from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, played by Melissa Joan Hart. That show was itself based on the Archie comic and 1971 TV cartoon named just Sabrina.

      • Adress: Herper Blvd.
        The bugged pen that Veronica slips to Vinnie Vanlowe shows that Mars Investigations is located on Harper Blvd. Harper is an allusion to Lew Harper, the famous modern detective created by Ross MacDonald and played by Paul Newman in the 1975 film The Drowning Pool.

      • Episode Title: Kane and Abel's

        It's a play on the name of a story from the Bible called Cain and Abel, the supposed children of Adam and Eve.