Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 7

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2005 on UPN

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  • Everyone is grey

    I watched Veronica Mars at least four times, and I am always amazed how great a show it is (was). I especially liked that the characters are complicated. They have many sides, good and bad, and I love when they show the better side of the negative characters. And this episode is such a good example: I never liked Sherrif Lamb, he was generally an ass-hat, but in that episode I almost understood him, he was cool with Meg's parents and with the whole abused-kid situation in general. The girls' night at Gia was also great: funny and a bit disturbing with Gia's little brother and we learnt a bit about not-so-happy-and-cheerful Woody. Also, I liked the part with Duncan and Kendall. We never knew if anything happened between them, but finally Duncan wasn't such a boring good boy. And Logan was definitely concerned, tried to warn Veronica in his own, quite irritating way. I also loved that Veronica and Logan started to work together again. They have sooooo good chemistry, and they are so much better together than Duncan and Veronica.
  • Lamb Did What?

    They got away from the bus crash in this episode a little bit, but there is still plenty to talk about with this episode. What's going on with Duncan and the rich woman whose name I cannot remember. She bounced from Logan right over to Duncan. We have gotten to know Duncan's character a little bit better this season and I don't think he would have done anything like that to Veronica. But who knows - maybe it will become something and maybe it won't. Keith Mars is offered a new job by his old campaign manager - will be interesting to see if that turns out into anything. Veronica goes on a search for a kid being mentally abused by his family, or so she thinks. She figures out the case was not about a babysat boy but a girl in the house Meg grew up in. You could see the strange looks on Veronica's face as Duncan continued to talk about Meg throughout the entire episode. Lamb arrests Veronica and Duncan for being in that man's house and then he turns right around and let's them go without more then a "Out, Let's Go" to his name. He then turns around, goes back to the house, and parks it outside. Just waiting for something to happen. Seems like Lamb is both a better guy then we might have previously thought or he simply has had a past which is slowly catching up with him.
  • Very well built up episode that really hits hard with the conclusion.

    Where to start - okay, first of all, 7 episodes into the show and there've been nothing but 9+ episodes for me, and out of that 7, 3 were 10! This episode joins the 10 club.

    The ending alone blew me away - such an amazing twist and that musical montage... woah. Perfect music and a very subtle but amazing development for Sheriff Lamb.

    The twist, that, it was actually Meg's sister who was abused by the parents was huge. In addition the way the Goodmans treated their kid was really weird too, there definitely is something up with Woody.

    Anyways, I really enjoyed the episodic case and not just because of the ending, but admittedly, it was really up to the conclusion wether this episode would succeed or fail. Well, it turned out to be EPIC, so obviously it was a success.

    Veronica babysitting was definitely funny(Best part: I WANT ICE CREAM!) and it's intersting to see how her and Duncan's relationship is unfolding. Not neccesserely in the good direction as it seems that Veronica's still bothered by Meg, though she has a strong reason. Duncan just can't stop mentioning her every once in a while.

    Another interesting development: Logan dumping Kendall who then went naked into the bathroom to visit Duncan. But what exactly happened there? Not sure yet. And finally, turns out that the guy who claims to have seen Logan stab Felix is a plastic surgeon who is involved with drugs. What's next?

    Anyways, another fantastic episode, that, might not have been as closely connected to the show's overall arc as the previous installments, but still managed to be extremely epic and entertaining, definitely a high point of the show.
  • A great and funny episode, the best one of this season so far.

    How I enjoyed watching this one! After having to put up with a lot of uninspired writing this season I was reluctant to continue watching. But in the end, Veronica Mars always pays off. Be it with an explosive finale or with finely crafted one-offs like this. I found Veronica just as snarky as I want her to be and Duncan even had some half-decent character development going on there. The abuse plot was very absorbing (as far as case-of-the-week plots go). I'm beginning to realize that Wallace leaving felt good to me. He never got much screentime before but I always found him a nuisance. Hope he's not coming back soon but I bet he will.
  • Veronica tries to figure out what kid Meg babysits is getting abused.

    I thought that this was a really funny episode. Seeing Veronica babysitting was hilarous her dealing with kids. It was nice of her to help Duncan with helping an ex girlfriend by locating a child she contacted the state about. It was really sad to see Veronica and Duncan find Megs sister locked in a dark room while her parents were not home. I was really mad when Lamb arrested the two of them but i was happy to see him let them go. I was surprised that Lamb went back to the house found the room and told the parents that he will be watching them.
  • Duncan comes to Veronica to help him find out which one of the children Meg was babysitting was being mentally abused by her parents by going undercover. Dick, Beaver and Kendall are visited by their lawyer who informs them of Big Dick's wishes.

    Duncan comes to Veronica with a plea to help him find out which one of the children Meg was babysitting was being mentally abused by her parents by going undercover.

    Meanwhile, Dick, Beaver and Kendall are visited by their lawyer who informs them of Big Dick's wishes.
    cute episode and i liked duncan a lot..well logan/dick are cute too
  • This epesdoe was amaizing and one of my favorites. It was defenatly my favorite epesode storyline.

    Although this epesode did not contribute much to the season mystery it was great. It also had some charactor developed. Even thought while watching this I was completely jet-lagged I was on the edge of my chair. I felt so bad for Gracie. Her parents were horrible and she was so scared. I also felt bad for the other kids (the one\'s Veronica baby sat). I loved the hanwritting thing. I wan\'t to know what is in the letter. When the opend the door thing to Gracie I was so shocked. We also got to see a softer side of lamb. There was also the whole Casablacas thing which was fine to watch.
  • Great, great, and oh yeah, great!

    This is one of the best episodes of VM. I had recorded it on VHS and wow! The whole child being abused thing was, I'll admit, unoriginal, but I loved it! I'm proud of Veronica for caring so much, she's such a wonderful character! I wondered what was the note that Duncan stole from the vents of the girl's house. That was confusing. They so mistreated the girl in the closet, they even had her right a phrase that I forgot :P over and over again in hundreds of frickin notebooks. That's insane!!! But the ending is what got me. Lamb, oh Lamb, whom I most despise. He is one sick puppy. But I thought that he turned his tricks around. Lamb arrested Veronica and Duncan because they broke in the house, and was going to send them to prison. But he had a change of heart. He turned right back around the block, let Ronnie and Duncan out the car, and turned right back to the abusers' house. I think I'll start to like a million years, but that subtlety shows that Lamb might be changed. Overall, a great episode!
  • This is why I watch this show..

    This was an excellent installment in Veronica Mars, really it was. This is just the reason I watch this show. It was a real tearjerker, escpecially when you find out that the little girl was Meg's sister!
    I really like how they showed the softer side of Lamb. I mean I knew he wasw a jerk but when it REALLY counts or when it has a personal connection to him he really goes all out and uses the law to his advantage!
  • When Sheriff Don Lamb come and get Duncan and Veronica after they are caught by Meg's in Grace's room, he leads them to the car parked outside and makes them get in the backseat. He goes back inside and looks in closet and finds what Veronica told him.

    Does anyone else think that it is odd that whenever Veronica tells him something that is noteworthy, he actually looks into it, instead of sending her away. He did the same thing way back in the episode with the episode where Veronica is framed for the fake ids, and he listens to her and even though he mocks her, he decides to go ahead and see what happens, for she has yet to really lie to him... actually there is a case where he did not investigate, when she had gone and told him about Shelly's party, but I think that was before Veronica had gotten back at him. Not exactly the same treatment with Mr. Mars, even though on Keith's recommendation, he does get the bus out of the ocean.... then again he might have already pulled it up, and just hadn't looked at it yet. Anyway, is it me or does Lamb like Veronica and her mostly honest behavior?
  • This eppy blow me away.

    Lamb stole the show for me thought with his "Funny my father said the excact same thing once" That line left me with wanting so much more and wanting to really get to know Lamb's character even more.

    I can't seem to get enough of Veronica Mars. Keep bring on the eppies.
  • Not the most revealing episode of the season, but it did prove that apparently every family in Neptune has serious family issues.

    This was an interesting episode. Although I still find the final plot twist to be a little bit of a stretch, it was still a very good episode. It did have a very different feel from the rest of the season so far, but that really isn't such a bad thing.

    So are there any normal families in Neptune? Or is there just no such thing as a normal family? But still, locking up the sister in a closet while the oldest sister seems normal enough does seem a bit odd. It's questions like that that leave me wondering about this episode.
  • Deliciously twisted. This episode had a different feel to it than pretty much any other, but it really worked.

    This is my favorite episode of the season so far. I can hardly think of a single scene that didn't have my full attention. The script was tight and a lot happened in terms of character development as well as plot development, especially for Lamb, Duncan, Logan, and Kendall.
    The fact that all of the parents and kids had something weird going on, so that it was hard to tell which was being abused, reminded me of one of the themes of A Trip to the Dentist. It's not just that some people are responsible for questionable and possibly horrible behavior, but that everyone has a part in it. All of the parents in Neptune are strange and controlling, so much that it's no surprise that one family would take it way too far. I like the theory that neither Meg nor Lizzie were abused, but the family freaked out and started abusing the youngest daughter when one of their daughters was wild (Lizzie), and the other was first dating a boy they hated and then ended up in a coma (Meg).
    And that's just the main plotline. The stuff with the Casablancas family was great as well, and the plotline of why Logan is being set up looks like it's about to get interesting...
  • Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner showed a new side to the rich in Neptune.

    In the beginning of the episode, I thought this was going to be something minor, a "mystery of the week" as some call it. But now, it seems life there might be more than one mystery this season.
    First of all, every child that Veronica babysat for where, how do I say it nicely... disturbed. I feel as if maybe Edwin has missed out on a normal childhood. I totally agreed when the Veronica Voiceover said: A ten year-old boy who voluntarily washes his hands, who enjoys quiet time, and does what he's told with a smile. If he doesn't pick his nose soon, I'm looking for wires. Albert, Ms. Hausers son was just scary. When he started to scream, I thought he was going to blow-up! The face he made was just terrifying. Gia's brother confused me though. When the mother came home, she talked to her son and led him somewhere. Woody, for once looked helpless. I sense some abuse.
    But when it was revealed that Meg's sister Grace was the one being abused, it showed that the 09-er families have something to hide and that their lives aren't as peachy as some people may think. And we learned something about Sheriff Lamb, that he maybe was abused as a child. And he showed, for once, that he believed Veronica when he left her and Duncan out of the squad car when they were a safe distance away from the Manning house. Kudos, Rob Thomas for making the sheriff we love to hate, the one who laughed in Veronica's face when she reported she was raped, to this kinder gentler side. Hopefully, we'll see this side of Lamb more often.

  • Some incredible twists and turns and a surprising action by Lamb.

    Once again, the show does wonders with the material. The move by the mayor to turn Neptune into an actual town is intriguing as is his tempting Keith with the sherrif's job. Once more, I think there's a connection between him and the bus crash but we'll have to see.

    The case itself was interesting and showcases how screwed up Neptune can be, proving, as if we didn't already know, that the rich have the biggest secrets to hide. I did enjoy Veronica's reactions to it all and Kristen Bell did a good job showing Veronica realizing her own upbrining was downright normal compared to this.

    Once again, Charisma Carpenter shines as Kendall, showing off her wicked edge. I like how they leave it up in the air whether or not she and Duncan did it (it seems no since she went back to Logan but if a naked Kendall showed up in my bathroom, I'd be more than tempted). And Dick and Beaver having money could be something to play with as well.

    But then we get the moment at the end where Lamb shows some morality for the first time on the show. That he was the victim of abuse explains quite a lot (looks like he and Logan have more in common than either knows). And I enjoyed the ending as he let Meg's parents know he was watching. About damn time he had some dimension added to him and that will be something to watch develop.

    So once more an intriguing ep with some nice new mysteries (like what that note was Duncan took) and I'm sure there are some clues to bigger cases we missed which is what makes this show so damn fun to watch.
  • Wow! They took what I thought would be a run-of-the-mill boring episode and did something great with it!

    Finally! They did something worthwhile with Sherrif Lamb!

    Until now, Lamb was suffering from what I like to call the Major Burns syndrome. On M*A*S*H, Major Burns became about as 2-dimensional a character as you could have. He had absolutely NO redeeming or likable qualities whatsoever. The writers never gave him a break and made him silly, stupid, mean, childish...well, you get the idea. He simply was never allowed to show real human emotion or depth. He couldn't be a nice guy even for one episode.

    Until now, they have done the same thing with Sherrif Lamb. Lamb has always been an idiot. Mean spirited, vindictive, petty, self-absorbed. He has had no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Finally, we see him in a more human light, and what a pleasant surprise it was!

    At the beginning of this episode, I rolled my eyes a bit because it was obvious they were going for a stand-alone storyline of the 'mystery of the week' variety. It seemed we wouldn't learn any more about the main plotline. Well, we still didn't learn much about the main plot, but we got a couple of nice clues that will surely be looked into at a later date (I'm dying to know what was in the note that Duncan found in Meg's hiding place for example). But the revelation that Meg's sister, Grace, was a victim of such horrible abuse was a shocker. I expect we'll get to find out a bit more about Meg's family and that will probably lead to more clues about the bus crash (since we're waiting for meg to wake up after all).

    But then to have Sherrif Lamb suddenly show a conscience and reveal a tidbit about his own past...he was an abused child...that explains a lot...I felt the weight of the last 5 minutes hit me like a ton of bricks.

    Kudos V.M. writers!

    Excellent installment of an excellent show!
  • It wasn't bad, but the whole thing was unoriginal and somehow without spirit!

    First I have to say: I didn’t like this episode. Sure it wasn’t bad, but somehow I think the typical spirit got lost. The story got lost somewhere between the raft Logan is trying to break between Veronica and Duncan and the Casablanca family tragedy. I think the storyline with the triangle Veronica Duncan and Logan is quite ok, but it’s always the same thing over and over again since the beginning of season three. I’m getting tiered of that!! They really should bring some change in to the whole thing (maybe we saw the beginning of that).
    Somehow I missed a lot of people in here: Weevil, Keith (well more of him) and Wallace.
    The idea that Veronica is helping Logan, what shall I say? I somehow think of it as completely unnecessary. Duncan helping Veronica to break in some guy’s home was nice of him, but considering it’s his wish to find out the secrets of his ex-girlfriend, you could tell that it nothing but right for him to help her.
    In this episode I liked the sheriff for the first time. Child abusers should be executed immediately! But that’s just may opinion.
  • Veronica 1. Helps locate & help a myseriously abused child that Meg is responsible for (who ends up being Meg's sister) 2. Is approached by Logan who needs to find out who wants him to take the blame for bridge incident 3. Needs to kn

    How touching was it when Lamb let Veronica and Duncan out of the car? For once, he wasn't after her, but instead did what was right for the child's sake. Speaking of Duncan, if anything DID happen with Kendall, he's stupid to think that Veronica of all people will not only keep from discovering what happened, but also won't do something about it. Another amazing episode with a promising one next week...
  • Painful to watch because it was so sad about the little girl.

    Veronica investigates a child who Meg was babysitting before her accident. Meg was writing to a social worker that she suspected child abuse. Veronica found out it was Meg's sister. She was being locked in the closet. Kendell is pennyless and hit up Logan and Duncan for money. We do not really know what happen between Duncan and Kendell. This was a good episode that peeked into the lives of some families in Neptune. Even Sheriff Lam life as a child.
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