Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 9

My Mother, the Fiend

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2005 on UPN

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  • So Keyser Soze was Vice Principal Van Clemmons!

    So Keyser Soze was Vice Principal Van Clemmons!

    Who knew?
  • Not A Very Strong Episode

    After finding her mother's old permanent record, Veronica wonders how well she knew her mother at all, and decides to investigate her old school friends. Meanwhile, Trina takes the role of director in the school play, and has a confrontation with Kendall.

    The only really compelling part of this episode that should carry over into any long-term story arch is the very final scene of the episode where Veronica walks into Meg's room and finds out that she is with child. Meg then slowly opens her eyes as the screen cuts out. This is what happens when you watch the first five episodes and then stop watching for four months and try to pick back up again. I assumed that Meg was dead - but she's not. She is in fact alive and well and looking to start some drama soon I will assume. The entire rest of the episode wasn't as entertaining however. Veronica goes digging into her mother's past in a plan put forth by the Vice Principal to try and remove the Principal from his office. His plan worked as Veronica exposes the truth to the Kane's adopted older daughter and is removed from his principal duties. Other then that - what is there really to talk about this episode? Nothing new with the bus. Wallace is still MIA. They're trying to dumb Cassidy on us as a main character. Nothing from Weidman.
  • What difference a letter can make...

    So, hmm, where do I start.

    Okay, well, I didn't see any of the twists coming to be honest. The episode was nicely constructed and there was a nice conclusion too, so all in all, it was superb.

    Liked Veronica and Duncan carrying the baby all the time during the episode, was rather funny and a cool connection with the episode's ending.

    Also liked Cassidy making a deal with Kendall. Oh, and there's some obvious chemistry between Cassidy and Mac, which was nice too. Loved Logan beating up and then humiliating Weevil. And the bathroom scene was a classic. They agreed to team up just so they can beat up each other up... pretty bad and for pretty long.

    2 recurring character reappared: Celeste and Trina. Well, they were good, especially Trina and her hunger for fame. Though the end when she hugs her real mother was really emotional which I liked.

    Clemmons playing Veronica into getting the principal fired was clever and I totalyl didn't see it coming... I guess I keep saying that, but honestly, this show never ceases to surprise me.

    Surely, the biggest punch was the ending with Meg being pregnant and waking up - now finally Duncan's behaviour makes sense.
  • I feel like I'm running out of great things to say about this show and especially this season. This episode looks into Veronica's Mom's high school life as the main plot line.

    While V is being punished for being caught with school keys, she stumbles upon her mom's old permanent file at Neptune High. She looks into the case of why her mom was suspended. It leads her to a case of a "prom baby" that she believes belonged to Celeste Kane. Veronica also discovers the Rat that Keith found on the bus, so he must explain to her why there is a dead rat in their freezer.
    Weevil confronts Logan that they both need to find who killed Felix and "team up." But before they can do this they get into a (too long) fight in the bathroom.
    The episode ends with Veronica gathering Abel Koontz's things and decides to check on Meg. The real version of the show has her discovering Meg's Pregnancy but in the alternate ending on the DVD she discovers Meg with a pillow over her head that her mom placed there, but saves her from suffocating. I am glad they kept the original.
  • After finding her mother's old permanent record, Veronica wonders how well she knew her mother at all, and decides to investigate her old school friends. Meanwhile, Trina takes the role of director in the school play, and has a confrontation with Kendall.

    After finding her mother's old permanent record, Veronica wonders how well she knew her mother at all, and decides to investigate her old school friends.

    Meanwhile, Trina takes the role of director in the school play, and has a confrontation with Kendall. oh trina & kendall are adorable..and celeste is so..ughhhh
  • Wow, I think this is the funniest episode of Veronica ever

    I loved the storyline and I loved the jokes even more. Just the sassy oneliners from Veronica, the encounter between all-time favorites Alyson 'Wilow' Hannigan and Charisma 'Cordelia' Carpenter was brilliant and the fight between Veronica and Celeste even better. The story was also interesting and unexpected, except for the fiend-friend part that was pretty obvious.
  • Bathroom scene

    Hey guys. Just a quick note. I really enjoy this show. I just wanted to comment on the bathroom fight scene. Take a good look at the top right hand corner as the security and the principal break the door down. You can see the camera man's arm. LOL
  • Wow. So much happened.

    Wow. I loved the mystery of the epesode, finding out Trina's real parents. Veronica did a great job figuring the mystery out. The whole epesode was really shocking. They really twisted the epesode around from everything with Celest. The whole thing, that she was prom bgaby was great. I also liked Dunkan and Veronica with the bay. I like watching how desperate Kendell is. The most shocking part of all was when at the end we find out that meg is pregnant. This epesode is one of my very favorite epesodes of Veronica Mars and exactly why I watch this show!
  • Veronica and Duncan have a baby!

    Veronica and Duncan get assigned to look after a fake baby for their sex education class. Veronica gets caught for sneaking into clemmons office and gets detention where she has to list records alphabetically. Tina Echolls is going to be guest director for the neptune high school's production of hamlet. Logan and weevil start working together on logan's case, and we learn who Trina's real mom is. Kendall and Beaver go into business together as a real estate business and he gets Mac to help him make letterheads for money. Trina and Kendall have awesome banter over Logan and its funny because old buffy.
  • Probably the best...

    I've seen every Veronica Mars episode thus far and this one is probably my favorite.

    Logan's sister Trina returns and she's always good for a laugh. Yes, she's absent headed and spoiled but she really seems to like Veronica. Veronica spends most of the episode investigating a past school suspension of her mothers. I know it sounds dumb/random but it does have a really good twist and the conclusion is awesome. And then just when you think the episode can't get any better, BAM! another revelation right at the end. I my mouth dropped and stayed that way for a good 5 minutes.
  • Now this episode right here......

    This is god. This episode had me shocked. It was so frickin good. Veronica tries to figure out what happened to her mother back then. I love the fact that she found out that her mother was a good person after all. (Even though she stole more than a thousand dollars from Keith's bag in 'Leave it to Beaver') But the sign-language lady was a real help. She really wasnt a fiend. The plot was really good. It was a ball to see Alyson again, (Willow, my girl!) And her story was interesting as well. Trina's grown up. :) But the That was a shocker. I didnt know that Meg had a baby. I was pretty sure it was Duncan's. We were shocked right with Veronica. A stunning end to an amazing episode!
  • How amazing was the argument between Veronica and Celeste. "My mother... the fiend", one of the best episodes so far!

    This episode is amazing in all directions...
    -We discover a smart Van Clemmons.
    -We discover Veronica would be a terrible mother and might have a terrible one.
    -The relations between Logan and Weevil develops in a very interesting way, how cool was the fight in the bathroom?
    -The arguments between Veronica and Celeste, Kendall and Trina and Trina and the Principal were amazing.

    So much information is given in this episode, makes it one of the best so far, and if it wasn't enough... what an ending! Anyone needs more proff this is the best tv show out there?

  • Willow and Cordy smackdown!! I mean... Trina and Kendall...

    Wow there's a lot going on in this ep. Although I saw many of the plot twists coming, it's still nice to see things really start to get interesting.

    But putting all that aside, really the main reason to see this episode is for the scene with Alyson and Charisma onscreen together again since that last episode in seson 4? of 'Angel'. They were both great in the episode, especially Alyson who was so cute and bubbly the entire episode.

    And then there's the other pairings. Mac and Cassidy are great together, and now we have Logan and Weevil teaming up in the classic buddy movie kind of way. And then there's the other great face-off between Veronica and Celeste Kane.

    And the ending, even though I saw it coming since ep 1 of this season, it was still nice to know I had picked up on that early on.
  • Brill!

    Wow what an episode finally got it downloaded after what seems like forever but at least it was worth the wait.
    Firstly i just have to get out the way that i am sooo pissed off that i cant watch the alternate ending because i live in England and i really wanna see what happened.
    This episode had very much a baby theme but i loved the shocker that Trina was the lunch ladies baby AND that Megs pregnant (WOAH shes huge!) im glad she woke up coz this should definetly make things interesting. I really wanna know whether Duncan knew or not, if he did that would explain why he was always at the hospital and why Megs parents hated him and Veronica (even before they uncovered their child abuse) but if he did know and supposeing its his what was in the letter that seemed to shock him so much?
    I loved the fight between Logan and Weevil even though theyre planning on joining sides they just really wanted to beat the crap outta each other you could tell that they had been wanting to do that for a long time.
    I now sooo want Mac and Cassidy to get together they\'d be so cute and i love Macs new hair.
    I expected Trina and Kendalls scene to be longer but it was rather funny, still cant work out whether Duncan and Kendall did sleep together though ufortunately i highly doubt it.
    This was definetly one of the best episodes of the season and thats without any LoVe moments which just shows how great this show is.
  • I love love love this show. Please UPN never cancel this!

    Meg is pregnant!!!! I just want to make it clear that I hate the fact that my girlfriend can totally predict this show and truly any other.
    On a side note she does like this show despite her ability to see what happens before it does.

    Damn you Meg!!! It all makes sense. Why Duncan constantly visited (that is if he knew), and Meg's parents always shoo-ing people away. Then the witch had to open her damned eyes, she should be dead with the others!!!

    Okay, so you may have guessed that I am 100 percent for V and Duncan together NOT Logan.

    And next week someone dies! How could I even begin to hope that this might be Meg's last straw.

    I absolutely LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEDDDD Alyson Hannigan in this episode. Her quick wit toward Kendal, it was so different from their Buffy days, I'm hoping for many more Trina days on Veronica Mars.
  • We find out that Trina is the lunch ladys baby and Meg is pregnant!!!! Someones going to die in the next episode. Wil someone tell me who!!!

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  • Wow, just when you think you know how it goes, you don't.

    The show continues to meet and beat my expectations. Now with the ending, and the 2nd ending shown on AOL.COM the writers just keep me guessing. I did not see that coming. I must say, I prefered the original ending show on network television. I like Meg and do not want to see her killed off. I also would prefer Veronica not get blamed for it.
  • Once again we are captivated by the awsome cast on Veronica Mars!!

    Each episode leaves me on the edge of my seat - and I am never disappointed in the plot or clever banter between characters. This episode shed some light on Veronica's mom...a little taste of what she was like before she became a drunk and a theif. And the plot continues to thicken with Weevil and Logan, not to mention the whole Veronica - Duncan - Meg mess....WOW. Once again I am anxiously waiting for next week! Keep up the good work :)
    PS. Will you be bringing on Joss Weadon to write for the show?
  • Logan rules! Other stuff was neat to in the episode too. Logan and Weeval, the wonder twins? The.. Super hero duo of "suburbanite-sidekicks”.. Not sure what they could be called

    Logan rules! others stuff was neet to in the episode. ok, stupid script moment "fiend"? (the sign language) oh come on, who didn't know that wasn't "friend"? who? Moving on... "actings over-rated" funny line from a former Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress, followed by the other actress from the same old Buffy show, was fun to watch them interact again.
  • The Best Yet.

    Love it Love it Love it. It was great. They know how to keep the audience happy. Keep up the great work. I like they way they had the Asst. Principle set her up to find her mom\'s record\'s and find out about the baby. So he could become the principle.
  • Veronica finds out the secret of a baby that was dumped on prom 20 years ago.

    The best episode of Veronica Mars yet. Excellent acting all around (trina, Kendall, the VP), so many twists and turns that I couldn\'t keep up with. Great writing, as always. Almost every single scene was a pure joy to watch. So damn good. You need to watch this episode, now.

    Literally and absolutely the best episode of Veronica Mars yet- Words can't describe how good it was. Meg- PREGNANT! A little Buffy reunion with Charisma Carpenter and Alyson Hannigan bickering- AWESOME! Trina being the cafeteria lady and principal's daughter- BRILLIANT.

    Honestly, there was one or two plot inconsistencies that I noticed: Trina was said to be Lynn Echolls' stepdaughter in an earlier episode, so perhaps Aaron and his first wife adopted her, but the lady Veronica questioned said that her mother committed suicide in the past year...hmm. Also, last year they said Veronica's mother graduated in 1979, so how could she have been there at the prom in 1980? I loved the alternate ending, but I see why they didn't use it- they never would have been able to get away with that! Still, the Best hour of television ever- period.
  • I knew that Meg was pregeant!!!....i also have a scoop ! :o I also know who isn't going to die!!!!!!!

    well... I mean Meg pregeantce? Come on! If anyone watched the commerical for 'my mother the fiend' you knew that she was pregeant!! The commerical had her stomach hidden so badly! It was too hidden to not be true.

    I hope Duncan isn't the father. That Meg ,after Duncan dumped her, had a fling with another cast member or some other guY. I mean (well I dont want Duncan and Veronica together) but I just dont think that they should have the baby be Duncans. Have it be someone (not Logan) that noone even would think. Someone Megs opposite in everyway or just someone opposite.

    Still they have notsaid anything about Megs sister! Come on!

    Someone's going to die!!!!!
    I can grantey that the people who wont be killed off are............

    -Veronica (duh!)
    -Keith Mars

    Everyone else is fair game! The fact is that Logan is to perfect to kill off, Veronicas Dad why kill him off?, and Veronica i even have to say it.
  • The episode is about a prom baby was left in the bath room and Veronica's Mom was suspended for spreading false and malicous rumors about some student and a faculty member having a baby together

    Things that happened in this episode

    Trina is adopted.
    Meg is pregnant with Duncan's baby.
    Veronica and Duncan have to do a baby project.
    A prom baby was left in the bath room and Veronica's Mom was suspended for spreading false and malicous rumors about some student and a faculty member having a baby together.
    Veronica's mom knew sign language.
    Celeste and Veronica dis each other.
    Veronica found out about the rat.
    Felix and Logan have a fist fight in the bathroom.
    Felix and Logan are working together,
    Mac and Cassidy have some type of thing going on
    Kendall tries to suduce Duncan but then she freaks out when she hears a baby crying
    Trina's biological mom is Veronica's mom's friend who is deaf and her biodad is the ex-principal of the skool
    Veronica has detention for breaking into the principal's office

    Sry idk what happened in the alternate ending
  • So much happened in this episode - it was great!

    Seeing Cordy and Willow together again was fun! I thought there should have been more scences with Logan and his sister but I still enjoyed the episode. I think that Logan and Weevil should work together to figure out who killed Felix. I think Max and Cassidy are so cute together. But most of all I couldn't beleive that Meg was preggers! That was very surprising. I didn't like the alternate ending, I hope that they keep the orginial ending - I think Meg should wake up soon and that Wallace should come back. I don't know who is going to die next week but I have a feeling it is going to be another PCH biker. I hope it isn't someone to important. I have so many questions that haven't been answered and the season isn't even half way!
  • Words cannot express my shock!

    One of the best episodes ever. So many things are revealed. Max and cassidy are too cute. Trina is adopted, and is the the now ex-principal's daughter. But everything was wiped out of memory with the final revelation, Meg is pregnant with Duncans baby. I have watched the alternate ending, but I hope they keep the original one.
  • An interesting and revealing episode where the plot gets thicker.

    In this episode, a 25 year mystery is solved, Trina and Celeste return, and Duncan's secret from last week is revealed.
    Veronica discovers that her mom was suspended her snior year in 1980 for spreading rumors. She soon discovers that there was a baby Jane Doe found in the Neptune High bathroom on May 8, 1980 and that her mom may have known the momther, possibly Celeste Kane.
    Surprising Celeste Kane comes into town and she and Veronica dis it out. Mac and Beaver return and it seems there may be a romance between the two. Also Logan and Weevil decide to work together and find out who really killed Felix but not without a fight in the bathroom. It also seems that Weevil isn't still in charge since the guys in his group seem to be revolting.
    Meanwhile, Veronica discovers that Trina was the prom baby and that she isn't Celeste's but Lianne's old high school friend, Mary, who is now the lunch lady at Neptune High. Lianne knew about Mary's pregnancy with a faculty member at the school and asked the health teacher for advice which led to rumors which Lianne later denied after Mary told her not to tell anyone else. Which leaves Veronica with a sense of mind that her mom was in fact a good person despite the last few years. And the father? Principal Moorehead who was at that time the vice prinicpal who put Trina in the bathroom that night.
    We also learn what Keith found on the bus. A dead rat which explains the smell the students complained about that day. While at the hospital picking up Kootnz's belongings, Veronica goes into Meg's unguarded room and discovers two heart monitors: one for her and one for her baby. And the dad? Duncan.
    All in all a good episode. Who will die next episode? Will it be Weevil, who seems to be losing control? Will it be Logan, since the bikers want him dead? or will it be someone else?
    And when will Wallace return?
  • Cordelia and Willow back together again....ok not really but still.....I just love this show

    Have I said I love this show? Well if I didn't I will now. And this ep says why.

    Well it seems Weevil finally realizes Logan didn't kill Feelix and it looks like the two bad boys are gonna team up to find the truth. (But Not Just Yet)

    Veronica finds a clue to her mothers past and it’s a big one, but it doesn’t go quite the way she planned. Although Veronica does find out mommy wasn't always a bad person, and that's a nice thing to know.

    And did I mention Cordelia and Willow (They will always be Cordelia and Willow to me) had an entire scene together.

    Vice Principal Van Clemens is a smart smart man. It was fun to watch him one up Veronica.

    Trina Echolls (Ok I won't call her Willow) turns out to be not so much a bitch.

    Oh yeah and finally two new clues to the big mystery of the bus crash came to light. It seems there was a rat on the bus before it crashed (and I mean the animal variety). It seems now that Daddy Mars regrets not winning the sheriff race, especially since it seems that Veronica was the target of the bus crash....

    and seems like Meg is preggers. I wonder who the daddy is?

    Oh yeah Duncan's mommy is back... I wonder if she's here to stay. Watching her and Veronica go at it is rather fun to watch.

    Oh yeah almost forgot, Cordelia (can't remember characters name) may have found a way out of her financial difficulties with the help of her stepson Cassidy who has plans to make it big in the realistate market. Cassidy hires Mac to do his computer work. Do I smell love in the air?

    All in all I think this episode shows what the show can do and be when it’s at its best.

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