Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 15

Papa's Cabin

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 27, 2007 on UPN

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  • We finally learn who killed the Dean!

    This is the second conclusion episode of this season (first being finding the rapist). This season isnt as good as the previous two, still good none the less. Pulling together all the pieces of the night the dean was murdered was a little forced due to the lack of time and trying to add in a bunch of new details in to one episode. It seems as the writers werent sure how they wanted this mystery to end and when it was finally time to make a conclusion they quickly threw together a new storyline that we would never expect. The episode ends as it was suppose to almost as a season finale that way new veiwers could join in once the show returned from a hiatus. However, it also makes you wonder how well the series finale was going to be with only 5 episodes left to air.
  • Still a good show, but not at the top of its game.

    So another mystery has been solved by everyone's favorite teenage detective (eat it, other teenage detectives). This was a decent episode. This show rarely falters too badly, but I still can't help but feel like its never been AS great since the end of the first season. The Lilly Kane murder was just so important to Veronica and played out so perfectly that its tough for them to recapture that magic. I do think the third season, despite the potential awkwardness of transfering Veronica and crew to the college setting, has been better than season 2 though. Anyway, now on to the specifics of this episode.

    And the killer of Dean O'Dell is revealed to be.....Tim, the weirdo TA in Veronica's criminology class (if you didn't want to know, you probably shouldn't be reading reviews before you watch the episode). While the episode was entertaining all the way through, I couldn't help but feel disappointed because I was able to figure out that it was Tim way too early. Professor Landry and his wife were both just too obvious to be the real killers. That's how television works. They try to get you to look at the obvious and all the while hide the real killer just underneath your nose. The problem is eventually you catch on. Tim was the only other character prominent enough to be the potential killer on the show and since all the suspicion was being leveled at Landry and Mindy, it just had to be Tim. His motive was a little weak though. ALl right, that's all I've got to say about this one. Overall, I liked it but it gets docked some points because I know this show can do better.
  • So Predicable...

    Season's one and two of Veronica Mars were great. So far the third season has been rather predicable. As soon as the Dean died it was, more then obvious who had killed him. This episode didn't do anything but prove what we knew from the start. It was boring and very predicable and how am I supposed to make this review 100 words long? I just did my whole review in 50 words or less so what else can I add on here to make it 100 words long? Aside from the sentence I just added to make the review longer.
  • It was a good episode with a revelation.

    Well, I honestly didn't imagine that in this episode the Dean's killer would be revealed. All I can say is that the revelation wasn't a shock to me. The first time I saw Tim (Professor Landry's assistant) I didn't like him. He always seemed to be a little suspicious. He had something... Something wrong. I thought he would do something bad to Veronica. I thought he was one of the rapists. Then, this case was solved. Anyway, this episode was very good. Finally the mistery was solved. I only don't understand how Veronica and Keith didn't suspect about Tim before. About Logan and Parker... This is unacceptable. I want LoVe.
  • Not the greatest end of a mystery, veronica has done better.

    with the end of the murder case, my thoughts are that it could have been done way better, there was more of a climax when they thought the killer was someone else. At the end of the episode when the true killer is revealed, it is was well anti-climatic, does not compare to spilt and eggs and leave it to beaver. I did not like this ending very much, they could have done it sooo much better. I wonder what the next case will be, i think as a viewer it is gettiong harder to watch this show because how many cases can one first year university student involve themselves in?
  • Great conclusion to the arc.

    From the beginning of the latest arc on Veronica Mars, I was hoping they would switch thing from the usually, something dramatic happens to Veronica, Veronica does everything in her powers to bring the suspect down, when she does, it ends in a dramatic showdown when the suspect comes out of left field giving a Austin Powers type reveal of why he did it. And with that said the ending of the latest (last?) arc was satisfying. Was it the best arc finale? No. I’d even go as far as saying the episode wasn’t as good as last week’s stellar Mars Bars.

    Thanks to The CW’s laziness, I haven’t gotten a chance to re-watch the episode, and I may have a better appreciation for this episode after a second viewing, catching some clues I missed the first time around. In fact I really need to go back and re-watch all the episodes in this arc especially the one where Ronnie finds out that Not-Lucky was looking into the Dean’s murder before it got out that it wasn’t a suicide. From the latest epidode, I wasn’t able to think of why Not-Lucky bothered to help Landry to get out jail by “finding” his alibi. And why didn’t Not-Lucky just let the Landry/Mindy relationship out of the bag knowing that it would bring Landry down. Or was Plan A hoping that Ronnie would do it for him when he put her on the trail and setting him up for the Dean’s murder was Plan B.

    But the actual reveal was great in that it was something. I hadn’t been looking at my clock, so I actually thought that the case was solved when they captured Landry, and it was definitely a fitting ending where he and Mindy both thought the other did it and later thought the other was trying to set the other one up for the fall. But you have to feel bad for the youngest O’Dell, his step-father is killed, then his father gets gunned down by the police, then his mother gets murdered by her lover. But back to the reveal, how fitting was that Ronnie is the one to explain the motive and execution to the culprit right in a criminology class? It was a great bookend to the first scene of the season where Vee showed up Not-Lucky with the Riverboat Mystery.

    Elsewhere Logan and Parker are hooking up. This could have been saved for the stand alone episodes but it did led to the great line where Ronnie told Wallace, “I’m trying to figure out which Gilmore Girl you are” when brought up the two were having lunch. And if I’m not mistaken, I thought that Parker was questionable about hanging out with Logan because she didn’t want to lose a friend like Vee, but when Logan broached the subject with Ronnie she said they aren’t that close. Mmm.
  • I'm glad the mystery is over.

    I'm glad that finally finished with the 'who killed the dean?' plot because it was getting tiresome. Perhaps this has something to do with the other relationships portrayed on the show. In previous seasons if the overlying mystery plot was lacking, there was still the relationships between Veronica and her dad or Veronica/Logan/Wallace/Weevil to watch out for. They were interesting and developed on screen. However, nothing much seems to be happening with character development now. It seems quite ordinary as a show and not as riveting as it used to be. This is dissapointing as it brings fans to expect it will be cancelled after this series and even though Veronica and Logan were voted 'most watchable couple' we can't expect them to ever be a couple again. Even if it is the series finale at the end of this season, plans may be to continue to treat it as a regular season finale. If anybody watched the television show Popular, you may recall a similar event happening where a key character was hit by a car in the finale and another left to decide which boy she'd choose to pursure her future with. This type of cliffhanger could be a possibility for this season of Veronica Mars, hopefully whatever questions we're left with will be answered but as viewers do we want that gift wrapped with a pretty little bow on top?
  • Different, but good.

    There's something about this episode that worked for me. It obviously wasnt as good as the rapes capper, but this one ran on its own pace. It was slow, but the last scene was just pumping. What a TREMENDOUS scene for Kristen Bell and I might think that this scene was the best in the whole series. It was intense, beautiful, and plane CRAZY. I'm happy the killer turned out to be Tim Foyle since I never really liked him even though his motives did sound a bit...stupid. Now we're going to get stand-alone episodes for the rest of the season and I'm not ready for them. For a complete review, head to my site,
  • Loved it! Keeps you on your toes you have no idea who the killer is or how it happened til the very end. You think you know then your change your mind but your wrong no matter what! Very exciting did not even see it coming!

    Amazing! Absolutley exciting in every way also revealing it ends well I just loved the whole thing and would and have watched it over and over again. It may have left the other characters out a bit but it really stayed to the point who killed Dean O' Dell. The answer to that question was very surprising. Logan going off with Parker UGH! But at least he was kind enough to ask Veronica Mars if it was ok. They still talk you can tell its a little awkward for her. But even though he is moving on I still love everything about him even though I like him better with Veronica. Loved the mystery very Nancy Drew/CSI and everyone loves those shows so good! I can't wait til the next episode, and their better be one. With all these cancelation rumors I am freaking out!
  • Great! watch it over and over

    In this episode I was not expecting the killer to be who it was(I'm not going to give it away. I was leaning towards the person in the last 20 minutes. but i was still shocked for days. I think it was The Best Eposode Yet!! I was also Genually suprised that Lamb is now off the show! Where is the Scarcasm going to come from now? Well laybe he went to see the wizard to ask him go get himself off the show. I Really believe that we need to see Piz more! i think Veronica Show Date him!!! Logan was great too! i was so upset when they broke up! I Cried!!! So Long True Veronica Fans!
    We love you Jason Dohring and Chris Lowell!!!!! ¢¾Me¢¾
  • Excellent episode yet again.

    This may not be my favourite Veronica Mars episode, yet it was an excellent episode. Unlike many other people, it was only up until halfway through the class talk scene where I had a strong feeling that it was Tim Foyle. It was obvious it wasn't Hank Landry and I knew the real killer would be revealed but I was guessing until the end.

    I liked this arc as the murder and investigation was a bit like Monk which is one of my favourite shows. I still preferred the bus crash in season 2 yet this arc was more realistic in a way.

    I really hope that Veronica Mars gets a fourth season but won't be surprised if it doesn't. The extra episode (five instead of six) may be a sign of a fourth season but I don't know.

    I hope Veronica Mars keeps on pulling mysteries like this though preferably bigger and longer like season 2. Overall a great episode.
  • Perfect absolutely perfect!

    They need to do more shows like Veronica Mars.
    Althogh you can guess that the T.A. was the killer by instinct still how she found out and how he actually framed himself, this is the way to do a T.V show.
    so Kieth is now the Sheriff but as he said 'until the next spesial elaction" we still don't know if he keeps the job.
    Parker and Logen.. all i have to say is that i really didn't like what they did to Veronica. So they are not dating that mean that you start going out with her friend? and as we all know she don't have alot of friends.
    Why is the next episode only in May?!?
  • Things remain very dark in Neptune, what with all them criminals; but listen little dectectives: When given a choice, Always, always, always suspect the guy in the really bad wig…

    Things remain very dark in Neptune. Or maybe that's just my expectations for this show. Or maybe I'm just really disappointed with the writers.

    The big, honking mystery that took seven hours of precious teevee time to tell is done. Tim did it with the unwitting help of an unappreciative Professor and an adulterous wife. And by the end, I no longer cared. Professor Landry hurt the widdle feelings of his TA, who sure showed him how bright and creative a dick he is by framing the Prof *and* his mistress for murder and leading the star pupil (extra credit for that, Tim) *and* her Daddy on a red herring chase that would leave them all weary, and at least one of them dead. They've killed off Lamb, and done away with their surething comic relief (not to mention being highly dismissive of the character; Dang! don't die in Neptune!); put Keith back in uniform (which, at one time I really supported, but now I think he's been hit with the pompous, dumb, LambStick. Is it the uniform itself? What?); Veronica *still* runs flagrantly unchecked in the Police station (See: we used to think it was dumb Lamb's inability to set and keep boundaries; now, we see: not so much); I don't even know what to feel anymore about VM and Logan: I really wanted them to work it out. But I'm not sure either of them is secure enough in themselves to allow it to happen. Plus, unlike so many others, I actually like Logan and Parker together. 'Cause I get HappySmilingLogan. Damned sight better than MoodyLogan; DesperateLogan; although I never want to lose SnarkyLogan or DangerLogan…

    OK, now I have to say something positive, 'cause it wasn't the worst show of all time… So: Crockett and Tubbs Investigations: I liked it.

    Veronica Mars used to be my very favorite show: it was smart. It was sharp and witty; it had Nancy Drew for the new millennium; A father who wasn't a dink; it had really twisty mysteries and a very attractive cast. But somehow, all that used to work so effectively, keep me so engrossed, and made the VM hour one where friends could not disturb me unless they were coming to watch the show with me, all that stuff seems to have vaporized. Was it the switch to the New CW? Is it the fact that none of the characters seem to have the great dynamics (not to mention screen time) as in the past seasons? Has the writing slacked off? Not sure, but I want my old Veronica back.

    All in all, I've been less impressed by the episodes this season than in previous seasons. Thus, it did not come as a big huge shock that this episode, last of the big story arcs for the forseeable future, could not rise to my expectations.
  • And with that, the final mystery arc of the show comes to a close. Overall, it was satisfying, even if this seven-part arc got off to a rough start.

    One of the perils of watching shows in real-time is you can glance up at the clock and figure, “Professor Landry can’t be the real killer. We’ve got seven minutes left in the show.”

    And it seems I was right. Professor Landry wasn’t behind the plot to kill Dean O’Dell, despite the fact that both he and Mindy O’Dell had really great motives and did their best to look as guilty as possible.

    Instead it turned out to be Tim, the teaching assistant. Tim was a bit miffed that Landry gave him a less than stellar recommendation to another college. Seems that Tim was behind bugging people’s phones and overheard a call between Landry and another college, giving him the lackluster recommendation. Tim framed Landry to prove he was smart enough and worthy of Landry’s respect. I also had to wonder how much of the motivation was a desire to one-up Veronica, who was the new favorite in Landry’s life. And with that, the final mystery arc of the show comes to a close. Overall, it was satisfying, even if this seven-part arc got off to a rough start. Honestly, I’m not sure what to expect now. The show goes to stand-alone episodes which could be good for drawing in new viewers. I’m not sure who these alleged new viewers are though. In my world, Veronica Mars would be a huge hit, but I just begin to wonder if the show does’t have the total audience it’s going to have and that’s it. I don’t see Veronica turning out Grey’s Anatomy like numbers or even Smallville like numbers, no matter what it does to try and appeal to the viewing public as a whole. Series creator Rob Thomas has stated he is writing the season finale as a season, not a series-ender. So, could we be left hanging when the season comes to a close?
  • veronicas dad becomes sheriff again

    omg wow this episode was good
    i kinda guessed tim foyle killed the dean and he gave clues like the whole time i kinda thought it was weird that he asked for her help i mean in the beginning of the season he hated that she was so smart and he wasnt
    also im not really feeling the logan/parker relationship but i guess we'll have to wait and see
  • A good conclusion! cant wait for the next episodes in May!

    This was a good episode but not my favourite! was good to see a storyline conclude without Veronica being in mortal danger. This episode was primarily based on finding out who Dean o Dells killer was, it was a twist but not overly gobsmacking because Tim has always been portrayed as a weirdo. I am not appreciating the Parker and Logan situation at all, the boy hits the depths of despair over Veronica and then bounces back within, what, a day? Asking Veronica if she minds if he asks Parker out! you would be raging. Hopefully Veronica and Logan realise they should be together and happy soon.
  • Ok so this had nothing on 'Spit and Eggs'

    I felt this episode was rather anti-climatic. I was expecting more of an action-packed-life-in-peril type ending to this arc. Though having been so uninvolved in actually caring about who the murderer was this episode sorta reflected what I felt about this arc overall. Lacklustre. Now that I'm officially over the stuff that occurred in Mars, Bars I can see how rubbish this episode was in comparison. While I hated Mars, Bars for killing Lamb off, the quality of writing for the latter was much better. This episode there was far too much talking - not just talking but exposition! Seriously there was reams of it. I was not itching to see who the killer was a) because I didn't care b) because I had Tim pegged from long ago and c) it was a quite frankly a dull conclusion to a dull mystery arc. Also the total lack of mention toward Lambs death was a bit appalling and a bit disrespectful towards Michael Muhney who was consistently excellent with what little he was given. Why was Veronica just able to run around the sheriffs dept. nicking evidence without anyone saying anything? Hello Keith!?? Bit irresponsible.

    While I’m talking about things I hated, let’s talk about Logan and Parker. Yes they are ‘hanging out’ as she put it, what that’s alluding to is basically the writers attempts to make them get it on! I would rather eat snails than watch them together... I might have to hide behind something if they actually kiss at any point in the future. I see very little chemistry between the two of them, if anything its friendly chemistry, nothing explosively romantic or passionate. Where has Piz gone? And Mac and Dick and Walla- oh wait we saw him! Though if you blinked you may have missed him. I really dislike the handling of cast screen time this year. I do feel making Piz and Parker regulars was incredibly stupid considering there’s not enough screen time for them, they cannot afford it and a far more interesting character was probably bumped off instead due to budget constraints. But I digress. The episode itself was a bit boring, while I was interested to see where they were going to take the conclusion, for a about two seconds, it really failed to grab me the way previous arc conclusions have. I’ve found some of the filler episodes to be more engaging than this dross! I can however appreciate the way Veronica found out about Tim, she used actual detective skills rather than randomly discovering some significant clue. The scene between Veronica and Logan was nice too, as was Parker choosing Veronica over Logan. But I’m not convinced that’ll be the end of them. As for the lack of action I reckon they’re saving it for the finale, which I’m fine with! It’ll be interesting to see where the standalones take us.
  • Weak. What a lot of people likely expected happened. Whoever were completely awestruck at the ending must not have been paying very much attention to the rest of the season.

    It was blatantly obvious that Foyle planted the bug. He was under my suspects list from the get-go. If they had left it as Mindy being the suspected murderer and taken out the the 'bug' crap, it would have been more original and unexpected. Who murders their husband and then hires someone to find out who did it? That would've been twisted. But Foyle...I suspected him of being the rapist, and ever since that, I've been waiting for something unexpected. And to donate five minutes of the end of the episode to explain that he did it? The bug-tracking was sloppy and how he let Veronica know he did was sloppy too. It wasn't great, it was weak. If you expect a twist and they give you that same twist, then they have nothing to be happy about. Last season had an unbelievable twist. Easily one of the best I'd ever seen. That was phenomenal and I loved it. This...I saw coming.
  • Keith asks as sheriff and help Veronica to finally reveal who killed Dean O'Dell.

    The conclusion to the Dean murder did not disappoint, and was again a reminder of how great this show really is. This O’Dell arch was concluded, and we got to see everyone’s true colors. Mindy was just hired Keith for the money, Tim was hurt brutally by Laundry, and Parker finally realized that going after Logan might not be the best thing a friend can do. We knew that the murder had to be from Veronica’s class after the origin of the fake suicide was revealed. This episode though kept twisting and seemingly changing the murderer from Mindy O’Dell, to Laundry, to both, to neither. The revelation also did not put Veronica in danger, unlike the last two, which was a nice change of pace from the previous two. Although the episode was dramatic, it also incorporated a lot of classic VM humor. The allusions and Veronica’s lines, and especially her John Wayne impression, made this episode even more enjoyable to watch.
  • A classic

    I loved that scene in class when Veronica slowly began to realize the truth, found the bug and exposed Tim in front of everyone. A classic Veronica Mars! I wasn't expecting the arc to end already, so I was surprised about all of it. Liked it though! I thought the murder would turn out to be someone who we didn't yet know or had at no point suspected to be guilty, but RT didn't wanna surprise us so much this time, I guess.
    So, what's the rest of the season going to be about? Will they make it another mystery arc or is RT actually preparing us for what might be the new format of the show if it makes a season 4??

    One last thing: Logan, you jerk. Is he trying to hurt Veronica or what was that about, asking her if it was okay to date Parker. Seriously, I hate her for breaking the friend code and I hate him right now for breaking Veronica's heart even more. I'm not sure what to think about my epic LoVe right now...
  • I know I know who did It I knew! An okay episode! (read my review) spoilers for those who havnt seen the episode Veronica and her quirkyness

    Okay if you look back at my reviews you will that I suspected tim since he also read Veronica's paper though I never knew he actually did commited the crime only helped Odell. Overally and okay episode for a finalie though there were really only 2 suspects and a smaller mystery. In the last 3 finalies there has allways been action and Veronica in a major parrel but I actually like this confrontation it was different and it was reviewing the mystery overall. Keith is allmost Sheriff, I though there would be somthing shocking on the television at the end but whatever! The things I want from the last 6 episode is to bring Veronica to her high action suspense emotionally and lots of stuff that will brin closure even though I hope Veronica dosnt end but if it does that okay too. Wallace and Veronica though we dont get much of them its always great when we do In the cafeteria! a shout out to Gilmore Girls! I like the parker and Logan soon relationship that will lead Veronica in the arms of Piz and by the finalie Logan and Veronica will both see that they cant be without eachother I know a little mushy but you know what they say Veronica mars is a marshmallow.
  • Who dunnit...

    This is a great show. I was a little unsure of the whole mini mystery thing they did in this season but I think it was done really well. In this episode we wrap up the mystery of who killed Dean ODell. I liked how it it all turned out.
    We could pretty much tell that the two main suspects didn't do it because that would have been too easy. I'm suprised a little that the one who ended up killing the dean wasn't a suspect from the get go. Anyone who had access to the perfect murder papers should have shot up a red flag.
    It's nice to see Keith as the sheriff. I like that they didn't make him stricter with his daughter and that he still lets her work the cases and such.
    I will miss the banter between Lamb and Veronica though.
  • Keith takes over as acting sheriff, while Veronica further pursues Dean O'Dell's killer, only to find tragedy and a completely different killer.

    Hmm. Where shall I begin? There's the Sheriff Mars angle, or the mysterious behavior from suspects oh and then there's the whole Logan/Parker ordeal. As Keith put it firmly at the end of last week's episode "that's sheriff mars". Hot damn, although i miss Sheriff Lamb (who will Veronica harass?) i am very happy to see Keith back into his uniform. It makes it so much easier for Veronica to snoop around and aquire classified information. I mean why keep the best detective around from the information?

    Logan and Parker. Parker and Logan. What can i say? that it shouldnt happen? that they aren't right? that Parker should just watch herself because he's bad news, or that i think Veronica should be a tad more jealous, since if Logan is going to break anybody's heart then it should be hers. It was thoughful that Parker chose Veronica as a friend over Logan, and it was nice that Logan asked Veronica for permission, but c'mon. We all know Logan and Veronica belong together.

    What part of a murder investigation do suspects not understand? If you are innocent, you don't lie, you don't flee the country (to mexico) and you definantly don't kill another suspect. What the hell. I have to admit that i thought it was Landry for awhile, then i switched to Mindy (with her lack of sadness at the insurance money and fleeing) Then I went back to Landry once he was found drunk, crying and with a cut on his head. I only figured out who the true killer was once Tim started talking about things in class. He was way too into it, and he started mentioning things that he should not have known.

    I never suspected Tim, i mean he always seemed so loyal. Petty and an ass kiss but loyal. Another fantastic episode, great cultural references and a hell of a lot of intrigue and Veronica magic.

    What have we learned? Don't kill your professors because somebody will figure it out. Why? Because Veronica Mars is snmarter than you.
  • Keith is now acting Sheriff. Keith tells Mindy he thinks Hank Landry killed her husband. Veronica catches Tim breaking into Mars Headquarters.

    Following a talk with Mindy Keith believes he has enough evidence to bring in Landry so he goes to his class to arrest him. Landry however provides Keith with a somewhat loose alliby for the time of Cyrus's death. Veronica later catches Tim Foyle breaking into her and her dads office. He claims he is just trying to help prove Landry's innocence. Not too much longer after that Mindy collects her insurance money, purchases a boat, and takes off. Veronica and Tim come to Landry's rescue and investigate his alliby eventually proving it to be true. Once cleared and let go Landry takes off as well. Veronica and Tim track down the tapes of Landry's calls and discover he and Mindy could be headed for a retreat known as "Papa's Cabin". Back on campus Wallace sees Parker and Logan sharing a nice lunch together and suspects something might be up. Wallace tells Veronica she doesn't seem to care much and is too busy when Parker tries to tell her. Eventually later gives Logan the blessing to go after Parker. It was a nice side story that filled time suitably and layed the ground work for drama up ahead with all of them. Back on the case Keith tracks Landry down turns out him and Mindy got into a bit of a scuffle and he accidentally murdered her. He made it seem though as if Mindy had killed Cyrus O' Dell and that he had tried to cover up for her but it didn't work. Tim then takes over Landry's classes and makes Veronica his T.A. But wait its only 9:50 or so there's still some time left there's go to be more to this story. In his first class Tim leads the class in a discussion of how when a purp has to improvise he starts to get sloppy. Veronica starts to put the pieces together and realizes what I suspected going into this that Tim Foyle killed Cyrus O'Dell for it and tried to frame Hank Landry. The motive? He felt betrayed and used by Landry for ruining his oppurtunity to go to Pepperdine and claming he was just a linear thinking kiss ass. However his elaborate scheme would beg to differ that point. There was some great scenes at the Sheriff's office instead of Mars Headquarters.It felt really good and different so I liked it alot. Keith as Sheriff is something I could get used to and perhaps changes the show in a positive way. It was amusing to see Veronica poking around there while he tried to work. All in all I really really loved this episode and was sad to see it end cause it now means 7 weeks of no Veronica Mars cause of that ridiculous stupid waste of time Pussycat Dolls Show. *Yawn* Oh well here's hoping I wake up tomorrow and it's already April 24th.