Veronica Mars

Season 1 Episode 13

Lord of the Bling

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2005 on UPN
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  • Episode Summary

    After a wealthy music producer's daughter goes missing, Veronica almost bites off more than she can chew in her attempt to find her old friend. Meanwhile, Logan finds it difficult to show the proper emotions at his mother's wake.

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    • After a wealthy music producer's daughter goes missing, Veronica almost bites off more than she can chew in her attempt to find her old friend. Meanwhile, Logan finds it difficult to show the proper emotions at his mother's wake.moreless

      After a wealthy music producer's daughter goes missing, Veronica almost bites off more than she can chew in her attempt to find her old friend.

      Meanwhile, Logan finds it difficult to show the proper emotions at his mother's wake. not my favourite episode but it's veronica mars and it's kinda cool...and then u get to watch logan
    • Review

      After the ending last week we jump right into the funeral for the Echolls family for the most part. The main storyline for this season to me should be the murder of Lily Kane, but we seem to be getting away from that and moving onto a plot involving the Echolls family and the things that they are going through. The flashbacks in this episode were the best part - finding out about Aaron Echolls having a kiss with the girl at the nightclub. Howeveer, even the case didn't ever hold me interest in this episode. There was no fast-paced scenes in this episode. It seemed like it was very slow moving compared to some of the episodes that came before this one. Overall, I would say this is one of the bottom episodes of season one because of the boring case and the very slow pacing that really made the 42 minutes seem like so much longer. This is an example of an episode I would likely not watch again anytime soon.moreless
    • Pretty Bland.

      A record producers daughter and almost friend of Veronica goes missing so Mars investigations tries tracking her down. Okay so there is not a whole lot to write about Lord Of The Bling. Although enjoyable nothing about it stands out. The main plot is bland with the father coming off way to unsympathetic. I found myself not caring all that much about the daughter or what the out come would be. This episode is saved from being straight out bad by the usual Veronica Mars tricks. Some nice dialog keeps you watching and the funeral scenes are by far the best thing about the episode. Jason Dohring is on top form playing Logan with a healthy balance of Cocky and Charming. Lord Of The Bling is an amusing 45 minutes of TV but by no means an great Veronica Mars.moreless
    • Usual quality

      This episode barely had anything to do with Lilly Kane's murder but on the other hand it was relevant to the story becuase of the character backstories and the character developments.

      The case of the episode was fun and was personally related to Veronica which is nice. Anthony Anderson guest starred which is always great(once you see him on The Shield tho, you'll keep referring to him as Antwon Mitchell).

      To tell you the truth though, I didn't care much for the brother. I understood his actions but the whole deal felt a bit forced.

      The flashbacks are back and they were great showing more of what life was like for Veronica and co before Lilly died. This episode we finally find out who kissed Logan, well it was Yolanda, the girl missing. It's always interesting to see the contrast between old and new Veronica. The sidestory was absolutely great, seeing more of Logan is always good. He's in belief that his mother didn't die which actually made me pity him. I also loved the conflict between him and his father. Aaron is trying to ignore the fact that he's the cause of Lynn's suicide. I thought the scene where Logan attacks the paparazzi was very good too, somewhat disturbing as it could happen in real life aswell.

      I've to give credit to Jason Dohring. He's really awesome at getting sarcasm through. The way he greeted everyone on the reception was priceless. That fake smile, the fake body language... really funny.

      The episode ends with a cliffhanger yet again, Logan asking Veronica to find his mother. I really loved this. After 12 episodes both characters were developed seperately and now they can finally have some chemistry together. Can't wait to see how this plays out.moreless
    • What a great episode! I can’t help it but feel joy! Great storyline, great dialogues, wonderful character development, adequate music – all you could wish for!

      OK, I was wrong. It was her who rattled Logan out to Lilly. Maybe I didn’t expect this because I know Veronica how she is now, after all of that – and now-Veronica would never do that. This episode proved that she was extremely different person when she was hanging out with Lilly. It shows how much one event can change you. Usually I hate flashbacks, because they show Veronica as a moronic follower of Lilly and I don’t like that (not to mention her outfits and hair, gross), I don’t like her being stupid high school pep girl. Following peer pressure is horrible, especially if you’re doing this to someone new. What she did to Yolanda – not acceptable.

      The core storyline was great – one of those carrying metaphorical meaning ones. Big, fat rich father, kind of a dorkish brother, no attention, doing what parents want – all of that happens in real life, maybe not at once, but it happens frequently. Good theme to tackle. And the result – predictable, but sweet and nice and charming.

      Second important theme – Lynn Echolls’ death. Crazy, but true. Finally, more of Logan, who is not such a bad guy after all. I do follow his thinking that his mother is not dead. But what he did in his house, this stupid behaviour – it explains why Logan is really as he is. I sometimes feel pity for him, because his life (and not only, I’ve noticed that it is a rule) is a living proof of anti-money makes happiness saying. You can have a lot of money and still be miserable. I kind of see how Logan could/can be this sweet guy, but let me experience it.

      I like the constant back problems of Keith, Veronica’s scrawny comment and – most of all – Wallace’s hair! I love Wallace! Some great lines in this episode had place. But most of all – the sign of greatness is flashbacks! I mean, I hate those, and this episode was full of them, I didn’t mind, hell, I even liked them! So this must be the sign of greatness – to turn something you hate into something you will miss!moreless
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    • QUOTES (10)

      • Veronica: Logan, what are you doing here?
        Logan: I want you to find my mother.

      • Wallace: Stop staring. It's just hair.
        Veronica: Resisting the urge to touch...
        Wallace: You keep resisting that urge.

      • Keith: Hey honey, what's cookin'?
        Veronica: Not quite sure myself. Something that ends in 'a-roni'.

      • (Veronica snatches the keys off the desk before her dad can take them)
        Keith: (warningly) Veronica, this is a Mars Investigation matter. I'm Mars.
        Veronica: And who am I?
        Keith: Veronica! And you're staying!
        Veronica: Veronica Mars, and you're on painkillers! And the bottle says don't operate heavy machinery and a car is heavy!

      • Logan: (to his dad) If you really want flowers, dying seems to be the way to go.

      • Duncan: (watching Yolanda walk down the hall) Whoa, new student alert!
        Lilly: Glad to see you guys are equal opportunity oglers.

      • Aaron: Have you heard from your sister?
        Logan: She sent a telegram. Heartbroken. Stop. Can't make it back from Sydney. Stop. Underwater scene shoot starts tomorrow. Stop. Entire crew said prayer for mom. Stop. Love you. Stop.
        Aaron: Logan...
        Logan: Stop?

      • Veronica: Next time, remember: lift drunk, combative bail jumpers with your legs, not your back. And use your heating pad. And eat fiber.

      • Keith: How do I look?
        Veronica: Like a humble drudge no one would notice breaking into a room.

      • Veronica: What happened to Logan?
        Lilly: He's insanely jealous all the time, and it's getting on my nerves.
        Yolanda: I know it's not cool to admit this... but I like a jealous streak on a man. Keeps him in line.
        Lilly: All yours. I'm ditching his party this weekend. I don't want him getting crazy every time a boy... undresses me with his eyes, which happens all the time. It's not my fault. I can't help it. God made me fabulous.

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