Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 7

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2005 on UPN
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    The Veronica Mars Season 2 Dossier: Episodes 5-8

    This next batch of episodes fleshed out the bigger plots while integrating cases of the week much more organically than before. They were real good, basically.

  • Episode Summary

    Duncan comes to Veronica with a plea to help him find out which one of the children Meg was babysitting was being mentally abused by her parents by going undercover.

    Meanwhile, Dick, Beaver and Kendall are visited by their lawyer who informs them of Big Dick's wishes.

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    • Everyone is grey

      I watched Veronica Mars at least four times, and I am always amazed how great a show it is (was). I especially liked that the characters are complicated. They have many sides, good and bad, and I love when they show the better side of the negative characters. And this episode is such a good example: I never liked Sherrif Lamb, he was generally an ass-hat, but in that episode I almost understood him, he was cool with Meg's parents and with the whole abused-kid situation in general. The girls' night at Gia was also great: funny and a bit disturbing with Gia's little brother and we learnt a bit about not-so-happy-and-cheerful Woody. Also, I liked the part with Duncan and Kendall. We never knew if anything happened between them, but finally Duncan wasn't such a boring good boy. And Logan was definitely concerned, tried to warn Veronica in his own, quite irritating way. I also loved that Veronica and Logan started to work together again. They have sooooo good chemistry, and they are so much better together than Duncan and Veronica.moreless
    • Lamb Did What?

      They got away from the bus crash in this episode a little bit, but there is still plenty to talk about with this episode. What's going on with Duncan and the rich woman whose name I cannot remember. She bounced from Logan right over to Duncan. We have gotten to know Duncan's character a little bit better this season and I don't think he would have done anything like that to Veronica. But who knows - maybe it will become something and maybe it won't. Keith Mars is offered a new job by his old campaign manager - will be interesting to see if that turns out into anything. Veronica goes on a search for a kid being mentally abused by his family, or so she thinks. She figures out the case was not about a babysat boy but a girl in the house Meg grew up in. You could see the strange looks on Veronica's face as Duncan continued to talk about Meg throughout the entire episode. Lamb arrests Veronica and Duncan for being in that man's house and then he turns right around and let's them go without more then a "Out, Let's Go" to his name. He then turns around, goes back to the house, and parks it outside. Just waiting for something to happen. Seems like Lamb is both a better guy then we might have previously thought or he simply has had a past which is slowly catching up with him.moreless
    • Very well built up episode that really hits hard with the conclusion.

      Where to start - okay, first of all, 7 episodes into the show and there've been nothing but 9+ episodes for me, and out of that 7, 3 were 10! This episode joins the 10 club.

      The ending alone blew me away - such an amazing twist and that musical montage... woah. Perfect music and a very subtle but amazing development for Sheriff Lamb.

      The twist, that, it was actually Meg's sister who was abused by the parents was huge. In addition the way the Goodmans treated their kid was really weird too, there definitely is something up with Woody.

      Anyways, I really enjoyed the episodic case and not just because of the ending, but admittedly, it was really up to the conclusion wether this episode would succeed or fail. Well, it turned out to be EPIC, so obviously it was a success.

      Veronica babysitting was definitely funny(Best part: I WANT ICE CREAM!) and it's intersting to see how her and Duncan's relationship is unfolding. Not neccesserely in the good direction as it seems that Veronica's still bothered by Meg, though she has a strong reason. Duncan just can't stop mentioning her every once in a while.

      Another interesting development: Logan dumping Kendall who then went naked into the bathroom to visit Duncan. But what exactly happened there? Not sure yet. And finally, turns out that the guy who claims to have seen Logan stab Felix is a plastic surgeon who is involved with drugs. What's next?

      Anyways, another fantastic episode, that, might not have been as closely connected to the show's overall arc as the previous installments, but still managed to be extremely epic and entertaining, definitely a high point of the show.moreless
    • A great and funny episode, the best one of this season so far.

      How I enjoyed watching this one! After having to put up with a lot of uninspired writing this season I was reluctant to continue watching. But in the end, Veronica Mars always pays off. Be it with an explosive finale or with finely crafted one-offs like this. I found Veronica just as snarky as I want her to be and Duncan even had some half-decent character development going on there. The abuse plot was very absorbing (as far as case-of-the-week plots go). I'm beginning to realize that Wallace leaving felt good to me. He never got much screentime before but I always found him a nuisance. Hope he's not coming back soon but I bet he will.moreless
    • Veronica tries to figure out what kid Meg babysits is getting abused.

      I thought that this was a really funny episode. Seeing Veronica babysitting was hilarous her dealing with kids. It was nice of her to help Duncan with helping an ex girlfriend by locating a child she contacted the state about. It was really sad to see Veronica and Duncan find Megs sister locked in a dark room while her parents were not home. I was really mad when Lamb arrested the two of them but i was happy to see him let them go. I was surprised that Lamb went back to the house found the room and told the parents that he will be watching them.moreless
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    Enrico Colantoni

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    Steve Guttenberg

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Logan uses same "Out of Order" sign for the ladies' restroom as Veronica did for one of their make out sessions during "M.A.D." and makes a reference to how her legs were wrapped around him.

    • QUOTES (16)

      • Mr. Fuller: (to Veronica) Saturdays, of course, I'm on the boat by myself if you ever want to come by, smoke a J, fool around.

      • Veronica: (voice-over) (looks at Gia's parents' shelves where she has to drop her shoes) They kill their guests and steal their shoes. (hears girlish laughter and looks horrified) Please tell me they kill their guests.

      • Logan's voice-mail: It's Logan. "Life's tragedy is that we grow old too soon and wise too late", Ben Franklin.
        Veronica: (on the phone) The good news is, I'm perfect the way I am. The bad, your plastic surgeon is a mensch.

      • Veronica: Your 9-1-1 caller, a.k.a. Tom Griffith, is Doctor Tom Griffith. He is a very expensive, well-respected plastic surgeon.
        Logan: I don't believe it. There are no respected plastic surgeons.

      • (Veronica is talking with Duncan and Logan knocks on the patio door)
        Duncan: Are you all right?
        Veronica: Yeah. It's just a really big bug. I'll call you back.

      • Logan: I thought maybe you could do a little sleuthing for old times' sake.
        Veronica: Really? Could I?

      • Logan: Hey, you remember when we, uh, made out against the sink and you had your legs around my waist?
        Veronica: Stop, you'll make me blush.
        Logan: Honestly, how much easier would your life be if you were indifferent to me?
        Veronica: So much, since I'm really struggling. What do you want?

      • Keith: Well, look who got an invite to the sheriff department's fundraiser slash bachelor auction.
        Veronica: Please say 'Veronica Mars.'
        Keith: Sorry, sweetheart. You can't buy love. Bored wives of the wealthy, however, can. I'm wondering if they'll sell Sheriff Lamb by the pound.

      • Woody: I promised a cleaner, safer Neptune. Want to know how I'm gonna get there? Incorporation. Turn our little county seat into a full-fledged city. Santa Barbara, Carmel, La Jolla, they all did it. Upped their tax base, turned that revenue into antique streetlamps, cobblestone streets, increased sanitation. I defy you to find graffiti in Carmel, Keith. It cannot be done. Here...
        Keith: What boundaries are we talking about?
        Woody: South to the marina, north to the airfield, east to the reservoir.
        Keith: That's not a town, Woody, that's a-that's a country club.

      • Duncan: Weren't we doin' something?
        Veronica: We were making out on the couch, and then that happened. Dick and Beav's stepmom just came over to have a go-around with your bunkmate. How does that not bother you?
        Duncan: 'Cause I'm a guy?

      • Veronica: Nobody likes an eager beaver.

      • Gia: Mrs. Hauser, mine's wrong. Isn't this a flower?
        Mrs. Hauser: No, Gia. Chlamydia is not a flower.
        Gia: Well, we have it on, like, a trellis at our beach house.
        Veronica: Your trellis is a whore.

      • Logan: So...your feelings have grown as your available balance has shrunk.

      • Logan: Seriously, though, I was reading Third Wheel: A Beginner's Guide, and we should come up with, like, some kind of code word for when you guys are feeling frisky and, uh, don't want to be disturbed.
        Veronica: Like 'scram'?
        Logan: I was thinking 'awkward.' But 'scram''s good. Or 'amscray.'

      • Duncan: Veronica. You need to stop being The Dude.
        Veronica: Stoner bowler doesn't do it for you?
        Duncan: A little. Only because I like the way your lips pout when you do a guy voice.
        Veronica: These lips? I've had 'em for years, I can't do a thing with 'em.

      • Logan: Bessie, when the milk stops being free, I stop drinking it.

    • NOTES (3)

    • ALLUSIONS (8)

      • Logan: You've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet!
        Logan is alluding to the famous line "I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king" from Frank Sinatra's song "That's Life".

      • Betina: When was the last time you had a lunch like this?
        Dick: When I was a Brady.

        Dick let it shine through eating lunch together like the family in The Brady Bunch isn't exactly Casablanca's style normally. The Brady family was seen as the archetypal perfect family and the plot lines of the show was rather clean cut.

      • Veronica: My Spidey-sense is tingling. Something bad is happening.
        An obvious reference to the character of Spiderman and his spider sense which warns him of impending danger.

      • Veronica: (in e-mail to Wallace) You really need to start answering my e-mails; this is a little too Doogie Howser's journal for me.

        A reference to Doogie Howser, M.D., a show that ran from 1989 to 1993 and starred Neil Patrick Harris as a teenage doctor. One recurring element of the show was that Doogie would write something in his computer journal every episode.

      • Veronica: Are you sick, or am I gonna see you singing 'Twist & Shout' on a parade float?

        Refers to the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, in which the title character skips school and among other things, winds up in a parade singing that Beatles c. (Note: Coincidentally, Jennifer Grey, the actress who played Baby in Dirty Dancing, to which the episode's title refers, played Ferris Bueller's sister).

      • Logan: Frankly my know the rest.

        The complete quote reads, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn". It's the famous line by Rhett Butler said to Scarlett in Gone with the Wind (1939).

      • Episode Title: Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner
        A famous line from the 80's movie Dirty Dancing.

      • Episode Title: Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

        A song entitled "Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner" is on Fall Out Boy's From Under The Cork Tree album.