Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 1

Normal is the Watchword

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2005 on UPN

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  • This must be one of the worst season openers I've ever seen. If the intention was to lure in new viewers and aslo to hold their loyal fans they failed miserably.

    In fact this episode makes me realize that the only thing that kept me watching last season were the central mysteries: Lilly Kane's murder and Veronica's supposed rape. I found the mystery-of-the-week format already rather worn out as the first season drew to a close. So I heaved a huge sigh of relief when the last two episodes focused more on the things that had drawn us all into the show in the first place. A Trip to the Dentist and Leave it to Beaver had some great acting and writing, clever plot twists and surprising revelations. They qualified as great television.

    Why, oh why weren't the writers capable of holding the viewer's interest this episode? With the two central mysteries of the first season out of the way, it was time for them to introduce some new interesting things that they could fully explore. Something that had impact because it closely related to where Veronica is now, to what she is now. The murder of Lilly and Veronica's rape seemed relevant because they had all affected Veronica's life seriously and made her the person she is now. The bus crash mystery, as it was portrayed in the first episode, simply doesn't look as engaging as it should be.

    There were other annoying factors as well. I was severely dissapointed when the first 75% of the total screen time were dedicated to either the lame drug test "mystery", Wallace's first attempt at charming a girl by playing Sherlock and Veronica's sudden reunion with Duncan. The first two were just tedious to watch while the latter wasn't really convincing in my opinion. It's not that I'm a huge supporter of LoVe (or any other VM couple in particular) but the way they made Veronica diss Logan in a ten-second conversation, then had Keith almost literally shove the poor boy out the door and made Veronica then fall in love all over again with Duncan (just because he ISN'T her half-brother, thank you!)? That just didn't ring true to me. I like the characters of broody and struggling Duncan, tough-yet-mellow Veronica and snarky pubescent Logan, but the way they screwed up the dynamics between them in what must be about fifteen minutes still puzzles me. How could they disrespect both the viewers and the characters like that?

    Not a very great start to the season.
  • Season Twos Arch Begins...Now

    Really good comeback episode for the second season of Veronica Mars. I like the use of the flashback throughout the duration of the episode, I thought it combined a great little mystery for the one puzzle we wanted to know at the end of the last season: Who was Veronica Mars with. It turned out to be Logan at the door, just as I had expected but everything that happened after that was unexpected. So even though it was Logan at the door, it was still Duncan who Veronica ended up with in the end. I liked the dynamic of having to pick a side, I think that might be the overall theme of the show. You cant have it both ways, you always have to choose something one way or the other. Weevil "forgave" Veronica at the end of the episode, right before the bus went off the side of the cliff. This looks to be the big arch for season two, lets see how it stacks up to the Lily Kane murder mystery. The little cases in the episodes are always kind of filler for me, this one wasn't really an exception. A good way to get her friend (whose name escapes...Wallace, nevermind) involved into the show a little bit. Overall, very good opening episode.
  • New season starts... Lily's murder was solved and now what happens???

    In the aftermath of solving Lily's murder, a beatten Logan knocks on Veronica door. He is acused of stabbing one of the bad guys and the lovely and cute deputy d'Amato comes to arrest him at V's house. We learn later that he is cleared but that he kepts messing around with Dick and Beaver and Veronica dumps him. Some weeks later she starts dating Duncan again. Meg holds a grudge on her because she thinks V stole her the bf. They all go in a bus trip to visit some baseball player. In the way back home the bus falls off a hill, fortunately Duncan, Dick and some others have caught a limo to go back and after Meg makes the bus without V at a service station ans she ends up picking a ride with weevil, which ends up saving her life. We have a now a new mistery... what happened with the bus? Was it really an accident??
  • Aftermath of finding Lily Kane's killer, a relationship change and the crash. Starring: Kristen Bell, Percy Daggs III, Teddy Dunn, Jason Dohring, Ryan Hansen, Kyle Gallner, Francis Capra, and Enrico Colantoni

    This episode started out really slow. It took a long time for the episode to fully develop into what a season premiere should be. The storyline with Wallace (Percy Daggs III) getting in trouble with a false drug test was good, but it wasn't fantastic. There could have been a better storyline there, but i guess its okay. Veronica (Kristen Bell) is now dating Duncan (Teddy Dunn) after Logan (Jason Dohring) was accused of murder and started to destroy Neptune. I mean holy crap! This is huge. And poor Felix (guest star Brad Bufanda), i really liked him. And Logan is sleeping with Kendall Casablancas (guest star Charisma Carpenter), the step-mom of Cassidy "Beaver" (Kyle Gallner) and Dick (Ryan Hansen). Interesting. And the final moments of the bus going off the cliff and Meg Manning (guest star Alona Tal) was on the bus. This sucks! But what great tv! Also Starring: Francis Capra and Enrico Colantoni
  • Another season, another perfect episode.

    What can you except from this season of Veronica Mars?

    Well, everything that you had in season 1, only more.
    It's gonna be good.

    Following a finale like "Leave it to Beaver" is a tough act. Not to mention that the episode that led up the finale...

    Those 2 episodes are in my top 5 of all time favourite episodes.

    But guess what. Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell doesn't let me/us down. If anything, the season 2 premiere is even better than the first.

    The concept of the episode is the same as the pilot's. Lots of flashback, lots of twists and an event that sets up the main mystery for the season.

    The episode gives us a summary of what happened during the summer, and oh boy, the summer was full of twists. So we find out Logan was at Veronica's doorstep, which is great - they are amazing together. And then they show us alot of Logan/Veronica scenes... I'm a guy and I've to admit I'm absolutely rooting for them. But then - halfway, Veronica says "And, meet my boyfriend..." And Duncan kisses her.


    They didn't show Logan or Duncan in the present time for half an episode, and it didn't feel weird, but then it all made sense. What a twist. And it's funny how, from the point it's revealed that Duncan is Veronica's boyfriend, we get Logan scenes that makes me feel absolutely neutral about him, yet up to that point I was rooting for him. Good writing I guess.

    He's sleeping with Dick's and Beaver's mom? Come on. Rob Thomas and co simply love toying with his character. One moment he's someone you feel terribly sorry for then the next...

    The episode while sharing alot with the pilot has some really cool differences. In the pilot we see everybody hating Veronica, but here, she rejoined the 09'ers. It's an interesting development to say at least, considering there's an uprising tension between the have and have-nots. Why. One of the cliffhangers of last season was Logan on the bridge. What happened with him and the motorbike gang. It turns out Logan got beaten up, but it was Weevil who went down first - and guess what, one of the members of the gang got stabbed. By Logan? He denies - but it seems like he did. Of course, his lawyers made him win the case no matter what which created alot of tension between the two groups - not to mention Logan and his friends burning down the entire beach taking away the opportunity from the non 09ers to hang out.

    When you might think that this is the main arc for the season, something happens. Something really shocking. Something that literally froze me. This show is not your regular teenager show... that's been established in the pilot. But what they did in the end was IMO the last thing you'd except. A bus, full of students ran down off a cliff and ended up in the ocean. Everyone's dead. Nothing happens accidentally...

    Overall, one of the best season premieres I've seen, and the only reason it doesn't make it to my top-15 is the mini mystery that took about 6 minutes of the episode. Sure, it was good, because Veronica was helping Wallace, and it was somewhat funny, but it just felt like a filler, though it's purpose was to distract us from not seeing Logan and Duncan in present time.

    But again, even that was good - just not as good as the rest of the episode.
  • The great start to the best, in my opinion, season out of the 3. It has everything great about Veronica Mars in the first episode.

    "Normal, that is the watchword" one of the first lines of the episode with the same title. This episode does a great job of incorporating "what happened over the summer" with the new season arc of the bus crash. I think the best part of the entire episode is showing the flashbacks with Logan and Veronica, and then halfway through the episode when V's co-worker says "your boyfriend is here" Duncan appears! I have seen this episode about 3 times and I always forget that part which keeps me entertained. Then the episode goes in to what really happened with Logan and how Duncan came back into her life. "Normal" also ends in a great way as in the last minute the audience views what new case will be solved in the following episodes. The writers and producers also created a smooth transition from seasons 1-2 which was both appealing to lovers of season 1 and newbies! One of the best episodes, in my opinion!
  • A great summary on the summer.

    What a shock to find out she was back with Duncan! Poor Logan :( As much as I LOVE 'LoVe' (LOgan & VEronica), season 2 was a refreshing perception of the forbidden love relationship between Duncan and Veronica, a la, Romeo and Juliet. It was such a sudden halt on the Logan and Veronica relationship. It's like they broke up before they even got started. Season 2 is the "Duncan and Veronica" season, while season 3 is the "LoVe" season. It's good to see the contrast between Duncan and Logan. Although I can relate to Veronica as I have dated two best friends as well.
  • Full of flashbacks - not really my cup of tea, but it helped the storyline.

    A good "What happened over the summer" episode that developed the on-coming drama for the series to come. But it really did nothing for me. What was a 45 minute episode felt like a 2 hour episode with all of the flashbacks.

    I know the writers have to fill in the gaps, but puh-lease!! Flashbacks within flashbacks and all sorts. Really drove me nuts.

    The whole Logan, Duncan, Veronica love triangle is a bit wierd though. Logan says "I'm in love with you" and not long after is beign dumped for an altering personality. And Dick's mom and Logan - EWWWWW! I nearly lost my lunch!

    Although, the story development was great for setting it up for the rest of the season. It looks like its going to be a good one... Overall, not my favourite episode, especially since they could have done a lot more with it!
  • Veronica had a summer to remember.

    I spent all that time since the season finale trying to figure out if it was Duncan or Logan at Veronica's door at the end of the finale. I was happy to see that it was Logan at her door but i was wondering who she was dateing because of the way she was talking made me question it. I was really happy on other hand to see Veronica with Duncan. I was really sad to see Meg being mean to Veronica seeing how she was always nice to her. It was really sad to see Veronica find out that the school bus crashed.
  • Back together again?

    Veronica and Duncan are back together. Logan is pissed off because of it, because he is still inlove with her. Wallace in this episode becomes kicked off the team because he failed the drug test, but he didnt do drugs so he hires well not hires more of asks Veronica as a favor to help him figure mout what is going on and get him back on the team. She discovers that the kids who were supposed to be kicked off the team and their parents owned the company in which the drug tests were taken to they changed the results a little. Vironica figures out a way to get back at them and get Wallace back on the team. But not everything turns out well. At the end of a field trip, Veronica and the 09ers are safe but not the other kids that were on the bus. The tragedy is that half the kids on the bus to the field trip on the return all went off a cliff and died. Except one, Meg.
  • After rejoining the 09ers, Veronica spends the summer trying to become "normal" again. Logan takes refuge from the paparazzi at Dick and Beaver's, and a field trip to the local sports arena has shocking consequences.

    After rejoining the 09ers, Veronica spends the summer trying to become "normal" again, but finds it difficult when Wallace is kicked off the basketball team for testing positive for drugs.
    Meanwhile, Keith is finding it hard to cope with popularity after releasing his book on the Lilly Kane murder, Logan takes refuge from the paparazzi at Dick and Beaver's, and a field trip to the local sports arena has shocking consequences. wow great! another mistery veronica mars!
  • This one of my very favorite epesodes. So much is going on.

    Duncan/Veronica/Logan: This is the teen drama for the epesode. I personaly prefer Logan and Veronica (LoVe) over Duncan and Veronica. A lot happened over the summer. I feel really bad for Meg. Felix: This is some drama. Poor Logan. I love the scene were he shows up at Veronica's door. It is really sad. He couldn't have killed Felix. The Drug Tests: Veronica did some great investigating. I love the flase turn twords Butters. I can not believe the parents would do that. THis is one of my favorite epesode mysteries. The Bus Crash: The ending was great. It would be impossible to not want to watch after that. THe crash was so sad. Veronica was almost killed. I am glad Meg was mad at Veronica, it saved her life. THe last scene was great. This epesode was so full of drama. I just couldn't stop watching, even the second time (an the third).
  • another drama for veronica.

    Veronica Mars is back for season 2! A good episode but a little confusing! I thought logan and veronica were together and then suddenly she's with Duncan. This caught me off guard but still watched the episode. Not the best episode especially the whole Logan and Mrs Casablanca! EWWW! Some new mysteries to solve- the bus crash. (Why did it happen, what happened on the bus, is anyone alive?) A good cliff-hanger for the next episode. And when Veronica thought that her life was gonna get normal! Laughable!! Her life will never ever be normal! She's Veronica Mars, daughter of private detective! 8/10
  • This first episode of the 2nd season starts a bit slowly but ends up with a bang. This episode is a good reminder of why Veronica Mars is the best show on television right now. Above both Lost and 24.

    I had purchased the 1st season of Veronica Mars without really knowing what it was about. After finishing the first season I just couldn't wait to see more. A year later, after a difficult search to find the DVD set of the 2nd season the first episode reminds me exactly why Veronica Mars is the best show on television right now. Better than Lost and 24. The episode starts by explaining what happened after the events of season using a series of flashbacks. There is also some side-detective story that was put along to make Veronica Mars go back to solve various mysteries. Anyways, the side-story isn't as intriguing as some were last year. But you quickly forget all this when you finally watch the jaw-dropping ending. I wasn't too sure about some decisions taken by the writers about the VM/Logan/Duncan thing but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, season 1 was excellent and they probably have their reasons.

    The acting is all top-notch in this episode and you see that the chemistry in the cast built up since the first ever VM episode. Another thing I'm not too sure about is the addition of those 3 new characters. 1 of them is still not introduced in episode 1, and the 2 others are 2 09ers who I disliked a lot in season 1. Not the actors, but their characters, knowing they're regular this year... anyways let's see how all of this will unfold. Finally the addition of the song ''Ashes'' by Embrace was a good decision and really adds to the ending of this episode.

    Veronica Mars is brutal and full of surprises and the first episode reflects this all too well.

    Can't wait to see what's next.
  • Veronica dumps Logan, gets together with Duncan, goes back to school where Wallace and some other star athletes get kicked off their teams for failing drug tests. lifes back to normal as Veronica gets on the case!

    Life finally gets back to normal over the summer for Veronica Mars. She finally gets back together with her ex boyfriend, the brother of her dead best friend, Duncan Kane.

    When she gets back to school things definately become normal again when her best friend Wallace and a few other star athletes get banned from their sports for failing the mandatory drugs test when other athletes who are known for their drug use take over their place! Veronica makes it her mission to crack the case.

    When we see Veronica in the corridor, she passes Weevil and it seems that they aren\'t friends anymore, so, obviously things have changed.

    After solving the mystery and getting the athletes back on their teams, Veronica goes on a school field trip with Duncan and some others to a baseball park.
    On the way home Veronica gets left behind when the bus leaves without her. Luckily, Weevil is there to bring her home. As they speed along the road home, they see smoke and the limo Duncan, Dick and Beaver were in parked on the road. Veronica runs up to where the others are stood ant the side of the road to see that the bus she was supposed to be riding in at the bottom of the cliff. She is told by a girl that the bus didn\'t even break!!!

    The episode ends with Veronica is Duncan\'s arms.
  • Veronica and Logan broken up. An attempt at normalcy. New characters and boyfriend...bus crash? What happened to normal?

    The episode jumps from past to present throughout the first half, giving us the blow by blow of Veronica and Logan\'s relationship and his in depth feelings that you didn\'t think could exist after Lilly. Veronica attempts and fails at retaining a sort of regularity in life, assisted by her adorable almost puppy-dog boyfriend while the very jealous and decidedly aloof Logan is forced to stand by the sidelines, watching. This sets the pace for the entire season, discoveries of the bus crash victims and Duncan\'s cold ex happens to be the sole survivor. It gives us what Lilly\'s murder did...a reason to come back every week!
  • A decent start to the second season.

    I was so excited that the one at the door was Logan. Needless to say, I was devastated to find out that she is now with Duncan, who I find to be one of the most boring characters on television.

    It seems like the story behind the bus crash is the new big mystery of the season. It isn't nearly as exciting as last year's murder mystery or the question of who 'raped' Veronica.

    The drug test plot line was good.

    How could Veronica not know that the vice principal has a son?! Regardless of whether or not she pays attention to freshmen, one would think she would know something like that.
  • She's back. And Neptune is far from normal.


    I can't believe that ending. I had a feeling they were going to kill off a well-known character, but I never thought it would be that way, or that it would be Meg. So long, Alonna Tal. You were really good.

    And am I right in thinking they've bought in this Gia Goodman to replace you? Who is she? And why are we supposed to care? I hope she becomes one of those characters who when they begin are easy to hate and then turn into brilliant characters.

    I'm not completely satisfied with the drug test subplot. Did I miss why this was all done? And that name Jim Chimoree really sounds like a joke name. Still, the Wallace/Veronica interaction made up for it, as well as the Veronica/Keith interaction. And yes, the "nipples" line was the funniest and most "ewwwwww" worthy line of the night.

    Since I have no opinion on either V/L or V/D (the last one sounds dirty, don't it?), I will say it's nice Veronica is a moral person in not approving of Logan's self-destructive behavior, and getting out because she feels powerless to do anything about it.

    That shot of Charisma Carpenter going into the water made it look like she was disappearing - cool shot. Not much of a character yet, so I'll wait and see. How much can they do with her? I don't mind her being around if Logan's going to be shirtless, but as a character is she only going to be an adultress?

    Not sure what I think of the opening credits. I think Erica Gimpel should have been made a series regular as well as Tina Majorino, who should be more regularly used too. Dick and Beaver don't seem to have much character in them, and I despise Jackie.
  • Holy crap!!! What an episode!!!

    This episode was even more shocking then Leave it to Beaver! I cannot believe that meg is dead! Another few mysteries to deal with. the crash, Felix's murder. i spotted a connection between Kendall & that baseball player. She was a lakers girl, he is a player for them! Oh my god! I am so shocked still! A great way to start the season even including Leo in it! I cannot wait till next week and see hoe veronica delves into the mystery! Charisma Carpenter didn't get enough screen time in my theory but she looked as gourgeous as ever just like Angel season one again! And naim mora of ANTM did a great job too! Unbelieveable episode!!! Go veronica mars!
  • Great start to the new season.

    The new start to the season is great it wraps up the old season and yeah so on. I could see and kind of hoped at the begining of the first season that Veronica and Duncan would get back together and I think it is ok that they are but I still think that Veronica and Logan were a great couple. The whole drug thing is a good way to start the season it showed how Veronica is going to be the piggy in the middle so to speak of with the O9ers. and then at the end the school bus crashes!!!
  • I like Duncan and Veronica together. I've liked that since the first season. I'm glad that Weevil didn't have anything to do with the plot against Logan... well, so I think currently. I'm just glad that at the end he didn't have his head totally up his bu

    We start out seeing Veronica at her new job as the hostess at a restaurant of some sort that is very dark so must be a romantic type of restaurant. Kelvin, a guy from school, comes in and says he failed the mandatory drug test but he swears he was totally clean. When Veronica won’t help, he accuses her about being an ‘09er now… and mentions none of the rich kids failed the test.

    We pause for a moment to watch Keith on TV about his book regarding Lilly’s murder. Veronica’s voice over (VVO) says he never would have done it if his journalist friend hadn’t clinched the deal and they needed the money so badly because of his hospital bills and Lianne stepping out with the $50 Gs.

    Then we flash back to the night Lianne leaves and we FINALLY get to see who’s at the door. I was rather disappointed that it was a beat-up Logan. (I was really rooting for it to be Duncan, but no luck.) His memory shows us that he kicked Weevil unconscious when he’d come to get him and the rest of the gang totally kicked his ass… and in a couple of ribs, as it turns out. Logan woke up to a concerned citizen who’d called the cops and Logan discovered he had a bloody knife in his hand and Felix (maybe Weevil’s second-in-command) dead beside him… death by stab wound. And on his way to Veronica’s, he heard about his dad on the radio. Leo comes for Logan (being very caressing of Logan, by the way… but maybe that’s because he wanted to reassure himself that Veronica was OK because he knew about the Aaron thing…) and reads him his rights.

    On the first day of school, we find out that Wallace has also been kicked off the basketball team because of failing his drug test. Veronica says that Kelvin said no ‘09ers failed it, but Wallace says one did… Meg. Veronica, of course, is now on the case. Wallace informs her of the procedure and there’s no way it could have been tampered with before reaching the testing facility. When Veronica starts asking for his school records help, Wallace says he isn’t an office aide this year. Veronica’s all “That’s not okay with me…” and he redeems himself because he got a copy of the master key and as many admin passwords as he could. She starts interviewing all those that failed to see if she can find a common denominator between them all… besides that they are starters on their various teams.

    New flashback shows that Duncan had come to Veronica’s work and they were chatting it up until Logan showed. VVO says the two aren’t talking anymore because of the whole dating the other’s ex.

    Veronica completes all the interviews except one… Meg. And she’s not really looking forward to it because Duncan broke up with Meg on the last day of school (possibly because Veronica had told him they weren’t siblings after all) and Meg totally blames Veronica. She’s way bitter and while I almost liked her before, her self-pitying attitude is totally off!

    Because of Felix’s death, the tensions in Neptune and at the school are running way high. There are new metal detectors at the front doors… if that’s any indication. Apparently, at the pre-trial, Logan’s high-priced lawyers punched holes through all the testimonies of the gang and DA decided there wasn’t enough to convict him and dropped the charges. That’s the reason everyone’s freaking out… and it’s become way important to pick what “side” you’re on…

    Back at the Mars estate… okay, their apartment… Wallace is freaking out because the failed test goes on his permanent record. According to the interviews, there wasn’t anything in common until we get to Kelvin’s pantsing of a guy nicknamed Butters the year prior. Wallace remembers the incident because he was there and probably every other person that failed the test… and they may have all been laughing at him.

    Keith comes home and she tells him that a girl at work thinks he’s hot. Keith asks Veronica if she got the girl’s digits and Wallace acts all offended. (Obviously Keith and Alicia are still dating…)

    Veronica is in the middle of questioning Butters (whose real name is Vincent) and she discovers he’s the son of the vice-principal. Veronica and Wallace break into the school after hours and check out the records of those who took the test. Veronica says there’s no way that Butters could have changed the printed results before his dad saw them. Wallace pulls out quite the good Jamaican accent when it looks like she’s saying he may have taken drugs. Veronica thinks they may have accidentally ingested them and Wallace remembers getting a spirit box with cookies inside. She says she’s going to go get a kit at the drug store and Wallace says he’ll come with.

    That triggers the flashback about how Neptune really isn’t safe anymore… especially after the charges were dropped against Logan. We see Veronica and Logan making out in his SUV outside of her apartment complex and he says he loves her. (Whether he’s serious or just wanted to get in her pants, we don’t know at this point.) A drive-by shooting by a motorcycle almost kills them.

    Veronica picks up a urine drug test kit and Wallace is having a problem performing on command. The test says he’s clean, which means the cookies weren’t laced. They discover that every player on the list was a starter and a star player on the team. Veronica explains things to Keith to get his help. All of the players that are replacing those that failed the drug test have parents that are partners in Boatloads of Fun Corp. Veronica thinks someone at the testing facility was bought off and plans on scaring them. (We also see a new journalism teacher at this point.)

    Flashback to Veronica visiting Logan during summer school and they meet up with Dick and Beaver (but Veronica remembers he wants to be called Cassidy… so maybe I should… nah…) Casablancas (who are now in the opening credits so they are apparently going to be quite the characters this year… and also means they can’t be the perpetrators of the ultimate yearly mystery… well, probably). They’re loading the back of Logan’s SUV with gas cans and Logan says they’re planning on defacing the lawn of their school nemesis. Later, the city park swimming pool catches on fire and is closed for the summer… a bad thing for the poorer folk, while all the ‘09ers have their own pools.

    This of course segues to Logan hanging out with Dick and Beaver by the pool at their house. He doesn’t think going back to school is his number 1 priority because no one cares if he does go back. Charisma Carpenter, as Kendall Casablancas (Dick & Beaver’s new step-mom), appears in a fabulous black bikini (man, I wish I looked like that!). Apparently, she was a Laker girl until a wife of someone important got her fired and she married Mr. Casablancas. She pretends to be a motherly and offers them Rice Krispie treats, but when Logan asks for one, she says she doesn’t look like a housewife. She gets in the pool with Dick and Logan visibly lusting after her and Beaver thinking they’re really gross.

    Anyway, back to the case, Veronica set the parents up to meet at her restaurant and she seats them all at the same table… which she’s bugged… and had given an extra wireless earpiece to the VP, which clears all the athletes. The co-worker comes over and says “Your boyfriend’s here…” and Veronica gets a huge smile on her face… OK, I’m going to take a moment and ask you to tell me truthfully who you expected? If you were like me, I was expecting Logan… but
    then Veronica starts kissing… DUNCAN!!!

    Back at school, Duncan and Veronica are headed to a journalism class field trip. Logan comes up to them and he tells Veronica he’s going to miss her… which was very menacing. Flashback shows us the night Veronica breaks up with Logan. She tells him that she had been waiting, hoping for the guy that she’d liked to come back from the hard guy he’d become. Logan freaks out because he was holding onto her love as a lifeline… and starts throwing things about. Keith comes in and totally kicks his ass! I was so glad!!! So, here’s my take on Logan and my sister may not appreciate the observation. Aaron was a psycho… I think we all know that. His mother suicided and was obviously a depressed individual. Enter Logan… Descended from both and abused. I’m not saying that he couldn’t have surmounted it, but at the end, he chose not to…

    We switch to Logan coming up the Casablancas house. Kendall opens the door and a lot of suggestive comments are exchanged. She walks away to “look” for something and Logan enters and closes the door. Then she drops her robe and you can totally tell they’re having an affair!

    Steve Guttenberg is Woody Goodman, the manager of the Sharks, the baseball team the field trip was taking them to see. Apparently Woody is running for Neptune mayor and has just enrolled his daughter in public school. Said daughter then gives a speech, which I thought was totally odd, and they get to have refreshments. Dick comes up and tells Veronica and Duncan that his dad is sending his limo for them and they’re invited to coming. Duncan totally accepts
    and Veronica reluctantly agrees. But then Veronica ditches the limo to try and talk with Meg… who absolutely won’t forgive her.

    Flashback shows how Duncan and Veronica got together: He showed up every day at her work and they would talk and have fun. Then on her 18th birthday, he leaves a present for her at his table and walks away. She finds it and it’s a fortune cookie. I’m not sure if she opened it… I’m not sure if what the message said. All I do know is that she went after him and they started kissing.

    The bus stops at a gas station and they have five minutes. Just before she’s to get on the bus, she sees Lilly’s ghost and turns to follow it. There she sees Weevil, who totally lays into her, and she gives pretty good back. While they’re talking, the teacher asks if they’re all there. Meg sees Veronica talking to Weevil, but turns and smiles at the teacher and says they are.

    Weevil is convinced that Logan killed Felix and got away with it because he’s rich and white. While they’re arguing, the bus leaves… and so does Weevil. I was very disappointed in him because he would have offered her a ride before… but then he comes back around and does. I was so glad. As they’re riding, they come up at the scene of a crash and the bus had apparently plunged over a cliff. Duncan sees Veronica and pulls her in his arms because he’d been afraid she’d been on the bus. It’s apparent to me that they’re all dead.
  • Up until the very last 3 minutes the episode didn't impress me that much, until that crash. And bam, they did it again. Veronca is back with her very personal case, again lost friends and is again chellenged by her personal guilt. Normal is the watchword!

    At first I was very sceptical about this episode. I mean. I loved the first season, because it became better and better with each episode, with it's crazy and suprisingly fresh characters and especially the tide connections between all of them - even the side characters.

    But this one? Veronica working in a restaraunt trying to play normal. Seamed a bit artifical to me. I liked that it wasn't quiet clear who her present boyfriend is the time the episode takes place and that we get to see what happened during sommer break.

    But up until the very last 3 minutes the episode didn't impress me that much, until that crash. And bam, they did it again. Veronca is back with her very personal case, again lost friends and is again chellenged by her personal guilt feeling responsible for the crash. Normal is the watchword! Creative title and just nails this episode so well.
  • "Normal Is The Watchword" or is it?

    As Veronica states herself in this episode, “Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in.” Ok well, maybe not quite because in truth I could never been “out”. Not after a fantastic first season and a gripping finale that left me on the edge of my seat. “Normal Is The Watchword” and, at first, I had to agree. Although a season opener, it was just another typical episode of Veronica Mars, with another high school mystery to solve, or so I thought. But then right at the end, that all changed. That’s when I remembered, Veronica doesn’t do normal and Veronica doesn’t solve typical mysteries at a typical high school, this is Neptune and as Miss Mars puts herself, “This is Neptune, nothing happens accidentally”.

    A really great season opener that does all the things it should do. Ties up loose ends from the season before and gives us an episode that makes us hungry for the next. We find out what’s happened with Veronica and the residents of Neptune since the Lilly Kane murder was solved and, what was on every fan’s mind, who was at the door. I was pleased to see Logan, but bittersweet. I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be long before Veronica found herself back in Duncan’s arms. I can see why she’s there but I can’t help being more of a fan of her relationship with Logan.

    If things for Veronica were tough last year now that senior year has swung by it doesn’t look like things have changed, between Meg blaming her for her break-up with Duncan and Weevil not impressed with the fact she’s being back among the 09ners, it’s not going to be easy. But that only makes it all the more interesting to watch, to see how it will all unfold. The climatic scene at the end sets the tone for this season and I can’t wait to see what’s next. So then Veronica you say nothing is accidental, so what really happened? And as for Veronica herself? I don’t think she can do “normal”. I guess that’s why we like her.
  • I really liked it!!

    I think this has been one of the greatest start of a series season,I really liked so much
    It was very impressed as finished the premier season and I hope this one finish like last, hehehehe
    Kirstin Bell is really beauty!. I love her so much!, and she makes a good job
  • Absolutly Flawless. This was an awesome season premiere, and this show is going to make history!

    As if Veronica Mars needs to prove anything else after one of the most amazing seasons ever in television history!

    Truth is, a lot of people were wondering what would happen to the show after the big mistery is solved! Well the best way to deal with it... make two new misteries!

    I only now had the oppurtunity to watch this episode and the long hiatus made me love this one even more!

    Veronica is no longer working with her dad but she seems quite happy with her new job. Things have changed a lot and we have the oppurtunity to watch some really cool flashbacks of what happend in the summer in Neptune.

    Even tho she's back with the 09ers she is still far from love. The people she helped last season call her a traitor now, and Meg hates Veronica which ironnacly ends up saving Veronica's life.

    She's back with Duncan, and her relation with Wallace has developed a lot, which is very cool!

    As always the sense of humor has an amazing presence in the show, with all the sarcasm we know and love!

    "Veronica Mars you are my hero!"

    This show is the best thing currently on tv!
  • The episode that got me hooked!

    I missed the entire first season of VM, and I caught a little bit of the finale, "Leave it to Beaver" the week before, but wow, this episode is what totally got me hooked on the show, and made me buy the season one DVD. Now I know what I've been missing! It's an amazing show! This episode set the stage for this season's mystery and intertwining storylines. Loved all the juicy flashbacks. I also loved Charisma Carpenter's intro as Kendall Casablancas. The show was just so much fun to watch! And the the bus crash- HOLY CRAP! It was very surprising and I was intrigued. This show just takes an old concept and makes it new again! Loved every minute of this episode!
  • Lily's ghost? Yes or No?

    In the scence where Veronica is walking out of the gas statsion , she hears Lilys ghost say her name then see's Lily running leading Veronica towards Weevil. This has happen before. In the first season Veronica was at the Kanes house for a scholarship dinner. She saw Lily lead her out to where Lily was murder and had a short converstion with Veronica before Duncan came over.

    Ok? Are they going to make Lily's ghost appear some more? I like this. It's like Veronica has a guradian angel. I think that they should also make the ghost appear to other charcaters. I don't mean go all supernatural but they should make Logan have a dream with Lily. Make Lily have a converstion with Logan telling him about Veronica and Aron. That would be an intense espiode.

    I wouldn't do it to Duncan. He already is a little crazy.
  • I'm so disappointed it's actually painfull....

    I starting watching this show after it was recommended by a friend. I loved it from the first episode! Season one was amazing, plot characters writing, the show had it all.... How could I not look forward to season two? But this first episode defiantly leaves much to be desired....

    It started off strong enough.... Logan was revealed as the mysterious visitor at V's door, and I rejoiced. I was annoyed in season one that their relationship seemed so utterly doomed, and thought for a very brief few moments that I had been wrong and they would work it out in spite of his daddy being the one that killed Lilly and tried to kill Veronica as well.... Sadly, not so much. It is soon revealed that she actually dumps Logan for no apparent reason except weird girly dumbness and goes back to Duncan, the most boring and unentertaining guy on the whole show. Seriously, Veronica's all-bad and into everything and this is the man she goes for? If she had to dump Logan, at least she could have hooked up with Weevil who is beyond awesome, right?

    So beyond the love story aspect of this show, I was worried that solving the Lilly case would leave it without the big drama I'd come to know and love. However, the show ends with the big bus crash that definitely seems promising.... Hopefully some good changes will occur soon....
  • Great start to the second season of a great show.

    OK first off before i start getting into some of the things that were wrong with this episode i just want to say that i did absolutely love it and thought it was the perfect start to season 2.
    Now for my little nit-pick - the logan/veronica/duncan situation was handled far too quickly i wanted to see more of logan and veronica being a proper couple before they broke up again. The scene where veronica dumped him showed that he loves her just as much as he did last season even after all the times shes distrusted him and when he understandably got upset and started screaming and keith came running in doing the protective father bit she just sat there and let her dad basically attack logan for no reason.
    As for the end, WOW i was a little shocked by that even though i knew it was coming but at the moment i dont see what mystery can come out of that as at it just seems like a car crash im sure that wont be the case though, i think that the bus crash will be the big mystery like the murder was last season and the death of the biker boy will be the smaller mystery but that still lasts all season like the rape was.
    What i hope for the season is that logan and veronica get back together, logan isnt the the one who killed the biker (although i doubt he is), logan and weevil get a lot of screen time because they are the best characters and veronica doesnt become a proper 09er.
    Logan Rocks!
  • After last season, people were skeptical if this show could pull it off again, and this episode shows that they definetly can.

    This season came back great, it was mainly a flashback and it was packed with new information. Last season's question of who is at the door, it Logan. That's it, I will not synopsize like most of my reviews. This episode was great through because it answered questions, but still had an undertone of mystery. Like I said last season was great, but I can not wait to see how the bus accident turns out. This is one of the best shows, since my favorite show Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended. This set up the storyline for the season, and I can not wait to see more.
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