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Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2004 on UPN

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  • Vernonica Mars Pilot

    Besides "Supernatural," I've never watched anything on The CW, UPN, The WB or any other company that has resided on that channel. For the most part, I wanted nothing to do with the shows that aired their.. I'm sure there's plenty of "One Tree Hill" and "Gossip Girl" fans, but I'm not one of them. So, you can imagine my surprise when I learned about "Supernatural," "Smallville" and "Buffy" and how they all resided on this channel. Even more surprising is that Veronica Mars existed for three seasons here as well. Watching the Pilot episode, I'm surprised by how quirky, dark and intriguing it is. For an early Kristen Bell role, a high school noir and a teenage-orientated show, the pilot is an impressive piece of work by the future creator of "Party Down." I did have some issues with it, but for the most part, I can see this being something I'd want to watch.

    My main problem with the show is also, to some weird extent, what makes the show work as well as it does. I'm not sure how I feel about the rapid pace of the writing, how it jumps from one thing to the next with only Veronica's narration holding it together. We learn right off the bat that Veronica Mars is a student at Neptune High School, where status and money is the most important thing, and if you're not rich, you're low on the totem pole. However, Veronica's father was the former sheriff turned gumshoe detective, so she gets some leniency. But we learn right from the start that she's not a normal teenage girl. She helps a new kid named Wallace who's being bullied, does favors for her father's old friends and even investigates cases herself. She, in other words, does things way outside of what she should be doing as a seventeen year old.

    If the show were just about Veronica Mars growing up in a town with her detective father, it would be interesting enough, I suppose. Kristen Bell is a strong actress in the role, and the supporting cast seems like the type that you could grow to like. However, Rob Thomas (the creator) bashes us over the head with plot point after plot point: Veronicas mother disappeared a few years ago without a trace, Veronica used to date Duncan Kane, a popular boy at school, before they broke up and before his sister, one of Veronica's best friends died. Veronica was raped at a party by somebody who roofied her and she can't remember what happened. Veronica deals with bullies. There's just a lot going on here that could've perhaps been spread out a little bit throughout the first season instead of the first episode. As I said, the fast pace also benefit's the pilot overall; I thought it was fun to watch Veronica juggle all of these things, and the voiceover, for the most part, works. I just wish it didn't feel so cluttered. There were times, I admit, where I was feeling like I wanted the show to just slow down and let me absorb what was happening.

    But the pilot gives us a good solid starting point. I still don't know what to think of some of these supporting characters… the Kane family seems like a strange group, so it should be cool to see more of them, but Logan seems like a giant jerk and that Weevil character who rides the motorcycle seems like one second he could be a dangerous man and the next second, he could be Veronica's good friend. I guess time will tell what kind of a character he is. For now, I'm willing to go along with everything and see how it unfolds.
  • Good start

    This was an excellent pilot episode. Just enough back story to catch you up but not too much as to bog it down. A little dark for your average Nancy Drew fan as you have Veronica getting roofied and raped, her mother is suspected of being an alcoholic and abandonment, her best friend murdered, and biker gangs. But it all seems like an average day in the life of this not so average teenager. I just started watching the show and I think I will continue on to see where it goes. I think it is slightly brilliant to run a season long story arc.
  • Introducing Veronica Mars, and does it in-depth

    Rarely ever does a pilot dare to touch on so much of the basic of the main character as in Veronica Mars, and even rarer is it as sucsessful doing so.

    Not only does the pilot offer the beginning of the Lily Kane murder investegation as the main plot, but it manage to tell us alot about Veronica Mars in this regular lenght episode.

    We get to see her interaction with her father(a very important part of the show), we get sassy and rough Veronica dealing with the sub-plot of helping Wallace, a more vulnerable VM as we get to know glimses of how she lost her virginity and we get to see a bit of Kristen Bell's talent as her face tells a long story at the end when she's hurt of a lie told by her father, while still loving him.

    There's alot of other smaller or bigger glimses of what's to come, and there's no doubt Rob Thomas knew exactly what he was looking to create during the first season. In many ways did Veronica Mars do exactly the same Lost have got so much aknowledge for doing. They had the plot down from the start, and never doubted their ability to deliver. A shame Veronica Mars, unlike Lost, haven't got the praise and audience they deserved.
  • A memorable introduction.

    Now I don't know about most people but I find that many of the shows I watch, I forget much of what happens in the first episode or so. However with Veronica Mars it doesn't matter how many episodes I watch or how long I go without watching it that first episode always remains lodged in my mind. Almost everyone I know who has watched it says the same thing, it sticks in your head and weedles away until you feel like you must know more.
    It never fails to amaze me the simplicity and the brillence behind the first episode but it truely is amazing. The episode introduces several problems that you feel like you need to solve which makes you feel inclined to watch more. A fantastic first episode.
  • Brilliant set up for an amazing series...

    Veronica Mars was one of the smartest shows to air on television. The writing is fast paced, witty and sharp and I've rarely seen as talented a cast. If your attention is drawn away from the episode for even a minute, it is almost guaranteed you will miss a plot point, important dialogue or flashback. It's heartbreaking that a show with so many talented people attached to it has been cancelled. But, luckily, thanks to the DVD, the show lives on. If you have any doubt, just watch this pilot.

    In the first 20 minutes alone, we learn that Veronica is a high school student, works for her father's private eye office, lives in a town with no middle class, and used to be part of the privileged group. Now she is a smart mouthed outcast with an undeserved reputation. We learn that Veronica's boyfriend broke up with her for unexplained reasons, her best friend Lilly was murdered and it was national news. Because her dad was portrayed as the bumbling sheriff who went after the wrong man, Veronica lost all her friends and her mother. The local biker gang and the current sheriff are introduced. We see Veronica cut down the new kid, Wallace, from a flagpole and develop her first friendship in quite a while. I cannot type as fast as the episode progresses.

    But, the brilliance of this episode and the series is not just amount of story packed into 42 minutes. As viewers, we have a season long mystery arc to try and solve along with Veronica, as well as her "everyday" cases. The characters are real and genuine and remain true to themselves. Veronica's relationship with her dad is, perhaps, one of the best parts of the show. This is apparent, even in this first episode. One could not hope for a better set up for the series. I just watched it again as a loyal fan, but I remember watching it for the first time like it was yesterday. If you are thinking about watching the DVDs for the first time, do it. If you are already a fan, this episode is worth a second, third or fourth viewing.
  • This pilot Episode gives a glimpse into the life of Teenager Veronica Mars, compelling throughout.

    The pilot episode of Veronica Mars, introduces us to the title character Veronica, who happens to be a part time private investigator, assisting her father the former town sheriff with cases ranging from missing persons to murder. The main case on Veronicas mind is that of her Best Friend Lily Kane. Lily Kane was murdered and the so called murderer was caught and placed on death row, Veronica and her father do not believe the man one Abel Koontz was actually the murderer, so they are the town outcasts and veronicas former friends and life have shunnned her for choosing to stand by her father. A fantastic season opener and a unforgettable show
  • Good pilot.

    This episode made me want to watch another.Here is the plot: Meet Veronica Mars. Your typical high school student and private eye. A year ago, Veronica's best fried Lilly was murdered. Her father Keith, then the town sheriff, accused Lilly's billionaire father of the murder. When another man confessed, Keith was booted from office. All of Veronica's friends stopped talking to her, and her mother left town. But as Veronica starts her junior year of high school, it becomes clear that nothing about her life is what it seems. So go check t hi s out lease and th a nk you.
  • this is the berry first episode of Veronica Mars and it takes of when she lets us know things that happened in her life and how it made her life changed.

    this episode is perfect for being the is a little strange at first you don't really understand way people called her names and ignore her the way they did.but little by little she lets you know exactly what happened.this episode was different then the way other shows is the fist time that i see a show that starts bye giving clues that you would letter see them coming closer to the truth to the investigation on Lily Kane murder. Everyone should have time to see this you got to start from the bigging or you may not understand what is going on.
  • A great setup to what looks to be a brilliant series.

    This was an enjoyable pilot which setups up the series well. I liked the flashbacks throughout and I've heard that will be a common thing, so that's good. Veronica herself was probably my favourite character; I think the actress is great. Her lines were very humorous and she was a likable lead. Her commentary was great, a highlight.

    Love the whole mystery added in, who killed Veronica's best friend, who raped her? Leaves you wanting more. Wallace also was a good character; there friendship could prove to be very enjoyable. The other characters I liked too, bar Logan, who I doubt your were meant to like, he was very entertaining though.

    The father/daughter relationship is another good point about the show, how they seem to work together, how he lied to her and she knows this. Her mother being missing, meeting up with that Kane guy .... all of these things, I look forward to getting answers for.

    So yeah, this was an enjoyable pilot, love the theme song 'We Used To Be Friends'!
  • Veronica Mars is a world worth discovering.

    Veronica Mars had it all. A great boyfriend, a great friend, lots and lots of money and popularity but then her best friend gets murdered and her dad who's the sheriff goes after the wrong guy so he loses his job, his wife and his money and Veronica loses her boyfriend and her popularity and her virginity but only she dosen't know how. Veronica and her dad have an investigation center where they investigate all sorts of crime. In the first episode Veronica investigates Mr. Kane's affair ! She also meets a new friend. The new kid in school who she cut off a pole because he was being bullied by the people he snitched on when they were stealing money from the supermarket he works in. Veronica follows Jake Kane to get pictures of his affair. She dosen't get any pictures of the woman but she gets picture of the license plate of her car but when she shows them to her dad , he gets upset and tells her to stay away from Jake Kane. Veronica gets revenge from a boy called Logan who made fun of her and talked to her about her mother in a very innaproppriate way by stuffing drugs in his locker and reporting him. Veronica Mars continues to investigate with Kane's affair although her father told her not to by impsersonating a woman called Inga on the phone and asking who it belongs too and a very shocking result. It belonges to her mother !!!!!!! Veronica also promises to help the guys who are bullying her new friend by destroying a police officer's reputation in court and that police officer also mocked her when she reported another crime so she hit two birds with one stone. Good job Veronica ! At the end of the episode Veronica has a run in with Logan who she turned in for having drugs when she actually put it there so he starts crashing her car when all the motorcyclists which Veronica helped appear out of nowhere for here rescue. Is it just me or does Veronica look like Chloe from Smallville ? Great pilot. This show is awesome. Veronica's witty and brainy and tough but inside she's a sweet marshmallow. A little Nancy Drew and some teenage drama with a pinch of action and you get VERONICA MARS !!!
  • A pilot that does its job without a fault.

    The pilot for Veronica Mars feels more like a mid-season episode. The mystery that it presents actually makes you care since each character is introduced, and pieces of their past revealed, as the pacing gains momentum. It's very well written, and Kristen Bell does a fantastic job as the titular character. I really don't want to picture anyone else playing her part. It's edgy, it's funny, and it will definitely appeal to a wide demographic - those looking for a neat mystery show with a more streamlined story. Streamlined, however, does not mean shallow in Mars' case. Although I haven't seen any of the succeeding episodes yet, I already feel hollow that the series ended.
  • A perfect pilot with no bumps.

    Today is properly the fourth or fifth time I have seen this pilot over the last 3 years and it seems as fresh to me as it did when I first saw it. Veronica Mars has always managed to blend teen drama, laugh out loud comedy and an airy noir feel perfectly. This pilot is smart, stylish and full of everything you will come to love about the series. Veronica Mars (incase you didn't know) is a teenage detective who helps her private eye dad with his cases. She is a social outsider at school thanks to her father who went after the most powerful man in Neptune and blamed him for the murder of his daughter (Veronica's best friend and Ex Boy friends sister). The pilot goes about giving a very complicated back story and premise quickly and without weighing down the viewer. This pilot goes down as one of the best I have ever seen and is a great introduction to an amazing series.
  • A stunning pilot episode that gave a starts to that great teen drama masterpiece!

    That pilot episode is one of the greatest pilot episodes ever because it was full of drama,teen issues,father-daughter heratwarming relationships,suspence,clifthangers.The episode just keep you watching the show every single episode because this episode is so greatly written and smart because Rob Thomas is one od the smartest and most creative writers ever.It is presumably impossible to create such a great masterpiece full of such a great writing.The writing is awesome with black humor and popular culture referencies.
    The episode and the whole series started with a great monologue and narration of Veronica Mars which immediately showed her personallity and her outstanding character.The whole story about her family and friends was so sad and dramatic that I though the TV has the next Tween Peaks especially when the soryline of Lily's mureder was set.The characters were so greatly written and the episode introduced so many clifthangers,new names and cases to be investigated in the future that can keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more of that dramatic suspens icing on the cake.
  • Review

    Really strong episode that kept me entertained for the entire hour. Loved the way that the show started off the first episode in media res, very similar to Alias another favorite show of mine. I always seem to come into shows that have a strong female lead and think it isnt going to be as strong as a Prison Break (a show with a dominant male lead) but once again like I was with Alias I was surprised how quickly I got caught up in the story. There was a lot to take in for the first episode of the series, but the wrtiers did a great job at setting up the season one story arch that is sure to not dissapoint going off the emotional roller coaster that this episode was. The flashbacks have a very dark feeling and given the past of Veronica Mars I can see why the production team opted to go that route. I thought Veronicas character was devoloped very well, the best out of everyone. Obviously however this was to be expected in the first place. I think her Dad keeping things from her is going to add a deep mystery to the all ready mysterious show. So many questions and I'm only one episode into the show, cannot wait to get the time to watch some more. Great pilot.
  • best pilot ever

    I loved this episode amazingly, expecially since I hadn't started watching Veronica Mars until the 2nd session. I finally understood all of Veronica's past school-life and how she came to be where she was in the show. I loved her framed picture of Clemmons when she opens her locker and when she snuck in a bong in Logan's locker to destroy Wallace's tape. And Wallace was awesome, best beginning to a friendship ever! I thought the part about veronica's rape was a bit snuck in too quickly and it seemed like the only out of place part of the episode. I'm re-obsessed with VM now.
  • One of the very few pilots that are 10 worthy.

    The pilot of the best show ever.
    And woah, it's a good one. Similiarly to JJ Abrams pilots(Alias, Lost), Veronica Mars's pilot starts right in the middle of the action.(

    Although that's only on the DVD. But I watched the show from the dvd's so that's what I'm reviewing. The episode starts in medias res, which is a good idea for a pilot to keep the interest up.

    The first couple of shots of the show represent the mood that this episode is going to take you in. Film noir.

    Veronica Mars is probably the only show nowadays to operate with film noir. But what's that?

    It's basically the way the show is shot, the angles, the dark colours, the lack of strong lights, the dark-ish mood.

    And it's amazing. Especially in the flashbacks, it really makes the whole thing just feel really unique.

    The episode quickly establishes the plot. I'm not going in details, but it's a pretty intriguing story, and gets more and more intriguing and gripping as the episode goes on.

    The show revolves around Veronica's life. A high school student, whose dad is a P I(private investigator). They live in Neptune, where there's no middle class. It's all about the fight between have and have-nots, even in high school. But that's far from the complete story. The impact character of the show is Lilly Kane, Veronica's best friend. Oh, by the way, she's dead. She died a year ago, and nobody for sure knows how. Who killed her?

    Veronica's father was not always a P I, he used to be the sheriff, until he falsely accused Lilly Kane's father of the murder. Or so everyone thought. During the episode flashbacks reveal how life altering was Lilly's death for everyone. Literally. Veronica quickly became the most hated person in the school, but her father even faster got fired from the sheriff department.

    With this, the season's main arc is set up: Who killed Lilly Kane?

    Very similiar to Twin Peaks' "Who killed Laura Palmer?". And to be honest, it's not just similiar with the catch phrase.

    The episode very well develops Veronica's character, and after only a few minutes you can't NOT love her. Kristen Bell is note perfect. The biggest development to the character is, in my opinion, finding out she was raped in one of the flashbacks. That was really shocking and shows the contrast between her old and new self. The cinematography was really really really good in this scene, by the way.

    The episode was strong plot and characterwise. The dialouge was sharp, but that's something you can expect from any episode of this show. If something then the dialouge is consistently excellent.

    If there was anything wrong about this episode, then that's.... well, nothing. It hardly could've been better.

    A pilot that not only sets up the plot and introduces the character, but manages to capture my interest for the whole hour with it's entertainment value and with all the twists along the road.
  • Veronica Mars...This girl's got guts

    In this episode we are introduces in Veronica Mars's world, a teenage girl who lives in Neptune in California and her dad's a private investigator. Veronica helps an african american guy get away from the motorbike gang when they entered the liquor shop he worked in and they stole a couple of bottles of alcoholic drinks and he gave them in to the police. The gang, then, tied him up on the pole and Veronica put him down getting herself into trouble while she got a new friend.
    Later in the episode, we see that Veronica's dad used to be the scheriff of Neptune and he lost his job for his wrong accusation of Jake Kane, the dad of Veronica's murdered best friend and her boyfriend, the billionaire who invented the streaming videos, that he murdered his daughter. When he got fired, Veronica's mom left them and she and her dad had to move on with their lives.
    Jake Kane's wife, who hates Veronica, hires her dad to check on her husband, who she thinks is having an affair. When Veronica does the watching for one night while her father's away on business, she sees him get into an appartment but she can't see the woman's face. When she checks the car plates of the car parked outside the house she finds out that it belongs to her mom.
    Meanwhile, Veronica manages to extract the videotape of the gang stealing the shop and gets almost friends with the gang for her action although she doesn't give them the tape.
  • The pilot episode leave us with many unsolved mysteries spinning around in our heads.

    The pilot episode leave us with many unsolved mysteries spinning around in our heads. We see that Veronica's best friend Lily Kane was murdered not too long ago and no one is quite sure who killed her. We also find out that Veronica's mother left (apparently without a reason). Duncan (Veronica's ex) still seems to care for her, and we don't know why they broke up. At a party Veronica was supposedly raped. By who? We have no idea. While all these things may sound like too many things to find out in the pilot it flows quite smoothly. Veronica narrates the story as we see flashback to the past, and what is currently going on. The thing that is great about about Veronica Mars is that high school is shown for what it actually is. High school isn't like Disney would portray or even an episode of The OC. We get to see a happy medium. We are introduced to a few new characters other than the ones from her past. Weevil (a member of a biker game) shows he's not such a bad guy. Veronica also meets her first friend since Lily's death, named Wallace. This show works in a 60 minute format, which works since there is so much to tell.

    If you like mystery, some romance and more try out Veronica Mars. You won't be disappointed.
  • Veronica's junior year at Neptune High gets off to a rocky start as she is targeted by the P.C.H. Biker Gang for helping a snitch who later becomes one of her best friends.

    Meet Veronica Mars. Hated by everyone. Wanted by her mysteries. Veronica Mars is a junior at Neptune High. A major school for rich kids that all have their family incomes over 1 million dollars. And then those. that are on scholarship. Veronica is on a scholarship and she used to be one of the most popular girls at the school. That is untill her best friend Lilly Kane was murdered and her father the local sheriff focused on the Kane family as a the suspects. That did not sit too well with her friends. Veronica is introduced to Wallace. After she saves him from the P.C.H.ers gang.
  • It's Noir, Baby!

    The Pilot episode is one of my favourite episodes ever simply because everything about it is so dark. So here I'll discuss some of the noir conventions depicted in the Pilot. The more common stylistic nature of film noir is dark moody lighting, PI detective themes, themes of corruption, crime and sex, the protagonists voice overs and various flashbacks into the past. Veronica Mars uses all these conventions to maximum benefit in this episode and wider social corruption in Neptune is hinted at with the PCH motorcycle gang vs. the rich 09ners.

    Logan is the 'Femme Fatale' archetype of VM's Noirverse; though more accurately a 'Homme Fatale' since he is the male to Veronicas' film-noir female detective. This person is always the one who stands as a central figure to the protagonists existence. The hero is always intrigued by the Femme Fatale, who is always attractive and morally grey, we along with the hero are never sure if they can be trusted. This figure tends to cloud the judgment of the hero and can often ultimately lead them to their demise... but most significantly, the Femme Fatale!Logan is someone who is important to the protagonist. The first time we see Logan he is described as the 'obligatory psychotic jacka-' and already there is clearly sexual tension between the two characters, mainly on Logan's part at this point however. Veronica is set up as the detective, she has to fight against the corrupt system headed by Sherrif Lamb. Neptune is presented as a noir universe and one of the most important aspects of retaining that is to have a corrupt authority system that causes the hero or anti-hero to do good; that by their very nature and circumstance the hero must work against this corrupt environment to serve justice themselves. We see Veronica make this decision to fight against 'the man' with her realization that Lily’s murder has more to it. Veronica feels compelled into action because she has no faith in the law, no faith that they would bring about justice. We are given the impression that Lamb is lazy and amoral as he treats Wallace badly and laughs at Veronicas rape.

    My favourite parts of the episode include Logan smashing Veronicas headlights, which he later describes as 'foreplay' and the various flashbacks. Veronica is made sympathetic to the audience because we know how awfully her life has become, it played out nicely at first through flashbacks but it soon became evident that she is deeply troubled. The date rape reveal near the end of this episode is wonderfully done, and the emotional resonance is very palpable throughout the episode.
  • Great Pilot!

    I love how in just this one episode so much is explained! They tell the basic story of the past events that involve Lilly's murder and all about how things were a year ago! It gives alot of background information on Veronica and gives you a basic idea of why she does the things she does. In just this one episode you can see how much depth this show has! This episode gives some background info to the main characters, tell alot about the past and questions that need to be answered, and has you hooked by the end of the episode!
  • Veronica's junior year at Neptune High gets off to a rocky start as she is targeted by the P.C.H. Biker Gang for helping a snitch who later becomes one of her best friends.

    Veronica's junior year at Neptune High gets off to a rocky start as she is targeted by the P.C.H. Biker Gang for helping a snitch who later becomes one of her best friends.

    Meanwhile, her dad, Keith, defies Veronica to investigate Jake Kane, a local billionaire and father of Duncan Kane, her ex-boyfriend. Ignoring his orders, she makes a shocking discovery about her family's past

    interesting pilot at least the first time i've seen after seeing it lots of times it seems kinda rusty..although one of the best from the first season
  • an introduction to the world of veronica mars

    I started watching this show on cw in season 3, and i had always heard that it was great so i decided to check out the first two seasons on dvd. This episode is the introduction to veronica her friends, enemies, family and her world. The story is powerful and the character is strong in action and quick wit. She comes across as smart and thick skinned. I especially like that they show how she had come to be that way rather than throw you in and ask you to believe that she was born not trusting anyone and being a detective. Good character and story development, a smart show.
  • I thought I\'d check this show out when it premiered...and i\'m so glad I did. It goes deeper than you\'re stereotypical teen drama and thats why i like it:)

    The Pilot really got me hooked on this fanastic show. The character of Veronica intrigued me and i became a fan of her quick quips and hilarious one-liners. The \"Lilly murder\" case made me see the show had many layers. From a light hearted show about a girl who does P.I work for her dad, it became much more complicated. The Character of Veronica became clearer and gave her so much depth. By the end of the episode...she was still not completely understood. The Wallace-Veronica friendship is clear from this episode to be a great one. Together they make the show a laugh as well as a drama. I can see the past of Logan, Veronica, Duncan and Lilly really being explored this season and this episode left it all open for thought. A great pilot. Congrats to Rob Thomas for creating greatness:)
  • You know those shows where it takes a few episodes before you actually get really into the series? Thanks to this amazing episode, Veronica Mars isn't one of them.

    When I first rented season one of Veronica Mars from the library, my initial thought was "How am I going to watch 22 episodes in just one week?" After watching the pilot episode, I knew I would have no problem with that.

    This episode is absolutely brilliant. It made me want to shut out the whole world just to find out the questions brought up in this first episode. Who killed Lily Kane? Who raped Veronica? Where was Veronica's mom? This episode really set the tone for the rest of the series. It's a great beginning to a great show.
  • This is the pilot episode of the series. The audience is introduced to the characters in, and world of Neptune CA. Also introduced to the audience is a very detailed backstory that is needed to understand the rest of the season's episodes.

    I would reccomend this episode to anyone just starting to watch Veronica Mars, which is now in it\'s third season. This episode reveals so much about all of the characters, that it really is pivotal to anyone who is a fan of the show. Both Logan and Dick are in this episode as minor roles and their characters become much more significant as the show progresses. There are a few small descrepencies between the pilot and the rest of the episodes; i.e., back up is played by another dog and Shelly Pomeroy by a different actress. Other than that, this episode is a great introduction to the world of Neptune and of course our main character Veronica.
  • I love this show, and after watching the pilot I was in love.

    I thought this episode was a great introductory, and did an amazing job of introducing all the characters with one another. I love the way that the show introduces Wallace and weevil. Him posted to a wall hilarious. I also love the fact that Logan is a hot mean guy, and that you can tell that Duncan can not be mean to Veronica. The way that this episode introduces that Kanes, they make them seem so mean. I also love, Mr. Mars, he is a great investigator, and a father. I don't know how veronica gets such great grades, and still working for her father. This is a great way to introduce the show.
  • I thought that this was a great way to start the series off.

    I really liked this episode. It laid everything you need to know out. The good thing was, it wasn't in cronological order. There were constant flashbacks, telling you things, as you went on, so that you understood it slowly.

    It introduced us to all the main characters, and even though the whole way through the first episode, you think that Lilly's murder is solved, it turns out at the end of it, that Veronica's dad thinks the opposite.

    Which introduces us to the series main mystery. The only think that bothered me a little bit was that I was glad that Lilly died, because Veronica was so much more different when she was best friends with her.

    I like my Veronica sarcastic and intimidating. Hehe.
  • The pilot episode of a truly amazing television series. This episode presents the story line that motives the entire first season. This episode hooks viewers from the first five minutes to watch the entire series.

    The pilot episode starts out in true Veronica Mars fashion in which we see our leading lady doing what she does best. She is out on a case, seeing if the "town hero," Jake Kane is having an affair. Then, it showed the new kid at school Wallace taped to the flag pole, naked of course. This episode also started to explain the back story of everything that happened between Veronica and Duncan. This episode definitly fulfilled the job of as the Pilot perfectly in the sense that it introduced the characters, set up the main story line to motive the season, and gave people a sense of the show, leaving every viewer wanting more.
  • Really great, now I'm interested in this series...

    I dont have UPN in my cable channels and thats why I never have seen VM but now that The CW is going to have this show on I can now watch it, right after Gilmore Girls.

    I didnt feel like this show was great but I have to give it a chance and I watched this pilot. I was amazed on how good the themes of this show are. In this few months til The CW begins VM 3rd season I have to watch the previews two seasons. Its not gonna be easy because I have to download every episode, but I'm gonna try to keep up. Maybe it's better if I buy the DVD's but its too risky for a Show i really dont know that much.

    Well it's a great beginning for my new adventure, Veronica Mars, here I come...
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