Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 2

My Big Fat Greek Rush Week

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2006 on UPN

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  • Veronica learns a lesson the hard way

    While I still find it too convenient that everyone ended up at the same college, there's nothing I can do about that, except deal with it. I really liked this episode because for a change Veronica doesn't end up as the good guy. When she takes the newspaper assignment to cover the sorority's bad behavior, she feels she is going to do the right thing. When the truth comes out that her prying has actually hurt someone, she has to think twice about how to use her investigative talents. I liked that she quit the newspaper to do the boring job in the library.

    The sociology experiment was very scary. There was almost no supervision, and someone really could have gotten hurt. I expected Logan to be more involved in the game, but he really did not participate much. It was a nice twist that Wallace ended up the guard and that the guards won not by using force or coercion, but by outsmarting the prisoners. It's also nice that at the end Mac convinces her roommate to stay. It seems she also misjudged the situation, as Veronica did, and now has a genuine new friend, once she opened up her mind about the girl. Everyone is growing up!
  • A pretty good episode

    Wallace and Logan in the project was pretty funny. I loved Logan's leadership and the way that the guards ended up winning. Veronica's inspection of the soroitry was awsome because I love seeing her play out of character and undercover. I felt bad how it ended with Veronica not being able to take the article out of the paper.
  • This was the first episode I have ever seen of Veronica Mars, and overall I was extremely impressed. It was ingrossing throughout with exteremely good balance between the storylines.

    Now, for coming into a show 3 seasons in, and the second episode of the season, nonetheless, I was surprisingly unconfused with two of the storylines, and actually intrigued enough to keep watching. Kristen Bell did a masterful job, along with the sorority house being both evil and good at the same time. I felt that the end was a little bit of a long shot, but it was very interesting. The sociology experiment, however, is where the episode really shined. It dominated the scenes with the four main members, and how it all worked out was impressive and amazing. It stole the show away from Kristen Bell, something I didn't believe was possible. The fathers storyline was confusing, but I won't rank the show poorly because of it, because I am a newcomer, and just was unable to pick up on it because of that.
  • Veronica and her antics prove masterful once again as she dons a Louis Vuitton and a pink lipgloss as a Sorority Chick, embracing a not-so-Veronica side to herself. Meanwhile the boys get tough and rough for class.

    This episode was thrilling.
    Veronica's superb verbal plays against and as one of the Sorority bunch makes this episode one of the best of the season. Rider Strong as a scary butch manly-man? This, my friends, just adds to the pleasant-ness of the episode. Indeed, watching it, while laughing was fun, but the plot unfolding and twisting in the meantime? Jesus, it just makes me happy to watch the show! Fan-freaking-tastic episode, Veronica/Kristen Bell! Her acting was superb. Definitely a good one becuase of this amazing portrayal. As in many previous episodes, Veronica is not afraid to show us, she can go the extra mile to win the battle (or is it race?).
  • Veronica begins to realize though that not everything is as it appears in the sorority house. Logan and Wallace take part in a challenging Sociology class role-playing experiment as prisoner and prison guard.

    The campus newspaper hires Veronica for an undercover expose on the Zeta Theta sorority sisters during rush week to investigate Parker’s rape. Veronica begins to realize though that not everything is as it appears in the sorority house.
    Logan and Wallace take part in a challenging Sociology class role-playing experiment as prisoner and prison guard, and Keith treks through the desert after escaping from the scene of a crime. Logan: (Veronica greets him) Ah, finally, my conjugal visit. Veronica: Let me guess, you're out on good behavior? Logan: (to others) You all know my girl, Veronica. (to Veronica) I have your picture hung in my cell. Gets me through the long, lonely nights. I lend it to my buddy, Horshack, sometimes. Hope you don't mind. Veronica: It's good to share.
  • Logan and Wallace participate in a sociology experiment involving a fake prison.

    This episode has the actor who played Shawn in Boy Meets World. It is kind of disturbing how mean he is. He says some very anti-Semetic things.But some character says something which makes one think that the actor will be back in further episodes. This has some more of Wallace and logan bonding (if only in a perverse way) perhaps it will be important in a later episode that they are close. The episode is as clever as ever but yet again fails to investigate what is does to these characters. If only it were more character driven it would surely get an Emmy nod for best drama series. It is as good as other drama series in every other category.
  • This is one of the funniest episodes ever.

    The episode started out with Parker talking to the police about her rape. This is what pulled Veronica in to investigate the serial rapes on campus. Veronica also decides to get a job, so she gets a job with the paper. Veronica is asked to investigate the sorority house which Parker rushed the night of her rape, in hopes of find some information on the rapist and so rumors about the sorority house. All Veronica finds is the house mom is growing pot for her cancer treatment. In the midst of her trying to find out the secrets of the secret room, we get some grade A Veronica moments. For example Veronica pretending to get drunk so she is taken to a room where it has been reported has a two-way mirror in which frat boys watch rushes take off there clothes. We learned our generation has the faux lesbian dance and to dress to impress, is to dress like your favorite Pu$$y Cat Doll. This is one of my all time favorite Veronica Mars episodes.
  • cool

    interesting... Veronica going into a soroity house... wallace n logan re-enacting the famous prisoner thingy... and the jail cells.. i love the quick jokes, witty as usual. veronica looked awesome in the "tasteful floral" dress and the heels. i liked (kinda.. not in a bad way or anything) how they made it that veronica made a mistake by just assuming that the thing was parker was nothing. it made her more human, more realistic than someone who never made a mistake, someone that always got everything right. tehehe... and the guard idea was pretty sweet. though i kinda guessed it after reading "wallace gets the information just before the time is up" in some spoiler.. and by the way.. the last bit, logan running through the class... BRILLIANT! :P
  • Amazing~!

    I love dthis episode! It was so cool! OMG! Marijuana! Drug freaks! Haha! Anyway... Logan and wallace join a game like thing... it looked cooL! That's why college is so awesome! Logan thought their team won... but it trurned out walklace's team tricked them and wallace's team won! Anyway... veronica was hired by the school newspaper (which she should because she is awesome!) she goe sundercover in the sorority sisters thing... I tell yo those girls are creepy! Anway... she goes to teh place at night and she sees a camera... so she acts drunk... but it turns out they aer hiding marijuana tehre... v reports but then she discovered a girl there needed it to recover... but she was too late.
  • She makes mistakes...

    Veronica is now on the trail of the campus rapist and the trail has led her to a sorority house that has a mystery behind it. She has also landed a job at the school news paper. Eventually her digging leads Veronica into making a mistake that won't make her any friends anytime soon.
    That's one thing I like about this character. She isn't perfect. Mistakes are made and learned from making her more likable and real.
    Kudos to making Mac a central character this year as well.
  • Veronica infiltrates the Zeta Theta soriority to investigate Parker's rape. Cormac goes after Keith in the desert, but gets trapped in an animal trap. Logan and Wallace take part in a sociology experiment.

    This is the kind of writing that we all know and love from the first season of Veronica Mars. It's sharp and quick and doesn't tie everything up neatly in a bow so that characters are back to where they started at the beginning of the episode. Group interactions found both within the prison experiment and Veronica's infiltration of the Zeta Theta sorority, show how to be part of one group, you must exclude yourself from another. It's apparent from the end of the episode that Veronica is not sure how happy she is with the group she ended up in. The dialogue is top-notch. There's something to be said for hiring good writers.
  • Love seeing the Logan/Wallace storyline!

    This episode of Veronica Mars was pretty good. The sorority story was okay, but what really kept me entertained was the Logan and Wallace project. I actually thought Logan had it in the bag, but oh no, Wallace pulled a fast one. The one thing I would like to see more this season is Logan and Veronica together. On this episode we got to see them together for like 5 seconds and that's all what's up with that? I also want to see more of Mac and Dick's stories progressing. What's going on with their lives they seem to only be fillers on the season so far!
  • Great overall episode, but may alienate new viewers

    As an avid Veronica Mars fan, I found this episode to be excellent and made me laugh out loud several times. Ut had great guest casting and the Veronica mystery, plus the Wallace storline were well balanced.

    The problem with this episode, and the season premiere, is that I am confused about the Fitzpatrick situation. Heck, my friends who are avid watchers are also confused.

    Veronica Mars is a great show and deserves better ratings and new viewers, but a story line that confuses its diehard fans can't be a good thing for new viewers.

    Take out the Fitzpatrick storyline and this is an almost perfect episode.
  • Much better than the previous episode.

    Now we have more of an idea about where the Keith-story arc is going. I'm also glad they brought that criminal from season 2 because he's an interesting character. The main-arc, which is now the rapings happening on campus is getting more interesting. Veronica now feels guilty about it and there might be a big conspiracy behind it all. But it is still much less gripping than the two previous years' main arc (Lily-Bush crash).

    The whole side-story with the prison project was a lot of fun to watch. Really entertaining. Logan shows a bit of his smart-mouthness, which lacked in the first episode of this season, and the whole situation in which him and Wallace get into was plain hilarious.

    I think the whole ''fack'' running-joke will be brought up a few times again this season.
  • They seem to have lost their way this year, and I am someone who loved every episode of the first two seasons. The mishandling of the 'prisoner experiment,' and the lack of interaction between Keith and VM are just the worse flaws.

    Where are they going this season? And why? This episode kept on almost working, and then backing away from itself. The show would have benefitted from dropping Logan and Casablancas, both of whom could have been replaced with new characters -- okay, I never liked the Logan Connection to begin with and don't believe it. The show's strength started with the interaction of Keith and Veronica, but we don't see that.
    Specifics of this episode that annoyed me start with the 'prisoner experiment' -- and the comments that started it. No, Prof, Americans habe NOT been torturers in the past, starting with Washington. The suggestion is as vile as it is false. The experiment might have been a strong segment -- though out of place here -- if it had been used, if there had been a demonstration of the change people go through as prisoners or guards. Instead, the characters defined themselves in the first interaction, and never changed, the one jerk stayed a jerk, the rest stayed who they were. (This CAN be a life-changing experience, as one character said. It wasn't, because of bad writing. It was just a gimmick to let Wallace be 'clever' with the clock changing. The 'faked escape wasn't credible.')

    The 'big surprise' coming that Mac's roommate is also gay will be one only to someone that didn't notice the pictures around the roommate's mirror -- and who doesn't anticipate obvious plot twists -- but is Mac so dumb she didn't see them? (I LIKE the idea, the more gay and bi characters on tv the better, but this was LAME.)

    The rape theme, and Sheriff Lamb's response would have led somewhere, if it wasn't for the shaven head -- and what's with THAT anyway, why do that? Even though the idea of law officers automatically doubting rape claims is, thankfully, mostly in the past, Lamb is the sort of jerk who could have responded that way, but not when the girl's hair is mostly gone. (And, btw, when in one scene the girl's father is off trying to get his money back from the school, how does she still have the option to stay?)

    The pot theme was absurd. There were too many plants, they were too big -- as my wife caught -- most school administrations would have looked the other way, and why use a room that students have access to. (They pointed out in ep. 1 that thefts happen on school grounds, are we sure no one would have cut down a few plants for their own use?) And the actions of the crazy editor are absurd -- a college newspaper isn't the NY POST -- even if she is being set-up as a future villain. That she has a crusade against sororities is made plain, but if she had run the story that way, she would have been crucified, certainly by the students, once the facts came out. (And was the story about the girls stripping while being watched by the boys a total lie? What about the 4 sources she says she has? It is a very plausible one, and if it is dropped, why?)

    I'll keep up with the show for a while, on the past track record, but it's dropped from a must watch to, 'well, if I can get to it.' I hope that I'm wrong and they get back to what I'm used to, but so far, I wouldn't cry if it didn't get renewed, and we just had the 'good years' to remember.
  • This is the Veronica Mars we know and love!

    This episode brings us back to greatness from the not-so great season premiere. In this episode (which by the way, Veronica was super hilarious in) trying to find out what the sorority had to do with the campus rapes, joins the sorority in true VM fashion. M

    Meanwhile, Keith is lost in somewhere-ville, trying to escape from the Kiltzpatrick (or whatever) brother. The whole foot trap thing that Keith planted was great, but it intrigued me when the OTHER brother came and shot him (who was now in the foot trap) dead....assuming. LOL We found out what was REALLY inside the suitcase Kendall showed Keith last year, and it was very smart. And the rape story just keeps on getting deep and deeper, with the mom's cancer and all. Great episode!!
  • Absolutely hilarious

    Veronica Mars is back on track for its 3rd season as proof is shown in the episode My Big Fat Greek Rush Week. Veronica mars goes undercover for Hearst College to uncover what happens in a sorority house where rumors have it that bad things go on during parties. Veronica infiltrates the sorority by posing as a pledge. The sorority girls at first appear as if they belonged in the Stepford Wives but later it is revealed that the are normal. Veronica then goes to their party and poses as drunk while doing a sexy dance. Other storylines include Wallace and Logan participating in a Sociology class experimentation where Logan and other classmates are prisoners withholding info while Wallace and other classmates are the guards trying to get the info. It's refreshing to see Rider Strong of Boy Meets World back into the acting game. Meanwhile Mac and her roommate Parker bond after Parker's unfortunate head shaving and rape. Keith is running in the desert away from the man that killed Kendall. Overall a pretty great and funny episode.
  • Veronica Mars seems to be back on track for a great third season.

    After a shaky first episode, Veronica Mars seems to have found its footing. First off: Keith. I love the fact that he outsmarted that Fitzpatrick brother with the foot trap and the pen with the tracker. I also liked the Veronica Keith bonding over their respective screw-ups. We finally get to see what was in Kendall's briefcase and it was ingenious! What a great way to hide millions of dollars right under the Fitzpatrick's noses. What a great way to insure that they would never find the money. And what a great way for Keith to spend the money, though I suppose he could have given Dick the money.

    Wallace and Logan: This was the best part of the episode. I took first year sociology in university and we never did anything that cool. Rider Strong (I think that's his name) was a jackass. I doubt he (the character) was pretending that much, since he made that prisoner kid take notes for him in class the next day. Logan was great, pep-talking to that Jewish kid. While I assume that it was mostly because he didn't want to loose, you could tell that he really didn't like how the guard was treating him. It was typical Logan, sneaking out for food. I guess that Wallace had the advantage because he knew Logan in high school. He knew Logan would do SOMETHING if the guards were asleep. It was great that Logan went through with the bet.

    Mac and Parker: While Parker did annoy me last ep. this ep you can't help but feel sorry for her. I hated the way Lamb treated her and talked to Veronica. Parker's mom was overwhelming. I can see why she wanted to go to school far away from home and I think Mac was right, that by leaving it would just make it worse. Mac and Parker could make good roommates. And Veronica: I feel horrible for her, but there was no way for her to know that Parker was being raped. And of course Veronica wants to work for the school paper, taking pictures. Her first story doesn't turn out at all like what she had thought. I think the sorority looked interesting. I hope that that isn't the last we see of it. And how funny is it that prickly, defensive Veronica actually got in. The rapist: Based on past seasons of VM, I have a feeling that we might have already met the rapist in the last two episodes (especially since this mystery is only 8 or so episodes long). I think it's Veronica's TA, but you never know.

    Missing: Where was Weevil? The show isn't the same without him. I was hoping after the last ep where they mention students working with troubled youth that maybe Veronica would pull some strings and end up working with Weevil.

    *And I have to mention Dick. I enjoyed how Veronica handled a surprised Dick at the party.
  • Go Veronica, this is just your freshman year

    In just the second episode of the year, Veronica Mars has shown just how ready she is for collage. The pacing is great this year and you can tell that we are close to seeing a conclusion to the first arc of the season, which is the rapist on campus. There was not much interaction between Veronica and he boyfriend Logan, but they did still manage some good lines each. The story with Veronica's father is wrapped up as he makes it back into town, and the bad guy get's caught in a bear trap. I look forward to each episode this year.
  • Okay, in general this was a good episode. I liked it more then last week, but no where near the top of the pack from season 1 and 2, which is up setting, cause they need really pull it out to get the ratings up, and keeping fans going, cause hello...

    Another episode, another... meh...

    I'll go through the episodes by the story lines...

    Veronica - Okay, kinda cute to see her all prep in the dresses and the uber sluttyness, but the story came together a bit oddly... It moved oddly fast for me, kinda jumping alot from day to night. Though the girls were funny, I loved how Old Veronica they were, and if Lilly never died, I am sure Veronica would have fit perfectly in there.
    How the story ended, um... I don\'t know if I like that answer, and its still no justs for the growth going on... I mean, you have to fit the punishment. Its like killing a sick person (who is like REALLY deadly-painfully sick) it is still murder.
    Again, great to see super drunk slut Veronica, and bumping into Dick XD, poor Dick, he has been like 75% naked like for the last two episodes!

    Oh! And more narration! That was a plus on the VM side, plus the word Frek!

    Wallace + Logan - Now this was a neat idea. I liked how it put Logan and Wallace apart, yet somewhat together I guess. I hope we get more of these, cause they oddly work well together. That dude from \'Boy Meets World\' was just... People like that are the reason the world is turning into hell... Oh well, it all sorta worked I guess. It was pretty much the better story of the episode. I liked the way it all worked out though, Wallace being all sneaky and tricking even his own peoples ^_^. Keith - Well... I am still pissed about the entire Kendall thing... But I will live, I was hoping it would be a fake murder, but blood was found, so, who knows?
    Keith walking the desert, and all was good. Though it seemed like an odd story line... Though I enjoyed how his and Veronica\'s story kinda came together, and they both feel real bad, and they just have this bad luck running for the both of them.
    The whole painting/whats in the suit case... Not that great of a cliff hanger now that you think about it. But oh well, what can I say? The flashback was weird, the new look for them this year is bad... I liked the ones used at the end of season 1 when we found out who killed Lilly.

    Parker + Mac - I liked this. I knew that Parker would not leave... I mean, she is in the credits and everything... Though I thought maybe she would leave and come back...
    Seeing Parker\'s mom, and kinda the family she comes from with the \"Pound of Flesh\" made me feel more sorry for Parker. And I am starting to like her actually. Her moment with Mac at the end \"Don\'t go. I\'ll have your back.\" Was sweet and gives me hope Mac\'s storyline this season WILL be actually good. Plus Mac looked really good for somereason today, better then usual^^ And for Parker\'s wigs... I still can\'t tell if she is actually bald...

    Other stuff, no Piz, which made the episode standable. I think there was this freshness to the show today that 3.01 didn\'t have, and I feel that was because of no Piz, and through out the episode I didn\'t even think about it, which maybe bad on Piz\'s part cause I was thinking \"Where is Weevil!\". Lack-o-Weevil. Upsetting, cause I like Weevil, and he is a nice humor key, though I still can\'t figure out how he will work into the main story line, since he isn\'t at the college, and there is no REAL reason for Veronica to hang out with him with out it looking forced or stupid on the writers part... I fear he will end up being stuck with Lamb, or maybe in a twist, start working with Keith (which would be pretty cool, actually...)

    Oh Lamb^^ What a jackass! He is great, and I can\'t wait to see more of him and his stupidness this season, though I would like to learn more about him, and his reaction to the Mannings (damn, I wish Meg was here...)

    The new theme song... I still love it. Its not edited THAT much, I don\'t understand what all the **** is... It sounds pretty much the same except for the starting part, which I like, cause it reminds me of how the Angel theme started.

    I hope to see more into Mac\'s life and Wallace\'s life (though we kinda had the Wallace thing last seasno) and maybe a drop in by Jackie some point this season, her son is taken, something like that, cause I really do love Jackie.
    Can\'t wait to see more Dick, and maybe some more real story line of his...

    Okay, end... -DigitalLeonardo
  • Solid episode

    Nothing is every what it seems on Veronica Mars. That refers not only to the on-going mysteries that throw in one red-herring after another but also the individual episodes themselves. Most of the time it works but there are times when the show tries too hard to surprise us.

    This wasn't one of those cases where the show worked too hard.

    Veronica joins the college paper and is assigned the story of cracking the secrets of the sorority. Veronica accepts the assignment, figuring that the sorority may be a lot like the 90ers from Neptune High. At first, it appears that way but as the story progresses, we find out that not only are there the stereotypical sorority gals in the house, but there are some genuines, authentic people with whom Veronica could have been friends. And then Veronica gets caught in a dilemma. She uncovers the truth but instead of being shocking and lurid, it's the sorority coming together to help their den mother. Veronica faces a dilemma and ends up betraying both sets of her new friends and losing both. In one move, Veronica is shunned from two new peer groups, both of whom would have accepted her for who she was. Which is why when Veronica laments with Keith that she's really messed things up, the scene rings so true. (Side note: is there any better father/daughter relationship on TV right now than this one? I think not...) And this all ties in so naturally to the on-going mystery of who the Hearst campus rapist is. We got some clues and right now I suspect everyone...well, except Veronica, Mac and Keith. But so far it seem as if everyone is a suspect and I am beginnng to wonder if this isn't a group of people setting up these things. The girl on the ride home golf cart seemed pretty bitter and hateful toward the sorority girls. It might not be too huge a stretch to suppose she is somehow in on it, helping the serial rapist.

    Meanwhile, we get to see the man behind Homer Simpson as a professor of sociology and a sociology project gone horribly wrong. We even got a little "d'oh!" homage. And another use of "frak" How can you go wrong?
  • This is a good example of how the show is beginning to mature and change now that Veronica is in college - the dividing line between the cool kids and the outcasts, good and bad, is made even blurrier here, which is very true to life.

    This was a nice episode for a couple of reasons: first off, Veronica failed pretty spectacularly in this episode, which is always a good way to bring some humanity to your main character - especially heartbreaking because she hurt some perfectly innocent people.

    It was also interesting because it was a pretty balanced portrait of Greek life - Greek organizations are full of people, not demons, and it gets tiring after a while when every sorority/fraternity portrayed on TV and in movies is full of the spawn of Satan. Here, Veronica finds out that the Theta Betas definitely have their share of airhead girls, but that doesn\\\'t mean that perfectly nice, intelligent people can\\\'t be part of the organization, too.
  • Veronica gets some hard lessons early in her college tenure.

    I may be in a minority but I rather like the fact that Veronica does not keep her perfect streak going into college. It\'s good for her to realize that she\'s not always right and the sooner the better. We get to that first off with her guilt over assuming Parker was being a slut and not being raped. Lamb was his usual scumbag self assuming it was a woman crying wolf again. I did greatly enjoy the interplay between Mac and Parker with Mac so sorry over making such assumptions. It may be bad but perhaps Parker\'s experience can help them bond better.

    It was hilarious to see Veronica in the dress and then her \"drunken\" dancing. But again, the key was her realizing she\'d made a mistake about the woman and trying to fix it. The coda, with her discovering the editor put her name on the article was a bit much but then, it reasserts her as the outcast against everyone which is what we love about her.

    The Keith/Kendall stuff was good with the battles of the Fitzpatricks. I liked how we discovered what Kendall had in the briefcase and it makes sense. How else would you carry a few million dollars in a suitcase? Also nice how his plot matches Veronica\'s, both making mistakes in judgement that led to disaster. The Logan/Wallace plotline was good as well, with some nice character moments. Rider Strong\'s guy seemed a bit too much but the part of the guy he abused doing notes for him seemed believable. I loved how Wallace faked both him and Logan out and Logan\'s \"bet\" was funny too.

    Overall, a very good start to the season as Veronica is once more the outcast but working to correct it. And just like everyone else, Veronica is learning that college life is far more complicated than even she can expect.
  • Veronica goes undercover at the sorority house. Wallace and Logan do prison experiment for their sociology class. We see Sheriff Lamb for the first time this season. We finally see what was in the briefcase.

    It was great seeing Veronica in a floral dress at the sorority house. I loved it when she saw dick at the sorority house and squeezed his cheeks and acted like they were friends. I wish there had been more scenes with Veronica and logan together though. I loved it when logan was a prisoner for the sociology class and he helped them escape to go eat. Classic Logan behavior! I felt bad for Veronica when Parker was mad at her and blaming her for not stopping the rape. It was great to finally see what was in the briefcase. I never expected it to be a million dollar painting. I thought Kendall would have sold it by now. Where did she get the painting? I was kind of hoping that Kendall wouldn't be dead, but It looks like she is definitly dead. I wonder if her boyfriend is dead now, it wouldn't have been smart to kill him yet, since he didn't know where the money was. Now we know who Vinny was working for. I really thought Vinny was going to help Keith out and save him.
  • Great combination of entertainment and mystery!

    Great episode! I thought the first one didn't fit the mystery aspect well but this episode was great as far as the mysteries go. Veronica's search for the rapist is so confusing, she asked so many people and there's so much to remember but this mystery is fun to watch and keeps us guessing. I love that fact that almost everyone at Hearst hates Veronica. The best part about the first season was that Veronica was a badass because everyone at Neptune High hated her. I felt really bad for Parker, it was so sad seeing her like that and I think she is so much more then Mac gave her credit for. I'm glad to have her in the cast this year, no Piz in the episode though...strange. I personally did not like the class storyline with Wallace and Logan, it was entertaining but wasn't very interesting and I felt like it was dominating the Keith storyline a bit, it shouldn't have, it ended well though. Keith's storyline was amazing. I don't think we've ever seen him like that and it was just wonderfully acted and I love the way they wrote it. And they showed the briefcase flashback too. I don't think anyone expected that. I'm really gonna miss Kendall, she really added something fun to the show...This season is turning out wonderful, it doesn't seem to be dragging on like season 2 did. I'm very glad about the 3 mystery arc this season. Bring on episode 3!