Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 22

Not Pictured

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 09, 2006 on UPN

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  • wonderful finale

    [spoilers] i just want to say when kyle gallner shouts "my name is cassidy" it is absolutely heartbreaking. great television. loved how this episode tied up the narrative threads. so titties how chris duncan's character ices aaron echolls and then calls his empoyer on the beach. solid.
  • A spectacular finale.

    This has been a wonderful season of Veronica Mars. Much like the first season, it has been building up to the big finale. This is one of those shows where a bad finale can ruin an entire season - much like with Lost.

    As opposed to season 1, the plot was really complicated and there were lots of sub storylines, so, I for one, was actually a little worried that the finale might flop. Add to the equation that this was originally meant to be the show finale!

    However the writers don't disappoint. This was an extremely epic, spectacular and memorable way to end the season.

    Right from the opening scene I got that 'finale' feeling that I love so much. The episode kicks off with a dream sequence, showing Veronica's perfect world. I really loved it. Lianne never left Neptune and Lily was alive. I found it interesting that Veronica was with Logan instead of Duncan... So much for the 4815162342 love stories never end note.

    Another interesting point was to find Wallace being a complete stranger to Veronica. Surely that's not something she wishes, rather, a consequence, which was interesting.

    The graduation was perfect. Wasn't dragged out and it was very to the point. Worthy of the build up. Lamb arresting Weevil infront of his grandmother was really cruel and added a nice touch of drama to the scene. I loved that Veronica, despite what she expected, got cheered by basically everyone. Afterall... she did help half of the school. Loved the brief goodbye of Clemmons, too.

    Honestly though, this scene was amazing. A conclusion to all of the little favors Veronica did for her high school.

    After this, the episode shifted onto a higher gear and it put the focus on the bus crash investigation, full throttle. Keith and Vinnie co operated to capture Woody who admits to have molested the children, but he claims he did not crash the bus.

    And so the big scene is prepared.... Veronica finds out who is reponsible for the crash.We've been given several clues, I can give you 2 very obvious ones from the top off my head:

    First of all, in Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang Cassidy asked Veronica to find out who Kendall is cheating with. After that, we were shown how smart Cassidy really is. He made his own firm, aquaired many many propertis and literally grew an extremely succesful business. How can someone that smart not find out himself what's going on with his stepmother?

    Also, it was clear since 'A Trip to the Dentist' that he is rather shy when it comes to sex. However even during his relationship with Mac, he simply refused to have any sort of sexual interaction. Then we find out, that, Veronica has chlamydia. The only people she had sex with were Logan and Duncan and they are obviously clean. So yes, Cassidy did rape poor Veronica at the party.

    Now I'm unsure if Kyle Gallner was told that he was going to be the villain at the start of the season but he did a wonderful in this episode as the twisted Beaver. And so did Kristen Bell. The rooftop scene, where she confronted Cassidy is one of my favorite TV scenes ever. Amazing acting performances on both sides and great dialouge. Loved the flashbacks showing how Cassidy was covering his tracks. After all, the writers did one hell of a job. Most of the little clues we got during the season fell into place and rewatching earlier episodes now is a complete new experience.

    Logan's comment about his and Veronica's relationship being epic was so true at that time, but after this episode, it's even more true. Logan, once again saves Veronica, after being shot at. I really thought Veronica would shoot Cassidy but I was glad she didn't. That's just really not her. Cassidy jumping off the roof was... well, it had to happen. He had to die, one way or another.

    Speaking of which.. Aaron Echolls. He had two brilliant scenes. One with Veronica where he finally takes off his innocent puppy mask and confronts her with Lily's death and one with Logan. I loved both of these scenes,very well done.

    And while I would've watched more Aaron, even in the 3rd season, much like Cassidy's death, his had to happen too. Clarence Wiedman, as ordered by Duncan from Australia, head shots Mr. Echolls. It was a really ironic scene, I loved it. Quiet, quick, efficient. No need for another huge fight scene like what we had at the end of season 1. Moving on...many people disliked Jackie's character, I was not one of them. I thought she was a great addition to the show. And her conclusion was just fantastic. I really did not see any of it coming, and I did end up feeling sorry for her.

    Loved the mirror scenes at the end; Logan taking care of Veronica, just like Veronica took care of Logan at the premiere. Keith being alive was not really surprising, I mean, the show would be much less without him. But I loved the reunion scene, very emotional.

    I would say that Veronica and Logan kissing should've been the ending, because the 3 minutes following that was a very weak excuse of a cliff hanger. Kendall asking Keith to do something which makes him leave Veronica alone at the airport is a good weekly cliffhanger but rather weak for a season cliffhanger. Though, given that this was meant to be the show finale as CW wasn't sure weather to pick up VM or not, I'm willing to forgive that, so, this episode, gets a PERFECT score, a ten out of ten.

    Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas, and of course everyone else did an amazing job with this season of the show. Respect!
  • (Don't)leave it to Beaver. Extremely long review, but hopefully it's worth a read.

    First of all, a little recap.

    Veronica Mars season 1 - Rob Thomas thought of a character called Veronica Mars. He thought he'd use this character to write a book, but then, his plans changed and decided to create a TV show of it. He wanted to get it picked up by a cable TV, but nobody wanted it. So, he went to network TV - nobody really wanted it. Except UPN. UPN, USA's smallest network TV with basically zero successful shows decided to pick up Veronica Mars.

    Of course, Rob Thomas couldn't do his original concept. A network TV show has to be lighter, and longer. So the first season became 22 episodes long and not as noir as he thought it'd be. The pilot commentary is very revealing, I recommend it. Aaanyways, Season 1 was epic. It definitely did feel like a book - every little detail in the big picture made sense and the characters were extremely well defined. You see, the only thing was that to make those 22 episodes, RT had to make up some episodic content was a bit weak from time to time. Still, for the most, they were good. And even if they weren't, Veronica and the season arc saved the episode.

    Then came season 2 which was never really planned, so it was a "regular" Tv season. Which meant, RT and co could prepare more. And boy, they did.

    Rob Thomas and co obviously realized that to make the show even better they would have to somehow make the episodic stories a little more related to the overall storyline. And so they did. By crashing a bus full of students and not resolving a series defining cliffhanger from the last season(Rich boys vs poor boys - basically the bridge confrontation represents that) the writers made it damn sure that for almost each episode Veronica would have a case that is at least a little related to the big picture.

    But even when it wasn't, for a few episodes in the middle of the season, the writers managed to make it extremely fun and entertaning by making them creative(as usual, no surprises here) BUT, by also making the characters and their relationships a little more complicated this season.

    Yes, the first season had amazing characters and interactions. Veronica - my favourite from the first moment. Logan - amazing guy with a very complicated life. Logan + Veronica = best love story on motion picture. But in the 2nd season the writers gave some other characters a little more depth and developed the already well developed even further.

    I still consider the season 2 premier to be on of my favourite. The twist that we were led to believe that Veronica was with Logan was amazing. And then she hooks up with Duncan, which wouldn't have been so amazing if I was told before the episode, but damn, the writers made it play out in a way that it felt just right.

    Adding Meg to the equation along with Duncan's guilt and eventually - a baby - was genius too. And then making him leave the show was probably the best "twist" yet, if you can call that that. It was an amazing plot development that I think nobody really counted on. How often does this happen? A main character, a main love interest, leaves the show in peace, after only one and a half season. Giving Wallace a love interest and some family trouble did help alot too. See, in season 1 he was mostly an addition to Veronica but by the end of season 2 he was very well on his own. Jackie's character was very satisfying and had a very nice development during the season with a rather shocking conclusion, but I'll get to that soon.

    Weevil(or should I just call him Eli?) became much more human this season too. The first season he was this badass gang leader with a little love interest. But really, that was it. Sure, he was cool, but on his own, he wasn't worth too much. But in this season - his desperation to find the killer who murdered his friend which eventually led him to be kicked out of his own gang really gave his character a huge amount of depth. Once again: It was all about Veronica and without her, the show wouldn't have worked.

    And well, I could go on forever. But what I'm trying to say is that this season developed and "stressed" our beloved characters much more than the first season. Also loved the new characters, you just couldn't guess who's good and who's bad.

    Now, the first season's storyline was, basically a simple WHODUNIT. Lilly Kane is dead, but why, and who killed her? Surely,it did appear to be more complicated than that, but it was nothing compared to the bus crash.

    The writers had the opportunity to really set up almost everyone as the one who caused the accident which really gave the season an edge. And while it wasn't as personal to Veronica as her girlfriends' death, it did affect her greatly - and more importantly - the people around her.

    ************And so, onto the episode . . . . .

    The writers really set themselves up in a corner. They built up the momentum since the 2nd season premiere, and with the previous episode, they also decided to bring back season 1's storyline and conclude it once and for all - in one episode.

    NOTE: This episode was meant to be the series finale at first, as it was very uncertain weather CW would pick up Veronica Mars. So yes, we can say it's extremely overwhelming.

    Extremely overwhelming, but in a good way. If you paid attention you should have no trouble following the plot, however if you blinked in the wrong moment, well, you'll have a hard time.

    The episode opens with an amazing dream sequence. A small "What-if"... What if Lily was alive? What if Lianne never left Neptune and become an alcoholic? I found it very interesting, especially two things.

    - Wallace. So Veronica would officially have been an 09'er. Interesting. So in a way, there's something good about Lily's death, right? In a twisted way, of course. - Veronica's silliness. Logan and Duncan played her for a fool claiming that Wallace lost 4 fingers. This isn't a big thing but then if you notice how she talks to Wallace, it's obvious it's not the same smart and sassy Veronica. - Veronica being with Logan. So in her dream which is a mixature of a what-if and a "perfect world" scenario, she chose Logan over Duncan. This once and for all proves that she has always loved Logan more than Duncan.

    The episode continues with the graduation. Fantastic. Loved every moment and I love that in Veronica Mars scenes that could end up being sappy, well, aren't sappy. The only thing that I thought was a bit too cruel was Eli being taken away by Lamb before her grandmother could see him graduate. That was a really sad moment. Loved the brief exchange between Clemmons and Veronica - we're gonna miss the damn principal, won't we? You know, I was as surprised as Veronica. She got some serious applaud... but of course, she deserved it. Over these 2 seasons she helped more people than... well, I don't know, but she helped alot. Surely she made enemies, but as a proof - she made lots of friends too. Loved this really nice contrast with the pilot episode where everyone hated her.

    Keith gives Veronica a trip to New York as a present, not a pony... :) but what you know. Anyway, I loved that exchange. Keith after wards gets off to capture Woody with Vinnie's help. By the way, how awesome was the directing when Keith met with Vinnie? You figured they are talking face to face, but Vinnie was locked up for breaking into Woody's place... The capture goes easy and that can only mean one thing: He didn't blow up the bus. He surely did molest children and do some horrible things, but he didn't crash the bus. Who then? At this point, I was literally at the edge of my seat hoping that it won't be one of my favourites.

    Veronica then makes a shocking discovery. Someone is not pictured on Woody's team picture. But who...?

    Cassidy Casablancas.


    ^My exact reaction. Remember 2 episodes ago Veronica was tested for STD? Well, that wasn't a random storyline. She got it from Beaver. He raped her! This was, at the very least, shocking and adds even more depth to the stellar episode that "A Trip to the Dentist" was.

    The rooftop scene was hands down the best scene of the episode. Cassidy confronts Veronica and here we some see some amazing performances on Kyle Gallner's part, and some oscar worthy on Kristen Bell's, now seriously, what the hell. AMAZING.

    Cassidy tells Veronica everything - how he planned it all out, and why, through flashbacks. And it really made sense. Everything. That rarely happens with a TV show, but with Veronica Mars, they managed to make it perfectly fit, once again. So - Cassidy placed the bomb in Woody's car and now he also rigged up his plane - the same plane Keith is coming home on. He blows it up. Wow. Veronica's reaction was very real and impressive. And then Cassidy tazering her was really sad, I felt really sad for her, luckily godsend Logan came to the rescue. and MY FAVOURITE part :

    "Put the gun down Veronica, you're not a killer"

    He killed my father! HE RAPED ME!

    !!!! best delivery ever !!!! I was blown away, really. Then Cassidy jumps off because there really is no reason for him to live. The odd placement of a joke was rather hilarious

    Logan: Don't do it Beaver!
    Cassidy: My name is... CASSIDY!

    Another thing I Loved about this episode was the two scenes Aaron had with Logan and then Veronica. Especially the one with Veronica. Really creepy. Cassidy might have done horrible things but I still consider Aaron to be the ultimate villain of the show. Mac is found naked as Cassidy took all of her clothes to keep her steady. The scene where Veronica finds her was rather sad, as it was clear how embarassed she was. After the rooftop mayhem, Jackie and Wallace gets a wrap up. Loved it. Loved the revelation about Jackie: She was never a model or anything, she was never accepted to the university in Paris: She's just a brooklyn waitress who has a 2 year old kid. Even though Wallace is willing to live with this(aww) Jackie - rightfully - sends him back to Neptune.

    Now in the previous episode Veronica didn't stay to complete her test so this means that she's most likely heading to Hearst just like Wallace... and probably Logan? Nice.

    Anyway, at this point Veronica believes her father is dead .Once again a dream sequence, well a flashback - a nice memory of Veronica's childhood. Aww. Touching. Veronica's and Keith's relationship is just so strong and natural. Loved the way how the scene with Veronica taking care of Logan in the season 2 premiere was mirrored and in this episode Logan took care of Veronica. Meanwhile Aaron Echolls is killed off right after he tasted his precious freedom - Clarence Wiedman took care of him following Duncan's orders. Brilliant. It had to happen, and this was one of the best ways for it to. Some say that it sucked because he didn't get to suffer. But guys and girls - he's dead! He's not getting any more enjoyment of the life he enjoyed living so much. Now killing off Keith would've been a little too much, so he lives, he took the road instead of the plane. Loved the reunion. Now this would've been a perfect conclusion(along with the scene Logan and Veronica kissing - finally...!!) But the writers decided to throw in a cliffhanger, which is really the only weaker part of this breathetaking TV expierence. So basically Kendall has something so important for Keith that makes him miss the appointment with Veronica at the airport. While it's definitely intriguign, it's not really a sinister issue. It's like - a weak link between episodes, rather than a dun dun dun cliffhanger. Last season had a mild cliffhanger but at least it was related to Veronica, and well, it was a good one.

    Surely though, one major reason there wasn't a big cliffhanger is because the show was likely to be cancelled, so I'll let this one slip.

    While the first season left us several storylines to follow up, this one didn't. With our beloved characters leaving to university next year, the show is undergoing a huge change - or a reboot, if you will. A reboot, which means, new and fresh storylines - new and fresh enviorments, and possibly, new and fresh characters. But that's a season 3 discussion. As far as the first two seasons of Veronica Mars is concerned: one of the best planned television show, ever. Surely the first season got a nice conclusion at it's end but it was really the second season that tied everything up, and oh boy, it was a killer ride. Comparing the first 2 seasons is hard, and I would hate to say which one is better. As I said above season 2 had better supporting characters and better constructed plot. But season 1 was probably a little more unique and, because it was first, shocking with it's really weird mixature of crime drama and teenager drama in a noir setting.

    I recommended this show to everyone I know and I'm so happy that the feedback is so positive. This show is a --


    Special thanks to:

    Rob Thomas(for creating this wonderful show)
    Kristen Bell(for playing the most awesome character ever)
  • OH. MY. GOD. and I thought that I loved last season's finale! There were so many things about this episode that I loved, I had to watch it a couple times to really see all the details (thank you tivo)

    Let's start with the teaser, coming in exactly where the last episode (Happy Go Lucky) left off. My first thought was "Why has someone jumped out of the crowd and assinated him yet?" Then I remembered them saying that they found Aaron's oscar statue with Duncan's hair on it... and remembered Kendal's lurking in Donut's bathroom. I always wondered why she was stealing his hair, I just didn't put it all together until this episode. And Keith telling Veronica not to obsess about it? Where do you think she gets it?
    Then let's flash forward to her dream-sequence in this episode... what graduation would've been like had Lilly never been murdered. Veronica may not have been as shallow as Cordelia Chase, but she definately wasn't deep. Her mom was home and happy with her dad, the sherrif, while Deputy Lamb had crime-fighting dog duty at the local elementary schools. Veronica was still really girlie, probably still a cheerleader and dating Logan anyway. Duncan was still there (and probably still thought Veronica was his sister) and Logan and Duncan were friends along with Dick, who seemed to be friends with Veronica too. Veronica was trusting, and according to Logan "the most gullible girl he knew". Veronica and Wallace were never friends (**tear**), which makes me wonder... who cut him down from the flag pole? I assume that Wallace never became the star basketball player of Neptune High in this alternate reality, because cheerleader Veronica would have noticed... right? And Lilly was there, Lilly who was already in college (being a year older than the rest of the gang), going to Vassar and cheating on her boyfriend with *his* ex. I want to say that it's sad that it didn't turn out like this for Veronica (and Logan, because he probably had both of his parents and his dad wasn't a murderer, just a perv! and Duncan, because his sister was alive, he didn't have a baby, and he didn't to kidnap said baby and run away to Australia)
    Let's flash forward past all the middle of Veronica graduating (she totally deserved the standing O, she may not have been the most popular girl in school, but she helped everyone when they needed it); past Weevil getting arrested for Thumper's murder (he didn't kill Thumper though, just set him up. They can't pin murder on him... hopefully); Keith and Vinnie hooking up [professionally] and catching Mr. Goodwood, I mean, Mr. Goodman (Mr. Underhill? Someone watches too many movies! And he's a pilot, and didn't get out of the country? Why he didn't book-it to Mexico ala-Duncan or Canada before heading off somewhere else is beyond me.)! Let's fastforward past all that, even though it was all awesome.
    Now on to the ending where *Beaver is the killer*! What? I really didn't expect that. I mean REALLY didn't expect it. I thought that Beaver, I mean Cassidy, was this sweet kid brother of high school jerk Dick (who I thought was the only other person more unlikely than Cassidy, considering his great stupidity). Looking back on the season (and the last couple eps of last season) and you can really see just how much he set up and orchestrated. Becer seemed so sweet, so trustworthy... and poor Mac, who was in love with him, and finally got him into the sack, only to be abandoned with nothing but a showercurtain. Creep!
    Then there was the scene on the rooftop, with Beaver pointing a gun at Veronica as she tells him all she knows (he blewup the bus/sent it over the cliff; he set up Curly & wrote her name on his hand to give the bus case a different direction; and Veronica's clymedia? aftermath of Beaver being molested by Woody and then raping an unconscious Veronica at Shelly Pomroy's party)! Then he blew up Woody's plane, and presumably her father, before tasing her with her own taser as she lay the ground crying. Good thing Logan got that message from distressed Veronica in time. Logan the hero, saving Veronica from a bullet and then talking her out of killing Beaver for all that he has done to her and for the bus. I started crying myself when she yelled that he killed her father, was responsible for the bus crash and he raped her. Then he jumped off the side of the building.
    The season ends with Logan an orphan (his father shot by Clarence Weidman, hired by Duncan) and back together with Veronica. Kendal shows up and offers something in a breifcase to Keith, causing him to stand up his poor daughter at the airport, where they're supposed to meet to go to NYC... I can't wait for next season!
  • If you think this was a great finale, you're crazier than Beaver.

    No. Just no.

    I think the bigger reveal than the killer was the reveal that Rob Thomas set up so many potential killers that it became easy for him to pick anyone and he chose Beaver because "oooh, shocking."

    Even if you could buy Beaver blew up the bus, you then have to accept that Beaver is the most evil and diabolical kid ever. He killed the stunt guy, made it look like Aaron Echolls was responsible for the whole thing, but wait, there's more! Beaver was also a rapist! He raped Veronica so there's a non-mystery solved. And to top it off, he was somehow able to rig the Mayor's plane with explosives and have no one notice. Why not just make him responsible for Hurricane Katrina, September 11th, and the War in Iraq. Oh, and he's the one who killed Natalie Holloway.

    Boy, I can't wait till next season when Mac and Veronica are cracking jokes about this whole thing.

    Veronica: Logan's gone all Bush-National-Guard on me.
    Mac: Well at least he wasn't a psycho killer.


    And Weevil getting arrested in the middle of graduation? Well that's a bummer but let us never speak of it again.

    Yes, the episode had its moments: the long shot of Beaver jumping to his death was particularly effective and I liked that Duncan finished off Aaron, but this show just isn't worth my time anymore.

    I might come back for season three, but I don't know if the summer can wash away this terrible aftertaste.
  • how to sum this ep up ... well you find out all you need to know for this series n much more theres romance without making it obvious n standing up whats ryt n justice i just loved it :)

    hey everyone who watches the series veronica mars would know how good the writers must be with all the quircky ness n wittyness of veronica mars andf the show but for me the best ep eva would be this one . This episode is my favourite because it really surprised me in a good way and who woulda thought it was (you know who)the person it was(dont want to spiol it for you) n there was real emotion in it n it tyd the series up nice well done to the writers. you must see this one cant wait for more :) shooting star 31 :)
  • OMG!!!

    Wow that was a great episode! I love Veronica! She is so smart and just amazing! The whole Veronica and Logan thing I was waiting to happen again.
    But Beaver? That was a shock when I figured it out! And the plane! I totally thought her Dad was dead for a second. What a great episode and a great show. I cant wait till the last season! Pitty it is the last season tough! Poor Mac though, she thought she was in love with Beaver. I think she was till she figured out who he really was. That must of been so sad for her. And Wallace, that was sad too, but he needed to know! Great show and a great episode!!!!!
  • Justice.

    After discovering the true perpetrator of the bus crash, Veronica is desperate to warn others before it's too late. However, she inadvertently puts herself and her loved ones at risk in the process. Meanwhile, Keith tracks down Woody in hiding, Wallace leaves for Paris to be with Jackie, and Weevil again runs into trouble with the law.

    Cassidy is the one who sent the bus over the cliff to kill everyone. Didn't see that one coming from a mile away. I was also distracted by the thought that the one boy's picture in the yearbook about 10 episodes ago was "Not Pictured". Veronica kind of put all of that together quick about Cassidy being the killer. I mean it seems like one of those things that she would have been a little more like "Interesting" about as oppose to "Stone Cold Killer". Either way - the rooftop scene with Cassidy / Veronica / Logan was really well done and we learn that Cassidy also raped Veronica in the flashback we saw from season one. This finale was full of all kinds of answers.

    Aaron dies thanks to Duncan getting our good old Kane Security guard friend back. I had actually forgotten about him it had been so long. Wallace and Jackie say goodbye at JFK airport, which was expected.

    Will the love between Veronica and Logan last just one more time? Likely not, but I sure hope it does. At least give me a portion of season three with them together anyway. They are too perfect together not to end up with one another!

    Overall - I thought everything wrapped up nicely and it was a very good conclusion to the season. The dream at the beginning wasn't needed I didn't think. It basically showed an altered future where Veronica's mom doesn't go away, Lily doesn't die, Veronica is not friends with Wallace, etc. I didn't think it helped her character. Was that the way everything was supposed to be? Was Veronica not supposed to turn out the way she did now? That's the only portion of the finale I didn't like. Otherwise - Amazing.
  • ii loved this season finale so much, it was so utterly, fantasically, absolutely fantasic!

    ii was on the edge of my seat, the tissues in one hand, the remote control in the other, ice cream on floor, ii cant believe he raped her! i was so shocked! i felt so bad for Mac since she really liked Beaver, and didnt we ALL like beaver, he was so nice and funny...and psycotic! it was a horrible moment when her dad "died" i screamed a little when i saw that bit, really well done, and exactly why this is my favourite show in the world, they should either have a season four or a movie...then i'd be happy. never change VM thats half the reason i watch the show.
  • wow

    I didn't expect anything less than a perfect season finale and that's what we got. You just gotta love Veronica - she's so tough and smart, but sometimes you see that she has this soft side and she's so vulnerable.
    Just like the first season finale, this one was a huge shock and absolutely not to be expected. Come on - Cassiday???? I never would have thought, but it makes an awful lot of sense. With Veronica's STD and everything.
    Also: Aaron got what he deserved after all! But I was kinda shocked that Duncan would do this. But still, it's great.
    I also couldn't be happier about Logan and Veronica! And that ending for Jackie and Wallace was well thought through.
  • One word sums up this episode best... WOW. How the season closes is epical, as you will truly see who Veronica's friends are, and how the entire second and even much of first season's storyline are resolved.

    I was extremely excited for this episode, and after viewing it, it was even better than expected. I thought I knew exactly who blew up the bus, and I felt like I knew it all along, and it was even reinforced in the prior episode, and then Rob Thomas threw the ultimate curveball, surprising me majorly. The first half hour of the episode really gets you in, seeing graduation, and seeing many of the characters you've come to love like Weevil, and the second half is seeing Kristen Bell put on her best performance, and the seeing the dark side of the main "bad guy" of season 2. At times it seems a little bit of a push, but the scenes and the acting way then makes up for that. This was my favorite episode of Veronica Mars period, and possibly one of the five best tv episodes of all time. You need to watch this show, and get to this episode, and you'll see why I am in love with the show Veronica Mars.
  • It's revealed in this episode, who crashed the bus and also who raped Veronica.

    The bus crash & who raped V?:
    After a whole season of different answers and solutions to the whole bus crash-mystery, the definite answer is revealed. It was Beaver. Beaver was on Woody's little league team. Beaver was the third kid on the tape. Beaver got molested of Woody Goodman. The other two kids wanted to out Woody, Beaver couldn't live with that shame so he crashed the bus.

    Also Woody had chlamydia, and so does V - connection? Beaver raped V, V got STD. Eventually Beaver commited suicide on the top of the Neptune Grand. Kharma.

    This episode must be one of Kristen's best acted episode -ever. I love the flashbacks. I love V's "A Pony??!". I also love the LoVe dynamic. I love this episode.
    I love Veronica Mars!
  • WOW!

    This was the best season finale ever! It had suspense, drama, intrigue, and everything it needed to have. Veronica is graduating from high school and she realizes everybody doesn't hate her as much as she thought. After the ceremony Keith leaves to go find Woody Goodman and Veronica goes to an end of the year party. She figures out who started the bus crash and goes to tell Mac. she thinks Mac told her to meet her on the roof, but in fact it was Cassidy(Beaver). he went up there to kill Veronica because she knew he made the bus crash. While up there she learns that it was him who raped her and he leads her to believe that he killed her dad. Logan goes up to the roof and saves Veronica and Cassidy jumps off the building. We find out later that Keith is alive and Logan and Veroncia are back together. It was an amzing episode and it has to be one of teh very best season finales ever.
  • Conclusion to the bus crash arc, better than Leave it to Beaver.

    Despite the fact that this season had its convoluted moments it is still very good; while last seasons story arc dealt specifically with Lily Kane's murder, season two saw the politically/socially destructive nature of life in Neptune. I enjoyed that aspect a lot more... this finale was a testament to how good this season actually was.

    Having Beaver be the psychotic abused guy was a stroke of genius and even though not everything about this season hung together quite as well as it should, it was certainly a more advanced story arc than the murder in the previous season. The events of 'Not Pictured' were unnerving; the revelations in this episode give the whole season a new kind of darkness and manipulation. I liked the unsettling nature of how this season ended, which added to the building noir that occurred as the story built momentum.
    The delivery of the line, 'my name is 'Cassidy!' was terribly sad. For anyone who didn't think Beavers motivations made sense, I'm not sure what they wanted. Abuse is a terrible thing and its been suggested on several occasions over the season. Beaver was continually emasculated; by his brother, by PCHers, by being impotent, by being abused etc. I can understand his wanting to keep this abuse a secret at all costs, because it would only further humiliate him. While he chose to cover his tracks in a complicated way, one should remember that he was built up as a character of high intelligence; perhaps even more so than Veronica thus he believed he would get away with it. I thought it was poignant and sad ending to a boy who just wanted to be loved and respected. Also the rape revelation was surprising, and it seems as though no ones account of what happened that night can really be trusted. I loved the dream sequence and at the time of watching it, I honestly did not expect Veronica to pick Logan; so I guess this ‘perfect-day’ dream shows us who was really in her heart. The fact is she wanted Logan MORE.

    I appreciated Leave it to Beaver as the conclusion but it never kicked me in the gut the way Not Pictured did. The fact is I liked Aaron a bit but it completely made sense when he was revealed as Lily’s killer, since it was like 'oh... yeah he's a psycho. That makes sense!' Yet Not Pictured was different, it was so raw and visceral that I was in shock for some time. The abuse Beaver went through was tragic, and while some things were far fetched VM is not our universe and I understood the reasoning behind crashing that bus. He was continually emasculated, by his brother, by his father, by everyone around him. To have the world find out that he was abused would only give him further ridicule. His brother gave him the nickname Beaver which refers to something I shouldn't have to tell you, and Cassidy means 'clever' thus by giving him that female related nickname they were denying him his name, his intelligence. So Beav took measures to clean up after himself, and was probably far too intelligent for his own good. The fact is most murderers are highly intelligent people and therefore think they smart enough to get away with it. The same is true here. Beaver believed he was infallible to a degree and even carried on punishing the people around him who had wronged him like his father - he steered Veronica in wrong direction at first because he knew she would uncover corruption he just needed a reason for her to investigate. Man the bus crash, to kill two people that ended up taking around another 8 with them... it was so freaking twisted and noir, I do love it. But in regard to season one they executed that with pure brilliance, which is where season two was a let down. The consistent plotting just wasn't there, but that didn't stop it from being a completely gritty, dark season.

    In season one I felt sympathy for the victim, whereas in season two I felt sympathy for the killer. That's grey and twisted and I do believe that despite everything, Veronica could never really hate Beaver. Which is why I think it was easier for her to blame Madison for spiking her drink that led to her rape. It was easier to hate someone whom she didn't also see to be a victim. And no matter how ''arch'' Beaver came off in the roof top scene I think by the time he screamed ''my name is Cassidy'' all that was left was a scared little boy. He was in way over his head, and consequently all the evil he had committed left him with nothing and he realised that - if you watch his face while Veronica screams how he raped her its a turn from moustache twisting evil to genuine distress and realization.

  • How well do you know your friends?

    How well do you know your friends? This episode is the season finale of Veronica Mars Season 2. Now, at the end of the Lilly Kane murder trial. She is outted as having a sexually tranmitted disease at court and so much was riding on the rape tape of Lilly and Aaron. But When Logan destoyed it they didnt have the case so.. the defense pretty much destroyed them. and Aaron Echolls was set free on all charges, rape and murder. Untill the is he is murdered by the head of security of Kane Enterprises the compony which Lilly's father owns. Veronica discovers who actually did the murdering of the 8 kids on the bus and why. Its was because two of the kids were going to say that they had been molested by the mayor and they were coming out with it... but it didnt workd wiht the plan that Beaver a.k.a. Cassidy Casablancas. and when he blows up the plan that Veronica's father was supposed to be on she freaked out on him. and he plummeted to his death... by jumping off a rooftop.
  • Say Cheese

    The amount of storylines and ground covered in this episode are rather mind-blowing, as we open with Woody Goodman still on the lam, now that it's been revealed that he was a paedophile. Keith and Veronica believe that Woody is also responsible for the bus crash, Keith ends up working with Vinnie Van Lowe to find Woody, as Veronica prepares for her high school graduation. Other plotlines still to be concluded include Weevil's involvement in Thumper's death; the recent reunion of Mac and Beaver; Wallace's reaction to discovering Jackie has moved to Paris; not to mention the fact that Aaron Echolls has just been found innocent of Lilly's murder, despite being guilty.

    An early sequence offers an fascinating, "What if?" scenario, as Veronica dreams about what her graduation day could have been like, complete with her mother and Lilly still a part of her cheerful life, and interestingly she is in a relationship with Logan even though Duncan is still on the scene.

    Most of the major mysteries established this season are given a rewarding and proper conclusion. As things get very tense and scary for Veronica I found myself holding my breath more than once. The ultimate termination to the bus crash storyline works very well and doesn't feel like a cheat in the least. The rooftop confrontation with Cassidy is brilliant and Kyle Gallner does well at the complex task of showing very different aspects of their character's persona.

    The final scenes do a very nice job of closing the high school chapter of the Veronica Mars story, while also leaving plenty of questions about the future of some characters in particular. There is a cliffhanger of sorts, but it is more of a low key one that will raise some, "Wait… what?" questions than the, "Who's at the door?" final scene last year ended with. As always, Kristen Bell and Enrico Colantoni are superb, with Bell especially having to go through a rather stunning amount of emotional transitions, all of which she does stunningly.

    Bring on season three.
  • the season 2 finale.

    I really liked and enjoyed watching this episode. I am happy that we finally found out who cause the bus crash and I was not excepting it to be Beaver. I thought that it was going to be Woody who caused the crash. It was really sad to see Weevil getting srrested at graduation. They should have let him graduate before they arrested him. I was really sad to see the plane blow up because I thought that Keith was on it. I was glad to see Logan come to Veronica's rescue and be there for her when she needed it. I was really happy that Keith was not on the plane but mad that he did not show up at the airport but I can understand why he did not show. I was really happy to see that Aaron got excatly what he deserved but i was dissappointed that Duncan was the one to set up the hit. I was happy to see that Duncan and Lily were doing fine.
  • After discovering the true perpetrator of the bus crash, Veronica is desperate to warn others before it's too late. She inadvertently puts herself and her loved ones at risk in the process.

    After discovering the true perpetrator of the bus crash, Veronica is desperate to warn others before it's too late. However, she inadvertently puts herself and her loved ones at risk in the process.
    Meanwhile, Keith tracks down Woody in hiding, Wallace leaves for Paris to be with Jackie, and Weevil again runs into trouble with the law. Veronica: Why are you here? Logan: Yeah, I didn't know you could come out during daylight hours. Kendall: I have a business proposition for your father. Veronica: Okay, but I'm warning you: he doesn't carry much cash. wow didn't see casiddy being the killer..another wow!!
  • ...

    After a season that has had it's ups and lows, I really did enjoy this finale. I would say it's the best episode of a fairly slow season, and more resolving than the season one's finale.

    The whole scene on the roof was very well done, though surely Veronica isn't that stupid to accept that the text asking to meet her in a secluded place was from Mac! However, I enjoyed her confrontation of Cassidy - it was all very intense and emotional. Still, I find it hard to believe both the party date-rape scenario and the earlier flashback of Veronica and Duncan at the same time...the two cannot surely work together!

    Much as I didn't expect to be saying this, it was also nice seeing Veronica and Logan back together...they did seem to work in that moment, mostly because Logan was playing the more mature version of his character. I didn't think Veronica's response to her dad's apparent death was very believable though.

    It was also nice to see Jackie and Wallace reunuited. Though again, I'm finding this new personality a little dubious...a small child left at home? Hmmm...I guess I'll have to wait and see if Jackie appears in season 3, if not, none of this really matters.

    The actual ending was a bit dull...after such a great episode, surely they could have found something better than Veronica waiting alone in an airport??!!
  • A CRAP season, no where near the first, however, a great finale is the deciding factor on whether I should continue watching this show and this was a great finale.

    One positive about Veronica Mars is the lead, Kristen Bell, she IS the show.
    I also think her father is a great asset to the show but this season was awful, I nearly gave up but I thought I'd at least watch the finale and then give up on it (I live in the UK so just saw the finale). I knew they'd pack it in for the finale and pull out all the stops and they did. I don't think the finale beats season 1 finale but it still was exciting and shocking, which is what Veronica Mars used to be.
    I'll check out the 3rd season when it makes it's way to the UK, but will decide from the season opener if I want to continue to ride with Ms Veronica Mars.
  • I was totally shocked when the culprit was revealed! I didn\\\'t see it coming at all!

    We finally got to find out that Cassidy Beaver blew up the bus because he didn\\\'t want everyone to know he used to get sexually abused. The scenes on top of the hotel had me sitting watching the screen unable to blink. Cassidy blows up the plane Keith mars is meant to be on then threatens to kill veronica with a gun when Logan bursts in and saves the day, then Veronica trys to shoot cassidy but logan stops her and cassidy kills himself i really thought he had killed Keith but luckily he never got on the plane. I\\\'m so glad veronica and logan got back together but will it last? Poor Mac aswell can you believe he stole her clothes? The question what leaves us wondering is what is so important to Kendall that stops Keith going on holiday with Veronica?
  • Another great season finale with totally unexpected twists. Wonderful!

    I loved last season's finale and this one is just as good. I was totally surprised by the revelation of the killer and rapist. I was totally surprised by all the little twists as well. The great thing is that the revelations all make sense. What a tragic villain.

    My only problem is that I still totally dislike Logan, which is a problem because it seems like he's going to be a fixture. The only explanation for his continuing presence is that apparently Veronica really, really likes the bad boys. He is one messed up puppy.

    I'm just hoping and hoping now that the next season is just as great.
  • beaver really did rape her and caused the bus crash,who could of known?

    well what can i say, the big who done it is finally out. Now who would of guessed that it was cassidy/beaver? I'm glad that they caught woody, he was such a pervert. The whole scene on the roof was brilliant although i kind of guessed that keith wasn't on the plane, because veronica mars just wouldn't be the same with out the interactions between him and veronica. Cassidy really showed his evil side!! And Logan coming to her rescue, awwwwwwww i was gripped! Poor Mac, I hope we get to see a lot more of her in the next season she has been great this season!!!
    All in all, this was a great season finale that matches up totally with last seasons finale!! Bring on Season 3!!!
  • I fell in love with the VM series last month. Watched them all in 30 days. But, THIS episode was very disappointing.

    Three main things bothered me.

    1) Veronica should have known better than to leave a text message stating that Beaver was the killer. She acted like he was likely to strike again at any moment. But, there was no danger of that. She should have waited.

    2) I can accept that Beaver was the killer, but not a cold-blooded one. He did what he did out of desperation, not because he enjoyed killing. So, what was up with the Jeckyl and Hyde transformation. The secret\'s out, so now he\'s a crazy madman? Willing to kill anyone and everyone who gets in his way? I don\'t buy it. He could MAYBE have rationalized it once, plus the cover and frame-ups. And, I can see him maybe realizing he\'d have to kill again to protect his secret. BUT, it would have been a reluctant effort, the sociopath he showed.

    3) I can\'t buy Veronica going back to Eckles as a boyfriend after all she saw him do. It was barely believable the first time they got together, but after seeing the violence and seeing him with Kendall. No way.

    Well, I\'m still looking forward to Season 3. I hope it gets back to what made the first season great. Second season was mostly good (other than this conclusion).
  • Best episode of the season in my opinion, can't wait for season three

    Oh My God! This is probably the best episode of VM I've seen it was so shocking who would have thought that little beaver or should I say 'CASSIDY' lol was behind the bus crash and Veronicas rape the whole time I always thought he was so... erm normal but u gotta keep ur eyes out for the quiet ones dont ya! such a great episode the part when Veronica thinks that Cassidy killed her dad and figures out he raped her was so heart breaking, when she tried to call her dad i was screaming pick up the phone and the part when Logan stops her from shooting him was so good. don't think any of the episode was bad except maybe Veronicas dream at the beginning (HUH!!) and possibly Weevils arrest love that Veronica and Logan are back together WOO! so cute hehe. wonder what was in the briefcase, dun dun daaaa lol can't wait for Season 3 in UK.
  • Loved it! They did a classic \'Veronica Mars\' plot twist that left everybody satisfied! Excellent! Pat on the back!

    The writers gave it their all when it came to rounding off all the characters! Needless to say, ever since the first season, I\'ve been a big Ronnie - Logan fan! Their ADORABLE together!
    Jason Dohring is HOT!
    I wonder why Keith Mars didn\'t show at the airport..
    Perhaps another plot twist?
    Can\'t wait to start watching season 3!
    Yum yum!
    Kendall does play the role of the money grubbing step mom to perfection... Cassidy aka Beaver- who would\'ve thought! and Mac! What a sweet sweet girl!
    Jackie - well now we know why she was such a good waitress!
    A great season finale all in all..!
  • We finally know who crashed the bus and who raped Veronica... Interesting ! And Logan is so cute with Veronica ! ^^

    Ok, so, we finally know who did it. It didn't have a link with Aaron Echolls. However, I think it's a little disappointing that we go over the Lilly Kane thing one more time. It's like everything that happened came from this incident... It would be time to renew the plot lines !
  • i loVe VM

    it was well written and good actors! the end was the best part action at its best thats what im talkin bout! kristen bell was a very goood cryer too we all know she can already act she was goo and believeable im her real fater had die but if i was her beaver would have been shot if i was her but she did the right thing and im gald veronicas dads not off the show i liked him! and the wirting was good to its not like gilmore girls were all the ppl on their talk the same !everyone should give it a chance!
  • Great Way To End The Season

    There was no really big clif-hanger besides the briefcase kendell shows keith at the end, which i thoght was a good thing because rob thomas did not know if there would be a 3rd season. we found out beaver was the on who crashed the bus and raped veronica. we learned jackie had a 2 year old son i she lied to eveyone about her pass to start at a new in neptune. jackie decided to be a better mother and she stays in new york. duncan also made sure aaron would find his justice by calling a hit on him.
  • Yet another reason why Veronica Mars is the best show on television. What other show pulls in two seasons worth of information seamlessly and then gives you the biggest plot twist you can imagine?

    I have seen season two three times this year and I am still blown away by the season finale. It was such a surprise twist and yet made you mad that you had not thought of it first. The only think I was disappointed with was that the show was only an hour. There was so much going on I wish it could have been spread out for another two hours. My friends and I were riveted to the television when we watched the finale and talked about it for days afterwards. It is vintage Veronica Mars! Kudos to Rob Thomas!
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