Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 7

Of Vice and Men

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2006 on UPN

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  • Veronica helps a girl. Logan reluctantly tells Veronica why he is sure Mercer didn't commit the rapes, and Keith finds that there is a heavy price to pay for committing adultery.

    Veronica helps a girl named Meryl who is certain that her boyfriend is in trouble, while a jaded Veronica tries to convince her that he is cheating.

    Meanwhile, Logan reluctantly tells Veronica why he is sure Mercer didn't commit the rapes, and Keith finds that there is a heavy price to pay for committing adultery.
  • A crucial, amazing episode for the ages.

    Oh my God! I am completely blown away by this episode! Logan and Veronica, as wonderful as they are together, are falling apart. Veronica Finds sanctuary at Wallace's dorm when she feels the men in her life (Keith and Logan) have been letting her down. I am a huge fan of LoVe!<33 And it made me so incredibly teary-eyed when Logan saved Veronica for what is i believe the 4th time throughout the series. Classic! That whole scene got to me. I loved this episode. It was absolutely perfect.
  • keith and logan face the anger of veronica, while she tries to find a girls missing boyfriend...

    i liked this ep alot. the side plot (missing boyfriend) was good, and a good tie-in with the themes of trust and cheating. and i liked the end; i seriously thought the boyfriend was off somewhere with another girl. im glad the writers threw in a happy ending to that little mystery, what with the general feeling of doom and gloom this season.

    keith and harmony- hmmm. i kinda liked them, but im glad keith put veronica first. poor harmony though, she completely destroyed her life and cant get it back. i guess we wont be hearing from her again...

    piz: i love him and his little crush on veronica and his egg sandwhichy cuteness and all, but if he gets in the way of LoVe, then ill be mad.

    which brings me to logan and veronica, to which i can only say, yay! thank god for logan the hero :) i was so glad he came to her rescue. and he stuck by veronica and tried to make things better when they were fighting, so hes come a long way in terms of character, i would say. hopefully thats the end of their rough patch, for now anyway.

    another great episode and i cant wait til next week!
  • Veronica helps a girl find her boyfriend and finds an alibi for Mercer, accused of being the campus rapist. She is disappointed with both her father and her boyfriend so she tries and avoids them but when the rapist attacks her they come at her rescue.

    I think the most appropriate summary for this episode is "dulcis in fundo" (the interesting part is at the end) though we wouldn't be able to relish it without the rest of the episode. Veronica is shown as the moral authority to the people around her – she refuses Professor Landry’s FBI internship offer because she thinks he’s trying to buy her silence on his affair with the Dean’s young wife. She has a tiff with her father Keith over his affair with a married lady she doesn’t approve of. Keith ends his relationship with Harmony having understood that his affair was headed nowhere and that he has disappointed his daughter who had always looked up at him as “the one bright example in life” she had. As to her boyfriend Logan, well… she more than us knows Logan isn’t the classic good boy but she probably didn’t expect that after all they’ve been through together he would hide from her where he’d been with his buddy Mercer the previous summer. Veronica thinks he’s probably cheated on her but being an analytical mind she sets out to find evidence. When her attempts fail she blackmails Logan with the alibi she had discovered to prove Mercer’s innocence. When she learns Logan ran away like a coward from the mess he had made at a hotel in Mexico, she puts up a face Logan was clearly afraid of and because of which he kept it a secret. Veronica sits all alone at a refectory table perhaps thinking that this may avoid her being let down by someone else she trusts and respects. And then the rapist attacks her – drugged drink, head spinning, fuzzy sight and Veronica is alone in the big car parking area. We catch a glimpse of her assailant getting closer to her. Somehow she manages to activate her car’s alarm before falling on the ground and fainting. Just then Logan, who’s searching for Veronica everywhere (even her father tries calling her, unsuccessfully), sights her car in alarm and runs to the parking area. He finds Veronica unconscious on the floor. Evidently upset he gently picks her up and finds few of her hair cut by the rapist. She is then back at home, nursed by her father and under Logan’s concerned eyes. She would have been the 4th victim of the violence at the campus, had Logan not been there.
    So even our brave heroine has learnt, in her turn, a moral lesson – “faith, you give it to the people you love… but the people who really deserve it are the ones who come through even when you don't love them enough”.
  • This was a very powerful episode...loved it!

    This episode was definitely one for the books!
    It was great...more than great, it was breathtaking!!!

    This episode took the show to a whole new emotional level.
    I have new found respect for the writters...they have continued to produce excellent stuff....that every one can enjoy.

    The script for Veronica, her dad and Logan...were not only well written but were well executed!!!
    Great job!!!
  • Well well, where shall I start?!

    And another great episode with the Veronica that I've missed for "so long".
    I was waiting for the being drugged-part all along, because in the promo it looked as if the whole episode was going to evolve around that.
    Anyway, there was a lot to digest in this eppy. I'm glad Keith did the right thing and broke things off with Harmony. I think Veronica's disappointment was what pulled the trigger.
    Bringing the Fitzpatricks in again was great, I was pretty afraid when Veronica ran in there again.
    Also, Vinnie was doing great this episode. It was to be expected that having an affair with a married woman wasn't gonna stay a secret for Keith. Being a PI himself, he should have known better... and Vinnie saving Veronica was great. Although I haven't figured out yet why exactly she contacted him...
    Anyway, the fight between Logan and Veronica was really heartbreaking. You could see his anxiousness and her anger and disappointment. Being disappointed was kind of a theme for Veronica in this episode, wasn't it?
    In the end, when she was drugged and probably "the rapist" cut off some of her hair, that was really scary. I was afraid she was gonna be raped, a g a i n, but luckily, he was just sending out a warning. Fortunately, Logan was there, and in the end he was just the sweatheart I know he can be.
    Now I can't wait to see how everything goes on!
  • Bravo!

    This episode was way cool. V gives Keith an attitude for having an affair with a married woman. At the end Keith decides to keep V and let the woman go. Veronica still trys to prove Logan's frind innocent and she does... she also finds out that Logan want to Mexico and they burnt down a motel. Wallace goes to a motel to study with Pizz... but Pizz got bored so he went back to the dorm where V was staying. V helps the girlfriend of Pizz's neighboring room owner to find her boy friend. V gets drugged at the end of the episode... she makes it to her car and she manages to click the alarm button before she falls... the rapist manages to shave of a little of V's hair before Logan comes and saves the day. I loved this episode... especially the last part.
  • Logan and Veronica face problems, And Keith must choose between "love" and his daughter.

    I gave this epi a nine but only because, in my opinion, nothing can top last season's finale. this episode is reall as good as it gets. Sad to see Logan and Veronica having troubles. this may be the beginning of the end. at the very end, the quote about not loving someone enough, that broke my heart a little. I loved seeing Keith and Veronica having troubles. It is a little unrealistic to believe they get along all the time. I really hope piz and Veronica don't get together. That would be awful, especially since I'm starting to think he could be the rapist. Not really probable, but it wan't probable that cassidy killed those kids on the bus. Anyway, a very great episode- loads of character and plot-building.
  • Back to classic VM.

    We are finally back to classic Veronica Mars, none of this goofy stuff that we have had the last few episodes. This one was awesome.
    Veronica is pissed off at her Dad and at Logan and she shines brightly because of it. She helps find the guy who lives next door to Wallace and Piz (as she is staying there because of the anti Dad, anti Logan vibe) with his girlfriend. Veronica is cynical as always suggesting maybe the boy just wants to break up but it ends up he's found that was not his intention and he missed his girlfriend. VM is also asked to sign up for an FBI internship instead of turning in a term paper, she decides not to as its for the creepy teacher who is sleeping with the deans wife. I think VM possibly realises she is not in love with Logan so be careful LoVe fans. The end is where it got good in true VM fashion, it left us feeling worried, sad and a little happy but most of all demanding answers. Finally our favourite show is back on top!
  • Another great VM episode!

    To tell you the truth I was kind of disappointed from the first few episodes of this season, but this ep reminded me why I began watching the series in the first place. It was nice to see some of that old Veronica with all of her worries and insecurities. I was let down of what Logan did, but I guess it only reminds us that a person can\\\'t change in an instant. The attack of Veronica was a great twist and I, personaly, enjoyed the final scene. All in all it was a great ep, but as Mac being my fav character I have to ask:Where is Mac? It almost seems as if she appeared more often when she wasn\\\'t a regular cast member. Besides, I think that the scene between her and Dick in \\\"Welcome Wagon\\\"
    is one of the best of the season so far
  • Veronica looks for an alibi for Logan's friend Mercer, helps an out-of-towner look for her missing boyfriend, and quits staying in her apartment out of protest over Keith's relationship with Harmony.

    I'm not sure how exactly to start talking about this episode, which was another fantastic Veronica installment with a "wow" at the end. But I'll get to that.

    First of all, Veronica's mad at Keith for his relationship with Harmony, and it takes him about half the episode to realize why: he's always been her moral compass, and her proof that there are good men in the world. When that person starts an affair with a married woman, it's gotta be disillusioning. Then there's the fact Keith seems to have forgotten, that he's doing the same thing to Mr. Chase that Jake Kane did to him.

    Veronica's also mad at Logan for telling her he can account for Mercer's whereabouts on the night of the third rape, but won't say why. In true Veronica style, she helps him and "rakes him over the coals" at the same time. Since she doesn't want to stay in the apartment or with Logan, she starts camping out in Wallace and Piz's room (one thing that's pretty true to dorm life--how many people have reluctantly adopted third roommates?) Piz doesn't mind having Veronica in the room, considering his crush on her, even though she's still with Logan. But when Veronica puts Meryl in his bed and sleeps in Wallace's, the poor guy sleeps on the floor of his own room! Then he comes through and helps Veronica exonerate her boyfriend's shady friend.

    The revelation of Mercer and Logan's exact alibi was a little terrifying, though. They were in a hotel in Mexico when Mercer's flaming alcoholic concoctions caught the entire hotel on fire. The two ran. Logan didn't want to tell Veronica because he knew she'd be upset, as well she should be. Maybe she was particularly dissapointed because she knows that Logan's capable of heroics (especially when it comes to her).

    And speaking of Logan's heroics, the end of the episode was a stunner--Logan saw her car alarm going off and, even though he didn't catch the rapist, did prevent him from further attacking Veronica (also, was I the only one hoping Logan would catch the guy and pummel the snot out of him? Probably not. Then again, if he caught him, that could seriously mess up the story arc. Oh, well). We also now have a glimpse into the rapist's modus operandi--it seems he shaves the victim's heads after roofying them, but before raping them. This fact will probably have important implications within the case.

    In the end, Keith and Logan came through for Veronica, as they always do. (And so did Vinnie Van Lowe, even!) And now our girl has even more motivation than before to catch the serial rapist--not that she ever needs much motivation to go after a bad guy.
  • Veronica Mars! I'm watching you! LOL

    This, without a doubt, was one of, if not the best episode of the season. This episode revolved around a missing boyfriend, and that whole story line was interesting. It showed just how far the girlfriend would go for the love of her life, and it kinda put Veronica's love life in question. Oh how I HATE the arguement scenes with V and Logan, and it makes me wonder about their relationship. And about the OTHER man in her life, Keith, after her dissapointment in Keith's affair with Harmony, breaks the entire thing up, even after Vinnie proposes to expose their affair with Harmony's husband. And I was on the edge of my seat when V entered the Kiltpatricks bar. But Vinnie came to the rescue just in time. Meanwhile, I'm thinking the rapist is getting closer to Veronica, and that's a bad thing, considering at the end of the episode, Veronica gets drugged (YET AGAIN! LOL) by what's assuming to be the rapist. After she falls out in the parking lot, Logan hears her car alarm and races to find out what's going on. But some of her hair has been shaven off. *DA-DA-DA!* At the very end, I was so proud that the two most important men in her life came to her rescue, be it emotionally or physically, and they didn't let her down. A great episode!
  • "Hi, infidelity" went back to basics making me love this show all over again, and this episode contunied where it left oh and wow.

    I'll say it again, and brace yourself it's going to be in caps, WOW. I do miss Wallace, I already do but even without him this episode managed to rock my word completely. First and foremost, Veronicas reaction to Keith’s relationship with Harmony was very believable, her inability to trust Logan very understandable (I still don't by his story about Tijuana) and I know he doesn't like how she can’t trust him but this is exactly why. Imaginary Logan in my television, please just start telling her the truth and she will be able to trust you!

    This is the old, always mistrusting Veronica believing the worst about everyone. The mystery of the week was nice, the appearance of Vince is always a treat and making the rape investigation personal for Veronica was great and I think an important move to get the drive of the show back. I'm insanely happy though that she wasn't actually raped because I don't see how she could recover from that again, she really doesn't deserve that on top of everything (not saying anyone deserves that, but you know...). I liked how Logan saved her once again, showing how much he loves her. Not that I didn't like her turning to Piz and staying with him, they have a nice chemistry and I think she needs someone like Piz in her life (especially now that Wallace is trapped in the world of mechanical engineering) who can ground her. And oh my, the scene where Logan asks Piz about Veronicas whereabouts, that was so friggin' awesome! Piz sort of hinting at his feelings for her and what could've happened and still feeling Logan’s pain, Logan realizing he might actually loose her, realizing perhaps what a crap boyfriend his been lately, the emotions and pain playing over his face (how I adore Jason Dohring!)... Oh Veronica Mars how I have missed you, and how you resurrected yourself with style!
  • this was like the best episode yet

    when i saw the preview i thought she was goin to get raped cause she fell down and some mysterious guy picked up her keys. but like logan came to her rescue when he saw her car in the parking lot. but like i wanna know who the rapist is because he was gonna try to shave veronicas head cause like that piece of hair logan had found on the floor. i wonder when the stuff was put in her drink cause like after she drank some she looked pretty woozy.that was scary man i thought she wasnt gonna be all on the floor there. cant wait till next week and i cant wait till they show who the rapist is.
  • Great episode....this episode I believe will begin the snow ball effect with the rapist!! The rapist is now aware of Veronica!!! Creepy!! Also I believe it was a beautiful message at the end!!! I loved it!!

    Great episode....this episode I believe will begin the snow ball effect with the rapist!! The rapist is now aware of Veronica!!! Creepy!! Also I believe it was a beautiful message at the end!!! I loved it!! Also it explains why Veronica had been so bitter towards people in the past episdoes!! I love logan and veronica...and he is always her savior!!! But the clip for next week shows that its all about to explode!! Every season has its own "good thing" about it, and this season has been great story telling and a good mystery!!! I cant wait for more!!
  • Disapointment! All the men in VEronica's lives have disapointed her, except for Piz. Veronica isolates herself from Logan, and her Dad and puts herself in danger. While she helps a college girl find her missing boyfriend.

    The episodes keep getting better and better now. The first few episodes of the third season were kind of disapointing. When I saw last weeks episode it was my favorite, but since seeing this episode it's my new favorite episode.

    It starts out with Veronica changing in Wallace's dorm room. VEronica is mad at her dad because of his fling with his married girlfriend, veronica is also mad at Logan because he won't tell her what he was doing with his friend on the night of the rape. So she is avoiding her dad and Logan. Wallace has thankfully let her use his dorm room while he is studing at a hotel with Piz. But Piz comes back early to find her changing in his room. I thought it was funny when veronica asked him what he was doing there. Piz lets Veronica stay, then a girl knocks on their door, she is trying to find her missing boyfriend and everyone looks at veronica. Veronica gets this look on her face, and then says OK I'll help you!

    Veronica thinks that the girls boyfriend is just avoiding her because he wants to break up with her, but the girl is trying to come up with some crazy theories of where her boyfriend is. I liked this storyline because the whole time Veronica suspects this girls boyfriend is cheating on her, but the girlfriend believes in him the whole time and thinks something bad happened. They finally find out something bad did happen. They follow his cellphone to the fitZpatracks bar. Veronica tries to stop her from going in, but she runs in there. Veronica follows her in and one of the fitzpatricks grabs her. Luckily Vinny Van Lowe sees her and pretends to take a picture of him holding veronica and emails it to her dad. So the fitzpatricks let her go, they all walk outside, Vinny tells her she shouldn't be hanging out there. He tells the girl that he saw her boyfriend there, they got him drunk and used all his credit cards. I like the Vinny character he is so funny. I wonder how he fits in with the fitzpatricks?

    The last part of the episode veronica is sitting down to eat food at the cafeteria, she realizes that her food is wrong, so she leaves her drink at the table and tries to fix her order. Then she comes back and drinks her soda and eats her food while she checks her messages, several from Logan and her Dad. Then she starts feeling weird and everything starts becoming blurry. She starts walking to her car, she says she remembers this feeling. She sees someone following her, she tries to get into her car but falls to the ground. She turns the alarm on her car. Logan is nearby because he has been looking for her. He hears her car alarm and goes to check it out. We see someone with gloves turn off her car alarm. When logan gets to her car he sees Veronica lying on the ground and someone has started to shave her hair. Veronica asks him to take her home. Veronica is at home with her Dad and logan Her dad is giving her medicine and in her head she thinks that the people in her life who disapointed her were their for her when she didn't love & trust them enough. Then the episode ends. I loved how it ended. I totally thought they were going to end the episode with Veronica passing out next to her car. I would have been so pisted to wait till next week to find out what happens.