Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 19

Nevermind the Buttocks

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2006 on UPN

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  • Ending of Season Two Still Lagging Behind

    What promises to be a simple case of finding out who ran over a classmate's dog turns into a startling revelation when new secrets about the bus crash come pouring out and Veronica finds herself again revisiting Lilly's murder case. Meanwhile, Wallace and Jackie try to turn their relationship around the corner, and the PCHers turn to Weevil for protection from the Fitzpatricks.

    Wallace and Jackie had the best part to this episode and that would make three episodes in a row where I didn't feel what Veronica was doing was very "amazing." The ending of season one went about 5-6 episodes of all business. This episode is working on the case every episode, I'm just not as captivated by the case as I was at the beginning of the season.

    I think the main reason why is because last season I kind of thought it was going to be Aaron all along. This season they are going through a list of suspects and no one jumps out at me as being a "good villian" kind of thing. I would be disapointed if it turned out to be a random Fitzpatrick or Dick and Cassidy's step-mom. Obviously the fact that there are still three episodes left is good because it's likely not going to be one of them. Hopefully all the random loose ends will tie themselves up before the end of the season. I'm sure they will, but all those wild goose chases just seem to take up too much time.
  • Another perspective

    Hmm, excellent episode with lots of twists and surprises , but most importantly, it gives us another possibility of who caused the bus crash and what for.

    Okay so - wow. See, that's what I love in this show. The episodic case starts off like any other and ends up being connected to the overall storyline more than anything.

    Easily the biggest... no, wait. Can't decide which one was the bigger surprise: Kendall using fake identity or Keith being in her house while Veronica is tailing the car.

    The show is really getting stronger and stronger as it's closing down it's 2nd season, every character and storyline seem to get more or less connected.

    The current suspects : Big Dick(LOL) Casablancas , Kendall Casablancas , Weevil(not likely), Woody Goodman, Terrance Cook, or the Fitzpatricks.

    Impressive list.

    Overall, this episode was just as great as the season itself , and it's nice to see the show gaining even more momentum. At this point thinking that the finale might be a let down is probably a punishable crime.
  • Wallace and Jackie try to turn their relationship around the corner, and the PCHers turn to Weevil for protection from the Fitzpatricks. and other blah blah blahs

    What promises to be a simple case of finding out who ran over a classmate's dog turns into a startling revelation when new secrets about the bus crash come pouring out and Veronica finds herself again revisiting Lilly's murder case.
    Meanwhile, Wallace and Jackie try to turn their relationship around the corner, and the PCHers turn to Weevil for protection from the Fitzpatricks.
  • Could the dumbest person in the show, also be the most evil?

    We find out that Kendall might not be Kendall, and not at all as stupid as she looks like. But is she as evil? Kendall, or should we say Pricilla Banks? Keith finds out that Kendall is in lead with the Fitzpatricks, they owe her after she took on guilt for their brother, her teenage love. They also finds out that she has a secret house, and that she has a motive to blow up the bus; If Dick and Beaver die at the same time; All the money goes to Kendall.

    Jackie and Wallace are trying to be just friends, but Wallace wants something more. Jackie says she can't, she has been accepted to the Sorbonne; in Paris! If they get togheter theit time will be limited. In the end; Wallace says he doesn't care. Five weeks, without a happy ending.

    Veronica has been hired to track down a guy who killed a dog on purpose. It turns out this guy mooned Gia, and that his name is Liam Fitzpatrick. He killed the dog cause the owners little brother is a PCH'er. Weevil uses Thumpers "Insurance" and he gets the Fitzpatricks off the PCH'ers back. They are so happy to have him back, but in the end he just walks back to his car saying; You are on your own no boys.
  • We finally find out Kendall is as evil as we all want her to be.

    Wallace and Jackie are going to start dating, only until Jackie has to go to Paris. Veronica is hired to find out who killed a kid at school's dog in a hit and run, and what she finds helps out with the major plot also. After a quip at the Dick chaney shooting incident, Gia tells Veronica that the car that killed the dog was seen before the bus crash, mooning the kids in the limo. Veronica finds the car and it turns out to be Liam Fitzpatrick's grandma. When she searches the car she comes across a gun in the glove compartment and she takes out the bullets unknowing to the audience. Weevil was questioned by Veronica because after I Am God, it seemed that all arrow's pointed in Weevil's direction like "why was Weevil there in the first place?". Weevil said that he was watching out for Cervando because he had screwed over the Fitzpatricks and was bragging about it. Hector, the new pch leader(because thumper is dead) goes to Weevil and asks to help get the Fitzpatrick's off there backs. Weevil takes the paddle that the Fitzpatricks owned and photocopy's it as proof. He shows up and threatens the Fizpatrick's and they leave. Hector wants Weevil to be the new leader but he rejects it. We learn that Kendall was really Priscilla Banks and she stole an idenity from a dead woman so she could hide her personal records. Keith goes into her house and steals her harddrive and almost gets shot by Liam, but the gun he uses has no bullets because Veronica had taken them out earlyer.Keith escapes and we find out Kendall is working with the Fitzpatricks, Kendall had taken the fall for one of the Fitzpatricks so the family was in debt to her. New owners of the Kane's home find Aaron's Oscar buried by the pool. In addition to Lilly's blood, Duncan's hair was found on it.
  • Lots of new clues thrown out there for us to put together!

    I really enjoyed this one. After watching I had a few questions: How come Aaron Echolls's Oscar statue ended up buried at the Kane house or did I misunderstand that part? I mean he does not go carying it around with him, does he? How come knowone notised that it was gone for about a year after Lilly's death.

    I guess Kendell has been working overtime there. Not sure where she got the statue from and Aaron's house did burn down did it not? Well, we know she is somehow behind the new evidence because she took some hair samples from Duncan's hotel shower. Where she got Lilly's blood from to put on the Oscar statue I don't know. Howcome Kendell was so sure that it will be Duncan's hair and not Logan's (they did live in the same hotel apartment, did they not, or did each one have there own bathroom in the hotel apartment?).

    So many question, but this is what makes the show so great. I just love this it and the writing it great.

    One more question: Who was the anonymous person that sent Veronica the email to say he/she knows where the green car is?

    What the hell, another question: Who was responcible for the bus crash? We have heard about quite a few different possibilies, but knowing this show, it will be someone totally different I am sure. Who is the most innocent person in the show (I watched "Murder She Wrote" for many many years to know it is always the quiet one) - Well the most innocent person in the show has to be Jackie!!!! Okay, have not quite worked or thinked that one out probably I know. But, what we have seen of Jackie is that she can make a 180 degree behaviour turn in no time.
  • If that wasn't a great episode I don't know what is! At least this time we didn't have to watch V n Logan make out!!!

    That has to be my favorite episode of the season I absolutly LOVe all the characters even the evil ones. Weevil is so on my "wish I could do" list and Kendall is my new idol for "ploting to take over the world" she could totally if she wanted to, admit it! There was so much in this epi that I don't know what to do with all the new info!
  • Okay, Veronica is hired to find out who killed an avid sportsman's dog, which unexpectedly gets her involved in a face-off with Uncle Liam and (surprise!) Kendall/Priscilla, which results in more unexpected clues, and Wallace wisely and skillfully gets ba

    I really thoroughly enjoy this series, it\'s a murder mystery and soap opera(without all the ridiculous twists that soaps often have). I somehow knew that the mystery from the first season would spread into this one--only makes it more fascinating! The tapes only prove Aaron guilty of statutory rape. Not murder, but they can prove motive. Either way, he should be in jail. I find it curious that the Kanes have effectively fled the scene, as did Duncan, with his daughter to boot(plus he doesn\'t seem sure where his parents went--Napa or Aspen??) Bet they\'re in Mexico with D. C.
  • New clues lead us to believe that Kendall is much more involved as we had thought so far. I think Cassidy knows something about her.

    I think Cassidy must have found out that Kendall was trying to off him and Dick for the life insurance money and tried to get her out of their lives (hence trying to get the proof of prenap violation). When that didn’t work out, he involved her in his real estate scam. I think his real estate scam is designed to mess with Kendall(and geting revenge). We haven’t heard much about his real estate business, except that Cassidy is banking on Kendall’s trying to beat her adversary (Cassidy), so it has potential to develop into something interesting.
    Bringing Duncan back into the picture as a murder suspect again is also exciting. His whole involvement in the murder case has been fuzzy. I think he might reappear before the end of the season. Toward the end of second season good and bad boys are switching places. Logan and Weevil are getting better and better.

    It also seemed that Rob Thomas wants us to believe Kendall is somehow involved with the Oscar statue being buried in the Kanes’ backyard. She visited Aaron in jail. It would not be difficult for her to retrieve the statue and she got Duncan’s hair from his shower. Maybe Lily’s big secret was finding out something about Kendall and Aaron that would destroy them both.

    Curly might have been a connection between Aaron and Fitzpatricks … and Kendall. None of them wanted more digging around from Veronica, hence they tried to scare her away.

    They keep reminding us that, after all, Duncan may be the murderer. However, Rob Thomas said repeatedly, that Duncan is a good guy and is written to be good. So, I don’t believe he did it.

    I am sure, however, that new things will happen that would turn things upside down a few more times before the end of the season.

    As in the first season, the last few episodes are by far the best.
  • ok can anyone tell me whats going to happen with Curly and Veronicas name on his hand pluse Veronica and Logan LoVe hooking back up?.

    ok can anyone tell me whats going to happen with Curly and Veronicas name on his hand pluse Veronica and Logan LoVe hooking back up?

    never fully explained the whole curly having veronicas name on his hand pluse are veronica and logan getting back together I want to know!!!!! They kinda not really implied the whole LoVe thing coming back into polay. but if they dont they cant kick off Logans character. If Veronica goes to Hearst then Logan will go where. We\\\'ll see Wallace and Keith of course maybe even Mac but Im still confused jhow the rest come back into play next season.
  • Loved it! Rob is back on Track, but Keith was written poorly


    A little forward motion into the plot line. However, this does not help us figure anything out. The new facts have only seemed to complicate matters. I mean, sure, it seems obvious that Kendall was a gold-digger with an explosive plan that she managed to set up through her mc-friends. However, in Rob Thomas land this can't be as clean cut as all that. In Rob Thomas land we are never able to form a complete theory based on the evidence presented, he will always have a smoking gun waiting for the last episode.
    In the mean time...
    -Veronica's dad kicking some Irish ass; how can you not love that.
    -Weevil saving the day for the boys who rejected him.
    -Kendall having a secret identity.
    -Veronica indirectly saving her dad's life.

    This episode rocked!
    However, I do have a small problem. I have a serious issue with the way Mr. Mars handled himself when he was faced with Liam. Knowing Keith's character, I would never have seen him begging for his life; how pathetic. He's much too cool for that. I would have seen him playing the leverage angle; probably explaining how his 'driver' was right outside calling the cops or telling Liam that Liam needs to listen 'for his own good.' I mean, Keith is far to cool to just resort to pleading with a hot head like Liam. I blame the writing.
  • I knew Kendall was way more then just eye candy.......

    Ok because I am such a Buffy freak, I really really loved this episode. The Kendall angle alone made it worth it. My money is on her for the bus crash. My money is also on her being the reason Beaver broke up with Mac. Killing off Dick isn't all that hard, he lives hard and isn't all that bright. Beaver is a different matter all togther plus she stand a good deal to gain as figurehead for his company, epecially now that she has something over him. (Mac)

    But that's just my theory. The mayor also looks good for the murders. Especially since the kids on the bus have parents who were probably the ones who were against the incorporation. The rich kids got off the bus leaving the poor kids and middle class kids on, whose parents probably had a lot to lose by the turning a relativly nice area with a good school into what would amount to an inner city getto.

    Then there was Weevil. He just keeps getting better and better. First setting up Thumper and then getting one over Liam Fitzpatrick.

    And finnally just when you thought the Lilly Kane mess was over. Nope. It looks like Duncan just might take the fall for his sisters murder which doesn't bode well for Veronica....remember she still has a kidnapping rap over her head.

    The whole dog thing was also interesting, epecially the ending. For a second I thought Veronica would tell angry kid (forget his name) who ran over his dog. I really wouldn't have blamed her if she did.

    Oh yeah almost forgot.... It looks like Jackie and Wallace are back together even if it's only for five weeks. Or is it? Will Jackie go away or will she stay...oh the drama.
  • Veronica helps a classmate find out who ran over his dog.

    Veronica helps a classmate find out who ran over his dog. In doing so, she learns that Liam is using his grandmother's car without her knowing and finds out that Kendall has ties with the Fitzpatricks. Keith learns that Kendall has some secrets, and winds up in a bit of trouble, only to be rescued by Veronica. Jackie gets a job at the hut, and when Wallace learns that Jackie is going to Paris after graduation, he still decides he wants to get back together with her. Weevil uses the copy of Thumper's paddle to stop the Fitzpatricks from using the PCH bikers to sell drugs. There is new evidence in Lily's murder case.

    This episode was very well written and entertaining. I was very entertained by the guy that wanted to know who killed his dog. I thought the scene where she was talking to him while he was shooting the fake deer was hilarious. The car that Veronica learns killed the dog was also used to moon the limo a few minutes before the bus crashed. Liam Fitspatrick has been using the car (his grandmother's) to do his dirty work in. The brother of the guy who's dog was killed is a PCHer that Weevil wouldn't let join when he was still one of them. The brother being late on drug payments was the reason Liam killed the dog. Veronica could have Liam killed just by telling the messed up guy that he had killed the dog. Everything in this show is weaved together awesomely and that's why I love it. This episode really opened up a lot more questions about who caused the bus crash. Kendall (or Prisilla Banks) and the Fitzpatricks are definitely suspects now.

    There was only one part I thought didn't fit well. When Keith is telling Veronica to come see what is on the TV, we learn that there is new evidence in Lily's murder case. There was another weapon buried in the ground that has Lily's blood and Duncan's hair on it. Now, I like that they are bringing the case back, but the way it was done was so out of place. It was such a short scene and felt like they just stuck it in there. They didn't show anything on the TV, but just had the two of them talking about it for a bit. But, I guess they wanted to keep the focus on the new mysteries.
  • So many possibilities now... and their is way more on the show then what I put here so make sure to watch the repeats.


    This show continues to get better with every show that passes , Kendall is now is a great candidate for suspect No. 1 with her new found connections with the Fitzpatrick’s and the fact that she seems to be connected to greater scheme that has it's fingers in all of Neptune dealings and people of power. Also she is founded out to be not really Kendall but Priscilla, a class mate of the real Kendall who dies in car accident at the age fifteen with Priscilla being the driver of that same car.

    Speaking of cars those wonderful classic cars keep on making a reappearance in the show, Weevil "new" Oldsmobile...(I think) and now the Fitzpatrick’s green barracuda is introduced not only as the main suspect for a hit & run for a dog, but was also seen only minutes before the bus accident on the same road passing the by the limo. The daughter of Woody Goodman happens to point this out to Veronica, due to the add that she had posted in the school paper for the kid who asked Veronica for help solving the hit run accident.

    Veronica keeps her hands full in this episode with the car, dad finding out about Kendall’s past, having to ask Logan the whereabouts of Kendall during the day of the accident and now she also has to stick her neck out to help Jackie with a job at the hut. Veronica receives an Im about the Green Baracuda, she gets the address and arrives at the house it turns out to belong to an old woman who kept in her garage and won’t sell the car to anyone because it belong to her husband. But that didn’t keep veronica from nosing around the garage and lo-and behold she find not only the Barracuda but a very crucial part of getting whoever the driver is persecuted for killing the young boys dog. Veronica finds the evidence she was looking for, a decal sticker that was in the rear passenger side panel window that is a fighting Irishman from Notre dame, upon planting a bug/tracker in the car she finds in the glove compartment a handgun and decided to leave, but its Veronica, so of course she does something so crucial it proves to save a life.

    Lucky for Veronica Jackie shows to be a great waitress and is visibly different now not only in personal appearance but in the whole 180 of her character and attitude she is proving to be a great friend and person (her character has developed well in the series). Wallace goes to the hut and does what all the guys interested in Veronica have done, sit in a certain section and waits to get the waitress attention. He succeeds and talks with Jackie about them and it is then that we learn the real reluctance behind Jackie’s apprehension to date Wallace. She has been accepted to a school in Paris and will be leaving right after school is done, so all together they have only five weeks together if they see each other and that they shouldn’t put themselves through that...blah, blah, blah (In all seriousness they decide to get back together for the time being making Wallace one happy dude). Now you may ask what has happened to Veronica at this point well she leaves Jackie unattended to work her section at the hut in order to peruse the elusive green Barracuda that is showing movement one her tracker program. She finds the car and tails getting close enough to listen the transmission from the bug she placed in it, as the Barracuda arrives at the front of the house Veronica is in safe view behind it to see that a woman gets in the car and then the person who happens to emerge from the driver seat is none other than Liam Fitzpatrick who is carrying the gun in hand and is going to the house with ill- intent. Veronica calls her dad and asks him for help saying that she believe that someone is going to get shot, he asks her for her whereabouts she gives the address and it is at this point that she receives orders from her father to go the front of the house that she is by and to have the engine running and if anyone that is not him approaches her car to get out of there, he then hangs up the phone and we see now that Liam in entering the house of the woman from the car gun drawn and Keith is hiding behind a wall. The Climax is here it’s too daunting and filled of dialogue to put here but the gist is that Liam draws eh gun on Keith as he tries to make to the door and shoots Keith!; but thanks to Veronica and the bullets she takes out of the gun earlier while in the garage; the gun clicks dry Keith and Liam struggle fiercely as the woman gets out of the car and approaches Veronica, its then we are treated to the sight of none other than Priscilla or as everyone else knows her Kendall. As Kendall gets heated and Veronica waits for her dad, Liam and Keith come crashing through a big front window and fight with each other, Keith gets away by giving a couple of elbows to the face and Veronica threatens Kendall to move out of the way or become a hood-ornament as they race off to safety.

    While in the car Veronicas ask her dad what he was doing there and it turns out that he was there for the simple piece of evidence that could prove something or nothing, her computer hard drive. It does Yield something a strong connection of multiple e-mail to a prisoner who is an older brother to Liam Fitzpatrick.

    I'm sorry that I wasn’t able to cover all of the story line because the smallest thing in this show proves to be paramount; every time a question gets answered you find five more in its place. Enjoy the show and watch this Sunday at nine on upn
  • When Veronica and Papa Mars go sleuthing, they come up with some surprising revelations concerning a former Miss Buffy alumnus. Weevil puts in a little time for his former PCH'ers and Wallace attempts to get back together again with Jackie.

    This is one of the best episodes of Season 2, ranking right up there with my favorite – Plan B. Kudos to the writers for adding more Weevil into the story. Anytime Weevil or Logan have screen time, you know it's going to get good. Anytime you have a Veronica and Weevil scene, you know it’s going to get good. This episode did not disappoint. Let’s cut to some of my favorite parts. Veronica and Keith Mars unintentionally wind up working on the same case, and Papa Mars goes toe-to-toe with none other than Liam Fitzpatrick. Keith also uncovers some surprising details concerning Kendall’s past. She’s definitely looking shadier by the minute.

    Possibly my favorite part of the evening was when Weevil arrived, coming to the aid of his former biker gang. Liam Fitzpatrick was right when he told the PCH’ers he wasn't having a good day. It was only going to get worse. With some evidence he obtained from Miss Mars, Weevil went up against the rival Fitzpatricks and lived to tell the tale.

    The most surprising revelation of the evening?? Well, not so surprising, as we knew it was going to happen, we just didn't know when. New evidence was found in the Lily Kane murder.

    What will happen next week, I wonder?
  • Answers some questions, meanwhile even more questions are asked

    This episode is great. It is fun to see that Kendall has something to do with the evil goings on in Neptune -- it seems that she is part of the main plot and not just eye candy.

    It is nice to see that Weevil made good. Are we suppose to think that he has won the war against the Fitzpatricks or just the battle? With this show you cannot be sure.

    Does anyone else think that the kid who lost his dog was hiding something. There seemed to me to be something else going on with this kid.

    Also there was a good cliffhanger in this episode when Keith was in the very house that Veronica phoned to report that there may be a shooting. Good surprise there.

    So who is the culprit of the bus explosion? Is it Kendall? Liam? Mayor Woody? I think that even though the evidence is building against all these people and others, it likely will be the one we least expect.
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