Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 20

Look Who's Stalking

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2006 on UPN
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    The Veronica Mars Season 2 Dossier: Episodes 20-22

    We've made it through the end of Season 2, and the finale was nothing short of impressive.

  • Episode Summary

    Veronica is hired by Gia Goodman to find out who has been stalking her, but matters become more complicated when Keith gets tangled up in a scandal involving her father. Meanwhile, Logan throws an "alterna-prom" when the senior prom is cancelled, and Wallace and Jackie solidify their new relationship.moreless

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    • Love is in the air and the prom just got cancelled but thanks to our rich school mates "Alterna Prom" is the next best thing if not even better. Meanwhile, in another part of town someone has a little mistress problem.moreless

      The season is coming to an end and this episode brings in a few new facts and a few old ones get revisited. Even if you are starting to get fed up with the whole high school theme and the way Veronica gets her little jobs from her school mates, there's always a twist or two that makes this series worth watching.

      Still, this only works for so long and eventually has to come to an end. So now we know the mayor has skeletons in his closet which again comes to no surprise. We finally know who is behind the Goodman videos and we also know what the relationship between Mr. Goodman and the boy is, even if it is not mentioned directly.

      We also have the "Cook Baseball scandal" cooking (pun was too tempting) and Miss Cook eventually gives in to Wallace's charm at the Alterna Prom. What can we say but "Forget Paris!"

      What about lonley Veronica? All alone at the prom, just wanting to be loved... by a drunk Logan? Their relationship was "epic" he says and girls fall for such talk? Veronica apparently does but since Logan is true to himself we can count on the "tears be shed in the end" scene.

      Just one thing, if someone takes on a fake identity, falls in with the local bad crowd and basically is up to no good, possibly doing the "long con" or whatever then I think it is safe to assume that "pressing charges" is the last thing that person will want to do in order to reobtain a stolen harddrive.moreless
    • Logan Logan Logan

      Good episode, but a downer for me because I am such a Veronica and Logan fan. You knew what was going to happen at the end of the episode though, so I was prepared for it. I really did think they would get together again after his speech, but when she rejected him I was dying for her not to go back the next morning when she left her Dad at the kitchen table. I think the best part of this episode was that it played on the show's strongest character pair (Logan and Veronica) and eliminated the weakest links from the main cast (Weevil and Cassidy). The alternate prom was fun to watch as Jackie and Wallace built their relationship. It seems like it is going to have a bittersweet ending, but at least they both seem to know it.

      The bus crash storyline is sure to be coming to an end here soon, so hopefully that comes to a satisfying conclusion. Overall - really well written character episode in this one.moreless
    • Hot damn..

      Right, so this episode was a winner. The best aspect of this show is the relationship between Logan and Veronica. For the msot of the season(and the previous, for that matter) it has been put to sleep but we always felt the chemsitry. Now its back full throttle, even though Logan manages to screw it up . . . It is revealed that the stalker is Lucky and that he has something really interesting to say about Woody. Interesting, to say at least. Another interesting thing: Veronica has STd. Sort of random, right?

      Anyway, yea. The alterna-prom was epic just as Logan said, I loved how Wallace and Jackie unfolded. I wish the same happened for Logan and Veronica, but no... The very last scene was such an AWKWARD, but well done scene, seesh. Poor Veronica. Overall, one of the highlights of the season with lots of story and character development.moreless
    • A truly EPIC episode filled with emotion, heartfelt sentiments and drama.

      This is one of my favourite Veronica Mars episodes ever!

      A surprise opening storyline, Veronica has an STD? That caught my attention. The episode begins when we see Gia Goodman being stalked by an unknown, and Veronica is hot on the heels of the mystery stalker. At first we are led to believe it's only Leo Damado, the spunky Greek-Italian ex-boyfriend of Veronica, looking after Gia's back due to Woody's concerns about some incorporation threats. Then we find out there's more to the story. Someone has been secretly filming Gia and sending creepy home movies to her house. At the same time, naughty Woody Goodman has Keith cleaning up his dirty laundry at the local hotel. But the best moments in this episode is the coy and charming Logan who asks Veronica to the alterna-prom. You can see it in his expressions and his face, he is longing for her to attend this party. When we see Veronica arrive at the alterna-prom Logan has a silent moment to himself, where he exhales to himself after glimpsing a sexy and attractively dressed Veronica. This of course builds up to the moment where he reveals his deepest feelings for Veronica (whilst a bit tipsy) and declares their love story as epic. The music complements the moment perfectly, the beat and rhythm of Mike Doughty's "I hear the bells" parallel the lightbulb moment for Logan. But Veronica isn't so sure. My heart was pounding when this was happening and to see Veronica quickly make an exit, and the dissapointment spilled all over Logan's face.

      The next morning Veronica comes face to face with the fact she may be too late. At this point we HATE Logan, how could he be so stupid? As Veronica climbs into the elevator the look of hurt and despair sinks in. She is mortified to have revealed such private feelings to Logan, who was so drunk he can't even recall the precious moments from the night before. Things in the romance department blossom for Wallace and Jackie.moreless
    • Veronica helps Gia track down her stalker. Though the problem becomes more serious then first suspected. Also, after prom is canceled, Logan hosts an "alterna" prom.

      This is my favourite season 2 episode! It holds all the elements of Veronica Mars that make it such a good show: exciting, funny, freaky, suspenseful and sad.

      The idea of an alterna prom is original and funny. With the intention of being a private prom for the rich kids, its hilarious when Logan finds out Veronica has invited basically the whole grade.

      Dick being the comic relief is probably at its finest during this episode. With his party pig and his hitting on every girl, Veronica included, at the party.

      This episode also features a lot of Veronica/Logan time, which I love! With the bickering we all know and love, plus the revealing of true feelings!

      And who can forget the ending. It made me cry the first time I saw it. Depressing, heartbreaking and a little frustrating! To know how it ends, you'll just have to watch :)moreless
    Adam Hendershott

    Adam Hendershott

    Vincent "Butters" Clemmons

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    Steve Rankin

    Lloyd Blankenship

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    James Jordan

    James Jordan

    Tommy "Lucky" Dohanic

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    Max Greenfield

    Max Greenfield

    Deputy Leo D'Amato

    Recurring Role

    Jeffrey D. Sams

    Jeffrey D. Sams

    Terrence Cook

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    Michael Muhney

    Michael Muhney

    Sheriff Don Lamb

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • When Veronica knocks on Logan's hotel door at the end of the episode, there is a green poster on the door during close-ups but it disappears each time the camera is on wide shot. It is also gone when Logan opens the door.

      • The Alterna-Prom invite is dated May 13th Friday. However, the episode aired in 2006 in which the 13th of May fell on a Saturday.

    • QUOTES (22)

      • Logan: So, are you coming? (She waits to give him the chance to read her.) What, you'd rather be spelunking?
        Veronica: No! I'd rather be... (She waits to give him the chance to read her.) Strapped down on an ant hill!

      • Logan: Look, whatever I said, I... (Veronica walks away to the elevator) You should know...
        Veronica: Stop.

      • Dick: Senior year's almost over. In a month, we might never see each other again. Never. Think about how long that is. That's like forever, but worse.
        Madison: I'm not going to sleep with you.
        Dick: We could fool around in the bathroom. Old times' sake? Never... it's a long time, Madison.

      • Logan: (talking about Mr. Wu) And that is what happens when you never get laid.
        Veronica: Well why don't you invite him to your bitchin' party?
        Logan: Hey, speaking of my bitching party, a funny thing happened. That stoner dude Corny whom I don't recall inviting offered to bring dessert. Exactly how many losers are now coming to my party?
        Veronica: You said invite whoever.
        Logan: Didn't it occur to you that I might not have meant it?

      • Veronica: I was going to console Jackie and Wallace that night. You got their prom canceled, remember?
        Logan: Well, bring them along. Bring whoever. You know, we with our inherited wealth don't mind... as long as you bathe and keep your hands off the silver.
        Veronica: I'll consider it.

      • Logan: So tonight there is only one thing I ask of you -- make senior memories.
        Dick: Uh, that's why I brought the party pig.

      • Logan: What do you care who Duncan did when Duncan did do dudettes?
        Veronica: Would you believe, it's for a college application. Weird, huh?

      • Veronica: Hey, how's it goin'?
        Logan: Oh, this is gonna be good.
        Veronica: What?
        Logan: Ah, you have that 'I'd-rather-be-making-out-with-a-broken-bottle' look. Which if history serves, means you're about to say something awkward.
        Veronica: This? This is my 'I'd-rather-be-spelunking' look. It's like you don't know me at all.

      • Logan: Bimbos? That's not me anymore.
        Veronica: So what are you like now?
        Logan: You know, tortured. Ever since I had my heart broke.
        Veronica: Hannah really did do a number on you, huh?
        Logan: Come on, you know I'm not talking about Hannah.

      • Veronica: (voiceover) So my Grandma Reynolds was always saying, 'when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.' I wish she was still alive, because I'd really like to ask what she suggests for when life gives you chlamydia.

      • Veronica: Mrs. C! I trust you're well.
        Kendall: Well, if it isn't little Miss Teen Getaway. Your dad and I were just dealing with a little trouble.
        Veronica: Like Trouble, with a capital T, that rhymes with C, that stands for—
        Keith: Veronica!
        Veronica: I was gonna say cute.

      • Clemmons: Attention students. Due to a significant number of alcohol violations on the senior trip, this year's prom has been canceled.
        Wallace: What?!
        Clemmons: That is all.
        Mac: Yes! Prayer works!

      • Dick: Ronnie, what do you think the odds are of you and me hooking up by the end of the night?
        Veronica: I happen to have them right here. They are...a googolplex to one.
        Dick: Right on! So I'll send over a bartender and check back in with you later.

      • Veronica: So, I'm stuck on something, and hoped you could help me.
        Keith: Absolutely. Unless it's physics or chemistry. Or math. Or English. PE. I was good at PE.

      • Madison: God, longest elevator ride ever.
        Vincent: Wait for the space elevator. They're designing it now. A huge elevator on a hundred-mile carbon polymer cable that goes all the way to space. That'll be a long elevator ride.
        Mac: Still not as long as this one.

      • Veronica: So Neptune has to keep us?
        Keith: What's a yacht without barnacles?

      • Veronica: Can I borrow the remote cameras tonight?
        Keith: What for?
        Veronica: For...a school project?
        Keith: I don't believe you.
        Veronica: Okay. This girl I know suspects that one of several creepy weirdoes she sang a Kylie Minogue song to at karaoke night might be following her around. We're trying to narrow down which one it is.
        Keith: I like your first answer better.

      • Gia: It's totally nondescript. I mean, that's what's so unique about it.

      • Veronica: Okay, I have news. The senior memories once thought lost forever can, in fact, be generated after all, albeit in a slightly degraded form. The rich kids are throwing a private replacement prom.
        Wallace: Damn, they're just privatizing everything these days.

      • Logan: I thought our story was epic, you know? You and me.
        Veronica: Epic how?
        Logan: Spanning years and continents. Lives ruined, blood shed, epic. But summer's almost here. We won't see each other at all. And then you'll leave town and then... and then it's over.
        Veronica: Logan...
        Logan: I'm sorry about last summer. You know, if I could do it over...
        Veronica: Come on. Ruined lives, bloodshed? You really think a relationship should be that hard?
        Logan: No one writes songs about the ones that come easy.

      • Logan: Hello.
        Veronica: First let me say that I'm sorry for running out last night like I did. I was a bit overwhelmed... I needed to collect my thoughts, think about what you said.
        Logan: Veronica...
        Veronica: Look, let me just get this out. I don't want to lose you from my life either. And I'm not saying I'm ready to dive back into anything, but after graduation, let's make it a point to see each other. See where that takes us. I remember what you said about our relationship being epic. (Veronica finally realizes that Logan doesn't remember a thing about the previous night) Oh, God.
        Logan: Veronica, last night was kind of a blur...

      • Veronica: (complimenting Mac on her dress) Mac, you really do look...
        Mac: Don't distract me, I'm plotting how to kill you and make it look like an accident.

    • NOTES (2)

    • ALLUSIONS (6)

      • Gia: Wow, how Mission Impossible! I feel like at any moment Tom Cruise is gonna dangle from the ceiling on cables.
        Veronica: Great, now I won't be able to sleep. I hope he doesn't try to marry me.

        This refers to Mission: Impossible star Tom Cruise' engagement to Katie Holmes, a woman over sixteen years his junior.

      • Veronica: You don't want to drink that! Trust me.
        When Veronica warns Gia, it's a referback to Madison's habit of spitting in drinks and then offering them to people she doesn't like. It was shown in the 21st episode of Season 1, A Trip to the Dentist.

      • Logan: Alone again?
        Veronica: Naturally.

        This is an allusion to a song written and performed by Irish artist Gilbert O'Sullivan, "Alone Again, Naturally", which went to No.1 on the Billboard chart in 1971. It is about the life of a young man troubled by being left by people who loved him, which seems to parallel that of both Veronica and Logan.

      • Wallace: What? You mean, how when I put on a tux, I make 'James Bond' look like 'Cletus', the slack-jawed yokel?
        'James Bond' is the fictitious character in a series of books and movies created by Ian Fleming. He is a British secret agent well known for wearing tuxedos and attracting the attention of good looking women. 'Cletus' is a character from The Simpsons who is basically the opposite of 'James Bond'.

      • Veronica: Like Trouble, with a capital T that rhymes with C that stands for--

        Veronica plays on the capital T for trouble lyrics in the song (Ya got) Trouble from the 1957 Meredith Wilson-musical The Music Man. The musical is based on a story by Wilson and Franklin Lacey, but Wilson being credited for book, music and lyrics for the musical, it's widely considered his creation. This musical has later been adapted to both the small and big screen.

      • Episode Title: Look Who's Stalking
        The title of this episode is a play on the movie Look Who's Talking.

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