Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 9

My Mother, the Fiend

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2005 on UPN



  • Trivia

    • In the blacked out form where Lianne gets suspended, it declares that she will be suspended for three days. However, the dates listed for suspension are 11/05/79 - 11/10/79. Since November 5, 1979 was a Monday, this would have been a 5 day suspension.

    • When Kendall arrives at the hotel room, the shadow of a boom mic is visible on the wall in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

    • When Veronica asks Mary Mooney if she knew her mother, the answer (according to Veronica) was that Lianne was a fiend. But obviously she missed one letter in the word, as later we find out that Mary meant that Lianne was a friend.

    • Veronica and Mary are typing to each other on Veronica's laptop. Veronica writes "What did my mother do to hurt you?" to which Mary replies "Hurt? Your mother was my friend". Mary doesn't press the H key on the keyboard to start the sentence which is obviously needed to write the first word.

    • When Logan and Weevil are fighting in the bathroom and the VP pulls Logan off Weevil (who's being pulled off by the security guy), an elbow dressed in a black T-shirt, most likely the boom mic operator on the crew, is visible briefly.

    • It was said in a previous episode that Lianne graduated from high school in 1979; however, it was mentioned that she was still in high school in 1980 in this episode.

    • When Veronica carries the baby into Duncan's room, the baby's feet are pointing forward. Then when she comes into the bedroom, the baby's feet are facing the opposite way.

    • When Trina fell down after stepping on the skull, her head gear fell off. But when Veronica went to her, the head gear was on again.

  • Quotes

    • Principal Moorehead: Veronica. I see that Mr. Clemmons is failing in his prime directive.
      Veronica: What's that?
      Principal Moorehead: Keeping you out of my face.

    • Principal Moorehead: Neptune Players will be holding open audition for Hamlet all week... and I am especially proud to announce this year's special celebrity director, television and screen star, not to mention NHS alum, Miss Trina Echolls...
      Veronica: (voiceover) Principal Moorehead, you old star-stroker. If Logan's sister is back in Neptune, that must mean she was the first one booted off The Surreal Life this season.

    • Veronica: Trina, I was lying. That whole bit about wanting to try out for the play, a lie. The truth is... as a baby, you were left in a Neptune High girl's bathroom on prom night twenty-five years ago.
      Trina: No way. Ashton Kutcher is hiding somewhere, right? Ashton, come out! You can't get me that easy.
      Veronica: Trina, I'm dead serious.
      Trina: Okay. If you're joking, you really can act, you're a natural.

    • Trina: What, so you mean my mother was, like, one of those trashy sluts that dumped me in a garbage can?
      Veronica: I'm pretty sure Celeste Kane is your mom.
      Trina: (joyfully) Well, there's worse news you could've given me. They've got billions!

    • Trina: Look, it's lunch lady Doris. Doris was so nice to me when I went here. Used to always give me extra cake.
      Veronica: Actually, her name is Mary.
      Trina: Really? I guess, I just decided to call her Doris.

    • Trina: You know, when I was a kid, I used to imagine that someday I'd find out my parents were, like, movie stars.
      Veronica: Trina, your parents actually were movie stars.
      Trina: I mean my real parents.

    • Trina: Hey, pops. Hope I'm interrupting.
      Principal Moorehead: Trina! Glad to see you're feeling better, I'd heard that you were…
      Trina: At death's door? And when exactly were you planning to hook me up with a little bone marrow?
      Principal Moorehead: Perhaps, we should take this outside.
      Trina: Oh, come on, Dad. It's the least you can do for your daughter after dumping me in the john on prom night.

    • Veronica: (talking to her fake baby) Ever hear of genetics, kid? Thanks to your grandma, I've got a 50-50 shot of becoming an alkie. Guess that makes your odds 1 in 4, which isn't so bad. Oh, and there's also this latent mean girl gene. You're lucky you're made out of plastic.

    • Keith: Almost started without you. You'd have missed out on my chili surprise.
      Veronica: You made chili?
      Keith: Surprise.

    • Mrs. Hauser: Since you all had such a raucous good time with venereal diseases, I'm sure you'll be thrilled with phase two of Sex Ed. Ladies and gentlemen... (takes animatronic baby out of box) Welcome to Parenthood.
      Veronica: So that's where babies come from.

    • Veronica: When you met her [Lianne], she was still a cool person right?
      Keith: Of course she was cool, she married me, didn't she?

    • Vice-Principal Clemmons: Let me get this straight. You want follow up on what I explicitly forbade you from doing yesterday?
      Veronica: Umm...yes.

    • Celeste: What is she doing here?
      Veronica: 'She' meaning me? I guess I'm here as Duncan's secret girlfriend. Oh, and we have a love child. (picks up fake baby) Want to hold her? She's snuggly.
      Celeste: I'll pass.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Trina: Look, it's Lunchlady Doris. Doris was so nice to me when I went here. Used to always give me extra cake. Lunchlady Doris is a character from the Simpsons but, considering it's Alyson Hannigan who says this, it seems more likely that it's an allusion on the lunchlady who tried to kill everyone a Sunnydale High on Buffy the Vampre Slayer.

    • Vice-Principal Clemmons: More alphabetising, less cold-casing.

      After sentencing Veronica to archiving old school files, Clemmons gives this less than subtle reference to the TV show Cold Case starring Kathryn Morris as Lilly Rush. Rush being the, equally to Veronica, blond and energetic lead detective designated all old and unsolved murder cases stored away in boxes awaiting new evidence or witnesses coming forward.

    • Veronica: You read Machiavelli this summer, didn't you?

      Veronica is referring to Niccolò Machiavelli (1469-1527), author of The Prince, a book about ways for a leader to stay in power and regain lost power.

    • Trina: ... Ashton Kutcher is hiding somewhere, right? Ashton come out.

      Trina thinks she is being "punked" and alludes to the MTV series which features Ashton Kutcher.