Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 13

Postgame Mortem

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2007 on UPN

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  • Keith takes on a second concurrent murder case when the head of the Hearst basketball team turns up dead and his son is the prime suspect. Logan refuses to leave his hotel room and ends up babysitting Dick's girlfriend's little sister for days.

    Keith takes on a second concurrent murder case when the head of the Hearst basketball team turns up dead and his son is the prime suspect.

    Meanwhile, a depressed Logan refuses to leave his hotel room and ends up babysitting Dick's girlfriend's little sister for days. i gave it a 10 not for veronica( aka what a b***h!)but for the extremely depressed cute was he?? and yummy!
  • I was happy with this episode because it felt more like the Veronica Mars show that I love to watch. Funny and entertaining the whole hour.

    Great episode. I was happy with this episode because it felt more like the Veronica Mars show that I love to watch. This year I was disappointed more than once with Veronica storyline. More than once, Veronica reacted not so cleverly. And my feeling was that the writers did not work enough on creating an attention-grabbing plot. But this episode reconciled me with VM; I can wait for the next episode.

    The investigations move on. Veronica was on top of her game. Logan's babysitting story was entertaining. I hope that the rest of the season stays at this level.
  • Brilliant episode after a lot of fluff...

    Since this season thus far has been rather lacklustre I haven't been looking forward to VM episodes as much as I had previously. But just when I think Veronica Mars's writers have began to bury the show this episode occurs! I'm glad it did. Really really great.

    I haven't wholeheardtedly enjoyed an episode of VM for a long time. Not that the whole of this season has been rubbish; it's just not been up to its usual high standards. Thankfully Postgame Mortem is funny, engaging, sweet (at times) and gets away from the LoVe drama (for the most part anyway). By the end of the episode the old Logan seems to be back!! I've been getting tired of emo!Logan so that's a very good thing.

    Logans scenes with Heather were touching and made the episode IMO; Dick was funny as per usual. He seems to be acting a lot less like a jerk these days... hopefully his character will gradualy be fleshed out more in time to come. The Dean O'Dell arc is progressed a tad in this episode and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the MotW is going to run over into the next episode. More of this please!! Josh seemed cool, though I'm not sure I trust the dude - he looked like he was going to shove Ronnie off the cliff! lol. Anyway, all in all a great episode. Witty, emotional and it advanced the plot! 9/10
  • This is how Veronica Mars should look like - a murder, which she investigates. Less romantic plots (finally) and more intense... Great job actually. ;)

    An interesting plot,in this episode we have a new murder (and I kinda think it is connected at some point with Dean's death). Noone knows if the coach's son is speaking the truth. On the other side Logan is getting really bad, until a little girl is staying for a day in his hotel room. I had really started to worry about him, I like the old Logan who was funny and annoying (in a good way, of course). ;) But I hope he is going to get better with this little nice girl's help.
    Watching this episode, I was thinking how great could be the next one. Hope I'm right.
  • Not Bad!

    After reading some of the other reviews, I agree with quite a few of them. I think this was definetely an above average episode (hence the 8.5 score). I like the fact that the mini case was actually extended over another episode. What I didn't like (or felt was missing) was the interaction between the main characters, Veronica with Weevil, Wallace, Logan etc. I get that they're at college now, so they're not gonna always be together (I think writers, trying to add a touch of realism) but to stop it almost entirely a very wrong move. Also a slightly pathetic attempt to bring Wallace in for all of 2 minutes. I do like this season so far, but do agree that V not having a personal attachment to the main mystery, she has lost a bit of magic. I just hope the writers try to let the main characters integrate more, some more Veronica & Wallace etc time and a little less solving the crime time. Having said all this a good episode, and look forward to next week.

    I just moved to san antonio and my roomate and i barely make ends college make it hard to live and our weekly dose of veronica mars makes all worth while BASIC TV sucks i went and bought a cheap antenna so we can watch it with an old Best buy gift card !!! tonights episode was what the show was all about before !!! we love it !!!
  • Veronica takes on the investigation of coach Barry's murder, Keith continues investigating the dean's murder, and I investigate the apparent destruction of Logan's character. spoilers.

    I'll start with the good stuff.
    This was quite an intriguing episode, aesthetically at least. Coach Barry is murdered right after losing a game, and his son is accused of the murder. His mother hires Keith to prove her son's innocence. Meanwhile Keith continues investigating the murder of dean O'dell. The main mystery has taken quite an interesting turn, since it becomes obvious that the dean's wife is somehow involved in the affair. The scene at the end, where Keith confronts Mindy was very powerful, rather reminiscent of the show's first season.
    Also, Dick got married! For twenty-four hours, true, but the Dick-Logan phone calls were hilarious! I didn't like the babysitting storyline with Logan, though. It seemed a little too contrived. I'm getting to that.
    I really don't like what is happening with the whole LoVe relationship- Logan is moping around (out-of-character) and Veronica is seemingly completely herself - she is hopping merrily around, solving the case of the coach's murder, and the script attempts to explain her perkiness with her line: "I'm really trying not to think about it (break-up with Logan)"- and she doesn't. For the rest of the damn episode. I have a feeling that the writers can't think of anything new for Veronica's character, and because of the lack of actual, personal cases for her to solve (i.e the Lilly Kane murder, the bus crash) her charcter loses depth and interest. Also, Logan is written as a moping, sad, pathetic mess, and I didn't like this. Veronica dumped Logan before, and he dealt with it more charismatically then. Then there was the whole babysitting storyline for him. I know he was supposed to get over Veronica with Heather's help, yadda yadda, but the whole thing just seemed to contrived. The girl annoyed me to tears, she was just so "cute" and "smart". I believe that she was redundant, and that this storyline could have been dealt with in a better way.
    I really hope the end of the episode means that we're going to see more of the "old" Logan again- I think the whole LoVe storyline is getting old, and that they are both much more interesting charaters when they're not together.
  • What's Left of Me, murder x2, escape, baby sitting, marriage, honeymoon, divorce, 11 year olds.

    This was a very great episode of Veronica Mars, it really got me hooked. There were two cases taken up. The one about Dean O’Dell’s murder and one about the basketball coach’s murder. Both end unsolved and both are getting somewhere. Logan gets help from an 11 year old to win back Veronica's affection. Dick goes to Las Vegas with a girl. He gets married, goes on his honeymoon and then plans to get a divorce. Veronica helps out the son of the coach, who is one of the main suspects for the coach's murder. The episode ends with Veronica getting arrested.
  • Mars Inc is hired to determined who killed the b-ball coach. Veronica looks for clues & pull in favors. Logan is tricked into watching Dick's latest GF's, which forces him to focus on someone else. The Mars are still looking into the Dean's death!

    This was a great espoide. I always like Logan and Veronica matching better than Duncan and Veronica. Jason gave a great performance of a heartbroken man, showing how much he really cares and love Veronica. I was waiting to see him having a half-gallon of ice cream and watching sappy chick-flicks. Dick tricking Logan to the balcony by telling him that there was a fire in Veronica's neighborhood to get him to out of the way so the hotel employees could get all those trays of room service. Dick going to Vegas and getting married and now he wants to get divorced all in one weekend. It is classic Dick! The writing was right on, especially the one-liners. "Is that MY shirt?" Veronica to Logan in the elevator. "You gave me the impression that running the gang was a MAN'S job." Veronica to Weevil (Love seeing him!) I can't wait to see who killed the Dean and the coach. I was sorry to see the dean die, I really liked him, but it makes me want to watch it more to find out who killed him. Don't care to match about the coach, though.
    Just have to say one thing: Logan what were thinking about sleeping with the girl that Veronica hates more than anyone in the world? The girl who drugged her and set her up to be raped by Beaver?! Do you really think leaving "I am sorry" message is the way to go?! You knew that Madison gave Veronica the drugged coke (she didn't know it was drugged by Dick, but she did give it Veronica after giving it the "Trip to the Dentist" treatment). It's going to take more than sad puppy eyes to win her back.
  • Let me just say one thing: "What's left of me" :-D

    What an amazing episode! We got to see a lot of Logan and I liked to see how miserable he is without Veronica. Not that I want him to be miserable, but after everything that happened I was afraid he was gonna get over it soon. But he didn't and he's really suffering. If he only knew Veronica never checked that voice mail... she doesn't know how he feels and hence the storyline with the little girl was AMAZING! Being 11 years old, you see the world in happy colours and that's what Logan needed. I just hope he'll make a step towards Veronica. You could see that she's far from over the whole thing as well!

    As for the mysteries: I don't think Mindy or the professor did it, that would be way too easy at this point and that's just not Veronica Mars style. So, there's a mysterious third person and I'm so excited to see how this story continues!
    I also like the fact that there's another mystery that will continue next week! Maybe Rob Thomas is trying to get the new viewers ready for the old way of Veronica Mars for season 4?! God, I so hope that's it!

    Not so good: Just a tiny bit of Wallace, I really miss that guy on the show!
  • Logan gets stuck babysitting while Veronica tries to find out who killed the basketball coach.

    This was another great episode. I loved the storyline and that the case of week continues on until next week. Last week I didn't feel bad for Logan, but after this episode I did. He loves Veronica so much, it was almost painfult to watch, epsecially after he looks back at her after getting out of the elevator. I was a little upset though that he just called her voicemail and expected to get her back. He has to try harder than that!
    Anyways, Dick was great as always. Him tricking Logan so the room could get cleaned and then getting married in Vegas were some of the best parts of the show. I also enjoyed the dynamic between Logan and the little girl. Very cute scenes, and she helped to get him out of his depressed state. Both murder mysteries were good this week too. I hope the dean's killer is discovered soon because it seems like Keith just about has it solved. Next week wrapping up the basketball coach murder should be good to. Veronica getting arrested at the end was shocking, and definitely will have me tuning in next week.
  • The Count of Monte Cristo bakes cookies!

    How funny was that? That Veronica put the cookies in The Count of Monte Cristo? Well, I thought it was funny.

    So there's another murder, and we have to wonder if the Dean's murder and the Coach's murder are connected. That was my first thought. Then again, it's starting to look like the Dean's wife and her lover/Professor could be the culprits in the murder... of the Dean, at least. Why would they kill the Coach? To throw off anyone thinking that they did it?

    Hey, here's a thought: the professor's class, he was talking about serial killers. Plan the perfect murder... kill a whole bunch of people, with the person that you ~REALLY~ want to kill being one of them; the rest, well, who cares? It makes everyone think that it's the work of a serial killer, when really, it was just the jealous lover.

    And that toothpaste story... that just seemed a little too contrived to me. I'd say that the professor and the wife are up to something there.

    As for Veronica and Logan, well, I was hoping for some forward movement there, but there really wasn't any. They were put in the same elevator together, but nothing happened. At least Logan's getting out of bed, and has left the apartment... so I guess that's good.

    Although why he thinks VOICEMAIL is the way to apologize, is beyond me! Little Girl God had it right when she said he has to do more. He needs to listen to her!
  • “Postgame Mortem” is the strongest episode we’ve seen since the series returned from hiatus.

    Holy cow, Wallace is still alive! It seems like it’s been months since we saw Veronica’s best friend get any screen time and I have to admit he was a welcome sight here. This one felt a lot like a season one episode, if only because everyone from that season was here and contributing. OK, well, everyone but Duncan, but please don’t take that as a plea to bring the character back.

    “Postgame Mortem” is the strongest episode we’ve seen since the series returned from hiatus. I will admit I kept looking at my watch, wondering how Veronica was going to solve the murder of the basketball coach as the end of the story approached. Never did it cross my mind that we might get our first two-part mystery of the week story. But we did and I have to admit, as mysteries of the week go, this one was actually pretty good. I kept wondering if someone the murder of the basketball coach will somehow tie into the Dean O’Dell’s death storyline. If it does, then I will officially be a happy camper. If not, well, at least for two episodes we got storylines that fed off of each other. Seeing Veronica puruse both murder investigations was interesting. But where the episode really rocked was Keith. His scene with the dean’s wife where he stated that while they could stop paying him, he wouldn’t be off the case was great. And how many of you think the toothpaste story is a red-herring? Yeah, me too. I have a feeling these two came up with this as a cover story for some reason. It’s just too easy. Or maybe this show has just trained me to look too hard for clues where none are really there.

    I can’t say a lot about the episode because we haven’t had a lot answered yet. That said, I can still say there were a few head-scratching things. While I loved the whole Dick runs off to Vegas with new girl story, I didn’t love the little sister bonds with Logan plotline. It just seemed to be too contrived to get the two into the elevator at the same time. The little girl had her moments but overall this plotline was kind of on the dull side. At least we don’t have to see Logan mope around any more, which is a good thing.

    Also, why was Veronica so quick to believe the basketball player hadn’t killed the father? She seems to be a bit less cynical than usual–I mean, the girl made cookies for him. And the scene in jail that panned up to the guy on the top bunk was way too obvious. I wish I’d recongized the guy or thought I did to provide me with some clue as to why we’d pan up to him. Hopefully this all gets explained next week.
  • LoVe Hurts, LoVe Scars, LoVe wounds LoVe hurts The anti Valentine episode that made me smile. A Marriage, a Betrayal and a new friendship LoVe Hurts but loved this episode.

    Great storyline with Logan who is depressed over Veronica who he loved and Veronica never got his voicemail sorry logan but I think Veronica maybe might want a littile more then a voicemail exspecially since you slept with the girl who drugged her. And another person whos a upset with Logan is Dick who has a hot girlfriend they got married (I think we all saw that coming) Hopefully though it looks like its getting anolled I hope this relationship pursues in a funny I hate you kinda storyline. The Girls littile sister loves Double Dash and tries to help Logan get back with Veornica (How many times has this storyline been used in Movies with Dakota Fanning and Tv shows to many otherwise very good) and when LoVe they meet on the elevator I loved that scene sure to be in the top LoVe moments. Either way Logan and Heather bond as long as Logan dosnt have genetic traits there friendship should be nice. In other news Veronica either got betrayed or is helping somone again in a criminal act The PCHers return and we find out who replaced wevil and Veronica is arrested. Wallace returns even though its brief but Im glad to have him back. The Odell case really hasnt made to much of a turn even though I think it will take a turn when we find out who did but we do find out a good reason why Veronica wants to find the murder after Veronica finds a heartwarming letter from the Dean I love when Enrico gets mad in scenes hes amazing so when I saw him raise his voice at Mindy an Ultimation. I would of liked to see More of dick in this episode he was actually great in the beginning Me and dick havve this Love hate relationship oh and as for Veronica shes arrested and acts a littile goofy next episode and Keith and Lamb look for the killer or somthing I can never believe the promos for Veronica Mars either way loved the episode.
  • Veronica takes a new case to proove the innocence of a basketball playerfor the murder of his couch.Her father gets new information about the O'Dean murder. Meanswhile a little girl gives Logan a lecture in the matter of love.

    A Great episode!

    I just watched postgame mortem and I really liked it a lot. However the relationship between Veronica and Logan seems to go in a circle it still does not get boring ...jet...for me. I liked the little girls showing Logan hings about love, because someimes I think children are more open and honest and can therefore see the good in people and relationship through their innocent eyes. But the case of the week and like it seems to be also the one of next week is very interesting. Who is the killer? Or better the killers? Currently their are two unsolved murder's. It's exiting and I am very curious about what brought Veronica into the prison. Their were often moments with the wittiness and dialog intelligence love so much. I just can not understand why Veronica does not seem that hurt. She always had a strong protection shield and now that someone broke into it and destroys it from inside she seems to burry it inside. When will it break loose?
  • Wallace Finally Shows Back Up On The Show Just As His Head Coach Is Murdered. But Veronica is on the case!

    It was nice to see Wallace get 2 scenes at the beginning and then disappear once again. Once again no Piz, Parker or Mac. But other then those things it was a fairly good episode. I might be in the minority on this but it wasn't really my favourite episode and it was kind of strange the mystery of the week was a murder while in the meantime they are already trying to solve the dean's murder. Some interesting developments made by Keith and Veronica in the Dean O' Dell mystery. It turns out the Volvo went missing for a while, two men were heard fighting, only Landry remembers watching a movie, and after it appears he's getting too close Mindy tries to fire Keith. That mystery is definitely peaking my interest. Some good work was done with the mystery of the week which was getting to the bottom of Coach Berry's murder. We got another appearance by the mysterious Mr. Stolz. It definitely seems like that kid that got benched cause of Wallace is up to something. Although a definite dun dun to be continued moment at the end with Veronica getting arrested for supposedly helping Josh escape prison. Im definitely excited to see next week's episode!
  • Back in business

    Finally! Thank you, Jesus, for an episode of Veronica Mars that was less Nancy Drew, more John Shaft minus the penis and minority angle.

    I'm very happy with this week's episode. It had the little girl and Logan, which was just genius (though, admittedly, it could have been played out better), Dick getting married, and, of course, another murder to be solved with a great whodunnit finally coming around in both pending murder cases that Team Mars is working on.

    I was starting to think that the show had gone under, but this episode brought more of what I missed about the show. Good old fashioned crime solving (of an actual crime), Logan resembling him old self (however slightly), Veronica and Keith having some great moments... now, if we could just work on this Veronica turning into a wamby pampby wuss when it comes to her vengeance, then things would be back to normal.

    And next week looks to be another exciting episode, so no finding missing monkeys or con artist, would be rape victims, but more murder and mayhem! Yay! So, here's to hoping that Veronica's back in the game, and that the Rob hasn't lost his edge after all. Come on, Rob! Tell the CW where to stick their Gilmore Girl-esque suggestions and let's go back to a more wonderful season one and two tone.
  • Main: The Hurst Basketball coach is killed, and Mars Investigation is hired to help clear the main suspect, the decedents son. Sub: Cute little girl Logan is stranded with makes it her goal to get V back with Logan.

    This episode was just what any series would need in terms of cuteness, and joy. This is another shining example of why Rob Thomas is great at all he does. Most shows try to get an exciting case and fill the rest of the show with drama so that the viewer doesn't experience a down shift in emotion. This show does what it feels it must, it brings a vile of pure sunshine in and showered it all over a sub-plot, ground breaking. They countered Logan's sorrow, allowed him to show his pain in being separated from V, and showed that he does have that soft side that most men hide behind bravado, and all women find sexy and attractive.
    As well this show does the teaser trailer better than any movie experience can deliver.