Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 8

Lord of the Pi's

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 2006 on UPN

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  • Keith and Veronica are hired to help find the missing grand-daughter of the founder of Hearst College. Logan fears for Veronica's safety as she gets closer to the truth regarding the campus rapes.

    Keith and Veronica are hired to help find the missing grand-daughter of the founder of Hearst College, whose swing vote could spell the end of fraternities and sororities at Hearst. Meanwhile, Logan fears for Veronica's safety as she gets closer to the truth regarding the campus rapes. sweet sweet logan...
  • Wow! So we solved part of the rape mystery! This was a really good episode!

    WOW! I have been really impressed with "Of Vice and Men" "Lord of the Pi's" and "Spit and Eggs"
    I thought they were 3 GREAT episodes!
    The end of this episode really had me wanting more! I can't believe that's why the girls were faking the rapes!
    I kind of understnad why the did it - but they should have come up with a better plan...
    And the fact that Logan saw Veronica dodging his calls was kind of sad to see!
    But I don't hate Veronica for it, cause I know how it feels to just not want to see a person whenever your just not in the mood to see that person!
    So yes - I really liked this episode!
    (All three of them!)
    THey were all REALLY good!
    Season 3 is starting to grow on me - as well as Parker!
  • not the best episode, but the LoVe moments were worth it

    who else cried a little at the little emotional fight that logan and veronica had? who else full out cried when logan saw veronica look at her cell phone, see it was him, and put it away? this episode was the most heartbreaking episode that i think i have seen yet. when logan confronts veronica about how he doesnt think she really wants in it, that was the saddest moment ever. I dont even remember most of the actual patti hearst stuff or whatever.. i just remember she went missing for some reason.. she had dogs.. she really wasnt missing.. ya i didnt really pay attention to any of that actual stuff that didnt mean much, i just loved the LoVe moments.
  • Setting it all up: Logan vs Piz?

    My heart is breaking for poor Logan. It is obvious that in the future a plot twist will be Veronica and Piz getting it on, but first the writers must get Logan out of the way. Really, who wants this to happen? On one hand you\\\'ve got a hot, rich bad boy, super protective and sassy, whom veronica has a long history with. One the other hand, you\\\'ve got some naive, boy next door air head music dude, who ahs no idea how great veronica is or what she\\\'s been through. The Logan/Veronica Relationships is more sympathetic, raunchy and malleable for plot twists than the puppy love of the possible Piz/Veronica fling. It remind me of the Buffy/Riley relationship in Buffy. He was boring and veiwers hated him. Boring! The main girl has to stick with the bad boy hottie who secretly has a heart of gold, it\\\'s the only recipe for fantastic tv romance! Anyway, what would Veronica do if she wasnt investigating her criminal boyfriend all the time?
  • Wow.....i never knew Logan was so protective and caring! What a great guy.....Veronica so didn't need to get bent out of shape for what he did!

    Logan hiring a bodyguard for Veronica was one of the sweetest things a guy can do for a girl!!!

    She so shouldn't have gotten bent out of shape for that...he only meant well.
    I mean what else did she expect the guy to do?
    He finds his girlfriend lying unconcious on the ground in a parking garage...she was drugged and if he hadn't gotten there in time, she would have probably been give the guy a little break for wanting to ensure that she was safe.

    She told him that she was how was he suppose to know that she was spooked the whole week because she thought someone was following her!
    If she was open and honest with him from the beginning...he would have told her that he hired a bodyguard for her...and she wouldn't have been spooked!

    Anyway, i love this whole new protective angle to Logan...Veronica better come to her senses, before she loses him for good!!!
  • Tough time for LoVe

    I was a little disappointed in this eppy, I gotta admit. I was expecting more after seeing the trailer, but at last it wasn't that much about Logan and Veronica after all...
    But the part that was... well, I couldn't believe it. Logan really loves her sooo much, you could see that in the final scene. He's doing what he can to change and to be a good guy and he just wants to take care of her. But she's being a real b**** and so weird... I don't understand how she can be so cold. She should embrace what she got and be glad that she's not alone. He's protecting her in every possible way that he can and Veronica's pushing him further away...
    I hope the upcoming events in next week's episode will bring them closer again. I think they might, because in face of danger Logan was always there protecting her and I just hope he'll be the one to save her again so that they can reunite!
  • missed allusion

    since I don't have enough points to add an allusion, whatever that's about, I thought I'd add it here. In the episode Hearst's husband, Bud Rose, is a refrence to Rosebud from the film Citizen Kane which is about the real Hearst family of which Patty Hearst is a member.
  • The rape mystery is almost answered and LoVe is rocky

    I was really looking forward to this episode but scared to see it at the same time. The previews looked like Veronica didnt love Logan. But she said she does. *exhail* But to rewind a bit... Logan was so scared that Veronica was next, he had her followed. I thought this was very sweet but she seemed sooo pissed. I can understand why she was upset though. I really feel she is being way too hard on him lately. He said he loved her and asked if she loved him. She paused but said she did. The rape mystery was kinda solved. I hated those chicks that seemed out to get someone. They just wanted revenge no matter the cost. But apparently there is also someone else. Maybe next week we will see who it is. A good episode but sad at the same time cause Logan looked like he was very hurt by her lack of care for him.
  • Loved it! Another great addition to the season!

    Logan realizes that Veronica isn't safe with a rapist out in campus so he tells her to be careful and lay off the rape case. They get into a fight, but Logan doesn't care, he just wants Veronica to be safe, so he hires a bodyguard to watch over Veronica and later they get into a fight because of the bodyguard thing and Veroncia doesn't answer Logan's call. Some girl was kidnapped and V was hired to find out who did it. At the end they find out that the husband of the woman asked her to disappear 'till their 10th year anniversary because he could black mail her with pictures of her kissing a girl that the husband was having an affair with. The girl was one of the soriety sisters. The head of D*ck's club was also rapped and had a easter egg shoved down his ass. The easter egg had the numbers that dated november 2003. Veronica decides to check the library for some information on what happened on that day. It said that a girl jumped of the second story of a house. Veronica asks Claire if she knew what happened to the girl and they explain. Veronica finds out that they have been faking most of the rapes. I love dthis episode because it just showed and answered most of the questions... A+
  • Yay 21 episodes\\ Lords of Veronica Mars First season Veronica Mars returns with writeing and Chacecter As well weres Weevil and Mac?

    OKay Okay the whole Patty herst thing didint really appeal me though Ive been a fan of Veronicas for along time I really didint get this mystery frankly on the mystery plot for each episode I never really get it takes me awile to figure it out like last week I finally figured out who posted the purity test in the first season its was Mac. or I guess I have to figure out who Patty is and her backround. I did like the twist that It was Logans hired bodyguard who was following Veronica. As for there relationship who knows? but I did enjoy how Veronica is not going to take any crap but I think they both need to change a few things for the sake of the relationship. who loved seeing Keith defend Veronica in the beginning even better was Wallace in the cafeteria fight! Okay Okay now own to the real theroy of whos raping the women well we know that at least half of the rapes were fake and for the greater good and P Is leader got hurt with werid roman numerals with him some date. So far we know that only the absent Parker was actually raped and the girl in the 2nd season. Next week looks killer, maybe even better then \"Not pictured\" one thing about this season with 3 mysterys is 3 explosive episdoes. It also looks like Veronica and Logan completely seperate but worse somone dies for some odd reason I would like for either Sheriif lamb (awkward) or Piz to save Veronica but since the 9 episdoes are on womans rights I would like to see Parker do some revenge or maybe even Veronica saving herslef. Cant wait.

  • Veronica and Keith search for a missing millionairess, and Veronica tries to figure out the motivation behind an attack on the Pi Sig president.

    I couldn't help but cheer when Cyrus O'Dell stormed away from Sheriff Lamb and told Veronica he needed to see her father; it's always nice when another Neptunian recognizes Keith's superior detective skills. This was a pretty standard "Veronica," but an important lead-up to next week. I'm definitely not convinced that the girl-power trio faked all the rapes just to get revenge on the Pi Sigs, because a: that would mean humiliating a number of innocent girls, including Parker, with elaborate date-rape drug schemes, b: they would have to do something physically to the girls to make them believe they'd been raped by a man (and they would be raping girls themselves, which I don't think they would stoop to doing), and c: the writers would be creating a campus-rape storyline that turned out to be faked by a bunch of feminists.

    So, nuh-uh. There's a serial rapist, and he's at large. He's just very crafty.

    The serial rapist storyline is important, because it's an all-too-real threat for even the strongest women like Veronica. Veronica's smart, sassy, and carries a tazer, but she's not Buffy Summers or Sydney Bristow. When it comes down to it, she doesn't have the training or the size to take down a big guy in a hand-to-hand scuffle. In this way she's like the majority of women, who should be able to move around a college campus freely at night without fear of attack. So where Buffy or Sydney would be able to just roam freely at night and beat the living daylights of anyone who tried to hurt them, Veronica is on a quest to figure out who the serial rapist is so that he can't hurt anyone else.
  • Tears and Laughter

    Poor Logan! When did Veronica become such a biatch? The last scene where she ignores his call is hearbreaking. I just wanted to give him a big hug. It would be terrible if they broke up!!! I did enjoy the humor in this episode. Veronica and Dick were popping out some great one liners. The scenes with those characters are the funniest. This is the Veronica Mars that we know and love.
  • Once again, Veronica Mars heads into the conclusion to a mystery arc and I have no clue as to why the culprit could be. I just hope that next week's big wrap-up episode is better than this week's

    Once again, Veronica Mars heads into the conclusion to a mystery arc and I have no clue as to why the culprit could be. I just hope that next week's big wrap-up episode is better than this week's.

    I felt like I'd fallen into some parallel universe where the showed looked and sounded like Veronica Mars, but yet it just didn't feel like Veronica Mars. Part of this was Veronica herself, who was acting a bit odd. Her quips were a bit too forced and it was like she was trying too hard to convince everyone of something. I wonder if she's trying to juggle too many fronts for people--one for Keith about the incident last week, one for the sorority sisters and then one for Logan. OK, maybe not so much one for Logan since even though she says she loves him, her actions aren't exactly backing that one up. Her constant ignoring of his phone calls is a telling sign. The scene at the end where Logan calls across the cafeteria and see her ignore the call was just a heartbreaker.

    But as I said, the episode itself just felt off. I wasn't really all that invested in the who kidnapped Selma Heart Rose plotline. And it felt as if the the details of the husband sending his young girlfriend to catch the wife in comprimising photos..yeah, that was a bit forced. I should have cared more but the mystery of the week left me kind of cold.

    There were isolated scenes I liked. The scene in the cafeteria I referenced above and the whole exchange between Veronica and Dick about the Easter Egg. But the rest of it--not so much. And I'm not sure I buy the revelation that some of the alleged serial rapes are faked. I know there are theories about the rapes being done by a female, but it seemed as if this little plot twist had to work way too hard to get its point across. I was dissapointed at this blind alley we went down and I wonder how it will affect things next week when Veronica solves the big mystery and we spin into the second arc for season three.

    Hopefully, it will be better. Hopefully characters will look and sound like they normally do. Hopefully it won't disappoint me like this episode did.
  • A Hearst for a Hearst (Contains Spoilers including about next episode)

    Veronica tries to keep up a tough girl act after almost being raped by the Hearst College Rapist, but Logan fears she's not okay and that the rapist will come after her. However, Veronica feels that the rapist won't come after her again, but you see that Veronica is in fact terrified whenever she's alone in the dark and hears noises at the college whenever she's by herself.
    Meanwhile, Veronica and Keith try to find Selma Hearst-Rose(played by Patty Hearst), the granddaughter of the founder of Hearst College, who goes missing at an event. They eventually do find her and help her to make a settlement with her husband so she can divorce him without having to pay him and his mistress any alimony. Veronica then talks to Claire, the former newspaper editor, and one of the feminists about a girl who fell off the roof of the Theta Beta house three years ago to see if it had any connection with the rapes, due to what happed to Chip Dyller of the Pi Sigs. They all deny the girl was raped and tell Veronica that the girl had been humiliated by Pi Sig members one night and it continued on and that night three years ago, she had fallen off the roof to get hurt and she's now in a mental hospital.
    Veronica also confronts Logan about hiring a bodyguard for her safety. Logan tells Veronica that he did it to protect her and because he loves her. Veronica is shocked when he says this and Logan asks her if she feels the same way. She replies with a simple "yeah" and they hug, but Veronica seems to not feel the same for him judging by her face. It is proven more when Veronica does not answer Logan on her cell when he calls at the cafeteria, but she doesn't see Logan standing at the doorway of the cafeteria watching her not answer when he calls with a sad expression.
    This episode wasn't my favorite storyline. It wasn't bad, it was just a bit boring in some parts.
    The next episode though, I'm sure will be THE episode because it's the one where we find out who IS the Hearst College Rapist. Does that mean all mysteries are done with? This is Veronica Mars. It may have changed some but there always is a twist.
  • Logan Finally says I love You AND IS dissed

    This was a great one the show just keeps gettting better.But veronica what are you doing to logan he is a great guy he looked so sad at the end when he called and she would not answer and it took so much for logan to finally say I LUV U and she did that. But I feel so cheated that all the rapes were fake what was up with that . It was also cool how they used the real patty hearst. I hope to see her again, So who was the one that cut veronicas hais if it was all fake wow though it keeps you watching Please writers dont let this be the end of veronica and logan