Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 15

Papa's Cabin

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 27, 2007 on UPN



  • Trivia

    • In the last scene when Veronica and Keith are having dinner, you see Veronica holding onto the side of the pot she's scooping the meat and potatoes out of. Having come off the stove, where it would have been at least keeping warm, it should have burned her hand.

    • When Veronica is using the disposable cell phone and pretending to be calling from a radio station she has her phone to her right ear. A few seconds later the phone is to her left ear for just a split second, and then switches back to the right.

    • Sacks mentions hearing from the LAX (Los Angeles International airport) and waiting to hear from John Wayne, another Los Angeles area airport. There are other major airports in the area. Burbank and Ontario airports are nearby. And, given the estimated amount of time elapsed, Long Beach airport would also be another possibility.

  • Quotes

    • Veronica: (answers phone) If you're wondering where I am, I'm hanging out outside a convenience store eating corn nuts and watching strippers.
      Keith: Are you doing drugs?
      Veronica: No.
      Keith: Good.

    • Logan: I wanted to... ask you about something. You know, it's kind of weird, but... you know, I was thinking of asking Parker out, and I wanted to make sure it was cool with you.
      (Tim peeks out of his office)
      Tim: Veronica, are you coming in?
      Veronica: Yeah, uh, one second (turns back to Logan) Of course. Thank you for asking.
      Logan: Sure. I know we're friends.
      Veronica: Yeah. (walks away) See ya. And good luck.

    • Wallace: I saw Logan and Parker having lunch.
      Veronica: Here?
      Wallace: Yeah.
      Veronica: (making fun of him) In the cafeteria? At lunchtime? God, why doesn't he just run me over with a truck?
      Wallace: Man, I'm just telling you this because it looked like it was something, like they were connecting, you know? (she stares at him) What?!
      Veronica: I'm just trying to figure out which Gilmore Girl you are.

    • Veronica: You got a confession?
      Keith: I am that good.
      Veronica: So it's true what they say. There's a new sheriff in town?
      Keith: Until the special election, anyway.

    • Keith: Whatcha making?
      Veronica: Meat and potatoes. I read somewhere that's what real men eat.
      Keith: Ah, is there a real man coming over?

    • Logan: Mars!
      Veronica: We're on a last name basis now? We skipped right over androgynous nicknames?
      Logan: I tried calling you 'Chuckles,' but it didn't stick.

    • Veronica: (voiceover) So, here's something the freshman guidebook failed to address: your dad is acting sheriff, he thinks your favorite professor may have murdered your favorite dean. So where do you sit in class? Up front now seems awkward. But isn't a seat in the back like hanging an 'I think you're guilty' sign?

    • Keith: Do you have anything to confess?
      Veronica: Yes, you embarrass me.

    • Wallace: I'm a guy, and I don't know or care about this stuff but I feel like I'm supposed to tell you this.
      Veronica: I'm starting to get a mustache?
      Wallace: No.
      Veronica: Then why are you staring at my lip?
      Wallace: Because you just made me.
      Veronica: (covering her lip) Stop!

    • Keith: You've known three men in your life, Mrs. O'Dell. Two are dead. The great state of California may see to the third.
      Mindy: How am I supposed to react to that?
      Keith: Reflexively.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Veronica: Nice gloves. You headed to the parlor to strangle Colonel Mustard after this?
      This is an allusion to the board game Clue, in which Colonel Mustard is one of the characters. In Clue, one of the characters commits murder while the rest try to figure out who did it, in which room, and with what weapon. Though many rooms are in the mansion, 'The Parlor' isn't one of them.

    • Sacks: LAX, yeah, but I'm still waiting to hear from John Wayne.
      Veronica: (doing an imitation) And you're not gonna, pilgrim, 'cause what I am, is dead.

      John Wayne was was an iconic, Academy Award winning, American film actor who was a major star from the 1940s to the 1970s. He is famous for his distinctive voice and walk.

    • Veronica: I'm just trying to figure out which Gilmore Girl you are.

      Gilmore Girls is another CW show about a mother and a daughter and their tight-knit bond. It actually came on right before Veronica Mars.

    • Veronica: I'm Miss Crockett. This is my partner... Mr. Tubbs
      Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs are the police detectives from Miami Vice.

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