Veronica Mars

Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 26, 2005 on UPN

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  • Veronica helps Carmen plot revenge on her boyfriend, after he threatens to release a Paris Hilton-esque sex tape of her over the internet if she breaks up with him. Keith decides to track down the missing Duncan in exchange for the huge Kane reward.

    Veronica helps her friend Carmen plot revenge on her clingy boyfriend, after he threatens to release a Paris Hilton-esque sex tape of her over the internet if she breaks up with him. Meanwhile, Keith decides to track down the missing Duncan in exchange for the huge Kane reward.
    Logan: What, like will we ever hang at the mall and hold hands and buy each other teddy bears with hearts that say "I wuv you bear-y much"?
    Veronica: Exactly that, only I want my bear won in some sort of demonstration of ring toss ability.
  • The stage is set for the final 2

    To be honest the weekly mystery didn't cut it for me this week... for the most anyway.

    I thought this subject has been done earlier and the two misc characters that were involved in it just couldn't interest me one bit.

    However... that's until the end when there's a twist that literally blew me away. Okay, maybe it wasn't *that* shocking, but definitely great because it, to a degree justified the blah mystery of the week. Good to see the writers are aware of what they are doing. It appears that Veronica may finally have some lead on who raped her a year ago while she was under the influence of GHB. Carmen was also given GHB from her boyfriend whos got it from... Logan Echolls. Definitelay an interesting turn of events, rather "well" timed. Seeing their relationship unfold was pretty nice. And I was really surprised how well Aaron took it when he caught them making out on the couch. It actually seems he really is trying to change and that's great. I liked the talk him and Veronica had in the car.

    I also like the awkwardness of... well, pretty much their relationship. They are trying to keep it secret from everyone else. Keith and Alicia are still dating all fine, however the events take an interesting turn when Clarence Wiedman tells Alicia to stay away from the Mars family. It appears he found the bug Veronica planted in Kane Software.

    The episode wasn't really eventful, mostly set up for the next two episodes. There wasn't much on Lilly Kane's murder either, but that's the case since Duncan left Neptune. Although now that Keith is close tracking him down and will most likely be caught in the next episode, what will happen? I tell you what. The two best episodes of the series. Decent set up episode with a cool twist, but otherwise not on par with the last couple of episodes.
  • Review

    Coming down the final episodes of Season one has been a real joy. Its been almost a half a dozen episodes since my last episode which I would have called "bad". No episode has yet to stand out (which may change considering the next two episodes are powerhouses) but this show is very consistant. I think part of the reason that is the case is because of Kristan Bells acting. If you have a weak actor who cannot carry an episode you are in big trouble with this show. These little cases that she goes on seems like nothing I would be interested in if I heard about them, but the way Bell is able to portray Veronica Mars just solitifies how important she is to the show. Again - Logan and Veronica get a little closer and you know the writers did there job when I was begging for it not to be Logan who gave the kid the drugs at the party. I actually didn't even think about it until seconds before the reveal and I just wanted os badly for it not to be him. It will be interesting to see where the show goes from here with this. I acutally had him pegged as the murderer of Lily Kane, but after seeing this episode Im going to trim him out of that equation. I feel that revealing he was the one with the drug will force him not to be the killer, because now he has his own problem to solve with Veronica. My suspect list is growing thin - there hasn't been anything that has clearly stood out to me for me to base anything off of but my time is running out if I don't act fast. If I had to take a blind guess - I would say Logan Echolls dad. Why? I haven't a clue in the world. But I have to guess someone out of the blue.
  • One of the Best Episodes Ever.

    This is one of my favourite episodes in the first season and it took me a good long time to really appreciate it. I love the mystery of the week and I thought the guest stars were incredibly good... the guy who played Tad succeeded in making me hate him (so well done!) I was sad that the girl was so anti-Veronica and decided to let Tad get away with releasing the video. I can't say I would've let him get away with that one! It was also really clever how Veronica used the song Tad recorded for his girl and used it on the site. The photoshop and audio editing was damn funny! One thing I didn't notice until re-watching lately was that the tattoo he had on this shoulder said a guys name rather than his girlfriends... that was darn funny. I guess his girlfriend has revenge in the end. Well until he has that tattoo removed. For shallow reasons I loved the LoVe in this episode. The make out session in the bathroom was hot! I think the chemistry between Logan and Veronica really is unrivaled. No other of her boyfriends have ever come close to this level of sparks. I liked that little skip Logan did as he went to leave the bathroom. The 'so wrong it's right' talk reminded me a lot of Joey and Pacey, who did something similar.
    I also enjoyed the little kissing scene when they were at Logan's house and Veronica gets shoved out because Dick and Beaver come to visit Logan. It was sweet to see her get jealous over him going away for the weekend, although the ending killed me! We all know Logan didn't rape Veronica but it's hard to watch all the same.
  • Veronica helps Carmen with her boyfriend issues.

    I thought that this was a ver good episode of Veronica Mars. Once again the writers did a wonderful job with the storylines. I thought that it was really nice of Veronica to help Carmen with braking up with her boyfriend and not having the video released evan though it was. I thought that it was nice of Logan to plan a dinner for Veronica on his dad's boat but I felt bad that veronica did not show because of what Tad told her about the night she was raped. I thought that it was wrong that Clarence Wiedman would treaten to have Alica fired if she did not stop seeing Keith.
  • One of Veronica's classmates asks her favor to get rid of an embarassing video taken by her ex-boyfriend. But it's not quite easy and she plots to seek revenge against the guy. Later on, she discovers something new about one of her investigations.

    In what seems like a totally random episode, this episode leads up to the events of the night Veronica was raped. It also slams us back to earth after the sweetness that was Logan and Veronica from the episode/s before. This episode's conclusion had me hurting for the two characters and impatient for the next episode.
  • Extra points for Logan and Veronica!

    The Carmen thing was stupid. She was eating a popsicle? Who cares?! And she thought that was worse than if she had been filmed having sex? Get over it!

    Trying to find Duncan is boring. I really don\'t care what ends up happening with him. He\'s a dull character, and the only interesting thing he adds to the series is the fact that he might be Veronica\'s brother.

    I love Logan and Veronica\'s relationship! I think they are soo perfect for each other. When I found out that Logan may have been the one to rape Veronica, I freaked out. I have never been anticipating an episode of a show more than next week. I am praying that it wasn\'t Logan!
  • No, say it isn't so! (possible spoilers)

    I begged and prayed that Veronica and Logan would get together. I absolutely adore Logan. So after that first kiss, when Logan rescued Veronica from that agent, I was cheering and shouting so much that my husband thought our neighbours would call the police. And then there was the second kiss, and I thought life couldn't get any better.

    And Logan's dad told Veronica he liked her, and so on and so on.

    And then the bad news... Logan supplied the GHB that Veronica was fed that led to her being raped. And now what? You really can't blame a girl for never, ever forgiving something like that. And in my heart of hearts, I'm hoping there is some story whereby Logan was actually the one who saved her that night too... Oh if only!

    *sniff* I was just so sad to see him sitting on that yacht at the end, champagne bottle in hand,m not knowing where she was.

    Please get back together Veronica and Logan!
  • Sympathy? For Logan? From Me? Times sure have changed in Neptune.

    ===The Plot In A Paragraph===
    Veronica thinks that Logan may have raped her after learning some information from Tad, a boy who blackmailed his ex-girlfriend into continuing their relationship. As Keith searches for Duncan, his relationship with Alicia grows but Alicia is made an offer by Kane Head of Security Clarence Weidman.

    ===Ananlysing "M.A.D"===
    It's hard to forget a storyline in this show but I'd almost forgotten that Veronica had been raped and the way the rape mystery was re-visited was done very cleverly.

    Veronica was told this information through Tad, a boy who blackmailed his pretty ex Carmen into staying with him. Carmen, therefore, thought of one thing to do - call Veronica Mars. And sure enough, Veronica went undercover and destroyed Tad's weapon of blackmail - a phone message of Carmen sucking on a popsicle stick.

    Natalia Baron (I think that's who played Carmen) acted the hell out of that character and I felt really sorry for her, expecially as Tad had saved the video clip onto one of his own files. And tonight, we also got to see some Mac which is always good.

    Veronica's methods of solving her cases are very clever and this episode's involved photographing pictures of Tad with a known gay student at Neptune High, providing Carmen with some blackmail of her own. Cleverly done by Ms. Mars, I must say. However, Tad released the video message anyway.

    I felt real pain for Carmen as she was obviously distraught and she still came out the better person by deciding not to put the website with Tad on the Internet. Either that or she let Weevil do her dirty work.

    Which leads onto Veronica and Logan. Their relationship is really getting hot and heavy, but a steamy make-out session is interrupted by Logan's father. The car journey with Veronica and Aaron was a good scene and then Logan buying her a car ... wow, if only a guy did that for me.

    But the course of true love never runs smooth especially if you think your lover raped you, which Veronica comes to the conclusion after Tad tells her that Logan gave Carmen some drugs at the party - the same drugs Veronica had consumed. Despite the fact that this isn't what you want to hear about your boyfriend, I thought that Veronica was very stubborn when she stood up Logan and for once, I actually felt sympathetic towards Jason Dohring's character.

    In subplots, Veronica discovered that her father had placed an advert for Lianne Mars to call him so that he could get a divorce and continue his relationship with Alicia. Not being the greatest fan of Alicia, I felt Veronica's pain. However, Keith seems to be in a good place which was seen when he and Alicia were ballroom dancing.

    Kill Clarence Weidman!

    And most boring subpolot of the night award goes to: - Keith's hunt for Duncan. It was still pretty interesting but suddenly I don't really care if Duncan returns or not. I think that the "Duncan Goes Missing" scenes could have been done better. Plus, there's no point having a Duncan plot without Teddy Dunn.

    Overall, another great installment of this one-of-a-kind series and a good episode to bring us into the final two of the season.
  • Sex, Lies and Videotape; just another day in the life of Veronica Mars...give or take a few bombshells.

    This was one of those fantastic episodes that when you watch it you can't believe they made an episode that was just this good.

    After yesterday's case of the week about kidnapped dogs it was of course going to be great merely in comparison but in its own right this episode is a fine example of exactly what Veronica Mars is about.

    First and foremost, the Veronica and Logan plot was wonderful, in the one episode it was built right up only the be knocked straight back down.

    Them making out in the bathroom was highly entertaining, epecially with the Out Of Order sign on the I the only one who catches the irony in that? The two have such chemistry and have from the beginning and getting caught by Logan's dad was pretty funny.

    I love how complicated their relationship is, especially with Logan's friends hanging about and I think it is great the way both characters take it in their stride- Logan's grin when Veronica made fun of his friends at the start was great. Then when they arranged their proper date it was so sweet-I just love this couple!!!

    Digging to get the dirt on Tad was a brilliant plot, with Veronica pulling it off with her usual and admirable ease though I did think revenge should have been served. Otherwise it was a great plan and I gave a whoop of joy when Veronica didn't cut him down.

    However when it was revealed that it was Logan who gave Tad the date rape drug I could have screamed. I just didn't see the two plots linking together like that at all, right until it happened. What is going to happen with them? I doubt that it was Logan who actually used it directly on her, maybe he just passed it out to the person he did. That's what I'm clinging to anyway. It will be bad but at least Veronica will be able to forgive him for that...fingers crossed!

    And what is Clarence Weedman up to now? I have to saw I really hate this guy! Normally I quite admire the baddies but this guy is just too much, there are no likeable qualities at all. just have a feeling the Mars family are going to get even more rumbled.
  • Revenge Is Best Served Cold

    A major step-up from the previous two episodes, M.A.D. has an excellent case of the week with great guest performances and some major revelations involving the night Veronica was drugged and raped.

    M.A.D. sees Veronica helping student Carmen dig up dirt on her boyfriend, who's threatening to release a tape of her performing sexual acts with a popsicle (!) if she breaks up with him. At the same time, Veronica and Logan's relationship begins to heat up.

    The case of the week is a well-written mix of humor and drama with a really nice guest spot from Natalia Baron as Carmen. She makes the audience really care about her character and the bad situation she is involved in. Unlike last episode's victim-of-the-week, Carmen is believable and sincere. I loved how this episode made Veronica all up for getting revenge on Carmen's boyfriend but the one who was actually affected by his deceit decided not to.

    I'm still loving the Veronica/Logan relationship but with the revelation about who brought the roofies on the night Veronica was raped, you have to wonder if their relationship was doomed from the beginning.

    Harry Hamlin's character Aaron is also given more depth and his car conversation with Veronica was one of the high points of the episode.

    A major return to form, M.A.D. features some excellent character development and manages to balance a non-arc case and details about the season's big arc case extremely well.
  • Veronica: "It's all fun and games until one of you gets my foot up your a**." I love Tough Veronica. (But I hate heartbroken Logan.)

    So how do you follow up an episode with a throw-away mystery of the week about dognappers? With a sordid tale of drugs, betrayal and date rape, of course. All the chickens began returning home to roost this week—and the sound accompanying them is the indignation of all the Veronica-Logan ‘shippers screaming in agony. Rob Thomas really laid the hurt on a large contingent of VM fans this week—and it's only going to get worse from here, I suspect.

    The episode was a study in emotional response that should be shown in acting classes. There isn't a single emotion that Kristen Bell isn't asked to portray, nor is there one that she doesn't demonstrate with 100% accuracy. As all the various parts of Veronica's backstory and all the things that she's done over the first season of the show returned home to her, Bell went from giddily happy and passionate to embarrassed and uncomfortable to desperate to resigned to angry to vengeful to devastated. She didn't need a single word to show any of those things—although the dialogue she did have was as on-target as ever. Whether she was heartbroken over the knowledge that her dad was preparing for a life without any place in it for her mom, or she was making out with Logan in the bathroom, every bit of emotion was absolutely genuine.

    The A plot was truly disturbing. The abusive, controlling ‘09er boyfriend who tried to blackmail his Latina girlfriend into staying with him might be the creepiest misogynist I've ever seen on television. The sad part is that I remember campaigns to destroy girls' peace of mind and reputations in high school. I was the target of (false) rumor mongering at one point in high school, and it destroyed me emotionally for a good while. The devastation that kind of thing wreaks on a girl living in a small, insular town is no small thing.

    The most interesting part of the story to me, though, was the juxtaposition of Carmen's feelings about vengeance and Veronica's opposing view. I guess the show is saying that Carmen's refusal to take revenge on the creep who sought to control and humiliate her is "honorable," but the heroine of the show explicitly states that she doesn't share that distaste for vengeance. I have to say that I agree with Veronica. This was a problem I always had with Buffy the Vampire Slayer: the idea that it was heroic to "turn the other cheek," or that vengeance would take you to a "dark place" from which you might never return. At some point, standing up and fighting back is necessary. While vengeance is not something you want to consume your life, there are some cases in which I find it perfectly justified. Not fighting back leads to accepting future victimization and developing a martyr's complex, as far as I'm concerned. I love the fact that Veronica doesn't accept that for herself. There is nothing wrong with being an angry woman. If you're not angry, you're not paying attention.

    The mystery of the week also provided a nice illustration of how men of different social, economic or ethnic groups view "their" women. I found it very insightful when the PCH bikers talked about how Carmen was being wasted on a white boy. She was one of "their" women—and a prized one, at that—and, as such, shouldn't be giving her favors to a man from a different social and ethnic group. Weevil was not just protecting the honor of Carmen, but (more importantly) that of one of the neighborhood women (and, by extension, the virility of the neighborhood men), when he went after Tad. Justified? Well, the punishment was, perhaps, but what about the motivation? I also felt that Tad's belief that he had a right to control Carmen was based largely on his belief that he, as a rich white boy, was superior to this Latina and should be the one to call the shots in the relationship.

    And what do we make of Carmen herself? It was nice to see that she did draw the line by dropping that bag of dirt. In the end, though, she accepted what he did to her as merely the price she paid for the "good times" they once had, not necessarily an unforgivable flaw in Tad's character. That bothered me quite a bit—but y'know what bothered me even more? Her freaky eyebrows! I laughed because I've had a lot of Latina girlfriends and they have all had the weirdest obsession with having "perfect" eyebrows. Many of them end up shaving them off and actually painting on these weird thin "eyebrows" with eyeliner. Those thin, perfectly-plucked jobs over Carmen's eyes were such homage to the Latinas I've known. (Yes, even when I'm discussing ethnic strife, I can still be terribly shallow and petty. It's a real talent that I've honed to perfection over the years.)

    Even the lesser plots gave me a lot to think about—and some fine performances. I don't think I've ever seen anyone be so effectively creepy in such a short span of time as Christopher B. Duncan managed to be playing Clarence Wiedman. His little "meeting" with Alicia was chilling. I was so sad for Keith when Alicia was told about the bug Wiedman found in his office. Veronica's actions, her need for vengeance and for answers, is not just coming back to haunt her; the people she loves are being affected now. Will his daughter's actions ruin Keith's shot at happiness? What about Wallace? Has Veronica placed her best friend in danger by using him in her schemes? These ethical and practical dilemmas—from a TV show, mind you—are actually taking up good chunks of my time and thought processes right now. How pathetic is that?

    Then, the real horror of all horrors for the Logan/Veronica ‘shippers: the GHB revelations and the heartbreaking scene of Logan on the yacht accompanied by the incredible "Crimson and Clover". Unfortunately, I stupidly clicked a forum link that included spoilers a few days before the show aired, so I knew about the GHB being linked to Logan. I have no one but myself to blame—it was clearly labeled—but I'm so irked! The shock of Tad's big revelation didn't really hit me like it should have. Generally speaking, I have no interest whatsoever in spoilers. I like to know what happens only when the show finally airs in its entirety. That's why I avoid anything vaguely related to sports when I tape a sporting event—I don't even read stuff about teams or sports unrelated to the game I've saved, just in case... I like surprises.

    I don't know how the revelation would have affected me if I weren't spoiled, but it's still pretty awful. I find Logan an extremely compelling character, and I adore Jason Dohring. However, I don't find him an honorable or admirable character, so this isn't really a huge deviation from my view of him. Have you ever known a guy who was really fun to hang out with, but you really didn't want to hear his beliefs or views because, if you did, you'd either have to ignore your own principles or stop hanging out with him? That's Logan Echolls in a nutshell, in my opinion. I want to like him, but… And, I have to say, it is a clear testament to Dohring's skill as an actor that he can make me feel that way.

    Did I have any problems with the episode? Well, of course, I did. What fun would it be to write these reviews if I didn't get to nitpick and complain about little errors in logic? First of all, the issue of a $50K reward being offered for Duncan's return is featured prominently. Last week, however, Veronica offered to find Duncan if the Kanes would drop charges against Weevil. If they didn't want her help, why were the charges dropped? There is one scene in "M.A.D." in which Veronica accuses Weevil of using her, but I have to admit that I couldn't wrap my tiny little mind around it. What is going on here? Then, we have the whole set-up of Veronica finding Tad taped to Wallace's own personal flagpole. She is purportedly there to turn in an essay because, even in Neptune, yachting isn't an acceptable excuse for late homework. What, but it is an acceptable excuse for skipping school? I'm assuming she doesn't have a note from Keith giving her some legitimate reason for missing school, or else the late work wouldn't seem to be a problem. (After all, when I was out sick or otherwise excused from school, I was allowed to turn my work in when I came back.) If she doesn't have said excuse, isn't there going to be some problems with a truancy officer when she shows up, turns in her work, then says, "Smell ya later, Neptune High!"? As presented, she has to make an appearance at NHS in order to discover Tad on the flagpole, but it seems like another, more logical scenario could have been written.

    In the end, though, the writing and acting are so good that I tend to forgive the little problems I have with the logic. I am willing to go along for the ride—just as long as the writers and actors make it a comfortable one. So, what do I when we reach the next pit stop on our journey? I sit, desperately wanting to get back on the road. How many minutes till Tuesday, 8 pm MST? Seconds? I'll just sit over here and count them down…

    …or I'll give you my latest speculation on a possible killer: what if Lianne Mars did it? I can think of a scenario in which she was arguing about the paternity issue with one (or both) of the Kane parents—and Lilly ended up getting in the fray or saying something provocative about telling Veronica. The Kanes would cover it in order to keep the whole affair/paternity question quiet. Then, when Lianne tries to stick around like nothing ever happened, they force her to leave town. See what I mean about being pathetically obsessed with this show? Ohhh, well….

    Veronica to Tad: "You are so lucky she has a better soul than I do. I would have taken you down with me."

    Veronica to Logan: "There are cheerleaders with low self esteem available domestically?"

    Veronica to teacher: "I was excused from gym class for…um, personal reasons." [The teenaged girl's excuse for getting out of things she doesn't want to do anyway. I love it!]

    Seth in response to Tad's homophobic crap: "Isn't just joining the Navy alone gay enough to get you thrown out of the Navy?"
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