Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 14

Mars, Bars

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2007 on UPN
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Episode Summary

When Veronica is released from jail, she is contacted by Josh Barry who is desperate to prove his innocence in his father's murder.

Meanwhile, Keith gets bittersweet news from the county commissioner, and Logan helps Mac and Parker on a scavenger hunt.

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  • Veronica gets out of jail and Josh gives her a call of desperation to prove he's guilty. Mindy O'Dell is suspected even more and Don Lamb dies from a blow to the head.moreless

    I liked this episode, somewhat. I can't believe Don Lamb is dead though, I honestly kind of liked him, even if he did show signs of being an incompetent sheriff. awwwe. Logan and Parker feel a certain "spark" and I don't have any problem with that, but being a fan of the LoVe tandem, I feel kinda sorry for Veronica. I know you can't let go THAT easy. oh well. But I guess she'll get over it and let them have a steady relationship, but that's just me. I don't have any idea what to expect anymore. I'm still guessing as to who really killed Dean O'Dell!! Must watch next episode right now!!moreless
  • RIP Don Lamb

    After this episode, you really can’t talk about the mystery first; no you have to start at the end with the shocking death of Sheriff Don Lamb. I’m still in shock to the point I even came up with a theory on how Lamb is still alive. Here it goes: Lamb being in such a bad condition and unable of going after Mrs. O’Dell for putting him in that condition, decided to let his vengeance overpower his hatred for Keith to let people think he’s dead so Keith would replace him and go after O’Dell.

    Other reasons to why Lamb may not be dead: His last words were, “I smell bread.” Seriously, how could they make that someone’s last words? The Mars’ are much better as anti-establishment so Keith as Sheriff wouldn’t work in the long term plus it would kill off Mars Investigations. And with MI no longer around, who would Ronnie moonlight for, Vinnie Van Lowe? And with Lamb gone, the Mars’ lose their best archenemies, after Ronnie/Dick scenes, Lamb with either Mars are the best on the show. Really, why do birds suddenly appear whenever he is near?

    Okay, enough Lamb talk as he wasn’t the only one to die this episode either as my pre-arc pick of Steve Batando got taken out. So much for that pick. And our first two episode mystery of the week was solved but I’m not a fan of the dude doing it himself. Granted I was really hoping it was going to tie into the Dean’s death. Oh well.

    Then there was Ronnie behind bars scene which was yet another instant classic for the show. You gotta love Keith, “I thought I’d be a little more traumatized by this, but I’m not” line. It was also a cheap catalyst for the B storyline with the Valentines scavenger hunt. Despite the cheesy start, Parker may just be a better fit for Logan than Vee. Although I’m not sure if Logan is the best thing for Parker right now. And speaking of the scavenger hunt how is that page from the Karma Sutra even work in the real world? If there are any token hot chick in Northeast Ohio that would like to help me figure that out, just shout me a holla.moreless
  • I loved the story line of Veronica in jail, it was very funny. I enjoyed this episode very much.

    Good Episode,Very Funny! I enjoyed watching it, but some parts were lacking that Kirsten Bell quality. This season doesn't seem as good as the first season, the story lines sometimes seem forced, but all and all I'm enjoying this season. I can't wait for the new episodes and also the reruns. I think Veronica Mars is going to have a good year. And I'm hoping that it gets picked up for another season or two from the CW. One thing I would like to know is if the CW plans on putting Veronica Mars reruns on this summer or not.moreless
  • Veronica helps Jason find out who killed his father, while Logan joins V's friends for a little V-day fun. Depty Sacks becomes the hero when he shoots Lambs attacker. We learn at the end of the episode that sheriff lamb has surcomed to his injuries.moreless

    Wow! this weeks episode was great just when I think I have everything figured out...

    Definitely can't believe that Lamb is kinda sucked the way he went out though...."I smell bread...."

    Parker/Logan = drama waiting to happen...It would definitely be like a Meg/Duncan...akwwaarrddd

    I also loved that Cliff and Vinney were in the same episode...those to make me laugh...

    Dick, I also think that maybe if Dick were in this episode, he would have brought some entertainment with him...not that this episode wasn't already entertaining...

    I also was thinking about the whole insurance way any insurance company would let anyone do that especially if they knew that the person had a terminal illness... I thought it was really cute and nice of Logan to join the whole Valentine's Day search...Helping out Veronica's friends...

    and Mac...whooaa that was kinda sudden the whole her and Bronson thing....

    I wonder who Bugged Landry's phone...if it wasn't Keith or Veronica...maybe it's Vinny, maybe the Dean's wife hired Vinny to do what Kieth wouldn't....

    ahhhh...can't wait until next weeks episode....moreless
  • Veronica Get's out of Jail, Josh is Innocent and there's a new sheriff in Town!

    Good Show Over all. Although I'm not too interested in the current cases, it was still informative, and the show managed to keep my interested regardless. Josh was proven innocent, although him running didn't make things easy. Her helping him might not have been the best decision. Weevil found clues that might lead to answering questions about the death of the Dean, although we'll have to wait and see how that turns out. It's making me think that it was the Teacher. Because of the stubborness of the Sheriff, he went and got himself killed. So we got to see Veronica's Dad with the Sheriff's Uniform on again.moreless
Jonathan Chase

Jonathan Chase

Josh Barry

Guest Star

Tracy Needham

Tracy Needham

Mrs. Kathleen Barry

Guest Star

Robert Ri'chard

Robert Ri'chard


Guest Star

Brandon Hillock

Brandon Hillock

Deputy Jerry Sacks

Recurring Role

Daran Norris

Daran Norris

Cliff McCormack

Recurring Role

Patrick Fabian

Patrick Fabian

Professor Hank Landry

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Keith: According to the valet, Mrs. O'Dell was back at the Neptune Grand at the time of her husband's death.
      Lamb: So, what, now I'm a jerk because I listened to a concerned citizen?
      Veronica: No, just 'cause.

    • Parker: Logan, can we, like, borrow you?
      Logan: Will I be returned in my current pristine condition?
      Parker: Yes.
      Logan: Go on.

    • (Logan visits Veronica in prison)
      Veronica: Glad to see you.
      Logan: We're both adults now, right? We can be civil.

    • Veronica: You've nearly warmed this cold, cold heart of mine.
      (Logan snaps a picture of her behind bars.)
      Logan: Well, this definitely warms mine.

    • (to an incarcerated Veronica)
      Keith: Can I get you anything, honey?
      Veronica: Oh, a couple cartons of smokes.
      (Keith gives her a look)
      Veronica: What, Dad? It's currency on the inside.

    • (After finding Mason's gun in the freezer)
      Keith: Honey...why is there a pistol in the freezer?
      Veronica: Because there's this guy, see, and I want to put him on ice. ...Because revenge is a dish best served cold. ...Because I want to commit murder in the 28th degree?
      Keith: Stop.

    • (As Logan visits Veronica in jail)
      Logan: No holiday decorations, huh?
      Veronica: Actually, that's just why I'm in jail, to avoid Valentine's Day.

    • Keith: Please tell me you didn't help an accused murderer escape jail.
      Veronica: (pointing to her new jail tattoo) Yo, Pops, check it out. This girl ain't gonna be nobody's bitch. You better reco'nize.
      Keith: What's that on your arm?
      Veronica: I've had some free time. And, no, I didn't help Josh escape. Not intentionally. It turns out he's allergic to peanuts.

    • Keith: I need to see the sheriff.
      Sacks: I don't know, Keith. He looks kind of busy.
      Keith: Well, that's something I gotta see.

    • Logan: Hey. Uh, Veronica asked me to bring you this.
      Mac: Performing a favor from a jail cell? The girl has serious friendship skills.

    • Lamb: Where is he, Veronica? Where's Josh?
      Veronica: Think back Sheriff. Where did you have him last?

    • Veronica: (about Josh's escape) His plan was to take advantage of my kindness.
      Keith: That's got to be the first time that's worked for anybody.

    • (Keith staring at Veronica inside a jail cell)
      Veronica: What?
      Keith: Just... I thought that this sight would be more traumatic for me.

    • Cliff: Who wants out of jail?!
      Veronica: I do! I do!

    • Sacks: Sheriff?
      Lamb: I s-smell bread.

    • Lamb: I know you from somewhere...
      Wallace: Yeah, you told me to go see the Wizard and ask him for some guts.
      Lamb: Well, did ya?
      Wallace: Yeah. He said to let you know you're the only sheriff in America who he considers a true friend of Dorothy.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Weevil: Knock yourself out Magnum.

      This is an allusion to the show Magnum, P.I., which followed the adventures of Thomas Magnum(Tom Selleck), a private investigator living in Hawaii.

    • Keith: Hey, you know you are missing that show where women have sex in an urban setting.

      This is a play off the title of the HBO show Sex and the City.

    • Wallace: He said to let you know you're the only sheriff in America who he considers a true friend of Dorothy.

      In gay slang, a friend of Dorothy is a term for a gay man. The term dates back to a time in the early 20th century when homosexuality was against the law in both the UK and in the US. Saying at a social gathering that another man was a "friend of Dorothy" was a euphemism used for discussing sexual orientation without other people knowing what was being discussed. It has been linked to the film The Wizard of Oz because Judy Garland, who starred as the main character 'Dorothy', is often noted as a major icon in the gay community.

    • Creutzfeld-Jacob disease
      CJD, the disease Coach Barry was dying of, is an incurable prion disease that causes the death of brain cells. The disease is fatal within a few months of the first symptoms.
      A variation of CJD is generally believed to be caused by the consumption of meat infected with Mad Cow Disease.

    • Lamb: I smell bread.

      Sheriff Lamb's last words are the same as those of a dying soldier in the M*A*S*H episode The Life You Save.

    • Episode Title: Mars, Bars
      The title refers to the Mars candy bar that's made by the Mars candy company.