Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 10

One Angry Veronica

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 2005 on UPN

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    Veronica's day goes from bad to worse as she is called for jury duty over a case involving two 09ers and a Hispanic woman, but finds that Neptune is even more divided than she thought. Meanwhile, Keith helps Lamb track down the missing sex tapes, the key piece of evidence in the Aaron Echolls trial.

    The twelve person jury duty was an interesting twist on the case that Veronica Mars tries to solve every week - but the ending of it was just terrible. The man who says he will never convict breaks down right after he reaches his racial ways? Seemed a bit out of line and I thought it made the entire episode on that aspect a waste of my time. Wallace returns from his massive season two break, which should be an interesting place to pick up at the beginning of the next episode. Someone has to go and inteview the ONLY survivor to the bus crash at some point right - guess not. No one questions her when she is awake and she dies at the hospital. I thought that was poor writing as well. Have her talk with Veronica during that one scene when she asks Veronica to take care of the baby or something. I don't know - just wasn't all they built it up to be.
  • Hmm, interesting concept, and a nice homage to "12 angry men"

    I like it when shows break their usual formula. Well this is one of those episodes , the episodic case this time around is "official" with Veronica doing jury duty.

    Unfortunately, this also is the weak point of this. The concept was cool, the camerawork was cool, the writing was crisp, BUT

    ... it wasn't particularly interesting. I'm sure that people who seek realism will appreciate this episode as it appeared rather accurate to me. Solving a case in a room, instead of getting into crossfire as you'd except in a regular action movie.

    Okay, but, putting this aside, this was a good episode. Not supergood, but good. Loved Keith and Veronica celebrating christmas... "I'm impressed. How could you fit a pony into my room?" Haha. This episode does one more thing very important; it sets up the upcoming epic installment. Meg asking Veroncia and Duncan to take care of her child no matter what(not really surprising after seeing "Don't put a baby in the corner"), among other things.

    The subplot - someone stealing the Aaron Echolls tapes was great, I loved Logan buying them and his brief emotional showing. And I didn't except Leo to be the one who stole the tapes. Didn't at all. And I really respected him for admitting his crime and not resisting. The ending was nicely packed: Meg died but the baby is fine and... Wallace's back! Yay.

    Great, great, great, but the episodic case brought it down by a notch.
  • One Angry Veronca...

    This is definately one of the better Veronica Mars episodes.
    Veronica gets called to jury duty on a 'powder keg' like case. She has to be the one to figure out what really happened and solve the case. She does, while stuck in a torn jury selection, and this is all during Christmas time. When the rich white boys (who were guilty) were found guilty Veronica's car was written on and she was basically uninvited to the Christmas party thrown by the 09ers. Tis episode is where we first hear of Hearst College. It is a very good episode, definately one of my favorites.
  • Veronica is called for jury duty over a case involving two 09ers and a Hispanic woman, but finds that Neptune is even more divided than she thought. Keith helps Lamb track down the missing sex tapes, the key piece of evidence in the Aaron Echolls trial.

    Veronica's day goes from bad to worse as she is called for jury duty over a case involving two 09ers and a Hispanic woman, but finds that Neptune is even more divided than she thought.
    Meanwhile, Keith helps Lamb track down the missing sex tapes, the key piece of evidence in the Aaron Echolls trial.
  • Veronica has discovered that meg is pregnant, a little later, she and Duncan discovered that she had woken up. Meg asks Veronica to do whatever it takes to keep her baby away from her perents, incase something should happen to her. Veronica Has jury duty.

    This is a great episode, I loved how before Meg died, she and Veronica got along again. It was sad to hear that Meg had died at the end of the series, that kinda broke my heart. She was a kind person. I found it funny that they chose Veronica to be the head of the jury duty, cause for me, Veronica was the smartest one in that room to have solved the case. She did an amazing job! Also, Logan crying, I didn't see that coming. All those things are exactly why I watch and love Veronica Mars. You can always expect new and revealing things in the episodes.
  • After discovering that Meg is pregnant with Duncan\'s child, her day grows worse when called upon for jury duty and being burdened with Meg\'s plea to protect her baby from both adoption and her parents keeping it.

    This episode seems to reveal a lot, including the reason why Duncan has been a bit obsessed with Meg lately, despite the fact that he broke it off with her in order to pursue Veronica. This reveals a more mundane and thus humane side to Veronica as she is forced to put up with the \'normalcy\' of jury duty. Though from the beginning of this season I have been incapable of discovering why Veronica finds Duncan more attractive than Logan is still beyond me, though their connection is obvious, though as usual sparks seem to fly more freely between her and Logan. The chemistry is real and raw and one cannot help but wonder why Duncan is not off the handle with jealousy by now, perhaps lingering feelings for Meg?
  • I absolutly loved this epesode.

    Veronica Mars is called for jury duty over the Christmas holiday. Veronica did a great job solving the case involving two 09ers and a hispanic woman. I am so glad that she got an ofer to Heartz (with a scholarship). It shows so much potential. The os on the jury were amusing too.
    Keith Mars reasearched about the stole Lilly Kane/ Logan Echolls sex tapes. That must be so hard on Logan. Watching his father and the girl he loved. I am glad he was the one who got the tapes not the media.
    The best part of the epesode was the Meg storyline. Last epesode we found out Meg was pregnant and she woke up. In the beggining of this epesode we find out Duncan is the father and that is why he is visiting her so much. Poor Meg, and Duncan. Meg does not want the baby given up for adoption because she says the adoption contract is like asking for the child to be abused. In the end we find out Meg duied but the baby lived. It was so so sad. I was crying. I hope tghe bby is fine and makes it to a god home. poor Veronica. That's a horrible Christmas break.
    I loved the ending when Wallace came over. It was almost like old times. I liked how the ending was Veronica saying she would give New Years another chance. That is so symbollic.
    Over all this is one of my favorite epesodes. I seem to say that about 1/3 of the epesodes but they are just so great. This is a must see epesode.
  • Jury duty can be a real pain.

    "One Angry Veronica" is another excellent, instructive example of why this series continues to gain attention and momentum. Many people may think that jury duty might be fun - especially with Court Television and all of the dramatic court room series. More often than not, it is very boring. There are long periods of waiting. Given the political climate going on in the USA today, when you get any group of twelve different personalities in a closed room for a prolong period of time, a very stressful situation can easily happen.

    Veronica did a fantastic job as the jury forman. I was so sad to find out the deputy's involvement with the theft of evidence. Overall this episode is one a wider audience should find merit in.
  • Veronica has jury duty!

    Meg wakes up and decides she wants to keep the baby and move to Seattle with her aunt Chris. Veronica gets Jury duty.A businessman takes charge, declaring that the first order of business is to elect a foreman. In a somewhat condescending manner, he nominates Veronica as a "chance for her to learn about civic responsibility in the justice system" in a case he describes as "open-and-shut." and the others agree. Keith and Logan talk about the missing tapes that showed Lilly and Aaron doing the deed. Wallace comes home from Chicago and spends some time with Veronica who was missing him alot. Veronica also talks to a Womans study professor from hearst and tells Veronica that she would love to see her at hearst.
  • I liked Veronica\'s reasonable thinking as jury duty...I guess.

    Allright, to say the most Veronica was reasonable calm, and took no threats from erm.....say the likes of PCHer Thumper I believe it was? Yeah, I think so. Oh well anyways. That stupid idiot who wouldn\'t agree with Veronica because he was...stupid. Yeah, so you know? Okay then Keith\'s part. He\'s a sharp one this guy. With the pick up on the \"dude\" thing Logan does. Aaaah. Logan. It really sucked watching the people that was supposed to love him the most like....betray him beyond words. I mean his father, he hates anyway(plus us audiences hate him to so whatever) but he loved Lilly so that must have sucked.
  • Good episode, but not their best.

    i love veronica mars, but this was not the best episode. nothing terrible about it, it just wasn't as great as the show usually is.

    the jury part was not my favorite, and that is probably why i don't love this episode as much as the others.

    the christmas dinner was hilarious, and proves again that Keith is hilarious, and Veronica honestly love her Dad, you could see that she was sad about her 'gift' but she kept it together and showed why they are a great father/daughter team, and one of the best ever on TV.

    the ending is quite and find out.
  • Veronica is called upon for Jury duty, for an apparently open and shut case, only she finds out differently, Veronica confronts Duncan about his unborn child with Meg. Logan obtains the sex tapes of his dad and Lily through Deputy Leo, who stole them for

    I have a question..isn\'t Abel Koontz like realy poor and Meg\'s family really rich? So how come they wind up in the same hospital..( she gets a visiting card to see Meg that way)when in prev episode , Veronica says \"broke or not , there has to be a hospital that\'ll take you\" to Abel Koontz.. so shouldnt he be in like a public hospital and Meg being an o niner, in an upscale one?
    something to check into
  • Veronica has jury duty and eventually puts her PI lifestyle to work for the case. Logan buys Aaron Echolls sex tapes from Deputy Leo. Meg has a baby girl and dies (finally)!

    I acctually cried at the end of the episode even though I knew Meg was going to die. She was so prissy then evil then sweet again. Must have beent the whole pregnacy mood swings thing. She's really dead now though. Loved the fact that Lamb was TOPLESS! That one made my day! I've been driving my friends that don't watch the show talking with the ones who do trying to find out what the baby is going to be called. Going to wait desperetly for the next episode.
  • An underwhelming episode of a usually great show

    This episode felt very sloppy. The plotline with stealing the tapes either has giant holes in it or people behaving very stupidly or will be brought back in some later episode where it finally makes sense. If Leo really stole the tapes for the reasons he gave, there is no reason he would steal the back-up copies. So either he was lying or that was not well thought out by him or by the writers. Also, having Leo have a little sister with a disorder who needed money was played too soap-opera cheesy for my taste.
    The scenes between Veronica and Keith were good, and the stuff with Veronica and Duncan was maybe good and maybe not, depending whether she confronts him further about their problems either off-camera or in the future.
    The jury plot should have been interesting, but either there was too much talking or it all went by too fast, since the mystery was never particularly clear or particularly engaging. The actual case of what happened to the girl (the plaintiff) in the hotel room was well-plotted, and it's a bit of a shame it was used this way. Also, from what I've seen in post-episode discussion, the characters were breaking a lot of jury rules in the way they brought outside evidence into the case, and that's sort of not cool, even if they did end up finding out the truth because of it.
    The ending monologue and reappearance of Wallace were very well done, and it was nice to see Meg again. It was sad that she died, but I thought that part was pretty well-executed, with a believable cause of death and minimal melodrama. One well-place Meg flashback could probably have had us all in tears thinking about how she used to be and all the awful things that have happened to her, but I think making the death a bit understated was a fine decision as well, and I'm sure we'll see more aftermath of her death in the future.
    I don't hate the episode or want my hour back or anything. It's just that I love this show so much, and I get so excited about new episodes, and this episode just felt wasted. All these amazing characters and situations they have set up, and all these places they could go, and this is how they chose to spend precious minutes? It's disappointing.
    There have been some great episodes this season, though, and as long as the next one is better, hopefully people can look back on this as a slight dip in the show's quality and it won't feel as ominous as it does now.
  • The parts connected with the storyline were very good. but..

    First of all - i thought there was really great acting from Alona Tal, really, very good - and i'm so sad she had to die.... I didn't really like the thing with the tapes - both Leo stealing them, and Logan erasing them. I really feel sorry for Leo, he was always a good, sweet character. The whole jury duty was nice, but i personally was more interested in the real story line, especially before the show takes a break for the holidays... Ans of course - welcome back Wallace.
  • It's Veronica Mars, for God's sakes!

    No matter what nobody says, I still like this episode. I like the fact that Veronica out-smarted every single one on jury duty, and that to me was one of the high-lights of this amazing character and amazing show. But the real suprise was Wallace. I saw Wallace come back, and that was it! I love having Wallace back. A great episode.
  • Truly a wonderful show


    I really enjoyed watching One Angry Veronica; I especially liked the idea of having Veronica as a jury foreman on case that had two wealthy 09’ers versus a Hispanic woman, which played brilliantly into one of themes of this year: the haves vs. the have-nots. I was so happy to see that Meg asked Veronica for forgiveness, but was disappointed that she dies in the end. The scene where Keith tells Veronica that Meg has died is truly a difficult scene for me to watch, but it seemed to me that Kristen pulled the scene off brilliantly. I'm so happy to see that Wallace returned as well.
  • Filler episode..but good none the less

    This was another great episode of Veronica Mars. It was a bit of a filler with the whole jury thing, but I was really pleased with what Logan did. It was awsome that he was protecting his dad (sorta) and the love of his life. It really showed how he has feeling and emotion and he's not just some heartless jerk. I love him and just wanted to wrap my arms around him when he was crying. I'm a suck I know.
  • Unoriginal

    The only redeeming quality of this episode was Wallace's return. The jury plot could not have been more boring. We've seen it a million times: one juror convincing the other eleven to change their votes. Honestly, it was unnecessary. Then there's Logan destroying the tapes. It's one thing not wanting the entire country to see them, but it's another to not let the jury see them. He SHOULD want to take every possible opportunity to make sure that Aaron is convicted. And we can't forget the Meg-storyline. She wakes up, forgives Veronica, tells her to save the baby in case anything happens, and then dies. I mean, could they have been more obvious/cliched? At least allow Meg to stay alive for an episode. It was just way too forced. All in all, a pretty sub-par episode.
  • Not perfect, but hey, which television show is?

    Why special? One word... errr, name--Wallace! Yep, the man is back, and hopefully for a very, very, very long time. Aside from that, this episode was a so-so one, with the probable exception of Logan crying and some Mars-daddy Christmas-elf loving.

    Not the best Christmas episode there is out there, but hey, Wallace makes up for it! I was thinking when he'd be back!

    Aside from that, we also see an emotional Logan, a muscular Sheriff Lamb, a sweet Deputy Leo, an elfish Veronica, a very detached Duncan, a stricken Meg, and the Who's-Your-Daddy Keith Mars we all love.

    I must agree, the jury plot was not the best, but I found the knitting lady very witty and charming. Kind of makes you think--Veronica Mars in like, forty years? Heh.

    No one can expect the show to be super perfect, but hey, with all the other shows on television nowadays, Veronica Mars is as perfect as good television gets.
  • i still don't get why its called this

    it was really good except they made a big deal saying someone whould die but it was just meg she was in a comma for weeks so she was dead to us anyway and it was great to se sherif lamb Shortless *swoon* they should do that more often!
    anyway it was great!
  • This episode was able to tie in quite a few story-lines very impressively: Veronica's jury duty, Meg's death, the stealing of the tapes, and, of course, both Christmas and New Years.

    I still cannot get over how great this show is!!
    This episode was able to tie in quite a few story-lines really impressively: Veronica's jury duty, Meg's death, the stealing of the tapes, and, of course, both Christmas and New Years.
    Although I wasn't all that captivated by Veronica's jury duty, it was a good way to keep here relatively out of the way for the rest of the show (and to let Keith, for once, be able to solve the crime).
    I loved the whole story-line of the sex tapes being stolen the best, because not only did we get to see an amazing performance be Jason Dohring, a.k.a. Logan, but it also included continuation of the plot from season 1 which was enjoyable to see.
    Meg's death, though not very surprising for me, and her baby, is going to make the show even mmore interesting (even if we have to wait until January for the next episodes).
    And Wallace coming back right on New Years just made the episode amazing...I have been waiting for him to come back for a while now, and I can't wait to see him back in the show!!
  • A 12 Angry Men Remake

    I love Veronica Mars. Let me get that out of the way first. As a TV show it rocks like those sugar sticks you buy at the seaside.
    Exactly why this episode is so disappointing is because I also love the film 12 Angry Men. Don't know it? Shame on you! It's a Classic!
    12 Men on a jury, asked to decide whether a kid killed his father. 11 say guilty 1 says he's innocent and sets out to prove the other jurors wrong. Sound familiar? That's because you've just watched a modern remake disguising itself as a Veronica Mars episode. Which is a shame because, whilst jury service is well trodden ground on TV and in Film, Veronica Mars is usually so good at avoiding the pitfalls of plagarism. Always coming up with neat twists on old material or coming up with new material altogether. Not this week for some reason. Which, again, is a shame because everything else was so good. The aftermath of the jury's decision, people discovering which case Veronica is presiding over and all the stuff with Meg. Let's hope the writers have sorted themselves out by the time it returns to our screen after Christmas. It would be a shame if they don't because it's been so incredibly good up until now.
  • Excellent character development, subpar subplots. One on one interactions where the highlight of this episode.

    Quite a bit has happened in these past few episodes. Meg is pregnant. Duncan has confirmed that he is probably the father (although I wouldn't put it past the writers to throw us a curveball on that one before the season is over), Meg died, the baby lived. It's a lot to get through on a show that revels it secrets slowly.

    Duncan and Veronica's awkward conversation in which Veronica told Duncan about Meg's pregnancy was perfectly acted. Teddy Dunn's acting skills have grown by leaps and bounds, and the scene struck me as both real and bittersweet. It begs the question, how will it be for Duncan and Veronica when they must face Meg's death together. Will Duncan be able to deal with it? Or will he fall apart the same way Logan did, unable to let go of the girl he still loves? I'm interested to see how this plays out.

    Speaking of Logan, his scene was the high point of an otherwise subpar subplot. He didn't have to break down completely like he did in "Ruskie Business" to convey his pain over what happened with Lilly and his father. His portrayal was subtly emotional, enough to make me tear up a bit. It's been a couple years, but he's still not over Lilly, and I like that. On a show like "The O.C." characters would get over the death after a few episodes. Having a scene like this makes the show feel so much more real.

    As for the rest of the tape subplot, it was both interesting until the resolution. Although I liked the idea of the tapes being stolen, I feel like Leo's reason for taking them wasn't quite convincing enough. Why, oh why, did he completely destroy all the evidence against a murderer, one that attempted to kill his ex-girlfriend? Did he really do it because he wanted to get money for his sister? Or is Aaron paying him to take the fall?

    When I talked to my best friend who actually has UPN, she told me that the jury duty business was a bit boring. Unfortunately she was right about it. One person convincing that a seemingly simple case isn't what it seems is a little too cliché for me. I think I remember an episode of "Hey Arnold" where that happened, a fact that kind of speaks for itself. However, this subplot does a good job of emphasizing the racial and economic tensions that have been brewing throughout the season.

    What really shone in this episode where the scenes in which the characters encountered each other one on one. Keith and Lamb, Keith and Logan, and Keith and Veronica had amazing scenes. All around, Enrico Colantoni had a great episode.

    Meg's final scene resolved her storyline nicely, although it also made it a bit obvious that she would be the one to bite the bullet. I felt for her though, especially after seeing what her parents had done to Grace and hearing about the adoption agency they want to send the child to. Seeing Veronica attempting to sway the opinions of two religious zealots should be interesting, to say the least.

    But more of a shock than Meg's death was Wallace's sudden appearence at Veronica's doorstep. The show just hasn't been the same without Wallace at Veronica's side, and I'm glad to see my favorite platonic couple back in action.

    Points of notice:

    -With Lamb's blatant security issues, and Keith's favors for the mayor, are we far off from seeing the Neptune City Sherrif's Department that was suggested previously?

    -So Veronica is back out of favor with the 09er crowd. This should be great, I like her as an outcast.

    -How are the 09ers going to feel about Meg's death, when they expected her to be partying in Mexico by New Year? And now that a rich girl from an influencial family has died as a result of the bus crash, will the investigation be picked up with a bit more zeal?

    -Despite the fact that Logan got emotional over the tapes of Lilly and his father, erasing the tapes and burning the labels seemed to be a good bit of closure for him. He's not completely okay, but he seems to be getting better. The fact that he called Lilly the love of his life instead of his girlfriend shows that he's come a long way.

    -Keith attempting to tell Veronica what Meg had done with her computer was one of the high points of the episode. I loved htat scene.

    -I still wonder why Jackie is in the opening credits. It seems a bit like Ms. Dent's stint in the credits, and I kinda hope it doesn't last long.
  • Arron Echoll's sex tape dissapears and Keith is hired to track it down. Meanwhile Veronica gets jury duty and has to deal with Meg's newly revealed pregnancy.

    The strength of this show is it's ability to blend a "Mystery of the week" storyline together with a continutiy plotline. If anything it is able to pull it off with greater confidence than last year.

    This episode is a perfect example. Not only do we get an interesting and engaging "Mystery of the week" that spins the concept in a way we haven't seen before. None of the characters involved in the crime are actually characters in the episode. Instead we have the members of the jury filling the roles of protagonist, antagonist, sceptic, etc (including "The Todd" to boot!)

    On top of this we also have a storylines that dovetail into the events of last season (the Echolls sex tape) and this season (Meg's Pregnancy). I should really meniton that it's good to see an episode that highlights Keith's character again, he eats up the screen whenever he's on it.

    All of these plotlines weave together seamlessly and the ending left me floored. Wallace's character could have so easily been regulated to the same fate as Superman's buddy on smallville (name escapes me right now) but instead has become an important part of Veronica's life and I for one was tickled to see him again.

    Bully for Veronica Mars sophomore season. You haven't dropped the ball yet and the worst thing about this episode is the fact that we have to wait unitll the third week of January to get our next fix.
  • I can tell you that this was a sad espoide but doesn't it remember you of another espoide? ( alittle)

    This was by far a very well done espiode.

    I liked the orginal ending. It was better that Veronica was not blame for killing Meg. I take back my last statement. I like the baby being Duncans.

    Now. The storyline. Veronica is with Duncan. Veronica does something that has the 09ers hating her and the other kids liking her. Her friend (Meg) dies or is murder [the bus crash casued her death so she was murderd] She has Wallace to lean her head on. Does it not sound fimialr?

    It sounds very simialr but I do not think that will be the case.

    Leo should denfintly stay on thr show or at ;least show up every once in the while. And that women the one that offered Veronica a chance to go to the school? I smell season three in the works.

    Good next espoide is going to be good. I want to know about the baby girl. They probably will name her Lily or Meg named the girls middle name Veronica. That would be great
  • Veronica tells Duncan that Meg is pregnant--and he tells her that he already knows. Keith investigates in the case of the missing Aaron Echolls/Lilly Kane sex tapes. Veronica has jury duty. One character dies, one returns to help Veronica through a toug

    In this episode, we have three very different storylines--teen pregnancy, a whodunit, and a "Twelve Angry Men" jury-duty storyline.

    First off, the jury-duty plotline (and inspiration for this week's title, which can also be taken as a reference to Veronica's frustrations with secret-keeping Duncan): At first I was worried that we would have just another cliche "Twelve Angry Men" rip-off, with Veronica being the lone holdout in the case. Instead, Veronica, along with ten other jurors, votes to let two '09ers off the hook in what seems to be an open-and-shut case. It's a middle-aged Hispanic woman who stands up for her convictions (and A conviction), pointing out, wisely, that she doesn't understand why a prostitute would also work all day in a car wash. The jury eventually examines the case further and all but the '09er CEO guy see reason. Realistically, instead of having a dramatic change of heart, he votes to convict because he wants to get back to his business, and is sure the '09ers will win on appeal. Maybe he's right, but the rest of the jurors did the right thing. And Veronica, for her smooth handling of jury foreperson duties, gets encouragement to apply to Hearst, the previously unheard-of, but apparently quite prestigious and expensive, college in Neptune (attending which will allow her to keep solving crimes in Neptune in Season Three, as long as we get a Season Three).

    The whodunit case was a great opportunity for the writers to show how Keith, even though he is more by-the-book than Veronica, is willing to make exceptions to let people like Logan and Leo slightly off the hook. Also, it was ironic how Leo's sweet nature was his undoing in this case--Keith had no reason to suspect him until Logan unintentionally revealed that the tape-thief was the nicest individual associated with the Neptune Sheriff's dept. And Keith, who has never particularly liked Logan, did the right thing by the guy and ignored the tapes in his possession, to keep from arresting the already-in-hot-water guy.

    And finally, we have the Meg-is-pregnant storyline. While I'm a little bothered that Rob Thomas and co. seemed to be sinking to 7th Heaven level teen drama, I trust that they'll handle the storyline well. With Meg dead, and given her deathbed plea to Veronica (NOT, you notice, Duncan) to keep her parents from raising and emotionally abusing her baby, we can look forward to a good custody battle when the story resumes in January.

    [Sidebar: Secret-keeping Duncan--he didn't tell Veronica that he knocked up Meg, or even that he slept with her; he also seems to have slept with Kendall, or at least done SOMETHING with her that he isn't telling Veronica about. When is she going to dump him and get back with Logan? I know lots of fans would love to see her with Wallace, but given that their parents had, and may still have (though we haven't seen Alicia recently), a relationship, that could just get a little weird.]

    This episode was a great mix of three different storylines, and enough to both satisfy us and raise our curiosity for the next installment--for which we have to wait over a month!
  • Flashbacks to the season finale, coming full circle with the Lilly Kane murder, a great episode with a good plot with barely any mistakes.

    This was a great episode that goes right back to the season finale of season 1. I just don't get why she was so happy to see Wallace but that is one great character. They could have done a different plot instead of jury duty, but it was great nonethless.
  • I don't think this show has had a bad episode yet.

    God, I love this show. Something that could have been annoyingly predictable (Veronica on Jury Duty) turned out not to be. It was rather fun to watch the teenage Veronica sway the much older jury members.

    Then there was the whole meg is pregnant thing. The reactions of everyone were right on the mark. Meg's death was sad, even though it was predictable, but now what's going to happen to her baby?

    Then there was the whole Aaron Echols missing tapes fiastco. You remember the tapes that show Aaron having sex with Lilly Kane. Well they went missing and Keith was sent to find out how and who took them. This was actually the least interesting of all the stories tonight, but it did foward the plot, so it was probably neccessary.

    ANd finally, Wallace is back!!! Yay!!! I didn't realize how much I missed him until I saw him at the door.

    All in all a very good episode for an amazingly good show. By the way on a side note - are there going to be any more Buffy/Angel alum on the show??? Maybe Xander or Giles? I can hope.
  • Everyody needs to watch this show.

    What can I say about this show. It is great. You know it is a good show when they take a storyline about a surprise pregnancy (which is very soap operaish) and make it a way for friends to make up and fight for each other.

    I cannot believe Meg died! Wallice is back yeah! I can not believe Meg died! Wallice is back yeah! I do not know how I could be happy and sad at the same time, but I was when VM ended last night. I was s o sad that Meg died, what is going to happen to the baby? Did Meg give a statement about what happened when the bus crashed? What is going to happen to her sister? And then Wallice is back!!!! and I am so happy. I can not wait until January.