Veronica Mars

Season 3 Episode 11

Poughkeepsie, Tramps & Thieves

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 2007 on UPN

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  • Veronica is hired to track down a 1-night-stand, but the situation becomes more complicated when she turns out to be a hooker. Keith continues his investigation in Dean O'Dell's death, and a visit by Madison Sinclair causes trouble for Veronica and Logan.

    Veronica is hired to track down a one-night-stand, but the situation becomes more complicated when she turns out to be a hooker.

    Meanwhile, Keith continues his investigation in Dean O'Dell's death, and a visit by Madison Sinclair causes trouble for Veronica and Logan.
    that madison sinclair.. ughhhh.. why does she exist?
  • Veronica helps a friend track down a one-night stand while Keith works to solve the Dean's murder. Veronica and Logan get closer...well, at least until Madison revels some shocking news.

    This episode was pretty good. The one liners were great and the writing seemed better than it was earlier in the season. I loved when Veronica told Keith how to dance like a stripper when he was suiting up in his old sheriff's uniform. More tips into the Dean's murder are revealed, but still no words on whom the killer really is. Veronica tracking down the one-night stand was interesting, especially since she turned out to be a hooker who really fell for her client. Veronica then asking Logan whether or not he had been with a hooker was amusing. The writers really made it seem like they were growing closer together, but after Madison’s revelation, seems like they are back on the train to splitsville. I still can’t believe Logan did that to Veronica. He claims he loves her, but to do that, he really couldn’t have. I hope that if they do break up, it’s for good because all this on and off is getting to be a wee bit old. Still, all and all, it was a good episode and shows why this is one of the best shows on TV.
  • LoVe in trouble once again

    The episode was really good and I liked the mini-mysterie that Veronica had to solve. It was also quite well connected to the storyline of Logan and Veronica, I think. It was all about real love and what you're willing to sacrifice when there's a person you feel you have a connection with. And I liked Max in this episode. He was the guy who rode her out to the professor when he thought she'd cheated, right? And she got him fired for that :-D Even better that they're having this great storyline together!
    I always hated Madison Sinclair, but I never would have thought she could be a problem again. I heard the rumours and spoilers, but didn't wanna believe it. Now it's out in the open: Logan "fooled around" with her while he and Veronica were broken up. How could he be so stupid? I get that Veronica is totally disgusted and confused now! I couldn't sleep with him after that either... I'm so afraid of what's to come, I want them to stay together!!!
  • Veronica helps track down this guy's "love" but she turns out to be a hooker- interesting times.

    Ahh Southern California: sandy beaches, blue skies, practically paradise except for the hookers and all the scamming that goes on.

    I liked this episode. It constantly made awesome references to possibly the best place ever (and i mean ever): The world known Comic Con. Veronica made fun of it but in reality Veronica Mars had it's own panel (that was packed to the gut) at last summer's "Con". I love the accuracy of the dialogue, there really was a BAttlestar Galactica panel (also stuffed-- sorry to the 1500 people i accidently cut in front of- i swear i was only trying to get a good seat for the Bones panel that was next).

    So anyway, this episode showed that Veronica and Logan were infact back together- but no not for long. Someting always comes by and knocks them off their comfy seat. Usually Logan's indiscretions- sleeping with Madison in this case. AS Veronica put her "she is the embodiment of everything i loathe" well i second and third that. The weekly case was pretty interesting, apparently you can fall in love with a hooker and have a connection. Another case that love does exist, but people always return to their old ways.

    Good episode, great references. Always entertaining.
  • From the description of this episode i thought it would be ok but nothing spectacular. But it actually turned out to be a really interesting episode with some twists and turns.

    The answer key guy Max comes to Veronica with the task of finding his dream girl. I would say one night stand but turns out they have a connection and really hit it off and they never had sex. He wants Veronica to find her before she gets married. But turns out it's just his sleazeball friends screwing around thinking they finally got him laid and to lose his virginity. Also some funny stuff in this episode between Keith and Sheriff Lamb. As Keith goes undercover as an officer to get information from the Lillith House Girls and discovers the one girl egged his car. A nice random appearance by Madison definitely didn't expect to see her again. I really gotta say i hate this on again off again Logan Veronica storyline. He admits to the random surfer girl but then doesn't tell her about nailing Madison in Colorado. I just dont care for this back and forward thing going on with them. Lots of nice twists and turns with Max's situation. With her really falling for him their nice cute but brief reunion. Then she get sucked back into it. So then Veronica and Max blackmail her top client in an attempt to get Max's money back which leads to them helping get Wendy out of the biz. I gotta say the writers and the actors really made me get invested in these characters and really hoped they got together. So it was kind of a bittersweet ending when they broke up. Although it was understandable since it seemed it jus wasn't going to work. All in all a good enjoyable episode. I also liked slowly but surely the Death Of Dean O'Dell mystery was moved along.
  • Max asks Veronica for help, for finding an girl he met. Veronica finds out that the girl was a hooker and was payed by Max' friends. But Max doesn't give up and is willing to sacrifies everything for the girl he apperantly has an band with.

    The interesting part is with Max. I think the whole thing of not being happy with each other and that difference actually do matter in relationships, no matter how good the band is, is really good. Everytime you think the story is over, there is another sotryline that shakes up everything. Well written, but a little bit too much. At some point I actually wished the episode was over, something I barely have with a great show like VM. But thank god there's Madison Sinclair. I've waited a long time for her return and I enjoy every second she is in the show. I definatly think her part in the LoVe story is really cool, but I seriously hate the fact that the whole hotel burning up in flames is made up, I thought that was an great storyline, perhaps even for an third mystery. Anyway, the trailer for this episode already told us how Veronica is going to react on this mistake of Logan (with Madison!!), in the trailer for this episode she said "this is something I'll never get passed", well, that sentence didn't occur in this episode, so it must be in the next, probably her reaction to the whole Logan-Madison thing. And a part from that, I think the dean's murder should get more attention, if it stays this way, it doesn't get any more interesting, and the whole second mystery would be a failure. Hoping for a better one, eventhough Kretchmer did a nice job directing the episode.
  • Sad :(

    Well I liked the episode and how the plot continued around our beloved Dean. Especially I loved the Keith Moment where he met Lamb in his uniform XD

    Anyways, there where funny Momentl ike when Veronica came home, but also very sad. It is sad that somehow the whole Wendything was for nothing. But there also was a pretty buggy Scene... ANOTHER problem in the LoVe relationship. I finally think they try to ruin it so that we are glad when it's over. I mean, was is necessery to make that Madison thing? Why can't they both just get along? They just got back togheter so leave them alone for gods sake
  • Another LoVe plot twist...

    I have to say that this episode was very elightening into the Neptune world. Not only did Veronica go looking for a hooker, she enevitably finds out that her man (who would rather have a bearable pain now, then unbearable pain later) fooled around around with her nemesis. Classic. Of course Veronica can never have what she wants. Something always goes wrong and she gets thrown for a loop. As much as I like LoVe together and Veronica loves Logan, I don't think he deserves her. He claims to love her so but look what he does. Nothing Logan Eckells does surprises me anymore. I remember when I first started watching VM I didn't like the guy and then the way he cared for and protected Veronica made me warm up to him, but respect. Anyway that's not all that happened in the episode. Veronica went after a hooker. I thought it was kinda cute actually. You have to admire true love and all that cheese! The writing was done very well. Very typical VM. Witty and very entertaining. I also enjoyed the mirroring of lamb and Keith. Sheriff v. Sheriff. Very entertaining! An overall great episode.
  • When Max asks Veronica to help him find the girl he loves, she discovers the girl is a hooker, and more twists are soon to follow. At the same time Keith continues the Dean's murder investigation while Veronica and Logan get intimate.

    Director Rob Thomas has done better when it comes to the single episode mysteries, however this week wasn't the worst. It was most certainly surprising again and again and the episode was littered with funny one-liners and scenes, including when Veronica teases Keith by showing him how to dance when he strips. While this episode could have been better in the mystery department, the Logan/Veronica was absolutely wonderful. Already the writers have put some angst into their romance as Veronica asks Logan multiple questions about his sexual life, most persistently, "Have you ever been with a hooker?" Nonetheless, their romance is still extremely sweet, continuous throughout the episode and including another confession of how Veronica loves Logan. Although the episode ends with Veronica making a horrifying discovery concerning Logan, the funny, romantic and newly reunited LoVe will make any Logan/Veronica fan swoon. Once again, Veronica Mars provides another hour of good television, and I for one will most certainly be tuning in next week!
  • In this episode, Veronica was asked to help find a hooker for Max because he fell in love with her. Also, Logan and Veronica's relationship is very strong.

    WOW! I LoVed this epidode!Rob Thomas is amazing! Logan and Veronica are meant for eachother!! The acting was phenomenal. There was too much Max not enough Wallace, Mac and Parker. I can't get over how cute Logan and Veronia are together. The way they act when they are around eachother is so cute. The way Logan smiled when Wendy went to Max was to die for. OMG!! There does need to be more kissing involved with Logan and Veronica. Definitely for makeout scenes are needed. But I still LoVed this episode! Oh, and I also like the little Keith-Lamb interaction when they were in the car. Finally,

    In Rob we trust!!!
  • Hookers, Lies, Lingerie, Egging Volvos, Life's Lesson, True Love and Comic Cons.

    For some reason I really enjoyed this episode despite the slowness of the episode. One reason would probably be the episode case. It was really interesting. The whole hooker ordeal was very attracting. It focused on the episode case and Logan and Veronica’s relationship. Veronica asks Logan about the night he came back from Mexico. And that makes me wonder if the whole rape case is over. It sure would be a great surprise if they bring it back. Meanwhile, Keith decides to get more information from Claire and the other people who egged the Dean’s office. Great installment. Keep 'em coming.
  • Well done! This week's storyline is a little bit more catching than the one with the missing monkey - we have a missing one-night-stand girl and a boy, who wants to see her again...

    Actually, Veronica finds out that the missing girl isn't exactly what the boy thinks and that makes things more complicated.
    In this episode we see Veronica and Logan more grown up, and their scene is quite good. However, it was a little bit dissapointing not to see Mac and Wallace again and so little of Weevil - we miss those nice and important characters now more.
    Anyway, the episode was really good - it has it all: catching storyline, a little bit more from Keith's investigation (loved that moment in the car seeing Lamb!!!) and LoVe - and the end... I hate it. ;_)
  • Thank you to the CW’s promo department for completely misrepresenting how things would play out in this week’s episode of Veronica Mars.

    Thank you to the CW’s promo department for completely misrepresenting how things would play out in this week’s episode of Veronica Mars. If I’m not mistaken, the line from the promos with Veronica unsure if she could ever forgive someone wasn’t even in the episode! Good job, guys!

    That said, this week’s episode was a much stronger entry than last week’s though I’m still a bit worried about where the show is going.

    I liked the mystery of the week plotline, finding it far more compelling and interesting than last week’s theft of a lab monkey. I liked how the storyline kept evolving during each act. I really liked how the storyline of Wendy being a hooker played out–from her making the mistake of falling for one of her clients, to her “agent” who didn’t want to let her go, to her escaping the life and then leaving Max when he couldn’t get beyond her past. (It reminded me a lot of Kevin Smith’s “Chasing Amy” in a lot of ways.) While the whole storyline didn’t break any new ground, it at least told the story in a way that felt authentic to the characters. And deep down, I kind of kept hoping those two crazy kids might make it work out somehow, which meant the writers actually got me to have some kind of emotional investment in the show. Unlike last week when I could have cared less about the “who took the monkey?” mystery.

    The episode seemed to want to say that honesty is the best policy…but is it? As everyone learns secrets about each other, it seems there is only more heart-ache inflicted. Max certainly had his heart shattered, then broke Wendy’s heart. And Veronica has, once again, had her trust in Logan fundamentally shaken. But then again, how did we not see this one coming? I swear to you if Logan uses the over-used Ross from Friends line of “We were on a break” I may scream and throw things at my television set. Of course, part of this is that Logan has brought this on himself. He said he wanted to be completely honest with Veronica and yet he still omitted certain details. I guess this will lead to yet another Logan/Veronica split. Which that never ending dance is starting to get kind of old…but I’ve blathered on about that at great length far too often, so I won’t bore you with it here. (Well, except that last paragraph).

    And Keith continues to look into Dean O’Dell’s murder. I hate to say it, but this plotline just didn’t do anything for me this week. Except the clues that the office was egged and the girls egged the dean’s Volvo,there wasn’t much there. I think we all knew Lamb’s file on the case would have some huge gaps. For an arc mystery, this one just hasn’t grabbed me yet. And with only four or so more episodes to go in this one, it needs to jump-start soon.
  • Love & Money

    Apparently I'll never be totally satisfied, but I suppose it's better than being eternally complacent. This was another good episode with all right jokes and private eye work. I enjoy watching these rich kids toss around thousands of dollars for investigations, strippers and ransoms. It's a little disappointing, though, that the minor characters weren't used in this episode. Unfortunately we spent nearly the entire show with temporary character Max and his temporary girlfriend Wendy without getting see people like Mac or Parker or Wallace (where is that guy this year?) and limited token appearances by Weevil, Piz and Lamb. I guess I like my trusty sidekicks almost as much as I like my Veronica. Overall it was pretty entertaining and I would love to get an episode good every week every week (and the creators usually deliver).
  • Ill tell you why This is the Best episode thus far this season Veroncia mars is back! all the twist and turns that make this show great.

    The who killed Dean Odell case is going along slowly but who cares! this episode was great. Keith poses as Lamb kinda! and Nish fights for her right and we find out Mry Odell was there becasue Nish egged a car not a van which was what the Dean was driving didint they allredy vandilize his car. Veronicas impersonation was grand! Lambs look was good too I love how Keith is able to always trumps Lamb. The real good mystery probally one of the best week to week mystery in awhile had Max trying to find the girl of his dreams who was actually a hooker surprise! after his friends pay her too do her job they find out who she is and is in love with Max named Wendy, who needs to go back into the buissness becaue of her boss after Max pays her 10,000 *(Max spent 12,000in cash were does money come from) she needs to leave the hooker buissness after Max finds out shes not the love of his life wendy eventually goes back into the buissness PheW! lots to say. the storyline was different and with plenty of twists which made me really love it. Veronicas rad attitude was fantastic and one liners were fresh. Logan I actually liked in this episode intill he told Veronica the truth but she forgave real fast I guess they both are changing hes becoming more honest and Veronica is well being more forgiving. Umm arent there more cast members? Weres Wallace Piz Mac? I mean please i loved the social interaction last episode but seriously weres Wallace!? First season he was the sidekick 2nd season hes doing his own thing with Jackie by the way I would love to see her again! now all he does is cheat in college okay Im done on my weres wallace rant. We find out Madison hooked up with Logan now the first season Veronica wouldnt of trusted Madison I guess thats in the sake of LoVe. The Mercer storyline wasnt touched for some reason I think it might have somthing t odo with the 3rd arc are this one. Does anybody remember that when Mercer was in jail he told Veronica that It might of been Dean Odell who put him in jail because the Dean had gambling issues Im sure that will come in play?? Oh well a great episdoe completley perfect and next episode Duncan and Veronica might share somthing in common if you saw the previews for next week you will know what I mean.
  • a very interesting episode

    At first i was thinking this episode sounded kind of lame, but it turned out to be humourous and insightful. The plot centered around the test answer guy and a one night stand that well he didnt even sleep with. They spent the night in wonderous conversation. Later we find out she was an escort hired by his friends to help him lose his virginity. The humour abounds and some of the one liners.

    we also see intimate conversation with logan and veronica. But the relationship seems doomed after the sudden ending. They work as a couple but something always struck me wrong about that dude.

    The dean murder case is still spinning its wheels but keith will get it going sooner or later...