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Veronica Mars

Season 1 Episode 14

Mars vs. Mars

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 2005 on UPN
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  • Episode Summary

    When an 09er accuses Veronica's favorite teacher of sexual harassment, Veronica finds herself pitted against her father, who is hired by the girl's family to get him fired. Meanwhile, Logan enlists Veronica's help to track down his mother, who he believes is still alive.

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    • Great episode, this show is improving.

      I liked that Veronica was working on three cases this week. Keeps the eye and the mind occupied, you see. First of all we had the A plot of the week: A teacher of Veronica's gets accused of sexual harassment. Veronica doesn't believe the story of the so-called victim while Keith gets hired by the victim's parents to fire the very same teacher. This storyline was quickly-paced and the suprise at the ending may not have been the most original but it all stayed rather enjoyable to watch.

      Then we had Veronica and Logan teaming up to find out if Lynne Echolls really died. It's nice to see those two together for a change and I'm hoping to see more of their chemistry in the future. Which I probably will, since we found out at the end of this episode that there IS in fact evidence Logan's mom is still alive. The third "case" was the one that intruigued me most: the mystery surrounding Duncan's illness. I didn't really expect the outcome. Though in retrospect it wasn't much of an original twist either: Abel Koontz is a dying man and that's what made him confess to the murder of Lilly Kane so easily. He's obviously working for somebody else (Kane family?). All in all, a rather enjoyable episode. Looking forward to the next one.moreless
    • Veronica isn't right about something for the first time in her life.

      Sexual harrasment. Teacher/student sexual harrasment + Logan trying to track down his " dead mother ". Another terrific episode of Veronica Mars. A student called Carrie acuses the history teacher in Veronica's school of sexual harrasment but Veronica strongly believes that he is innocent. Things heat up when Carrie's parents go to Keith Mars for help on the case so now Veronica has to go against her own father to prove his innocence. Carrie's evidence was solid. Credit cards, timings and even phone messages. There was no way Veronica could work something out but she did with a phone trick and all charges were dropped on Mr. Rooks. Veronica visits Mr. Rooks to drop off his phone and finds out that Carrie was saying the truth. Well not the entire truth. Apprently her sister, Susan Knight, was the one being sexually harrased by Mr. Rooks so Veronica convinces Susan to do the right thing and report Mr. Rooks and justice was served. Also in this episode Logan askes for Veronica for help. Apparently he thinks his mother is still alive and he wants Veronica to help her but when a boy shows Logan and Veronica footage of a woman throwing herself of the same bridge at the time that everyone belived Lynn killed herslef, Logan loses hope until Veronica is informed that one of his mother's credit cards were used. Killer episode !!! Loved it but there was one thing that angered me. Well Veronica really believed in Mr. Rooks and he seemed like a good person so I was shocked to know that he told Susan to take care of her pregnancy after giving her five hudred dollars. Carrie was awesome. I was so happy to see Leighton in this episode. Who knew that her and Kristen would be in the same show in the near future...Gossip Girl. I was also really surprised to find out that Abel Koontz was dying. This episode gets an 8.4 from me :). I love Veronica Mars !!!!moreless
    • What a surprise another great episode of Veronica Mars.

      Veronica tries to prove the innocence of a popular Neptune High teacher who has been accused of sexual harassment by a gossipy 09er. Veronica then finds herself working against her father who is hired by the girls parents. Right lets get started Mars vs. Mars serves up a lot of tension and a very compelling story with a nice twist. It is a very great stand alone and maybe because of this my rating does not go higher. Although very effective and well made this episode is on all accounts, Logan and his story is pretty much ignored to make way for the main one. This episode also lacks the feel and pacing of a truly amazing Veronica Mars. Mars vs. Mars is a good Veronica Mars that casual viewers will probably enjoy more.moreless
    • Review

      Really well put together episode that got back to the basic fundamentals of what this show is truly all about. We go a bit deeper into the murder of Lily Kane as Veronica finds out that Abel and Duncan were both using the same hospital. We learn Duncan has something wrong with him as well as get the information that Abel was lying when he was put into jail for the murder of Lily Kane. The expression of his face at the end of the episode was simply priceless and it pretty much confirmed that we have a lot more to do with this story. For some reason I was starting to wonder if Veronica's Dad may be the murderer in this episode. I have no idea why that came into my mind, I guess I thought it would be an interesting twist for Veronica to have to go through at the end of this season. But more on that later if it comes true, which I'm sure it will not. The case in this one was fantastic, with Veronica spending the episode trying to get this man off of the hook and then at the very last minute having to have to pull a 360 and then convict him of a different, but very simalar crime. I didn't even see that one coming. Logan Echolls mother also had a breakthrough in this episode - as her credit card is used but it also looks like he jumped off of the bridge. Odd, but makes me not able to wait until another day to watch the next episode. Fantastic episode, one of the best since the pilot.moreless
    • Not a bad thing I can say about this.

      Up to this point, this episode has the best episodic case in my opinion. I really liked the way it was kicked off and the way it was concluded too. And of course the middle part was great too: it kept me interested all along which is thing hard to get done with standalone cases.

      I liked the fact Veronica and Keith were working against eachother. While the title is a bit misleading because they don't really have a huge "fight"... not even verbally, but there's definitely a mild conflict between them.

      I thought the main reason this episode and even it's case was revealant to the story is the fact even Veronica can be wrong. But even if she is, she does everything to proove herself right... much like a good lawyer.


      The episode has 2 other subplots. The mid season arc that was introudced in episode 10(the Echolls family crisis) and the overall arc(Kane murder).

      Veronica investigates Duncan's mystery illness but meanwhile she finds a file on Abel Koontz which states he's terminally ill: interesting turn of events. In the other plot Logan enlists Veronca's help to find his mother, who he believes isn't dead. I really loved this, Logan's desperation and finally Veronica and Logan wasn't so rude to eachother, nice character development here. The subplot ends with a nice twist, how can someone be dead AND use credit cards at the same time?

      Overall,well packed episode!moreless
    Leighton Meester

    Leighton Meester

    Carrie Bishop

    Guest Star

    Christian Clemenson

    Christian Clemenson

    Abel Koontz

    Guest Star

    Christine Lakin

    Christine Lakin

    Susan Knight

    Guest Star

    Daran Norris

    Daran Norris

    Cliff McCormack

    Recurring Role

    Max Greenfield

    Max Greenfield

    Deputy Leo D'Amato

    Recurring Role

    Duane Daniels

    Duane Daniels

    Van Clemmons

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • When the students sing part of "Don't Stand So Close to Me" by The Police, they skip 10 lines after "Knows what she wants to be". This includes the chorus and "Her friends are so jealous / You know how bad girls get", which would have the opposite effect from what they wanted.

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Veronica: Can't say I was expecting you.
        Logan: Yeah, yeah, I usually avoid buildings with stained glass.
        Veronica: That's why you haven't come to visit.

      • Logan: Listen, I'm going.
        Veronica: You're not.
        Logan: 'Kay, what are you going to stop me with?
        Veronica: Force of will, strength of character, tenacity, (illustrating what she's saying) karate chop...

      • Veronica: Do something for me?
        Wallace: Let me guess. Borrow her permanent file?
        Veronica: I remember when you were new and eager to please. Good times.

      • Logan: I know my mother!
        Veronica: Okay... I heard she left a note.
        Logan: Well, yeah, she wants people to think she's dead. But if she was going to really do the deed, it would be chardonnay and sleeping pills. You know, she wouldn't risk being found bug-eyed and bloated in some shrimp net.
        Veronica: I'll see what I can find out.

      • Weevil: If you're lookin' for my trophy, it's back by auto shop.
        Veronica: Lube job? Or...can you medal in stealing hubcaps?
        Weevil: Is this 1970? Rims, baby.
        Veronica: So you got a trophy for a rim job?
        Weevil: Forget it. Look, I got some information for you.
        Veronica: Finally, a Deep Throat to call my own.
        Weevil: I'm not gonna touch that one.

      • Logan: I mean, we're not (hands up) exchanging friendship bracelets.
        Veronica: I'll stop braiding.

      • Mr. Rooks: Who will be the weakest link? Wallace Fennel, show me what you got.

      • Wallace: Carrie's file. If you're caught with this, I will disavow any knowledge of you or your mission. You'll be on your own.
        Veronica: Don't worry. I've got a cyanide capsule in a false tooth. If I'm caught, I'll do the honorable thing.
        Wallace: (hands her the folder) It's been a privilege knowing you, Mars.

      • Keith: Honey, you don't have to get all blue in the face.
        Veronica: Oh, you're patronizing me?
        Keith: To be fair, I am your patron.

      • Carrie Bishop: He [Mr. Rooks] used to call me 'Sweet Knees'. He always wanted me to wear knee socks.

      • Veronica: (to Keith) Tell me where to put your father-of-the-year trophy, 'cause there's someplace I'd like to put it!

    • NOTES (5)

    • ALLUSIONS (7)

      • Weevil: (to Logan) Hey! Manners, Opie!

        Weevil pays tribute to the long running 1960s The Andy Griffith Show in his inappropriate reference to Logan's recent loss. Andy Griffith played a widowed father, Sheriff Andy Taylor, and his son and the boy who'd lost his mother was named Opie Taylor, played by Ron Howard.

      • Scene reference: Family Feud
        The question format used by Mr. Rooks in his class at the beginning of the episode is similar to the one used in the game show Family Feud.

      • Veronica: Finally, a Deep Throat to call my own.

        Deep Throat is the pseudonym that was given to William Mark Felt Sr., who was the second in command for the FBI and the secret source who leaked information about the involvement of U.S. President Richard Nixon's administration in the Watergate scandal.

      • Sweet Valley:

        When Carrie tells Veronica that the teacher tried to seduce her, Veronica sarcastically remarks that she has that same Sweet Valley book. Sweet Valley High was a popular teen book series in the eighties and nineties. Sweet Valley High #11 entitled "Too Good to be True", featured a storyline involving a young girl who falsely accused a popular teacher of trying to seduce her. Sweet Valley was also later developed for television and enjoyed four seasons on the UPN network.

      • Episode Title: Mars vs. Mars
        The title is a reference to Spy vs. Spy, a cartoon strip from MAD Magazine. In the strip, one of the two spies tries to lure the other into a deadly trap, often incorporating a box filled with explosives. A non-lethal version of such a box is in this episode put in the safe by Keith; and opened by Veronica, leaving her covered in ink. To a much lesser extend the episode title might also refer to the 1979 movie Kramer vs. Kramer, a film about a family undergoing divorce, and the pain that occurs as a result.

      • Wallace: If you're caught with this, I will disavow any knowledge of you or your mission.

        In the TV series Mission: Impossible, the line "As always, should you or any of your IM force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions" was always played at the end of a new mission tape.

      • Mr. Rooks: Who will be the weakest link?

        This is a reference to the British game show The Weakest Link. The show became popular in the US briefly when NBC aired it in 2001.