Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 14

Mars, Bars

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2007 on UPN

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  • Veronica gets out of jail and Josh gives her a call of desperation to prove he's guilty. Mindy O'Dell is suspected even more and Don Lamb dies from a blow to the head.

    I liked this episode, somewhat. I can't believe Don Lamb is dead though, I honestly kind of liked him, even if he did show signs of being an incompetent sheriff. awwwe. Logan and Parker feel a certain "spark" and I don't have any problem with that, but being a fan of the LoVe tandem, I feel kinda sorry for Veronica. I know you can't let go THAT easy. oh well. But I guess she'll get over it and let them have a steady relationship, but that's just me. I don't have any idea what to expect anymore. I'm still guessing as to who really killed Dean O'Dell!! Must watch next episode right now!!
  • RIP Don Lamb

    After this episode, you really can’t talk about the mystery first; no you have to start at the end with the shocking death of Sheriff Don Lamb. I’m still in shock to the point I even came up with a theory on how Lamb is still alive. Here it goes: Lamb being in such a bad condition and unable of going after Mrs. O’Dell for putting him in that condition, decided to let his vengeance overpower his hatred for Keith to let people think he’s dead so Keith would replace him and go after O’Dell.

    Other reasons to why Lamb may not be dead: His last words were, “I smell bread.” Seriously, how could they make that someone’s last words? The Mars’ are much better as anti-establishment so Keith as Sheriff wouldn’t work in the long term plus it would kill off Mars Investigations. And with MI no longer around, who would Ronnie moonlight for, Vinnie Van Lowe? And with Lamb gone, the Mars’ lose their best archenemies, after Ronnie/Dick scenes, Lamb with either Mars are the best on the show. Really, why do birds suddenly appear whenever he is near?

    Okay, enough Lamb talk as he wasn’t the only one to die this episode either as my pre-arc pick of Steve Batando got taken out. So much for that pick. And our first two episode mystery of the week was solved but I’m not a fan of the dude doing it himself. Granted I was really hoping it was going to tie into the Dean’s death. Oh well.

    Then there was Ronnie behind bars scene which was yet another instant classic for the show. You gotta love Keith, “I thought I’d be a little more traumatized by this, but I’m not” line. It was also a cheap catalyst for the B storyline with the Valentines scavenger hunt. Despite the cheesy start, Parker may just be a better fit for Logan than Vee. Although I’m not sure if Logan is the best thing for Parker right now. And speaking of the scavenger hunt how is that page from the Karma Sutra even work in the real world? If there are any token hot chick in Northeast Ohio that would like to help me figure that out, just shout me a holla.
  • I loved the story line of Veronica in jail, it was very funny. I enjoyed this episode very much.

    Good Episode,Very Funny! I enjoyed watching it, but some parts were lacking that Kirsten Bell quality. This season doesn't seem as good as the first season, the story lines sometimes seem forced, but all and all I'm enjoying this season. I can't wait for the new episodes and also the reruns. I think Veronica Mars is going to have a good year. And I'm hoping that it gets picked up for another season or two from the CW. One thing I would like to know is if the CW plans on putting Veronica Mars reruns on this summer or not.
  • Veronica helps Jason find out who killed his father, while Logan joins V's friends for a little V-day fun. Depty Sacks becomes the hero when he shoots Lambs attacker. We learn at the end of the episode that sheriff lamb has surcomed to his injuries.

    Wow! this weeks episode was great just when I think I have everything figured out...

    Definitely can't believe that Lamb is kinda sucked the way he went out though...."I smell bread...."

    Parker/Logan = drama waiting to happen...It would definitely be like a Meg/Duncan...akwwaarrddd

    I also loved that Cliff and Vinney were in the same episode...those to make me laugh...

    Dick, I also think that maybe if Dick were in this episode, he would have brought some entertainment with him...not that this episode wasn't already entertaining...

    I also was thinking about the whole insurance way any insurance company would let anyone do that especially if they knew that the person had a terminal illness... I thought it was really cute and nice of Logan to join the whole Valentine's Day search...Helping out Veronica's friends...

    and Mac...whooaa that was kinda sudden the whole her and Bronson thing....

    I wonder who Bugged Landry's phone...if it wasn't Keith or Veronica...maybe it's Vinny, maybe the Dean's wife hired Vinny to do what Kieth wouldn't....

    ahhhh...can't wait until next weeks episode....
  • Veronica Get's out of Jail, Josh is Innocent and there's a new sheriff in Town!

    Good Show Over all. Although I'm not too interested in the current cases, it was still informative, and the show managed to keep my interested regardless. Josh was proven innocent, although him running didn't make things easy. Her helping him might not have been the best decision. Weevil found clues that might lead to answering questions about the death of the Dean, although we'll have to wait and see how that turns out. It's making me think that it was the Teacher. Because of the stubborness of the Sheriff, he went and got himself killed. So we got to see Veronica's Dad with the Sheriff's Uniform on again.
  • Good. Nothing exceptional though.

    Veronica struggles throughout the whole episode to find out to what happened to the coach. With combined information from the coach's doctor, wife and a video left for his son, Veronica puts all the pieces together and finally solves the mystery. Keith becomes the new cheriff in town, literally. The search for the murder of Dean O'Dell is still taking place and Keith and Veronica are getting closer and closer to figuring out who killed the Dean. In the mean time, Weevil finds a set of bloody clothing and Keith questions the Dean's wife with them. Logan, Mac and Parker went on a scavenger hunt for Valentine's Day. Very mediocre episode. Nothing special and quite a snore.
  • Veronica is in Jail

    Well this episode was really interesting
    first of all Sheriff Lamb dies and that kinds shocked me becuz i thought he would stay until season 4 or something
    parker and loghan become close which i dont like becuz veronica and loghan are really good together Veronica was so funny in jail i really love her personality
  • Veronica is jailed for unintentionally helping Josh escape from prison.

    I thought this episode was amazing. Veronica was witty as always and I loved that they brought Mac and Parker back into the show. As much as I love Logan and Veronica, I was a little tired of every episdoe being centered around their relationship or lack there of. The valentine's scavenger hunt was interesting and a I like Mac and Bronsen together. They kind of hinted toward something between Parker and Logan, but I hope that Veronica and Logan get back together. I think they are perfect for each other and that their love is epic and probably will never end.
  • Good strong storyline, happy with how it ended but not how it got there (the killing of a main character).

    By the way i loved this episode too bad i wasnt able to follow all of what was happening near the end because people were bothering me. But besides that i loved how veronica was in jail, its kind of sick i know, but it was funny. The biggest thing i loved overall was that Logan cleaned his act up to visit Veronica then also helped her with her investigation. What i hated most about the episode was the fact one of my favourite characters to hate DIED! Sheriff Lamb i loved that guy not only was he good-looking he has this funny thing about him, he was an a$$hole but yet he would help you out if you were in trouble too bad they killed off one of those guys you love to hate. Overall, the episode was better than average but not enough to be one of the best.
  • Josh has escaped from Jail. Veronica is in jail. Logan is bonding with Parker, Mac, and Bronson.

    Let's just say, best scene is when Veronica is in jail and Cliff is reminded that he needed to return a video. Unsuspected scene is when Sheriff Lamb dies. Okay, who's going to be the bumbling sheriff now? Didn't think that Josh's dad would have a terminal illness and he would plan his own "murder" so his family could have the insurance's money. Let me just say, that's one heck of a buddy who would kill you when you ask him. I wonder how that conservation went?

    I agree, I don't like the Parker/Logan pairing. Couldn't the writers do something different with him? Maybe Parker and he are "just friends". I know Parker and Veronica aren't the best friends, but I thought there was a girl code of you don't date your friend's ex without asking first. Makes you wonder, which is Veronica more upset about, Logan seeing another girl, Logan seeing Parker, or just seeing Logan? Glad to see Wallace back! Where have you been?! The dynamic duo are back. With there tech support from Mac, they are an unstoppable crime team. I hope we see more of Wallace.

    Now that we know that the murder/suicide took place an hour later, who are our new suspects? I like the plot twist and keeping the murder mystery going, but not like Lily's murder where you had a stockpile of people to choose from, it seems that we are giving only two. Was it his wife or was it her lover? Veronica doesn't seem to actively searching for his killer like she did with Lily or even the bus crash. Veronica seemed to lose her single determination to solve the main crime. Could it be that it really doesn't affect her? Lily was her best friend. The bus crash was tied to her because of a corpse found with her name scrawled on it. All the Dean did was writing a glowing reference for her. Come on, Veronica; get your head back in the game.
  • Wow! Quite alot happened in this episode i think.

    So, Veronica starts off in jail, aye?
    Well, i gotta say she was pretty funny there. Really getting into the spirit of things lol.

    So we find out what happened to the coach. It wasn't Josh. He had it happen as he had a terminal illness. ooooo!

    Keith And Veronica (mostly Keith) get closer to the killer and find out that the murder had to have happened an hour later than they thought, as the shows were put back an hour when the clippers game was on.

    And!!!! Sheriff Lamb is history!!! OMGosh! Wasn't expecting that at all! And the even better news is that KEITH is now the sheriff!!!

    Overall i say this episode was a really good one and this show just gets better and better for me.
  • Another episode full of plot twists, irony and insights into character, though a slightly below the usual thrilling standard. Not the best of the series, yet still manages to remain entertaining.

    This particular episode will have to be classified average, as although the writers continue to bring forth plot twists that surely no one really expects, the overall impression left on the audience is not exactly terribly memorable.

    The main plot twist involving the sheriff is one of the highlights of the episode and makes the 40mins of somewhat slow and not entirely believable action worth watching. As much as I greatly admire the show, and the writers, I'm sure I'm not the only veiwer who noticed the lack of pace and style that usually makes Veronica Mars such a thrilling show. Perhaps the circumstances of the sheriff's death were not the most wisely chosen, as the sudden finality of the last 10mins surely left most in confusion. Though maybe the writers will elaborate upon this tradgedy further on in the series.

    And I must comment upon the unfortunate pairing of Logan and Parker. I'm sorry, but I could never accept that Logan can move on from Veronica to a blond idiot like Parker, especially after he spent several episode proclaiming his inability to forget Veronica. Is it just me or Logan and Parker are such oposites in personality that they could never really go well together? I sincerely hope that the writers do not elaborate further upon the possibility of the two dating.

    Overall the character development was somewhat below standard, relying on previous insights in order to force the characters into action. The audience does not really learn anything new in terms of main chacter's motives or history. Not a great episode (in comparison to previous ones), though not really that bad. Entertaining, though not insightful.
  • 9.6
    OMGosh, i'm in total shock over lamb's death, and keith being sheriff again, i'm soo excited to see what happens next, finally neptune will recive it's proper justice back. yay yay yaaay !!! but where will this all go, i can't wait till the next episode.
    i loved how josh escaped, it was very clever, and you;ve gotta love cliff, he is alwways there but they always make him feel ot of place.
    i was a very clever episode, esp the fact that they remembered and brought up something from the very first episode, when wallace is told to get some guts, and the fact that he called lamb gay lol mainia.
    this show just keeps getting better and better.
    i love it
  • Oh my god, so much has happened...

    Where do I start?
    First of all the obvious: Logan and Parker? Come on... The pure thought of them together makes me wanna puke. How can they bring LoVe back together and then rip them away from us in such a harsh manner?? There's NO way I'm ever gonna accept Logan with Parker, so he better get over that soon. I couldn't watch that... no way!

    I was actually kinda sad that Lamb died and I hope his death is getting more closure next episode. They can't neglect him again like they did at the beginning of season 3 when he suddenly wasn't dead like everyone had expected. So, I hope they're showing us some grief at least. Putting Keith in charge - even though it was the only sane thing to do at this point - seemed so sudden, we didn't even get a minute to process the sheriff's death (speaking from the point of someone who usually doesn't support Lamb's character).

    Anyway, there are some interesting developments and I think we'll find closure soon with Keith being in charge and pushing the case to be solved. But the mystery can't be solved, yet, can it? The season has more episodes to come, so I'm really wondering...

    Have I mentioned how much I hate the thought of Logan and Parker? It's breaking my heart as if I had been with him myself - that's how much I feel for Veronica. I know not all of you support Logan and Veronica and I haven't always supported them either. But I'm a huge fan now and I just don't want to see them apart...
  • With Veronica in jail, the hunt for Josh Barry continues and the coach's wife hires Vinnie Van Lowe.

    With Veronica in jail, the hunt for Josh Barry continues and the coach's wife hires Vinnie Van Lowe.

    again i gave a great score to an episdoe which didn't deserve it! why? because of logan! again!well his relationship with Parker it's.. umm.. interesting..i totally see him with parker and veronica with piz..
  • The episode the noir died... (and I hope the series dies with it)

    Ok so they killed off Sheriff Lamb... I’m still not quite mentally processing that and I’m in two minds as to what I actually thought about this episode. But I'm so very beyond glad that I spoiled myself because I wouldn’t have wanted to watch that unprepared.

    Lamb. Is. Dead. Nope still not quite managing that fact. What’s worse, aside from the totally disrespectful manner in which this staple character was killed off (with quite possibly no emotional fallout - not a black armband in sight!), is the very implications and wider implications Lambs death will have for the tone of the show. VM is supposed to be a noir universe and one of the most important aspects of retaining that is to have a corrupt authority system that causes the hero or anti-hero to do good; that by their very nature and circumstance the hero must work against this corrupt environment to serve justice themselves. We have seen Veronica do this in past seasons (Lily’s murder, bus crash etc) the only reasons she felt compelled to action was because she had no faith that the law would bring about justice. So now that the lazy Sheriff Lamb is dead and papa Mars is acting Sheriff she has no motivation to act outside the law. Which by all accounts is illegal and therefore punishable! But I’m not feeling up to contemplating all the potential consequences of Veronica breaking the law while Keith is Sheriff, I’ll be here all day if I do. Now while I may not have liked Lamb as a person I will miss him as an ‘interesting shades-of-grey’ character; and someone that continually acted as a foil for Veronica and Keith. When Lamb bit the dust I not only mourned the loss of his character, but the total and utter wasted potential Lamb as a character possessed. His death was simply that. A waste.

    I’m not sure I’ll ever forgive RT for this episode; I truly hope this is the last season so I won’t have to suffer a fourth season which looks to be a boring standalone episodic soap opera. RT has been successful in stripping away everything that made me love this show; the snarky Logan - completely boring this season, friendly interaction - Wallace and Mac have disappeared almost completely, the season long mystery arc - two short boring arcs, LoVe which has slowly become more convoluted and then to top it all off they kill off the only remaining dark character, who stood as a symbol of the corruption and noirish tone in Neptune.
    Where do we go from here? Lord knows, judging by the “stellar” writing this season there’s always more down... I’m just reeling from a death that was almost nonsensical. If the only reasoning being killing off Lamb was to make Keith sheriff then the tone of Neptune changes goodbye noir) and cheapens the events of the Pilot. But if Keith is just acting sheriff in a non-permanent capacity then what was the point at all? I’d take Lamb over any new character. It’s just pointless; if his death was purely for shock value then I’m even more annoyed.

    In other news Parker and Logan seem to like one another! Oh what surprise I exhibited... well I would have had I not read spoilers. Where the hell has that relationship come from? Though to be honest at this point I’m not altogether bothered. They’ve already pretty much destroyed my ship by throwing in plot points so convoluted I’m having trouble realising this is in fact Veronica Mars... supposedly a mystery noir drama and NOT a teen soap opera. So screwing around with it some more won’t make much difference to me. Bring on Pizronica while you’re at it, why not. Since I was so worried about Lambs death I felt it difficult to enjoy this episode, it felt somewhat tainted. Although the Karma Sutra stuff was amusing... but why was Mac so eager to jump into bed with Bronson?? Have the writers forgotten about Cassidy? It certainly seems that way. The Veronica jail scenes while amusing (My little pony tattoo!) did feel a bit over the top. How good was it to see Cliff, Wallace and Vinnie again? I was happy. I was however decidedly unhappy about Wallace’s homophobic comment regarding Lamb being a friend of Dorothy. So it’s ok to mock sexuality for a cheap laugh now is it? It was rather tasteless. I remember the more subtle dark humour... once upon a time in a universe far far away.

    And with this episode we’ve hit jump the shark territory... I should have seen it coming. When Lamb died he took the noir and any hope I had for this show with him. RIP Sheriff Lamb you will be greatly missed. I feel better now! :]
  • Veronica helps Josh out a number of times; Keith is coming closer to the real killer; poor Sheriff Lamb bits the dust.

    This episode was ok. I loved every second of Veronica in jail. Her lines in there were some of the best of the season. It was also nice to learn that Josh wasn't the real killer. The whole assisted suicide plot was also a nice twist, and different from the "real killer" twists that this show usually has. A little sad that he has to hide out for a few years, but I’m glad they ended the story line by showing his character in a good light. The low notes of this episode include Sheriff Lamb dying. As much as we all hate him for being a cocky jerk, he did add a nice touch to the show. His banter between the Mars’ will surely be missed. The second low note was the Parker/Logan lunch. Logan visiting Veronica in jail, cute. Logan flirting with Parker over lunch, not cute. The Valentine's scavenger hunt added a little bit of light heartedness to the show, but why were Mac and Parker so nice to Logan after he hurt Veronica so badly by sleeping with Madison? And in what universe is it ok to have a flirty lunch with a friend's ex a few weeks after the break-up? That was just odd. Does this mean that LoVe is going to be a replaced by Parlo? Loger? LoPar? I hope not, but only time will tell.
  • I know this shows called Veronica Mars and her father but it should of been Called Keith Mars and her daughter loved the storylines and all the action and suspense. I think the Sheriff should see the wizard

    Well, Well Well Veronica gave super laughs I allmost think KBell would be a great comedic actress keith was also fantastic in this episode "I thought this would be more dramtic" anyway loved Veronicas quirks and everybody greeting her in jail. I think Cliff should become a regular. Okay Josh escapes and ties Mason in the trunk Mason is a great actor okay anyway Veroncia helps him get a fake ID to get into a safter deposit box. I hope theres one storyline were Veronica is dead wrong about a person we find out that the Joshes mother might of hired a hitman to kill the coach for having an affir with a women who is actually his doctor becasue the coach has a deadly diesese. So we start to to unravel things that his death was supposed to look like an accident to get insurance money, rather then paying medical bills on a dying coach. Veronica is allways right! (Im glad veroinca helped josh becasue she knew he wasnt guilty not for the greater good like Duncan) Josh flees the country. In other news which was a very random storyline but great was the hanging out of Parker, Mac and Logan and Bronson. There on a scavenger hunt and with funny pics they get in 3rd but Parker and Logan get closer as do Mac and Bronson when they sleep together. The Odell Case gets complicated when Steve (ex Husband) gets involed the exSheriff goes after him Steve beats him to the ground and Sacks kills Steve, Ive allways liked sacks he seemed shaken. Mindy and Prof Landry's allibi was off and everything points to Landry who hid ctholes in the furnace I still say his creepy assistant was in on it! Ive said sonce the beginning, He also read the perfect murder Veronica wrote and who put the tracking device in his phone was never revealed?? I enjoy this myster becaseu theres not many suspects and its two people who weve come to know. Sherff Lambs death is a surprise but theres no other characters who are gonna grieve over his loss and it changes the plot by allowing Keith to have his Sherrif rep back. Im sure Lamb wont be missed that much. Next week looks great!
  • Veronica was really funny in this one.

    This was a pretty good episode.When Lamb died i was shocked.
    But i was also kind of glad because Keith got to be sherrif again.And when Veronica got arrested for "helping" that guy escape,i just though it was really stupid.It's not like she purposly helped him.But when she got released from jail and that guy grabbed her and showed her the guy he had in a trunk of a car,i was shocked.I mean i figured he was going to try and find the real killer but come to find out his dad killed himself.And i think that Mack's roomate likes Logan and they will end up together.And i think Veronica could do better anyways.(Piz)This was a good episode.
  • F'ing fantastic.

    So a few weeks ago, I was worried that Rob had lost his edge; that the network had won the battle and neutered his conviction. Given the last two episodes, however, I'm back on my 'Rob Thomas is a genius' trip. I know... I should have never doubted the man, but I did -- I played the role of Judas. Anyhow, this episode brings back the old days when people were getting offed left and right, the crimes and investigations were exciting, and Keith was the damn man! It's true, I wish they would have merely incapacitated Lamb for a bit, then had him come back and have to work under Keity or vie for the top spot of Sheriff. But a death is a death and the fact that we've had like four in the last few episodes means that we're back on track!

    No more missing monkeys or football playbooks... we're back in the hardcore, people. And that's what the show has been missing. The thing with Logan/Veronica/Parker seemed to play out well -- though I have an inkling that Veronica and Logan will end up back together yet again, if only through Parker's necessary demise. The Keith/Veronica moments were commendable and Veronica's jail time was a nice bit of comic relief. The thing with Josh's dad's suicide become obvious about 1/3 into the episode, but it was still a relatively nice arc.

    And, maybe most importantly, we had almost the entire starring cast show up for the first time all year, I think... with the exception of Dick, but really, where were they going to fit him in? That's an accomplishment in itself!
  • Going into this week’s episode, I knew one of the regular cast members was not long for this world. But I had no idea who would die in the course of the hour.

    Going into this week’s episode, I knew one of the regular cast members was not long for this world. But I had no idea who would die in the course of the hour.

    And what I love about this show–it really toyed with us. As the final act unfolded, there were several candidates who could have died. I have to admit I was a little more than worried for Keith when the basketball coach’s wife went off to get the gun. I began to wonder–does the show have the cahones to kill off Keith Mars?

    Thankfully, this questions was only left to the speculation of my crazed mind. But you have to admit, that would have been a hell of a move for the show.

    That said, I think the move they made in who was killed off and the consequences of it was better for the long-term health of the show. So, Lamb is killed, trying to solve the mystery of who killed Dean O’Dell. I’ve got to give it to Veronica Mars–at this point, I have no clue who did it and I couldn’t even begin to guess. Like any good murder mystery, there are a whole lot of suspects, all of whom have perfectly good motives. Right now, I can see any of the big suspects as having pulled off the murder, why they did it and I’d be totally satisfied. But back to the Lamb death. I knew when Keith warned him to be careful, that it was probably going to be Lamb’s doom. You might as well have dressed the guy in a red-shirt and beamed him down to the planet with Kirk. And I have to say I’m going to miss Lamb. He was such a great foil for Veronica and Keith. Who will they get to be snarky with now? And the question is–now that Keith is sheriff, what does that do to Veronica’s activities as a slueth? She got a good number of cases from the Mars Investigations pipeline and I feel certain that well as dried up.

    Of course, what is really interesting is now that Keith has the role of sheriff back–something he wanted last year, mind you–will it be smooth sailing or will he become the same target of criticism that Lamb was?

    And, oh yeah, we still had another mystery to solve from last week. The murdered basketball coach was interesting and I think the storyline was resolved fairly well. The coach takes out a huge insurance policy because he’s dying and makes his death look like foul play in order to double the pay out to the family. And he leaves a confession for the son in the safety deposit box. Of course, the son has escaped from jail and can’t use this to exonorate himself–if he does so, the family loses the money, something they need to take care of their autistic son.

    This mystery has been one of the more satisfying of the stand-alone mysteries we’ve had in a while. And both plots felt like old school Veronica Mars. The series seems to be picking up, which is ironic since we’re headed to a long Veronica-less hiatus after next week’s episode.

    I think a large part of it was that the whole Logan/Veronica relationship has moved on. Logan is asked by Parker to be part of a Valentine’s Day scavanger hunt with Mac (yeah!) and her new boyfriend. The two hit it off and we end the episode with Veronica seeing them together in the cafeteria. It’s always the hardest being the one who doesn’t start dating right away in the break-up as Veronica will find out. And it’s a friend.

    This could be some good drama coming…or at the least a few great dialogue scenes between these two. All this and we even got an obligatory Wallace and Weevi sighting. I think everyone in the credits showed up this week…oh wait, no Piz. But still, it was a good episode and I’m eager to see next week’s concluding episode of the who killed the dean arc.
  • Good episode. Terrible choice.

    The episode was good, overall. But really, I could not disagree with killing Lamb more. I love this show, I really do, but this is "Jump The Shark" territory...

    He was needed, he is needed. With this, I see the shows producers knowing that the end is coming soon. With Keith sheriff and Veronica in college, there is no, 'Outsider' mentality to the Mars clan. Now it is almost, 'back to normal.' So, I really see this being the last season. Now, saying that, I don't want it to be, at all, I want to see the show go on at least 2 more years, but I really don't see that happening anymore.

    This my first Veronica review that wasn't in the "9" range...just to give you perspective.
  • basically, logan and v are probably off for good, the sheriff's dead, keith's the sheriff again, josh didn't kill his dad-the coach's death was a asisted suicide?, there's been more disovery in the dean's case and we might have a new couple- logan&parker

    Wow the renstating Keith as Sheriff- I didn't see that coming. But we all probably saw coming was the split between Logan and Veronica. So with the hints fromt the show, we might actually see Logn and Parker together. I empasize on the word MIGHT- so don't get mad at me if you disagree.One mystery is solved, Josh didn't kill his father, his father chose to die- assistant coach(who looks like Josh)helped the coach with the death. Weevil and his boss find Prof. Landry's shirt and pair of gloves in the furnace...
  • Josh has escaped from Prison. Veronica accidentally helps him. New leads are discovered in the Dean O' Dell Mystery.

    Ok i may get some people to disagree with me on this one but in my humble opinion this was by far the best episode of this season so far. We discover Josh was allergic to the cookies Veronica made him and that is how we escaped following his attack on the emt who saved him. Hank Landry takes exception to Keith's digging into Dean O' Dell's murder and it further raises a red flag for him as a suspect. The sheriff's department discovers Mindy's ex husbands prints on Cyrus' computer and decide to bring him in. Much like with Veronica Lamb can't hold him and is forced to let him go. Also in this episode we see a bit of a connection growing between Logan and Parker during a Valentine's day scavenger hunt and Bronson and Mac do the deed and grow a bit closer themselves. Mrs Berry hires Keith to find her son. Josh soons shows up looking for Veronica's help. Keiths investigating leads to the stunner that the Coach was dying and due to a policy created it looks like Mrs Berry could be a suspect. However a video Josh and Veronica watch shows that Coach Berry helped arrange his own death with the aid of his longtime friend and assistant. Meanwhile while investigating Mindys ex husband breaking into Mindys house once again Sheriff Lamb is hit in the head with a baseball bat several times before Sacks shoots him. At the very end of the episode we learn our beloved Sheriff Lamb is dead. The ending sequence shows a shocked Mindy O'Dell being questioned by Sheriff Mars. This was a stonner and a shocker for myself it definitely felt like a dream or something. I was on the edge of my seat I couldn't believe my eyes as I was watching the ending unfold. This is both exciting and sad since Lamb is like Keith's rival and the chemistry between them is excellent. I'm not sure if this makes me believe the show is going in a new direction with Keith being Sheriff or if this is a sign this is the third and final season of the show. I hope that is not the case either way just like i said last week I can't wait for next week's episode.
  • How can you really HATE Lamb though? At worst he was a self-obsessed idiot -- rarely actively causing harm. Anyway, an important episode. We even got Wallace back for a bit... just in time to slap Lamb with a comeback line three years in the making.

    Okay, great episode. And I'm not sure what shocked me more -- Lamb's death or the fact that Logan did something other than mope. It's a toss-up. And in both cases I have mixed feelings. A non-moping, non-making-fun-of-Veronica, non-dating-Veronica Logan is something strange and new. A nice change... but the Logan-Parker possibility chills me to the core. As for Lamb's death... come on, hate him or not, that's still sad. There is one thing that bothers me... Keith is now the Sheriff. I mean, it's obviously good for this fictional town called Neptune but for us faithful viewers... I don't know, it seems like loose ends are getting tied up. I sense that the end is nigh. And the prospect of no fourth season saddens me way more than either Lamb's death or Logan's new love interest.
  • Ding dong, the Sheriff's dead!

    Excuse me a second. I'm in my happy place.

    Okay. Better now.

    Tonight is a night all Veronica fans shall remember, for it was the day when yon holy wooden plank smote the unworthy fool called Lamb. And the fandom looked upon the act, and said it was good. So it was written. Thus shall it be.

    Aside from seeing Lamb get sheared (and would it have hurt to let the guy go at him a little longer?), nothing beats the thrill of seeing Keith reinstated fully as Sheriff, and poised to solve the Dean's case.

    Thank you to everyone for this wonderful episode. It was a long time coming.

    Smell ya later, Lamb... That is, if they don't embalm you fast enough.