Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 7

Of Vice and Men

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2006 on UPN

Episode Recap

Landry offers Veronica an internship with the FBI over the summer. He knows someone who works there. She has to write a 1,500 word essay and can do this in lieu of her term paper. She refuses, saying she doesn't want to be bought off. But Landry says it's not about him and that this is a really good opportunity for Veronica.

Veronica has been avoiding both Keith and Logan and is staying in Wallace and Piz's room for the past few days. A girl named Meryl shows up in Wallace and Piz's dorm looking for her boyfriend Sully. She is worried since he didn't pick her up at the airport, so Veronica agrees to help track him down. When they trace his phone to the River Styx, Meryl rushes inside. Veronica follows her and is grabbed by Liam Fitzpatrick, who still holds a grudge against Keith. Vinnie Vanlowe is there and saves Veronica and once they are outside, tells her that Sully came by drunk the night before. Veronica and Meryl find Sully in jail. He wasn't drunk, but actually had suffered a blow to the head while surfing. Meryl thanks Veronica and accompanies Sully to the hospital.

Harmony invites Keith to go away with her for the weekend. Vinnie Vanlowe shows Keith pictures he took of Keith and Harmony kissing and wants money from Keith. He thinks Keith has money from Kendall Casablancas. Keith tries to justify his affair to Veronica, but she reminds him about other extra-marital affairs they've uncovered, including Jake Kane and Lianne. Veronica tells Keith he had been the only person who kept her from being jaded. Keith soon ends his affair with Harmony.

Veronica finds out from Piz that Mercer had a call-in request radio show during the hours when at least two of the girls were raped. She tells Logan this information after she makes him tell her what he and Mercer were doing the night of one of the rapes. Logan tells her that they were in Tijuana and Mercer set fire to his motel room when trying to make a drink. It spread throughout the motel and they left without helping or seeing if everyone made it out okay. Veronica is very angry at Logan.

In the food court, Veronica's drink is drugged when she leaves it on the table. She tries to get into her car but falls down. Someone in black with latex gloves, a hood, and a mask approaches her. She hits her car alarm, which Logan hears, fortunately. Logan runs over to her and sees her on the ground. One small part of her hair has been shaved off. No one is there. Logan takes her home, and he and Keith take care of her.
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